Friends with Benefits

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It started out like any other normal week day. Normally, I would get up dealt with the husband and kids. Go to work. Flirt with the guys at work. Go home; deal with the husband and kids again. Sounds boring right… It is normally. Today was different though.

I have been flirting with Keith for sometime now. We both are in marriages that aren’t as sexual gratifying as we would like them to be. We both have deviant sexual thoughts. How would I know this you ask? Keith is my friend; he is the one person in this office that I actually trust. Since he is a guy, I have been sharing some of my sexual thoughts with him, just to see if he reacted like my husband, Derek, the prude. Keith has helped me to feel normal, or as he jokes with me maybe we are both just sexually deviants.

I have been saying to Keith that we should hook up. Friends with benefits I say. He keeps on telling me no, he would never do that to his wife. I keep on saying come on, please. He has held his ground. Well that is until today…

While I was out to clients, Keith texted me that his chocolate candy was not wrapped well. I texted back joking with him that I had tainted it. When I got back to work, I went in his office to joke some more about it with him. The next thing you know, he was daring me (or maybe I dared myself) to stick a miniature kit-kat in my pussy. I told him I would if he ate it. We laughed; I took a kit-kat and left his office.

I proceeded to go to the ladies room. I was horny as hell after talking to Keith. There is something about him that drives me sexually insane. I have imagined what his cock looks life for years now…is it normal length? Is it thick? Is it long? Oh god, all I have wanted to do is feel it in my hands. To hold his stiff strong cock…. I start to rub my nipples as I sit in the bathroom thinking about Keith. To just suck him, till he cums, would give me so much pleasure. As I am sitting there, I start to finger fuck myself. Oh it feels so good; I wish Keith was doing it to me instead of my self. I remember the kit-kat. I start to chuckle, and insert it into my warm moist pussy. I leave it there just a second as it is starting to melt. I remove it; put it back in the wrapper. I wash my hands and then return to my desk. I text Keith:

I did my dare are you going to do urs?




The smell of chocolate smell and my pussy is driving me crazy.

No – besides I can’t get out of my chair.

What if I cum to u?


But, I want to. I really want to feel this chocolate melt more in my pussy. Will you be mad at me if I do it?

I could never be mad at you.

That was all I needed. I took that piece of chocolate and reinserted it in to my vagina. Oh, how I wished it was bigger. I could so get off on the feeling of the melting chocolate mixing with the juices inside canlı bahis my pussy. I walked down the hall and stood in his office door. “Keith, can you help me? I have a problem.” I said as I shut his door and locked it behind me.

Do, I really have enough balls to do this, I think? All I have thought about every night for the last week was seeing him hard, touching him, and sucking him. “Did you just lock my door?,” he said.

I tell him that I did. I sit in the chair, looking at him. I can feel the chocolate melting. So, I stand up, reach down and pull that melted kit-kat out of my pussy. I hold it to his lips. He doesn’t respond. I then wipe the chocolate on his lips and as he opens them to lick the chocolate, I place it in his mouth. Oh, how I wish he was licking the chocolate off of my pussy. Instead, I lick my fingers enjoying the taste of chocolate and my juices.

I proceed to walk over to him and ask him if I can touch. He doesn’t respond. All I want to do is feel that cock. Is it rock hard? Is it average size? I lean over his chair and start to touch. Groan, it is rock hard and at least average if not bigger. Oh, Lord I want to suck him right now…. I touch a minute longer. If I stay any longer, I am going to rape him as I know he doesn’t want to be a willing participant. I then leave his office and go back to mine and text him.

I text to him:

I hope you r nt mad at me.

I told you I could never get mad at you.

I prop my feet up on my desk. And grab some Kleenexes wiping at my moist yummy chocolate pussy. I text Keith again:

I am down here cleaning up a chocolate mess. I am resisting the urge to lick my fingers.

Why are you resisting?


As I inserted a finger into my pussy, out came a mixture of chocolate and wetness. I try to texting him another time:

Yummy… I couldn’t resist any longer. U should cum down.

I can’t.

Please it is delicious and I am going to eat it all myself.


I sat there with my feet propped on my desk. Finger fucking and licking the chocolate mixed with my juices. I was sticky and wet and loving every minute of it. I sat there for 10 minutes enjoying myself and thinking about Keith. About all I can think about is his cock in my pussy; fucking each other. I don’t allow myself to cum as I decided it was time to get back to work.

Everyone is gone in the office but me. Keith had a seminar to attend with a happy hour ending it. I hope he has something to drink, I thought. Maybe, I can convince him to stop by the office on his way home. I sent him a text:

I am alone in the office.

No response.

Any chance u will stop by?

No response.

So u rnt going to talk to me?

No Response.

Fine whatever…

I sit there thinking about him. I wonder, does he want to fuck me and bahis siteleri is just too devoted to Lisa to do it? Is it me that turns him on or is it the lack of attention from Lisa that makes him react to my flirting? Oh the head trash that I am dealing with. I hear a noise that brings me back to reality. I realize that someone came into the office. Probably the cleaning lady….

All of a sudden my office door flies open. It is Keith and he is looking at me with anger in his eyes. I look at him and stand up asking him “what is the matter?”

In a voice that I didn’t recognize, he says, “I came to give you what you want.”

He then reaches over shakes me and slaps me hard in the ass. I should be scare, but I am more turned on that I could have imagined. He pushes me hard and I slam into the desk. “I am going to fuck you now Jackie and you are going to scream for me to stop.”

He grabs me by the throat and pulls me to him. I whisper “Not to hard or you will bruise me.” A chill races up my spine as my pussy beings to throb and ache. Oh fuck me, please now just take me, I think. He pulls me closer, shoving his tongue forcefully into my mouth. I try to keep up with him, but he has a hunger that I can’t match. I pull away and look at him and ask him “Do you want me?”

“Shut up and bend over your desk,” he says as he shoves me into my desk again. I bend over and he rips my pants and undies down. I can feel him rock hard as he reaches up and grabs my tits with his one hand. His other hand, I assume is on his cock, as I feel pressed against my body.

He kicks my legs farther apart and smacks me down again. I feel his cock approaching my pussy lips. I shiver with anticipation. The brutality of his forcefulness should be making me nervous. Instead, I am dripping juices from my eager pussy. He shoves his cock into my ready pussy as hard as possible. I groan. He says to me, “Is this what you want Jackie?”

I don’t say anything. “Answer me Jackie”, he says as he pounds me with anger and excitement.

“Yes, Keith, this is what I want.”, I say as a tear rolls down my face. What is wrong with me?, I think as he is slamming into me. I moan as he reaches his hands to my anticipating clit. He starts rubbing it hard as I moan.

“Feel good?,” he asks.

“Yes, I am about to cum.” As I say this, he reaches up and grabs my nipple with so much force, I scream. It hurts yet feels so good at the same time. I can feel the orgasm starting as my vagina starts to shiver and throb with the much needed orgasm. I am panting as he pulls out. “What are you doing? You haven’t cum yet.”

“Who said I am done with you yet. Grab your goodie bag.”

I keep a goodie bag at work, with lubes, jells and other stuff. I have been know to fuck Derek in my office on a weekend, so I just keep it there in case the rare chance that Derek will bahis şirketleri want to fuck if we are driving downtown. I showed it to Keith about a week ago. What the fuck can he want in the goodie bag? I think.

He looks at me and says, “Did you forget that you tell me everything? Did you forget how much we both think about anal sex?”

My heart starts to pound in nervousness. I could never convince Derek to have anal sex. The last time I had anything in my ass it was about three years ago. I love feeling a dildo in my ass. But, it has been so long ago, I have almost forgotten how much I love it.

He takes my goodie bag and looks at me. “Do you want to put it on?”

I take the lubricant out of my bag and squeeze a good amount into my hand. I place my hand on his hard shaft and rub it. He groans in need and shoves me back bending over the desk.

I am so scared and so eager at the same time. I feel the head of his dick at my puckered asshole. I can feel him pushing slowly and find myself backing up. His head starts to enter my ass. I breathe deeply. Oh, the pain. Try to relax I tell myself. His head is entering my ass as he is moaning. He continues to push as I try to relax my sphincter muscles.

This is so different then a dildo that I controlled going into my ass. It hurts so bad, yet feels so good. He enters his shaft all the way into my ass, moaning with delight. I think I am going to pass out from the pain, although my pussy is starting to quiver. He reaches and starts to massage my clitoris. The mixed feelings are too much to handle.

“Are you ready”, he asks. I nod my head yes. He starts to pull his shaft out a couple of inches and then rams it hard back in. Oh, I scream. “Did you like it?,” he asks.

I nod my head yes. I have never felt anything like this. He does it again removing it farther and slamming back into me. The force of it takes my breath away. Yet, it feels so good.

He is now really fucking my ass and I find myself matching his pace. I touch my clit and start stroking it. I moan as I begin to cum, my whole pussy throbbing as my ass tightens around his hard cock.

He starts to groan and I can feel him stiffen up to cum just as I reached my peak. He fills my ass with his load. I tighten myself against his dick and pull the last bit of cum from his shaft; I can feel myself starting to cum again. I scream in delight as we both collapse against my desk.

I am not sure if I am going to be able to walk anytime soon. He is still leaning against me. He leans up and kisses me on the cheek. “I am sorry I was so rough on you. I hate the fact that I want to fuck you. I hate the fact that I just cheated on Lisa.”

We slowly part from being as one. I am so sore, but yet I feel complete and whole. I have never felt so wanted in all my life. So sexy and needed. I look at Keith and say. “I am sorry too. I am sorry that I pursued you so much that I make you want me.”

“Don’t be sorry. I have never experienced what we just did with anyone else. I think I am going to be okay with being friends with benefits.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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