Fucked an Online Friend

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A little disclaimer first. This was posted as a blog on a page I started for my erotica.

————–It is 100% true.————-

So I’ve been visiting family the last couple weeks. I had a few days with nothing to do and somewhere along the line, I decided to start this Erotica page. I had written the New Neighbor story for a site called xxxxxx. It was fun writing it but I never had much motivation to write another one and I thought starting this page might give me that extra push.

Pretty much the first day I started this, I had a few new friends, some were just ‘hot chick’ pages like suicide girls and 666chicks. But a few were actual people too and I started trading a few messages with them, so I knew they were real. I even received a couple requests right away. I am still working on a couple, but one took off pretty easily an quickly. I was getting a great response from the woman who requested it so it inspired to keep going with it.

That turned into the Chance Encounter story. She wanted a story about two strangers meeting and there is that immediate chemistry and lust there and… I had to fill in the rest. Of course they were going to fuck. Eventually. It was an Erotica story after all – which is just a pretty word for written porn, isn’t it?

I wrote three of the little chapters and so far o was fairly slow, drawn out tension of the man and woman circling each other and figuring out a way to meet. It was a lot like a night out with very physical dancing, maybe some intense kissing, then hours of foreplay… and meanwhile both your heads are screaming “I just want to fuck this person already… enough foreplay!”

So I tried to step it up in the fourth section, then the story got back to her place so it was finally on. And I released all that tension in a quick wham-bam up against the wall, bang session. No love-making here.

So I finished the story, at least to that point. I got a response from the woman who requested it saying something like “Wow… You got it going on… You actually made me cum… I will sleep good tonight…” That was all I was really waiting to hear. It turns me on to know that I got that reaction.

Well, we kept trading messages the next day, talking more about ourselves now than the story. And it was pretty obvious we had a little chemistry of our own going. So, were we going to act on it, or just let that stranger in the story pass like we normally do?

She lives nearby but I am only here for a few more days now, so I told her if we were going to get together that tonight (last night) would be my only chance. And that was the truth. I had plans for every other day and three days later, I would be on a plane. I think she was leaving work or was not able to sign on for awhile. I was about to be leaving for the night too, halkalı escort so I took a chance and sent her my cell phone number saying that we might not get another chance to talk online, so if there’s any chance you can get together tonight, give me a call.

A few hours went by. It was about 7, I think. I thought I wouldn’t hear from her so I sat down to watch a movie. Around 8:30, my cell phone rang with a strange number. I picked it up and it was her. We talked for a few minutes about where to go and how to get there. I’m visiting so i don’t have a car. Being a city boy for several years now, I thought I could just call a cab and meet her. Boy, was I wrong. This really is the middle of nowhere. Nine at night and no cab places were even open.

So I called her back and gave her directions to the house. I had grown up here, but it has been awhile since driving these streets so I don’t remember some of the names. But I got her there. And the house sits way back in the woods, so I had to go down to the end of the driveway in the black of night to wait so she could find me.

She called when she was close and we talked until a car started slowing down in front of me and she said that she saw me. The car stopped and she let me in. I looked in and she looked better than she did in her online pictures. In fact much better. She was shorter than I pictured (guess I never read the height on her page – oops) but had a pretty face, nice legs and HUGE tits. I’m a guy – I notice these things right away, and that’s pretty much how it sounds in my head.

Then I was in and shut the door. She said that she didn’t even get a good look at me but we drove off anyway. We talked on the way and the conversation was good, not awkward like it could be in these situations. So I was feeling pretty good at this point.

We ended up at a little Chinese place the next town over. A few drunken young guys were giving the bartender shit and he gave it back in broken English. It was pretty funny. We had a few drinks and talked about everything from how we had met to our online experiences, to funny situations sending naked pictures and being online at work, her girl on girl experience(s). It was fun and slowly turned more and more sexual and our hands and legs started making more and more contact until we were holding hands and moving our hands up each other’s thighs. I took her hand at one point and guided it between my legs so she would know I was hard. She kept her hand there for awhile, feeling me even though we were 100% visible just sitting there at the bar.

We decided we should go somewhere. Neither one of us could go home, with other people in the house, so we headed towards my house and pulled down a little dirt road that I knew led olgun escort to a sand pit. I thought it would be pretty hot to park in the middle of the sand pit and I don’t know, maybe fuck her on the hood of the car or something.

When we got down the road, though, the pit was blocked off by some branches so we just parked there and started making out. Hands started wandering. I was finally able to reach down and feel here tits with my hands. They were really nice and did I mention really big? “Should we go to the back seat?” she asked.

So we did. My side of the back seat was locked, so I had to go to hers, which worked out good, because she was already lying down waiting for me, and I just had to crawl in on top. Now she is pretty small, about 5-3. But I am pretty tall, about 6-3. So back seats of small cars are not my friends. We made out some more, our hands moving all over, tits, hips, ass, she grabbed my cock over my pants.

I reached down and undid her pants, opening them up and reaching inside. She was pretty wet already and after a few seconds of feeling her wet pussy, I slipped a finger inside of her. That was enough for me. I grabbed her pants and slipped them off. I undid my pants and took out my cock. She said, “I want to suck your cock.” And I think I literally said back, “I want you to suck my cock.”

So I stood up out of the car and she sat on the edge of the back seat and took my cock in her mouth. It felt great. Then it started to rain. Lightly at first so it wasn’t too bad. I just tilted my head up into the rain, closed my eyes and enjoyed a great blow-job.

But a blow-job is just the start for me, usually, so I picked her up, guided her to the back of the car and lifted her up onto the trunk. I had her pants off, but wanted a good look at her entire body. So I lifted her shirt up over her head. Then her bra. Now I had her fully naked, lying on the back of her car.

I pulled out a condom, while I fingered her. I ripped open the package and slid the condom on. I pulled her by the hips to the edge of the car and slipped inside her. We fucked for a few minutes, but the rain was really pouring now and she was pretty much sliding all over the place from what I could see. So that didn’t exactly go so well – although I had a great view of her tits the whole time. And they look even bigger and better out of her clothes than they do in them.

So I stood up and stepped back a little. She hopped down and went down on me again. I held a handful of her hair with my left hand and pushed her backside down with my right hand so she was on her knees in front of me. She really went to town, sucking my cock while I just watched her and enjoyed the view.

The şişli escort rain was really starting to come down now so to speed things up I started taking my cock out of her mouth and jerking it myself. I would hold her hair with my left hand and jerk off with my right hand, making sure to keep my cock right in her face. Then I would stick it back in her mouth and let her keep sucking it. Back and forth a few times and I was ready to cum.

I pulled out my cock again, stroking it fast, wanting to blast a load of cum right in her face. At the last second, I took my left hand and held her mouth open, sticking the head of my cock right over her mouth. I came into her mouth, then she took my cock and sucked again, until I was done and every drop of cum was going down her throat.

We got back in the car and realized hot wet we had gotten. We hunted around for our clothes. Her bra was out in a bush, other clothes were on the top of the car, the back seat, everywhere. We got dressed and drove back to my house, which was right next door, basically.

We sat in the driveway, talking saying goodbye, and making out again. Before you knew it I was hard again and she was undoing my pants. She leaned over and started sucking my dick again. It was amazing how much this woman liked going down on me. Her pants were only barely on from before, so while she was bent over me, I reached over and slid her pants down, just enough that I could reach from behind and finger her pussy, making sure she was still wet.

And was she ever wet. I fingered her for awhile, then slipped a second and third finger in. The more I did, the more she seemed to get into sucking my cock, so I kept going. Once in awhile, her head would slow down or she wouldn’t be taking me deep enough, so I would stop, grab her hair and basically fuck her mouth for few minutes. Then back to her pussy with my left hand.

I worked three fingers for awhile then a forth. And once the forth is in there, the thumb pretty much fits between them. So I had my whole hand in there, working slowly but pushing a little harder each time. I was more impressed than anything else. Being 6-3, I have some pretty large hands. The fact that she could take most of my hand inside her is no small task. I finally was able to get my entire fingers, right up to where the fingers meet the palm, all the way in – and not just in but in and out and turning in every direction as I did it. I don’t know if that counts as fisting, but for someone with hands as big as mine, I think it should.

We went like that for awhile. And being a true story, there is no big climax at the end of this one. Blow jobs while cramped in a small car don’t really do enough for me (and I’m sure for her as well). So after awhile – a long while – we just kind of stopped, made out a little more and said goodnight.

I may not be back in town for awhile – six months, a year even, who knows. But I am very glad that I decided to sit down and start this page. So mystery woman – you know who you are – Thank you for your story request. Thank you for calling and going out for a drink. And thank you for one serious blow job (or three or four?)… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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