Finding a New Use for Snow

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He was visiting Seattle but I’d persuaded him make the trip to the ski resort of Whistler, a couple of hours from the Canadian border for the weekend.

I’d booked my favourite condo, the one with the outdoor tub, that sits at the bottom of Blackcomb mountain just next to the village. I came here regularly to write.

He had the code for the door so if we arrived at different times he could still get in.

It was late March and snow was still thick on the ground. I got there first so left my bag and went into Whistler to get some supplies. The condo had a small kitchen so we weren’t reliant on eating out, a good move in a place where everything is bussed in.

When I got back he had just arrived. He was cold, grumpy and I suspected a bit nervous. It had been some time since we had seen one another in the flesh and after the last time, I had made sure he was absolutely clear of my expectations. I wanted to shag him senseless.

“Need a drink?”

He nodded. I fixed him an Irish coffee. Hot, not too sweet and alcoholic enough to take the edge off.

I took it to him on the balcony, he was looking at the mountains and the snow. It really is a beautiful place.

“I didn’t think it’d still be so snowy.”

“Canada? Mountains? Hello!”

As he drank the coffee he swung an arm over my shoulder and taksim üniversiteli escort hugged me.

“Inside?” I asked.

He smiled wickedly, “That’s why I’m here girl.”

“Woman. I’m definitely a woman.” I replied.

We returned inside and as I closed the patio door leaving a small gap, I felt cold hands around my waist, burrowing under my top onto my skin.

I turned as he pulled my top off. His hands explored my bra, playing with my breasts, as I pulled his jacket, sweater and t-shirt off. Turning back I drew the blinds as his hands released my bra then grasped my nipples, massaging them.

He pulled me close to him from behind. I could feel his cock already expanding through his jeans against my bum. He buried his face in my neck and I turned drawing my face to his so I could taste his mouth.

My hands slipped inside his jeans waistband, fingers teasing the end of his erect cock. I undid the button and slowly pulled down his zip. He gasped as he sprang free.

I took his hands from either side of my face and slowly moved down his body until I was kneeling. I put my hand through the gap of the patio door and picked up a small handful of snow.

Looking up I saw him watching me as I put the snow in my mouth. Before he could say anything tophane escort I was on him, his cock in my mouth as he gasped in shock then mounting pleasure as the mixture of cold snow and my hot mouth encircled his member.

His hips started to sway as his passion rose, gently he played with my hair as he slowly entered and withdrew from my mouth.

My own body desperately needed some attention so I unzipped my jeans, easing them down my hips and off so I could spread my legs and massage my own screaming clit. My pussy was already very wet but as I worked on myself it became even hotter and very very wet. The fingers of one hand worked in and around my pussy while the other massaged his cock and balls and my mouth teased, licked, sucked and nibbled his now straining cock.

I reached up and pulled him down onto the floor, laying him out on the rug in front of the fire.

Straddling him with his hands on my hips I gently lowered myself onto him, feeling his delicious length fill me completely. I set a slow pace and rhythm wanting to take my time.

“You get all the toys this way” I said as his hands and mouth explored my body and breasts while I rode him. He was getting harder and harder. We both watched as I repeatedly slid myself up and down the length of his glistening shaft, my topkapı escort pussy devouring him in her hot, wet, darkness.

His fingers dug into the flesh of my hips and I followed as he maneuvered me so I was on all fours. Kneeling behind me he began to ride me, taking control as he teased a breast with one hand and my clit with the other.

I bent down so my head was level with the floor, my rump raised high. He got a good firm grip, took the cue and drove even deeper inside me. Waves of pleasure began to radiate out of my pussy across my entire body. I was coming early, my body sneaking up on me as he held onto my hips, his fingers gripping my flesh and he pounded inside me.

I gasped, threw my head back and fell into the waves of ecstasy.

“I’m gonna come” I heard him say. He withdrew as I turned, my pussy still throbbing, body still quivering and holding my breasts together pushed his cock between them. He jerked and came, shooting his cum across the pale white flesh of my breasts.

Gently I rubbed his cum into my skin, then looking up at him, lifted a breast and licked his juice off. “Fuck” He said and shot the last of his load.

He tutted and playfully ruffled my hair.

“You are such a bad girl.”

“Woman. I’m definitely not a girl. Hungry?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“I have one or two things you could eat.” I said looking down at my spread legs.

“Unless you need something more substantial in which case I can cook or we can go out. There’s lots of places to eat. Your choice.”

“Oh God.” he said as he pushed me back. “You just never stop do you.” and he buried his head in my pussy.

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