Friday Night, After Work Ch. 1

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So far, all that we really had were words.

It was these words that were leading us down a path of unrestrained lust and carnal conquest of shared fantasies. I don’t remember when I first began to feel a sexual desire for Lisa, how does it ever start? Maybe it was when I began to let my eyes linger a little while longer each time I glanced in her direction, which was a more and more frequent occurrence. I remember once pausing as we passed each other in the hall to breathe in the sweet scent of her. Oh, how about the time when I had to stop in mid-sentence during a conversation we once had because I couldn’t get over how beautiful her eyes were, how I let myself believe it was because she was hanging on my every word? How did it always seem to be that we were the last ones to leave together at the end of the day and that Friday drinks after work were becoming a week ending ritual? Neither of us mentioned to anyone else that we were meeting like this and by then I was seriously thinking about what it would be like to get this blue-eyed beauty in my arms. So when did it happen? I don’t know, it just happened.

“Maybe we could have a drink at your place,” you said to me, turning from your desk earlier this evening when I asked you if we were still on for that night. “I’ve never seen your condo and you’ve told me so much about it, and it was my birthday on Wednesday, remember? So I get to choose.” You said all of this so fast that it took me by surprise; your delivery was so cool that I had no idea that your heart was thundering within you as you said the words. “Sure, I’ll stop off before we leave and pick something up… how about a Pinot Noir?”

“Perfect,” you said, your blue eyes glistening with contentment.

We were both distracted for the remainder of the day; well, it was Friday.

When the day finally ended, of course, we were the only ones left in the office, it was already quarter to six. I’m sure that some people were beginning to bahis firmaları notice that neither of us ever left early on Fridays but suppose we ignored whatever rumours may have been circulating. I snuck up behind you and wrapped my arms around you, whispering ‘Happy Birthday’ and then you turned and smiled at me and said, “Well, now that the weekend’s here, I can actually take time to celebrate. I’m happy about finally getting to see your place. Why haven’t you ever invited me over before?” I never did because I didn’t want to seem too forward. “The bathroom is done now, so you’ll get to see the tub.”

“Mmm… a nice hot bath would be wonderful, too.” And you closed your eyes, luxuriating in an imagined pleasure. Wow. All I could think about was your naked body lying in my tub; I unconsciously held you tighter. “A bottle of wine and a hot bath?” I said, questioning you and letting my words hang in the air, awaiting your assent. – “And…” you said, your voice letting the words drop as well. – “And?”

“And you,” you said finally. I could only just stare into your eyes and smile. “Who else would I want to celebrate my birthday with?”

“Oh, I thought you were inviting me into the tub with you,” I said with a nervous laugh, trying to dismiss my anticipations, to mask my disappointment. – “Well, sure, I’d like that, too…” and I could tell you were nervous as those words escaped from your lips. – “Really?” I said softly. – “Yes… being alone with you is my greatest birthday wish… it’s why Fridays are my favourite day of the week, and I love the way you look at me like that…” And I leaned forward and our lips met for the first time, tentatively, a soft kiss, our first kiss. We held each other tight but that nervous feeling didn’t quite go away just yet as our minds swam with the realisation that we had arrived at a place where we had for so long desired to be and as wonderful as it was, it was also a bit scary.

“There’s no reason for us to stay here now, kaçak iddaa is there?” I said and you agreed and so we picked up what we needed and left, with smiles on our faces that the newspaper vendor on the street corner had seen before, on many Friday nights in the past. He couldn’t have known that the smiles on this night meant something else entirely. Maybe he did know. To me, it seemed obvious that on this night, something had changed and everyone would know: Lisa knew now how I felt about her and, magically, she felt the same way.

We first left the office with giddy excitement, our steps were light and we shared smiles and sweet caresses – it was like a first date, on our way to an amusement park of lust and our voyage home was marked with child-like laughter and fun. Now, we are not far from my condo, only minutes away, and we walk in a silence filled with more serious intentions. I’m suddenly hit with the fact that this fantasy is now very real.

“God, Lisa,” I say to you, “do you know how long I’ve wanted you? How badly I’ve wanted you – how badly I want you right now,” I say to you in a soft whisper.

We stop in the street and turn to face each other. Though spring is almost here, it’s still quite cold at night after the sun sets, and I pull you tightly into my arms. With incredible ease, you press yourself against my chest as though holding each other like this was the most natural thing for us to do, as though we’d been lovers for years.

“I wish that you would have said something sooner because I’ve always been here for you,” you reply, your voice a soft and seductive whisper. I pull you closer and press my hand against your cheek and then smile at you.

“Your face is cold,” I say, but just touching your skin turns me on. “God, you’re beautiful, Lisa… and so damned sexy.” I reach down with my other hand, down to your ass and gently squeeze, fondling and caressing you.

“Ohhh,” you moan as I lean forward and press my lips kaçak bahis against yours, instantly recognising that your skin may be cold but your mouth is wet and hot. I can feel your hands wandering as well, as soft, gentle fingers reach down to the crotch of my pants, ascertaining that there is a raging hard-on within. As we kiss, I can feel your smile as you run your fingers up and down.

You pull your mouth away only long enough to tell me, “I really can’t wait for us to be alone together!” before heatedly thrusting your tongue past my lips, and for a moment, your feet leave the ground as I’m holding you up. The lust in your voice is so arousing, I just want to keep you as close to me as possible, and images of the immediate future pop into my head as I envision us together, naked and sweaty, making love in my bedroom, on the bed, on the hardwood floor, but for now, we’re here, on the city street: a gentle wind swirls around us, seemingly causing the shadow of our bodies together, cast by the street lamp, to dance on the pavement. Though we both long to arrive at my place, this moment extends itself a bit longer, our lips and tongues unwilling to part just yet.

“Oh Lisa, I love you, darling,” I say to you. You respond quickly, “I love you, too,” your voice filled with insistent desire.

Suddenly then, the words “I need you” fall from my mouth. Lisa, you’re looking up at me, your lips slightly apart but you say nothing; you then lean forward, pressing your lips against mine softly and we continue to kiss.

Somehow, we find it within ourselves to let go and we realise that the passion of our kiss resulted in greater exertion that we would have imagined, and looking down from your face, I see your breasts rising and falling with each deep breath that you take.

I reach down and take your hand in mine before lust overpowers me and I do something crazy like rip off your clothes right there in the street. “Come on, we’re almost there,” I say and we pick up the pace together, your eyes magically looking up into mine; I see a wonderful playfulness there and I smile back at you. I think to myself, we’re going to fuck like we’ve never fucked before. I can’t wait.

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