For Two Years I’ve Sat Alone With Her

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I’d been coming to her, on and off, for over two years now. Therapy. She was my therapist. I talked and talked and she’d nod her head or make some quiet observation. I’d listen to her and even tried to do some of the things she offered. Tried.

But mostly I kept coming back because I liked the sound of her voice. Musically female. Very female. Motown, with just a touch of Joni Mitchell.

She wouldn’t laugh too often (not professional I suspect) but I liked her laugh too.

Ok just who am I trying to kid? I kept coming back because I wanted to fuck her! And I harbored the fantasy that she wanted me as well. Sure, of course she did. Every therapist wants to fuck the guy on the couch just because he wants it so much. Yep that’s how it works I’m positive.

So today when she arrived in her short red skirt and black slingback heels I planned to change things.

Have I mentioned that the woman exuded sex appeal? I mean the woman was a walking wet-dream. It didn’t matter (to me) what she wore to our sessions or if her hair wasn’t perfect. It just really didn’t matter. She was sex with a capital S. The bonus points came from the fact that she was aware of this. And no doubt she was very aware of the effect she had on me.

I say it didn’t matter how she dressed, and that was true. But over the course of our time together there had been a change. Slowly the skirts became shorter and the heels higher. Her choice of blouse or sweater remained steadfastly conservative. This one bit of fashion seemed to define professional appearance for her. Every button was buttoned. Or if she wore a sweater, it was never too tight or too low cut.

To say she was ‘built’ was an understatement. She’d paid good money for THEM to look that good. Come Saturday night I’m sure they made their presence fully known. But here in the office they tried to go un-noticed. Fat chance. The cover-up only fueled my thoughts. And on the nights with the air conditioning was left too cool…well you know.

So, as I said, the skirts slowly got shorter. Tonight her skirt was tighter and shorter then it had ever been. A date later perhaps? “Thank you darlin”, I thought. Also I’d noticed her crossing her legs more then usual (yes I keep a running count sort of). I wasn’t sure but it seemed that with each crossing, more leg was revealed. This is a subtle point I know but often she did not give it a tug after each crossing.

But I may have been hallucinating all of this you know? Who cares? During this session things were going to change.

I had written her a letter.

When she had settled down and was just about to begin I handed it to her. Without a word she unfolded the note and began to read…

This will be direct and to the point.

I want you. From the first minute I saw you, I wanted you. Every minute that I sit here and listen to your voice I want you. Not one second passes in this room that I don’t want to take you. To be surrounded but your mouth. Or to be buried 6 inches deep in the warmth of your pussy.

When I get up to leave I can barely contain the hard-on you have produced.

You must know this. You must sense how I feel. You must have noticed my cock swelling in my pants, straining to get to you.

I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you. My whole body aches to touch you.

You. I want you. Three short words.

Her breathing changed as she read. The room was too dark to tell if she turned red with anger or embarrassment or…? I could not take my eyes off of her, looking for some acknowledgement. I felt my face flush red as I sat motionless

She closed her eyes.

I waited.

A ten count came and went until finally she once again opened her eyes. I followed her gaze and noticed we had 45 minutes left in the session. 44 more than I would need but much less then I wanted!

Roxxxane stood up and quickly walked to the door. Was she going to open it and tell me to leave? God she had a great ass I thought even as I feared the worse. Men.

Blood rushed to my cock as I heard the metallic click of the door lock. She flipped the light switch so that only the desk lamp now illuminated the office. As she passed her desk she hesitated, for effect I knew, and took her glasses off, placing them gently next to a stack of papers.

I watched her movements with growing anticipation. She wanted me to look at her. Click, click click and with those three steps crossed the distance between us. Her eryaman bayan escort hand found the top of my head, her fingers curled my hair. Grabbing a tight almost painful hunk of my hair she leaned forward, her breath hot in my ear.


I almost came in my pants!

Pulling my head back she looked me straight in the eyes until she was sure I understood. Without another word she let her grasp loosen and become tender. She rustled my hair as she left.

Then she returned to her seat across from mine. This time when she sat down there was no false modesty, her skirt, unadjusted, rose silently up her thighs.

Was it now my turn to switch rolls? To be in charge? Or to collaborate. I wasn’t sure which. But I stood up and walked towards her, stopping just one step away. I looked down at her but made no move to come closer. She uncrossed her legs, my eyes followed the movement, I couldn’t help myself nor did I try.

Dropping to my knees I looked deep into her eyes. For some seconds neither of us blinked; to lost in our own thoughts. Until, as if guided by a mind of their own my hands moved to her knees. An involuntary shudder at my touch. I felt her skin. Smooth. My thumbs moved to the inside of each knee and I pressed. She understood. Slowly I pushed her legs open.

Soon I had spread her legs wider then a modest woman would ever allow. Wide enough, that if I had planned to, I could have moved my body into her. But no, I watched the skirt rise even higher up her thighs. A fantasy coming true before me.

Time was passing. Maybe she was more aware of this then I or maybe she was more in immediate need but she pushed back. She got my attention, no time to sit and stare. As my fingers moved up her legs, I saw her eyes close, until touching the hem of her skirt I came to a halt. A slight shift of her weight and my hands found the silky smoothness of her panties. Reaching over the waist band I pulled. Her ass lifted just enough and with one fluid move I slid her panties down those long legs. Just like in the movies, off.

Still kneeling before her I choked out a request. “Spread your legs.” She did. In the half-light of her office I got my first look and her cunt, dark and less the two feet from my mouth. I could smell her.

I could smell her sex.

Again my hands found the flesh of her legs and as I pushed them wider. I followed her scent. I needed to taste her.

My tongue found her and as it did she moved forward to meet me. Salty, dark and good. Above all she tasted good. I entered her with my tongue. As I ate somehow she wrapped her legs around my head. Her thighs rested on my shoulders, her heels dug painfully into my back while I licked. As I fucked her with my face, swallowing her liquid, I could feel her thighs tighten from orgasmic release.

I almost lifted her off the chair as I tried to twist my tongue deeper into her cunt. In fact I did lift her ass off the chair which forced me deeper into her even as I sucked clitoral hard-on.

Anyone outside of the office would have known exactly what was happening. These were not the normal sounds passing through the heavy door! No radio turned low to a talk station would completely mask her moaning. Roxxxane could not help herself; as much as I’m sure she tried.

Only the slight relaxation of tension told me slow down. The pain her heels inflicted on my back reminded me of the somewhat awkward position in which I found myself. Coming to a slow stop I waited. I waited for her to uncurl her legs from around my neck. When I moved away from her she made no effort to close her legs, she wanted me to see her. I looked and marveled at the beautiful darkness between her thighs.

Her beautiful cunt. Oh I wanted her beautiful cunt. I wanted to fuck her beautiful cunt. And I was going to fuck her beautiful cunt.

But first.

But first she was going to suck my cock. She was going to suck my beautiful cock. The most wonderful cock in the world!

With some effort I stood up. She would not take her eyes off the bulge in my pants. This open admiration only made me harder still.

“Go ahead Roxxxane. Unzip me.” I had probably not called her by her first name even once in the two years I’d been in this office.

There was no hesitation. Both hands found me and began to caress the ever expanding hardness. Then one hand found the zipper. Slowly, a teaser, one by one the links opened. Until just as I could stand it no more, sweet escort etimesgut relief, my cock was free. Free for a moment before she wrapped her hand around hard cock. My hard cock for Christ’s’ sake!

Looking up at me her mouth formed a perfect circle as if she were silently saying ‘Ohhhhh”. A girlish devil look twinkled in her eyes. Then she dropped her gaze to the cock she held so tightly in her hand. A hand now almost unconsciously jerking me off, feeling my hardness. Reveling in the power to make hard even harder. Those eyes never left my prick as she slid to the edge of the chair and dropped to her knees. Freeing my cock from her grip she moved blood red lips forward until I could just feel her hot breath on the tip of my cock.

I felt the first warm drop of semen exit just as her lips touched me. She tasted cum and immediately surrounded my cock with her sucking mouth.

I can’t describe how good she was at giving head but I’ll try. She is a black belt cock teaser. Number one with five stars. If they awarded an Oscar there would be two on the mantle right next to the Nobel Prize. She’d suck me and release me and jerk me and bring me to the edge and prevent me and then start all over again…until I was praying to god to make her finish me off. In fact I heard my voice invoke His help. But she wasn’t listening to Him or to me for that matter, she was sucking cock and she was in charge. For now she was god.

My knees almost buckled at one point and I think she got the hint my squirming didn’t seem to convey. With fingers tangled in her hair, I pulled her in for deep throat. I had to know if she could swallow all of me. She could. Of course. I stood,cock deep in her throat, motionless for fear I would explode. And we did not want me to explode. Yet.

“How does that make you feel?” I couldn’t help but ask the question she had asked me a thousand times. She blinked back a laugh and almost gagged at my joke. God her lips looked fantastic as my hips rocked back and forth while I slowly (very slowly) fucked her mouth.

I slipped out of her mouth and took a step back. Did she actually smack her lips? Then ,still on her knees before me, I took my clothes off. I wanted her to watch. She did.

Being naked and in her office was amazingly liberating. I moved to sit in her chair. The smile that broke across her face was a mile wide as I descended upon the ‘Seat of a Thousand Questions’.

“Stand,” I told her. Gracefully she obeyed.

“Come to me.”

“Turn around”. My fingers found the zipper of her skirt and I pulled. Gravity did its job, the red skirt dropped to the floor. She stepped out and pushed it aside.

Her ass is perfect I thought. I knew it would be.

Still with her back to me I told her to remove her blouse. Time stood still as she began. The fabric tightened across her back each time she tugged at a button. One by one, until the blouse hung open while I watched and waited. A shrug of her shoulders and it too fell to the floor. Bending at the waist to retrieve the garment she quickly picked it up and threw it to the couch. Oh her ass was so sweet.

Without waiting for me to ask, her hands began to unloose the clasp of her brassier. My hands darted to hers, “Stop”. I wanted to loosened the clasp and free her tits from bondage. Snap. Quickly she flipped the garment across the room. With hands on hips she waited for me to talk.

I hesitated and drank my fill of the vision before me. I couldn’t help but notice the slight shiver that moved over her whole body when finally I said, “Turn around.”

She did.

God what a rack. Tits. Holy Mary Mother Of God the tits this woman has!

I took a deep breath. “Whoa.” A wholly unguarded response.

Again the wide smile. Her eyes dropped from mine to the post aimed in her direction. She really didn’t lick her lips did she? Maybe. Probably. Yes.

“Sit on my prick.”

Roxxxanes hands went to the arms of the chair as she climbed aboard and straddled my hips, her open cunt hovered inches above my erection. But she did not descend. Rather she leaned her chest forward engulfing me with those tits. Those wondrous tits, that until today I had only vague notions of their splendor. I got lost between them, sucking and feeling. Her nipples were so hard when I pulled one or other to my mouth and sucked.

My hands found her hips and I tried to pull her down on to me. But she resisted. She squirmed to avoid my tentative elvankent escort thrusts upward. I dug my finger tips into the soft flesh I tried to control. But still I could not quite reach my goal. Close, I got close. And as close as I got the more I sensed she would have to relent and slide down on to me. How long would I have to wait?

Then my addled brain remembered something she used to say back when we first started therapy. ‘Use your words.’

“Fuck me!” I almost yelled. Then quieter but with more need “I have to be inside you Roxxxanne!”


Her head bent back as she dropped down and I pierced her. I was dizzy with lust. Dizzy with the feeling of my cock being surrounded by HER cunt. Deep into tight, hot juicy cunt. Her tight ,hot, juicy cunt. My train entering the dark tunnel of love she possessed.

. Roxxxanne impaled on my cock! The mental picture was almost too much to embrace.

Squirming on top of me we fucked and we fucked. She dropped down so tight on top of me that we could hardly move and when we did; we moved as one. My cock became locked to her insides. We fused. And we fucked.Her ass bounced above my thighs. And we fucked. Each and every stroke amazing. A thousand times amazing. And we fucked.

Until. Until we had to slow down or finish. Choose one. We chose our grinding to a halt. We understood that any movement would put us too close to completion. I could say we rested but we didn’t, we stopped moving but we did not stop fucking(figure it out for yourself).

Those tits pressed tight against my chest as we fought for air. She could feel my cock spasm inside her. Not the orgasmic spasm, rather the spasm of blood and muscle contracting and expanding…and feeling.

Outside we heard a door open and close. Her next client, early. I felt the jolt of reality run through her body as she began to lift herself off me. Was I to remain unfulfilled? A feeling something akin to panic surged through me as I felt her sliding off of my prick. Swiftly the fingers that were moments before were caressing her ass now pushed into the soft flesh halting her exit.

“No. There is time yet!” She knew exactly what I had in mind. Exactly. The two years were not a waste after all!

She gave me a look that spoke permission…but only if I hurried.

What license. I had to fuck fast and cum. I could do that!

Taking my hands from her hips I pulled her head close to mine so that I could quietly make my request. Two words.

“From behind.” A quick nod and she forced me deeper into her cunt just before she dismounted.

With difficulty I rose to stand next to her, both of us now looking at the clock on the wall behind the couch. Ten to seven.

I lead her around back of the chair and stood, cock-of-steel positioned in the crack of her ass. Pressing the nape of her neck she leaned forward to assume the position. Her hand rose to guide me inside and I lent her my cock.

Yes I lent her my cock all right. Hard, fast ,deep, with only one thought in mind.

It was penetration at its most wonderful. Tight,wet,hot and deep. The smell of her rose to my nostrils as I began to fuck selfishly without regard to her. I fucked. Fucked! Shit, I rammed my pecker into her as hard and fast as I could. A power fuck. A male stud of a fuck. A porno fuck from behind! I had to fuck her this way, I had to hurry. She expected, she needed me to hurry. This time I did exactly as my Therapist requested.

The explosion buckled our knees. Hands tight on her hips I rammed faster and deeper while sperm erupted from me, spewing forth in white sticky fury, filling her cunt to overflowing. Only when I was empty and she was dripping did I stop, And still there was a spasm or two left before I pulled out. Once more for good measure I jammed back into her. I couldn’t resist. I pulled her back on to me tight and let her feel one more spasm. I wanted her to remember the feeling of my cock inside her. I knew I would remember how she felt,how she smelled,how she tasted. And man I’ll remember those tits!

God what a fine fuck she was. Reality was far better then the fantasies I’d concocted from her couch.

There was just enough time to throw out clothes back on and try to appear ‘normal’. Getting my prick back into my pants was no fun but had it to be done. Her panties were still on the floor next to my clothes and I picked them up. When she saw me put them in my pocket her look could have killed a mortal man. But not me I was immortal now. King of the world!

Before she could protest I opened the door, braking office etiquette and smiled at the next guy. I’m guessing his session will not be as productive as mine!

Once just may be enough.


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