France Ch. 03

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Cynthie began to doze as her maid’s gentle hands washed and stroked her body. Molly, the maid, had done this for her mistress many times before. Cynthie had never thought about it, just accepted it as her due. But the activities in the stable were vivid in her mind’s eye. the sleepy feeling passed off and she began to really feel the girl’s hands upon her. Molly was the daughter of the Irish cook. She was young, perhaps, but quickly beginning to ripen into a woman. Her hair was a rich red and always tied back properly. Her eyes, normally cast down when speaking to her mistress, were a deep green. Her body was stocky, yet shapely. Large round breasts threatened to burst out of the thin cotton shift the girl wore.

“Molly, look at me,” Cynthie said quietly. The girl bashfully raised her gaze to her mistress’ face. “You are truly beautiful, ma chere,” she said, stroking the girl’s cheek. “Are you still a virgin?”

Molly’s pale cheeks reddened and she dipped her head in embarrassment. She glanced quickly up again, then nodded, her auburn-gold curls bouncing in the afternoon sunlight. “Yes ma’am,” she said in an almost inaudible voice. “I hope to marry one day and my mother told me that no decent man would marry a woman who is not pure.”

Cynthie chuckled. “Perhaps in Ireland that is the way. But you are in France now, Little One. Men here are somewhat more worldly.” As Cynthie ran her fingers through the luxurious tresses, she began to get the germ of an idea. “Are you not curious about the act of love?”

The blush on Molly’s cheeks deepened. This time she giggled before answering. “Oh, but I know all about it, Mistress! I’ve watched the beasts. And… and… well, we lived in a very small cottage back home. I heard my Da and Mother sometimes. And….” the girl stopped abruptly and glanced at her mistress then away.

“And…? And what, Molly? What else?”

“Well…,” the girl gulped before going on boldly. “Well, one morning when I was in the garden gathering herbs last week the gamekeeper surprised me.” Cynthie pictured halkalı escort the new gamekeeper the Lord had hired only last month. He was young and handsome. Yes, she thought, he would certainly be attracted to this one. Cynthie’s pulse quickened at mention of the young man.

“Surprised you how?”

“He came up behind me and held me to him. I was afraid and struggled, but he held me fast. He turned me around and kissed me hard on the lips. Then he took my hand and thrust it into his breeches! His…his…thing was hard and stiff! It gave me the strangest feeling! I was afraid I would faint and awake no longer a virgin! So I squeezed it roughly and he released me, howling in pain. I ran to the kitchen door and safety.” She looked at Cynthie with wide eyes before going on. “It felt so strange in my hand, hard, yet soft and smooth. Are all men like that, Ma’am? Can that huge thing really fit inside our…?” the girl could not bring herself to utter the vulgar name she’d heard a woman’s private parts called. Cynthie felt her heart go out to her. Molly was so innocent, yet so beautiful, it was amazing she had lasted this long without losing her maidenhead.

“Yes, Little One, they are all like that. Some larger, some smaller, but basically the same. But tell me, is his member so large? How large would you say?” She knew the girl had little to compare the gamekeeper’s cock to, but she asked anyway. Molly’s freckled forehead wrinkled with the effort.

“Oh, I can’t really say, Ma’am. Only that my fingers did not meet when I grasped it, so it was surely very thick. As for length, I have no way of knowing.” she looked up at her mistress hopefully. Cynthie smiled, then held out her slender wrist, bidding the girl to grasp it as she had the penis. Molly’s fingers just touched. Cynthie’s eyes widened at the thought of a penis thicker than her own wrist.

Molly moved now to the fire and retrieved the heavy iron kettle of hot water. She rewarmed the bath and replaced taksim escort the kettle over the coals. Taking up the sea sponge and scented soap, she began to wash Cynthie’s smooth back. As she did, her mistress spoke to her of some of the mysteries of love between men and women. Molly learned more that afternoon than her own observations had taught her. At times, she forgot herself, and the social gap between the two of them. For a time they were only two women speaking together. So interested was the girl in her mistress’s teachings, that she was brought up short when she realized she had Cynthie’s breasts oin her hands, massaging more than washing! For her part, Cynthie was very aware of Molly’s hands. In leaning forward, Molly’s own tits had pressed against Cynthie’s back, the dress soaking up the water.

Struck by the realization, Molly released Cynthie’s breasts and gasped an apology. “No need, Dear,” Cynthie said, “You were doing well. Molly…” she began, “would you care to bathe with me, instead of just washing me?” Molly’s pale visage reddened at the thought. She had moved to the side of the tub and Cynthie could see the large nipples poking out the front of the wet cloth of the girl’s dress.

“But, Ma’am…is it…? I mean, would it not be…? What about the Lord, Ma’am? What if he were to enter and see me…us…I mean, certainly he has seen you, but …” Cynthie laughed warmly at the girl’s confusion. Rising to her feet she dripped water and suds as she gently pulled the garment over Molly’s head to bare that young body.

“Come,” she said in a husky voice, ” Let me serve you for a change.” Taking the girl’s hand, she helped her to step up into the copper tub. It was certainly large enough for two. For a time they both stood as Cynthie sponged and lathered the girl’s soft skin. Beginning with her back, she scrubbed from shoulder to tail bone. she replenished the sponge and sensuously pushed it into the crease between the young buttocks. At her urging, Molly leaned forward and rested her hands şişli escort on the tub’s edge, moving her legs apart. Cynthie let the sponge drop with a small splash and used only her hands then. She lavished attention on Molly’s ass and the puckered anus there. Molly gasped when she felt the strong finger prodding and even starting to enter her back passage. But Cynthie did not linger there. She knew there would be a time when that part of Molly’s education would be tended to — possibly by her husband.

She lathered her hand and slid it between the young thighs and scratched gently at the coppery curls covering Molly’s greatest treasure. The girl’s legs trembled, but she didn’t object. “Have you ever touched yourself here, Molly?” she asked.

The voice was small and hesitant when she replied. “Y-yes, Mistress, but only a few times. It felt…it felt good but wicked, too. The nuns told us that we shouldn’t, but Fiona, back home told me about it.” Cynthie could hear the embarrassment in the confession.

“It does feel good, Love, and it is wicked, but not sinful. You will find that much of what the Church tells you has no bearing to life as we live it outside the church. Even nuns and priests, in spite of their vows, indulge in some practices that make even me blush.” As she spoke, her fingers were still fondling and stroking the girl’s cunt. She left off and told her to turn and sit in the water. Cynthie seated herself behind Molly, pulling the girl’s back against her own chest. She whispered to the girl as she began to masturbate her. The slippery soap, long washed away, was replaced by the natural honey the girl produced and Cynthie’s fingers plunged and rubbed until, with a loud cry, Molly shuddered through an orgasm.

It was the girl’s first ever, so she required explanation and reassurances that this was normal, that she hadn’t ‘broken’ anything. She held her until her heart and breathing returned to normal. She completed the bath by truly washing the girl, even scrubbing her filthy feet under the lukewarm water. After drying each other, Cynthie fetched an old dress from the armoire standing in the corner. It was nearly ragged and destined for the poor anyway. But Molly proclaimed it the finest thing she had ever worn. Cynthie kissed her cheek and sent her on her way, then collapsed on the bed to give herself the same pleasure she’d given Molly….

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