Finding MY G-Spot and Thumb Rides – Her Perspective

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This was written about a month after, when we shared with each other our thoughts about the experience.

Finding MY G-Spot and Thumb Rides – Her Perspective

The first time I was intimate with him, I was spending the night at his house. We had watched a video and engaged in some stimulating foreplay on the sofa. Mainly, he fondled my tits/nipples and also sucked them a bit. I was highly aroused by this from the physical sensations and also because I knew he really liked my tits/nipples.

We moved into the bedroom and continued with the breast play. He then asked if he could touch my pussy, but not in those words. I nodded. I was lying on my side and he started to play with me. His fingers entered me and right away found my g-spot. I had previously told him how much I had enjoyed this — the one time it had happened to me. I know I let out a scream/loud moan when he found my g-spot. It was an intense feeling — one that came about quickly and unexpectedly. I knew he could tell from my reactions how much I enjoyed that. He kept rubbing that area and I felt like I was spiraling out of control — almost like I was climbing the walls. I don’t remember too much about how I reacted, I was in a fog of intense pleasure. I know I came hard and was on a high, almost like I was in another world. I had just let myself go and was overcome by the pleasurable feelings. At one point I felt like I had to kiss him, to connect with him, and got a little assertive in that area. I just grabbed him and kissed him passionately. Afterward, he cuddled me and we spooned. He asked me if I was OK. I nodded, but don’t believe I spoke right away. It was like I was coming down from a high.

Later, he told me that I taught him to do that. I disagreed and told him he found that spot all on his own, I just let him know what he had discovered. He told me he had used his thumb. That was kind of surprising to me. Then, adalar escort he asked me to get up on my hands and knees, and he did it again. Well, this orgasm was even more intense…it must be the position. I know I kept lifting/arching my ass higher as if to tell him that I liked it. Or maybe it was my body’s way of saying I wanted to be fucked. My body just reacted that way…like it knew it needed more. My head was buried in the pillows and I just moaned and screamed like a wild banshee. It was an amazing thing….even more intense than the first one. I also remember thinking afterward that he was a giver. He was concerned with my pleasure. I felt that he cared about my pleasure and wanted me to have that.

We snuggled some more. I don’t remember how many times he made me cum that night/morning, but I know I was one happy/satisfied girl. I know I wanted more but was embarrassed to ask. I didn’t want to seem demanding or greedy. I remember thinking that I hadn’t had an intense sexual experience like this in a long time. I felt safe and was able to let go without worrying about my reactions or what he would think. Later he told me that he liked my reaction/response and that it was arousing for him. I think that kind of experience makes two people closer…at least if the two people are like us, where we don’t take intimacy lightly.

I know at later dates he gave me thumb rides, and they still make me a wild woman and trigger an immediate, pleasurable reaction in me. I sometimes like it when he rubs that spot slowly/softly and it builds up. One time I asked him to slow down, and I just worked my body into his thumb, and that was really pleasurable. I know he wants me to tell him what I like, but I don’t want it to seem like I am giving him orders. A few times I asked him for more and he said he likes when I ask. I also remember that sometimes he holds me tightly anadolu yakası escort when he gives me thumb rides, and I like that. It’s almost like I can’t escape the pleasurable feeling and that he wants to share that with me, and I wonder if he can feel the trembling/spasms of my body as he holds me.

When I think back on it, I have never gotten this intimate with someone so quickly. We had only known each other about three weeks when this happened…in fact, I believe it was our third meeting…the first time I stayed at his house. It’s weird, but even though we don’t see each other a lot, I feel more sexually satisfied than I have in years, and up to this point we haven’t even fucked!

Finding Her G-Spot & Our First Thumb-Ride on March 25, 2005 — His Perspective

She came to my place to stay overnight. We had previously set up guidelines — we would cuddle and hug and kiss, maybe fondle each other, and maybe even watch each other masturbate, but we would not do any oral or fucking. We watched a video on the couch in the living room. We cuddled and kissed. I was amazed how soft her hair was! We took off her bra which gave me complete access so that I could freely play with her big 38DD tits and exquisite nipples while we watched the video. I loved how her hips would undulate as I played with her huge soft globes and excited, large, firm nipples!

After the video, we went to bed. I wore boxers and a tee shirt and she wore a t-shirt and lounge pants. I asked her if she would lay on top of me. She did as I held her in my arms and kissed. I didn’t try to hide my excitement, and I’m sure she felt my hardon through my boxers as she lay on top of me. Then we lay side by side, and I played with her wonderful tits and sucked them. Again she began humping her hips as I relished playing with and sucking her big melons and delicious, responsive ataköy escort nipples! I reached down and felt the soaked crotch of her pants! She was REALLY horny, and I LOVED it! I told her to play with herself, and she immediately obeyed. She didn’t object when I moved my left hand inside her pants to join hers as we played with her wet pussy! I eventually took off my t-shirt and had all of her clothes off. I eased my fingers into her slippery cunt. She was extremely turned on! I joyously finger fucked her while sucking on her nipple and, from her reaction, I could tell that I might be stimulating her g-spot! I told her to get up on her hands and knees. Without hesitation, she complied.

She laid her head on the pillow with her ass up in the mounting position. I inserted my left thumb, palm down, into her excited vagina and began thumb-fucking my sweet lady as my four fingers pressured her pubic mound underneath. With the pad of my thumb, I began rubbing the small area inside her pussy right behind her clitoris that felt like tiny goose bumps. I was AMAZED at her reaction as she started moaning and then screamed as I almost immediately brought her to orgasm! I paused briefly allowing her to enjoy her climax and then I resumed my attack which caused her to immediately explode again! I kept doing it over and over, each time causing her scream and quickly orgasm! At one time during this unbelievable exhibition, she turned her head toward me and desperately begged me to kiss her. I eagerly met her mouth with mine and we wickedly tongue kissed, her ass still up in the air, her juicy pussy impaled with my thumb. As she gasped for air between her orgasmic explosions, I kept asking if she was alright. She kept assuring me she was, at which time I would begin another attack causing her to scream out in anguished orgasmic pleasure. I felt that I was in COMPLETE control of her pleasure as I held her tightly with my thumb up her cunt pressed against her g-spot!

Finally, totally exhausted, she collapsed on her stomach next to me, my thumb buried in her satiated pussy. I held her close, both of us TOTALLY content from her multiple intense orgasms. We were absolutely amazed at what we had just experienced together!

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