Fucked by Hostel Strangers Pt. 02

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Jack woke up early the morning after losing his virginity to his two hostel roommates. He had slept well after having the most explosive orgasm of his life, but the unfamiliarity of the hostel room and his lingering jet lag woke him up as soon as the sun rose. He felt groggy, in almost a sex hangover, shocked at how his night had ended. Those men were so fucking hot, and they’re just across the room from me still!

He looked over at Tom and Derek, who were fast asleep. They were both on top of their sheets in the hot room, fully nude. Jack looked at the penises that had just a few hours previously fucked his ass and throat so hard he could hardly believe it. Derek was obviously having a sex dream – his dick was hard as a rock! Jack knew he would need to experience that again before checking out of the hostel.

But soon, Jack realized that he was still covered in semen from the previous night. As he rolled over, he felt his cum-soaked skin sticking to the sheets, which smelled deeply and gloriously of sex. As he stood up, he noticed how his asshole was a little sore from its first sexual experience. Maybe I should take a shower, Jack thought.

He quietly got up, grabbed the towel he’d received at check-in and carefully left the room, being sure to not disturb Tom and Derek. As this was a hostel, he had to walk a little way down the hall to a communal men’s bathroom. With all the fucking last night, Jack hadn’t even seen it yet.

He pushed open the swinging door and immediately noticed how small it was. There were two sinks, two stalls, and a trough urinal. There was also an open space off to the side with a pole in the middle, from which four showerheads pointed off in different directions. Jack hadn’t seen a gang shower since middle school. But the bathroom was empty, so Jack felt at ease as he pulled off his towel and walked over to take a shower.

He turned on the hot water and pumped soap from the dispenser, starting to lather up. He pushed the suds over his hairless chest and solid abs, his armpits and legs, his dick and asshole. He couldn’t stop thinking about the previous night, the feeling of Tom and Derek’s huge cocks pounding his virgin hole. Jack started getting hard as he ran his fingers over his ass. He gently pushed his index finger into his tight asshole while he rubbed soap over his cock, closing his eyes and imagining the sensation of getting fucked again. He could even feel Tom and Derek’s jizz still inside him. For a second, he casino şirketleri forgot where he was.

The fantasy ended abruptly as the bathroom door burst open. Jack quickly yanked his index finger out of his ass and turned so that his boner wasn’t immediately visible to the stranger. Jack was pretty sure the man hadn’t seen him masturbating.

Close call. Please, please, please don’t come to the shower, thought Jack.

Of course, the man was dressed only in a towel and started walking towards the showers. Jack looked at the ground sheepishly, trying not to stir up any trouble with the guy.

Only when the man got to the stall did Jack notice his gorgeous body. He was Eastern European with olive skin, dark eyes, and a tall, built frame. He had short, black body hair all over his chest and face, suavely covering his body while still revealing his muscled physique. His pubes were neatly trimmed to fully show off his long, girthy cock. Even more impressive were his big, hairless balls. Jack knew the man could pump out a huge load with those.

No way my boner is going away with this man in front of me.

The man courteously went to the showerhead farthest from Jack, which was really only across the metal pole – they were directly facing each other. After a brief moment of eye contact, the man noticed Jack’s hard penis sticking directly towards him and started to chuckle.

“Don’t worry about that,” the man said with a sexy Russian accent, looking down at Jack’s dick. “It happens from time to time.”

Jack chuckled nervously. “Yeah man, sorry about that,” he replied.

Suddenly, the man stopped and stared. “Wait…I know that voice. You were the kid getting fucked last night in your room!”

Jack was extraordinarily embarrassed. He knew they had been pretty loud last night, but he hadn’t even considered that the hostel walls were probably super thin. Fuck.

The man continued. “I was in the room next door by myself, so I could hear pretty much everything. Those two dudes were fucking you like crazy! You gave them quite a time, man…gave me some good material myself,” he said with a smirk.

Jack noticed the man’s dick growing, easily attaining a girthy 8 inches and still getting longer and thicker. With a big head and strong veins, it was stunning.

“Let’s see what all the fuss is about” the man said as he pushed Jack against the wall by the neck, pressing himself against Jack’s twinky frame. Clearly, casino firmaları he wanted a piece of Jack’s ass for himself.

Jack obliged, loving the feeling of being taken advantage of by this older man. He could feel the man’s scruff on his soft skin, shuddering as the man kissed his neck and chest. Soon, he felt himself being pushed down to his knees by the man’s strong arms. Jack knew his job. He wrapped his lips around the man’s dick and started to lick the tip with his tongue. The man loudly sighed in pleasure.

Jack moved his mouth farther down the dick, slowly encompassing the whole thing. The man put his hands on the back of Jack’s head, pushing forcefully so that Jack deepthroated him. He choked a little, still not quite ready for such a huge cock so soon. But the man didn’t care; he just wanted to get off.

He started to pound Jack’s mouth quickly and forcefully, going in and out so fast Jack’s jaw hurt and his eyes started to tear up. The man was in pure ecstasy, moaning loudly for anyone to hear. Jack could taste the precum oozing from his lover’s dick, salty and sweet.

Just before Jack thought the man was going to cum, he pulled out of Jack’s mouth and pulled Jack up quickly. Without saying a word, he walked Jack over the sinks and bent him over. Jack was supporting himself with the sides of the sink, staring directly at himself in the mirror in front of him. He could see the man behind him, spitting in his hand and rubbing it on his dick and Jack’s tight asshole.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, you’ll forget about those other men,” he whispered in Jack’s ear.

The man put his dick between Jack’s ass cheeks, not inserting yet, but rubbing back and forth. Jack could tell that this man was strong – he pressed so firmly against Jack’s ass, holding his sides tightly. The man was in complete control of Jack’s body. After spitting directly onto Jack’s ass one more time for lube, he put the tip of his huge cock on Jack’s hole and starting to force himself in.

“Fuck!!” Jack yelled, not able to help himself. “Your dick is huge!”

The man didn’t care. He thrust his dick fully into Jack’s ass, holding his body tightly as he drilled deep. Jack couldn’t believe the pain and pleasure he felt all at once.

The man started to fuck Jack over the bathroom sink with vigor. At first, his thrusts were long and slow, nearly removing his dick from Jack’s anus each time. But soon, his pace quickened. His dick moved in and out güvenilir casino of Jack intensely, the man’s hips thrusting fast as he simultaneously pushed Jack’s ass back and forth to make the fucking even harder.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jack screamed. He watched himself in the mirror, face full of pleasure, while simultaneously making eye contact with the man fucking him from behind. Jack could see the man’s abs flexing as humped Jack, his body glistening with sweat from the workout.

Jack was getting fucked so hard that he needed both hands on the sink to support himself, so he couldn’t even touch his own dick. But it didn’t matter, the man’s cock was almost enough to make him cum hands-free.

The man slapped Jack’s ass hard, which made him yelp in surprise. Jack loved being used like this. The man did it again and again, making Jack’s ass bright red.

Suddenly, the man stopped thrusting and pulled out his dick from Jack’s ass. Without a word, he turned Jack around and lifted him off the group so that he was sitting on the sink, facing the man. Jack’s back was pressed up against the mirror, staring directly at his lover’s ripped chest. The man then stuck his long dick back into Jack, immediately fucking him just as hard as before.

Jack could now see the muscled body of his lover with every thrust. The sweat beads rolled softly down his chest, his abs rippled as he thrust his torso deep into Jack’s groin, and his arms flexed as he kept Jack in position on the sink. Jack didn’t even need the stroke his own cock. He could feel the pre-cum oozing from his own dick onto his stomach.

“Cum for me you little cock slut,” the man yelled. Being degraded and ordered by this strong, older man was enough to put Jack over the edge. He quickly felt a wave of pleasure as his cock exploded hands-free. Thick ropes of cum shot out of his dick, the first shots hitting his neck and face while the next hit his chest and abs.

“FUCK!!” Jack’s lover screamed. Jack saw him push his dick one final time deep into Jack’s ass, holding his dick inside as the cum pumped out of one body and into another. Jack could feel the warm load move deep inside him, filling up his cavity and slowly start to spill out onto the sink and floor below his ass. The man was breathing hard from the workout, his sweaty body pressed against Jack’s. They were both in carnal heaven.

Suddenly, the bathroom door burst open. Jack and the man turned to see Tom and Derek at the entrance, smiling widely. They were both only in their towels.

“Look what we have here,” quipped Tom.

“Seems like our little roommate found another stranger to whore himself out to,” Derek said back. “Let’s get on with another round!”

To be continued.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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