Flirty Holiday Hot Tub Party

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Ginger Grinding

This is an entirely true story and I really hope that I capture of all the crazy feelings, moments and emotions that I experienced that night

First off, my name is Shea. When this all went down, I had been married to my wife, Lynn for 4 years. We had dated for 3 years before that, so we were comfortable with one another and just as comfortable in our own skin. We had both grown up with very active lifestyles. I practically played every sport that I could in high school and was decent at some of them. Lynn was put into gymnastics by her strict Chinese parents and was a solid distance runner for her college track team. It’s fair to say that we have kept our bodies in trim shape since then and having a little confidence in that area sometimes allows you to go a little further in other areas. Okay, maybe a lot further.

Lynn and I had been invited to a holiday house party an hour drive north of the city about a month back. The hosts were a couple that Lynn knew from her previous job in advertising, Gavin and Vanessa. We just called her Vee for short. We had hung out with them quite often before Lynn moved along in her career, so we were looking forward to reconnecting. They were amazing drinking partners as the field of advertising tends to make “after work drinks” into all night bar crawls. Gavin was a chill guy and usually would let Vee do most of the talking, joking, story-telling and flirting when we got together but was always waiting to crack a funny one-liner.

Vee would always flirt with Lynn and sometimes take it a little to far. She would sometimes finish a joke with a quick squeeze of Lynn’s boob for emphasis. As for Lynn, she was uncomfortable at first and would often turn beet red, but over the years, she began to grow more confident and relaxed with Vee’s touchy approach.

The reason that Lynn was originally apprehensive about all the extra touching, was that the flirting really turned Lynn on. She was certainly attracted to Vee but wasn’t totally sure that Vee was attracted to her. She thought there may be a chance that Vee liked doing for the attention of the guys, or maybe liked making Lynn uncomfortable. Maybe both.

I certainly thought it was obvious that Vee would take Lynn in a heartbeat and I was sometimes even a little jealous when she would give her a little titty squeeze, or Lynn would do a tequila shot out of Vee’s ample cleavage. Remember, advertising parties? That sort of stuff.

Once, while partying at a cottage, Vee pulled down Lynn’s bikini bottoms and gave her a full smack on her tanned little ass right in front of me. All the other guests missed it completely. It was incredibly hot. I knew Lynn liked it too as she admitted it to me later that night after a few seltzers. We hadn’t really thought about all this stuff for the better part of two years until we got their invitation for the holiday party.

We really didn’t have a chance to talk at all going into the that night, as we were both so busy with work and had a lot on the go. We were looking forward to the party and even brought one of our mutual friends, Meadow, out to the country house. We were happy that they extended the invitation because we weren’t entirely sure who else we may know. It was nice to have a buffer friend just in case the party ends up being a dud.

Meadow was a perfect sidekick to string along and we were hoping that it would be mutually beneficial. Meadow was single and very attractive, and that’s always a plus. Also, she was getting out of a relationship and was totally uncomfortable with the online dating scene in the city. Hopefully a true win-win.

We pulled up into the snow shoveled, tree-lined driveway about 9 o’clock and were happy to see a few people out on the front deck smoking things that you would smoke on a front deck. Yes! Not a prudish party at all! If the smoking didn’t give it away, the eleven cases of beer in the snow did.

Lynn looked very sexy with a tight pair of black rocker jeans and low cut shiny black top. Her dark eyeliner looked amazing with her messy short black hair and red lipstick. She has a cute little Asian body and the plunging top was an adventurous move for her. I think she has the sexiest perkiest little tits you’ve ever seen, but I’m sure that Vee thought the same. Meadow dressed in a long, flowered fall dress that worked with her auburn hair that included a couple of hippie braids. She always turned heads and usually became the “who’s the new girl?” topic of conversation by the end of the night.

The party was going full throttle, with Gavin and Vee being incredible hosts. Their country house more expansive than it appeared from the driveway. We were immediately greeted with a hug, a kiss, a shot of fireball and a glass of wine, not necessarily in that order. We were shown our bedroom in the basement that included a small cot at the end of the bed for the late invite, Meadow.

For some reason, the unwritten rule of parties is for the men to talk to the men and for the women to separate and ankarada yeni escortlar to talk about the men among themselves. Gavin and I introduced me to his work buddy Davis. A younger dude who was easy going. It’s not that hard to talk about basketball, football and horror movies while drinking beer and checking out the very attractive wives and girlfriends.

Vee led Lynn and Meadow through the house and introduced them to the other 15 or 20 people at the party. I truly appreciated how they looked as a trio, smiling and laughing together. Vee looked great with her hips squeezed into skin-tight jeans. Her red hair and freckles worked perfectly with her slightly too small green and red Christmas themed flannel plaid top. I’m sure most of Vee’s tops looked slightly too small with her incredible curves.

The party was filled with great conversation and lots of drinking and laughing. Most of the party cleared out just after midnight as a pair of mini-van moms said their polite goodbyes and chauffeured the drunkest of husband’s home for the night.

I ran into Lynn as I was walking down the hallway to use the bathroom and joked with her if Vee had tried to fuck her yet. Lynn laughed, grabbed my cock in my pants and replied, “wouldn’t you like to know?”

Then she pranced back to the party, but not before pulling her top aside to show off her bra-less bare tit with a hard dark nipple before covering it back up just a second before she turned back to the few people left in the living room.

This was wild for me for two reasons. One, Lynn is usually much more reserved than that type of display. And reason two, that type of display! It was so hot that she grabbed my cock, popped out her sexy little tits, just beyond the glances of all our friends in a combined total of 3 seconds. I’m going to need a moment to compose myself!

After taking a minute and making sure to adjust my growing hard-on in my jeans to a more comfortable position, I made my way back to the party. I was intercepted by Vee who handed me a stack of 5 or 6 beach towels and said “Make yourself useful sweet cheeks and bring these out for me.”

I agreed quickly and replied, “Out where?”

I was happy to follow her sultry strut with the stack of towels to see her flick on the lights to the back deck that revealed a dimly lit snow covered trail that led out to what appeared to be a hot tub. The towels suddenly made much more sense. We all giddily slipped our shoes on and stumbled into the winter wonderland of a back yard towards the steamy hot tub.

I asked Lynn if she knew about the hot tub in the invitation. She shook her head and said that Vee hadn’t mentioned it. I think that’s when she realized that opting to be bra free tonight could become an issue. She grabbed my wrist and subtly pulled me behind the guests and said “So, um, no bra for me. I’m okay to slip in quickly and topless, but only if you’re okay with it. Are you?”

I smiled and replied as sarcastically as possible. “Am I okay with it? Go for it. Good luck!”

Everyone arrived at the deck and started to disrobe. I helped Gavin slide off the hot tub cover while keeping an eye on Lynn with the Mission Impossible theme song playing in my head. I was also curious as how disrobed everyone else would go as I heard no mention of bathing suits.

Meadow’s fall dress was up, over her head and off before Lynn even had her boots untied. Meadow was the first to slip into the tub clad in a sporty, slinky black bra and pantie set. She had a hippie vibe, so I was surprised how sleek and sexy her lingerie looked. Davis, the only single guy left at the party splashed in right beside her in just his silk boxers and I don’t think that was coincidence. He seemed to be working that angle much of the night. From what I gathered she was giving the young fit jock the green light.

After stepping out of my shoes, popping off my shirt and sliding down my jeans, I locked eyes with Lynn and she game me a half smile, moment of truth look. I gave her a wink and led the way hoping that my bulge in my boxer briefs might serve as a distraction.

In literally a flash, Lynn’s top was off with her arm playing the part of emergency bra. I helped her into the tub amid a couple of whistles. I’m sure nobody saw how blushed I was as everyone was checking out my wife’s round little ass that was not fully contained by her lacy black panties and her perky tits being pushed up by her forearm.

The show wasn’t even over. She tried to be quick and coy, but when she splashed down under the water to keep her tits out of sight, she wasn’t prepared at how hot the hot tub was. She immediately leaped out one second later as she blurted out “Holy fuck, that’s hot!”

She bounced up to the side with both arms propelling her slim body up and out of the water. This resulted in a dripping wet full-frontal view of Lynn’s round breasts in all their glory. I replied in a completely different tone “Holy fuck, that’s hot.”

Lynn’s brown nipples bayan escort elvankent bounced up and down with a healthy jiggle as she laughed off her embarrassment before covering up once again. I felt more turned on then embarrassed. With both emotions at war, embarrassment was losing the fight.

We all squeezed in. Davis and Meadow cuddled in the corner and Lynn sat above me before easing her way slowly back into the water. Gavin awaited Vee as she made her way down the path with couple of bottles of wine and champagne. She proudly popped a bottle and passed it Gavin as she began to strip down.

She was telling us about how much she enjoyed this brand of champagne when she slid down her jeans and casually unbuttoned her holiday flannel. She revealed a hard-working red velvet bra, that was suddenly relieved of its duty. Vee’s milky white breasts and pink nipples were now entirely on full display. Just as quickly, her panties also became a thing of the past as she showed off a neatly trimmed ginger landing strip to match the freckles and her hair.

It was an incredible sight. A sight that Gavin seemed completely prepared for as he just leaned back admiring the view. It appeared to be something that I guessed was very routine for him. While still talking away about the price and taste of the champagne, she slowly climbed up, over and into the tub with all eyes fixed on every movement. She was like a renaissance painting come to life. We all laughed about how calmly she got into the tub and compared to Lynn’s train wreck attempt. This party just continued to get better and better.

The snow began to fall, and the champagne began to disappear. Lynn was now completely in the tub beside me and I slid my hand up her leg and was playing with the trim of her panties with my finger. The six of us were squeezed in tight. On occasion I could feel Meadow’s smooth legs slide against me or a random foot touch mine underwater. I wanted to see how Lynn would react if I slide down her panties just a bit, fully expecting her to knock my hand away. It was the complete opposite.

She reached her hand underneath the water and pulled out my cock and began slowly stroking. I took a deep breath and resumed my initial plan, sliding down Lynn’s panties. We tried to be secretive, but anybody paying attention may have noticed when Lynn lifted her hips allowing me to slide her panties down her smooth legs. Nobody said a thing. I reached down and started to tenderly rub her smooth bare wet pussy under the water.

I’m glad Vee was doing most of the talking because the best either us could manage was to nod our heads and mindless agree with her story. We both continued to mischievously work on each other under the water. I was getting the feeling that Lynn may be close to cumming as I could tell how incredibly wet her pussy was, even under the bubbles. We started a journey that didn’t appear to have an obvious destination and with each moment passing, it became more and more difficult to turn back. Lynn spread her legs a little more and picked up the pace on my completely solid cock. If I had ever had to enter a dick measuring contest, now was the time for me.

I think that Vee knew that we needed a crowd distraction to allow us to continue with our naughty caper. Vanessa slowly stood up in front of Gavin, gave him a flirty little wiggle of her tits, resting them against his grinning smile. Then Vee slide off Gavin’s boxers and tossed them onto the deck.

“I can’t be the only one naked in here.” she sung.

I slipped my boxer briefs off and tossed them over my shoulder and joked, “Motorboats for Nudity! A cause I can get behind!”

She laughed and then walked over and replied in a phone sex voice, “You’re absolutely right, what an awful host I’ve been. Ladies first, of course”

Vee straddled Lynn and teased her at first, just lowering her large soft breasts a half inch from her face and whispered, “Say please.”

Meanwhile, my hand was now sandwiched underwater between Lynn and Vee. Lynn, I swear, came right as she answered in a breathy whimper, “Please.”

I continued to rub Lynn’s velvet little clit as the environment of hot tub flirting to went somewhere else entirely.

Vee slowly lowered her pale wet rack onto Lynn’s wanting red lips. Vee slide her heavy tits up and down completely burying my wife’s wet pixie haircut inside her chest. Vee let out a deep sigh while Lynn let out a quiet moan that only Vee and I heard aloud. As Vee continued to grind, I slide my hand out from Lynn’s pussy and put it on Vee’s leg.

Gavin piped up and said, “Save some for the rest of us, babe.”

It was still in a joking tone, but I wondered if he possibly was a little jealous of the attention that Vee had always given Lynn. They clearly had gone way further than ever before.

“Right, right.” Vee replied. “How rude.”

She gave Lynn a full kiss on the lips and slid across onto me! I was so shocked but tried to remain calm, but I certainly escort bayan etimesgut remained hard as a nail. She slid her wet tits up and down on my bearded face. She mentioned that it tickled. I could count the freckles on her chest and decided to grab her round ass and pull her closer so that I could get a quick lick of her pink nipple.

Vee’s pussy was now sliding up and down along the length of my cock. She was making sure that her clit was getting the stimulation it needed. I sucked her left tit. Then her right tit. I turned my head so that I could see Lynn’s reaction. Had a I gone too far? Had I not gone for enough? Lynn’s face was in a way that I could tell she was trying to stop herself from moaning as she bit her bottom lip. She was clearly working on herself while watching her husband possibly fucking her female crush.

Lynn is not a jealous type at all, and was probably completely cool with the show, but I didn’t want to assume that. I went for it. I reached my right arm around Lynn’s back and pulled her into Vee and myself. Lynn slid her pussy onto my right leg while Vee shifted to my left. I had a hand on each of their asses. Was I dreaming this? If so, I didn’t want to wake up.

I gave Lynn’s hard chocolate nipple a suck and a little bite. She loved when I gave her small shapely tits the attention they deserve. Lynn and Vee were grinding themselves on each of my legs as they started to kiss. This was the first time Lynn had ever kissed a girl with this type of passion. They were making out and I had the best ticket in the house. Seeing their naked bodies shine in the moonlight together as the snow fell was red hot. Vee’s big tits and pale skin squeezed against Lynn’s pert breasts and caramel tone were a combination of eroticism that was better than any porn I’d ever watched.

I continued to treat myself to this incredible buffet of breasts, kissing each back and forth. Lynn reached down and started to jerk off my cock with a renewed vigor that was likely unsustainable for me for longer than two minutes at this point. That was before I realized that it wasn’t Lynn’s hand.

Vee tits jiggled up and down with each stroke. I slid my right-hand underneath Lynn’s pussy and started to work softly on her clit. Lynn took the night to the next level when she squealed loudly, “Ugh. Fuck me!” She is always very vocal in bed, but everyone heard her, and we had to admit to ourselves that this was beyond fun flirting. Lynn was simply letting go of herself tonight and seemed to be inviting everyone along for the ride.

It was Lynn’s moan that brought me to remember that there were other people in this hot tub for the first time in 2 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour? I was immediately curious. Trying to not be shy, I slid up and out of the water to be seated on the side of the tub.

My stiff, wet, shining cock stood straight up in the air after slapping against my stomach as I got out of the tub. It was almost rude how obvious my erection was at this point. Vee went back to stroking it and I grabbed the back of Lynn’s head and brought her right down on my stiff piece of meat, almost forcing it into her mouth. I looked down to see Davis and Meadow making out passionately in the corner of the tub. It was nice to see that they were taking full advantage of this sex-charged atmosphere.

That’s when I noticed Gavin take up position behind his wife, pulling her hips up and he slid right on in. Vee, with my cock in her hand, jerking it into Lynn’s drooling mouth, let out a giant moan. Gavin started to hammer Vee from behind. I pulled Lynn up out of the tub and onto the side so that I could finger her pussy. It was so hot to see my wife completely naked with the shine of the water on her perfect skin with my fingers buried into her little pussy.

Gavin was fucking Vee so hard that she couldn’t help but slide closer and closer to me. I took a quick look up at Gavin to see if he knew what he was doing. Standing at least 6 foot 2 and no stranger to a gym, Gavin appeared as confident as could be. With his eyes closed and plowing away, Vee’s big wet titties were now totally in my lap.

I slid my cock right between Vee’s slick wet cleavage and started to pump those soft fluffy tits as my panting wife was squeezing her wet slit on my fingers. My cock was big enough to pop out of the top of that D-cup rack and Vee took notice. She tilted her head down so she could take the head of my cock in her mouth. Gavin didn’t let up. In fact, I’m pretty sure that he started to pump Vee harder. Vee slid her tits down my full throbbing shaft and against my balls and completely committed to sucking my cock. Now it was me who was grunting and growling. “Fuck. Yes please. Don’t stop” I begged.

Realistically, I was not long for this.

I continued to pump Lynn with my fingers harder and harder as her breathing got louder and louder. Gavin opened his eyes and was now staring at Lynn’s sexy little body as he continued to pound into his wife. It was clear that Gavin was enjoying the view of Lynn’s writhing as she was approaching orgasm. I was trying my best to hold onto my brewing load, knowing how good it would feel to be released into Vee’s warm mouth. I took evasive action and scooped my arm around Lynn’s narrow waist and pulled her body over to me.

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