Friends and People I Love

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The year was 1968. The place was Illinois, on the road to Chicago. There were six of us on our way to share a hotel room at the edge of town. It was affordable split six ways. The Democrats were having a meeting at the International Amphitheatre and we tried to go down there once but it was too crowded. We decided to just stay on the outskirts of town. We thought it would be more fun to just drop a few pills, fuck each others brains out, and keep away from the politicians or anybody else with an agenda.

Stella, Liz, and I had agreed to come with Ken, Jimmy, and Steve on a road trip. It wasn’t discussed openly before we left but it was 1968. Everyone was anxiously anticipating drugs, alcohol, and free love. That was the way things worked in those days. We piled in Jimmy’s VW bus and set off. We had about a 300 mile drive. We each had a little more than a hundred bucks and Jimmy had his dad’s gas card. We figured it was going to be a great time and we were going to party till the money ran out.

Ken, Jimmy Stella, Steve and I had grown up together. Our parents were friends and Kenny’s big sister had baby sat for us all on numerous occasions. Liz was the newcomer, she had come from down south and fell in with us our first year at IU. She was a natural fit and it seemed that she had been with us always. She was a petite girl maybe 5 feet 2 and a 110 or 115 pounds. I remember thinking that most of her weight was in her tits. I had seen her topless before at pool parties. Steve really had the hots for her and had lobbied hard for her to come along.

During the drive Ken rolled up a fattie and passed it around. It was some pretty good Mexican Shit and we all eased into a comfortable high. Stella opened a bottle of cheap sweet wine and that got passed around too. Pretty soon we had to stop for munchies and we spotted a sign for a burger joint coming up.

“Fries would taste great right about now,” Liz observed so we stopped, piled out of the van and went inside. Jimmie headed straight for the men’s room, Ken pulled his hair back and studied the menu. Steve, the girls and I got in line. While we were waiting Liz leaned over and whispered something to Stella, she smiled.

“Bet I can,” Stella said.

“No way,” Liz teased her.

“What?” I asked.

“Just watch,” Liz said.

Stella moved to the front of the line and went up to the kid who was taking orders there.

“Welcome to Speedy Burger,” he said, “what can I get you?” He looked to be about 18 years old but a young 18. He might have been 19; it was hard to tell. His hair was greasy and he wore his bangs in his eyes. He currently had an acne flare-up working overtime on his forehead.

“I think we’d like… ohhh, 6 large orders of Speedy fries, and Cokes,” Stella said.


“If I show you my tits can we get them for free?” Large fries were 60 cents each and a Coke was 50 cents so she was asking for more than $6.00 worth of free food.

He brushed his bangs bedava bahis back and looked at her. His eyes wandered down to her chest and she lifted the hem of her shirt. He could see her slim tanned belly but she didn’t raise it high enough for him to see anything else. Not yet.

He looked at her face. She turned on the charm, 100 Watt smile, long blonde hair pushed behind her ears. She thrust her tits forward and he looked back at her chest.

Stella read his name tag, Brian. “What do you say, Brian?” she pushed him just a little bit. He glanced over his shoulder.

“I don’t know,” he whined, “Rudy’s here, in the back. He doesn’t like me giving away food.”

“Who’s Rudy?” Stella asked as she inched the hem of her shirt up a little higher. It was right below the bottom of her breasts, I could just see the lower swell, and Brian was staring.

“Rudy’s the manager.”

“I’ll let you touch them.” She sweetened the deal.

“OK,” he turned got six cokes from the fountain machine, put them in a carrier and then took six of the red cardboard serving trays. He scooped Speedy fries into the trays and stacked them in a large to-go bag. He folded down the top of the bag and set it on the counter between them.

“Can we get Ketchup?” I asked.

He tossed two handfuls of little packets into the bag and refolded it.

Stella raised her shirt with one hand and cupped her left boob with the other. She bounced it up and down in her hand. She had lovely tits, I wished mine looked that good. We all went to the same pool parties so I had seen hers before, at the same time I had seen Liz’s. The same time I had seen all the boys’ dicks. The tops of Stella’s breasts sloped like ski jumps they were firm and rounded below. Her small nipples pointed upwards, invitingly. Brian reached his hands out to grab her.

“Ah-ah-ah; one hand,” she said pulling back just a little bit.

He complied and she leaned forward. He stared for a moment and then ran his finger tips down her ski jump titties. He rubbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, then hefted her boob with his palm. He moaned.

“You OK, Brian?” Liz asked.

“Yeah,” he said as he dropped his hand. “Thanks.” He said to Stella and I thought he was going to cry when she let go the bottom of her shirt. When it fell it covered one boob but caught on the nipple of her other one. Brian blinked his eyes rapidly as though he expected her nipple to blink back.

Stella pulled her shirt down and picked up the bag of fries. Kenny grabbed the cokes and we all filed out the front door to the van. Jimmy sparked another J and we got back on the road to Chicago. We rode in silence chewing our Speedy fries, sucking on the straws that protruded from the tops of the waxed coke cups, and toking on the doobie.

Liz broke the silence, “It’s amazing what people will do for sex.” She said. “I mean that kid just gave you free food.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t have bedava bonus sex with him!” Stella said quickly.

“Technically, that’s true,” Liz said, “but it was more sex than he’s had in a looong time. I’ll bet he went in the bathroom and jacked off before we were even out of the parking lot.” She made an ‘O’ of her mouth and poked a French fry in and out. “I mean, people kill for sex. They start wars, and fight wars, for sex. They rob banks for sex. Women will put out, for money… sell themselves,” she paused and considered what she had just said. “I suppose men would do that too in the right circumstances, but it wouldn’t be the same. Anyway do you understand what I’m saying here? I guess I never really thought about it before but ‘The Pussy’ wields great power. Girls, we could rule the world with our twats.”

“It’s not just the pussy,” Steve said, “although I will grant you points for that observation. It’s more than that though, it’s the whole attraction of the opposite sex. Maybe it’s not true for you girls, but I know for a fact that Sarah Langston has been known to cook extravagant meals for guys just for them allowing her the privilege of sucking their cocks till they cum in her mouth.”

“Eww,” said Liz, “you let Sarah Langston suck your dick?”

“Not me, but Darren Roundtree did. Apparently she has standards; she never offered to cook for me, but I would more than likely let her suck me off.”

“You’d let anyone with tits suck you off,” Liz laughed, and so did everyone else. I suddenly realized I was holding a half burned roach so I lit it back up, drew hard on it, and handed it to Ken.

“Dude,” Ken said, speaking to Jimmy behind the wheel, “What would you give to anyone of us in this van for a blowjob right now?”

“I wouldn’t give you anything Kenny, I’ve had your Momma.” The van filled up with good natured laughter and a chorus of “OOOHHHH’s”, “I wouldn’t give Steve anything either,” he said, “he doesn’t have a vagina so I couldn’t expect the relationship to go anywhere.”

“That leaves the girls,” Kenny said.

“I’d give them whatever they desired, if they worked together. You know, all for one and one for all.”

Stella and Liz looked at each other and nodded. They looked at me and I shook my head, “He’s all yours girls, I’m saving myself.”

“Pull over Jimmy,” Ken said, “you got a couple of takers.”

“Don’t stop,” I told him, “Just give me the wheel.” We changed drivers at 65 mph; I started driving and Jimmy moved to the back of the van. Stella and Liz pulled their shirts over their heads and almost ripped the clothes off of Jimmy. He was skinny and pale skinned but they attacked his already stiff knob with a vengeance while everybody watched. I was watching in the rearview mirror and it looked like a competition was underway. I gave him mere seconds. Ken reached up and turned the mirror so I couldn’t see.

“Watch the road, you. I’ll give you the play by play if you deneme bonusu want.” He said and, less than a minute later, I could tell by the sounds that Jimmy had been conquered.

“Who won?” I asked.

“Stella,” Ken told me. “What she lacked in style and finesse she made up for with her ample enthusiasm. I think she really likes him. They’re cuddling naked together now. I think she’s trying to get him hard again. Oh oh, Liz just noticed that Steve’s got a hard on – she can see it through his jeans and she’s going for him.” I heard some bodies moving around and a zipper being undone.

“Wow,” said Liz, “I love the size of your dick!” I remembered, from those pool parties, that Steve did have a big cock and reached for the mirror to get a good look, but Ken slapped my hand away, “I told you to watch the road. I’ll keep you informed.” It was pretty quiet in the back of the van when Ken put his hand on my leg. He was watching the back intently.

“What’s happening back there, Ken?” I asked and he started rubbing my crotch. I responded by spreading my legs and making myself more available, but it was like Ken didn’t even notice.

“69’s what’s going on.” He said.

“Who’s on top?”

“Liz, and she has his whole huge cock in her mouth. The whole, entire, thing. I think she’s about to cum though so in the competition between Amy and Stella, Stella won a minor battle but Liz’s winning the war. If she squeezes Steve’s head any tighter she’ll pop it. Oh, my God,”

“What? What?”

“Steve’s spurting. He’s spurting a lot too ’cause cum’s streaming out of Liz’s nose. Her mouth is so full of cock that there is no room for cum and she can’t swallow it fast enough! It’s coming out her nose. I’ve never seen that before.”

I reached for the mirror but Ken stayed my hand, “Watch the road.” He said again. He rubbed my crotch a little faster.

I heard some coughing and sputtering as Liz gagged then it got real quiet back there.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Stella’s on her hands and knees. Jimmy’s getting ready to fuck her, doggy style. He’s slipping it in now, there they go.” I could hear the gentle slap, slap, slap of Jimmy’s balls against Stella’s crotch, and I figured he was probably going to last a bit longer this time. “Steve and Liz still have their heads between each other’s legs but she’s rubbing his cum all over his balls. His dick is a lot smaller now but I think it’ll be raging again soon. It has to be.”

It was quiet as he watched the back and I watched the road. He continued rubbing me through my jeans and the denim was starting to get moist.

“Stella’s eyes are rolling back in her head,” Ken told me, “I think she’s done for. Yep she’s going faster now.” I moved my hand over and put it on his dick. He had a pretty good hard on himself.

I heard Stella, “Yes, yes, yes,” she said and the tempo of the slap, slap, slap almost doubled.

Jimmy roared and Stella squeaked. I drove silently but hitched my breath as I squeezed Ken’s hand between my legs and rode my climax all the way to the top and over the other edge. Ken finally noticed the effect he was having on me. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You owe me,” he said, “Wait till we get to Chicago.”

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