Funny How Things Turn Out Ch. 05

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Found this one harder to write and kinda lost my way a bit. Please let me know your thoughts.


Laura and I had agreed that we would go out with our friends separately on Friday night and if we happened to bump into each other then so be it but we weren’t going to go looking for each other. We hadn’t talked about exclusivity but I knew that I didn’t want to hook up with anyone else and I secretly hoped that she felt the same but I wasn’t going to bring it up and put pressure on her.

I had arranged to meet Phil and Craig at our local for a couple before catching up with a few of the lads at Nick’s place and then all of us were heading to a few of the trendier bars in the city and most likely a curry house on the way home. I wasn’t sure of Laura’s plans but we felt it was better that way as any meet up would be genuine coincidence and we wouldn’t be leading our friends around just so we could see each other.

I arrived at the office early in the morning feeling refreshed after Laura and I had fallen asleep early the night before having finally had sex for the first time and looking forward to blowing off some steam later that night. My optimism was short lived though as I took my seat at my desk, turned on my computer and was confronted by an email from one of our biggest vendors requesting further information before committing to a deal which we had all thought was already done and not only that but they wanted the information by the middle of next week, which only gave us three days to pull it all together.

There were already emails circling around the office from people copied into the email asking how we were going to get this done and who’s responsibility it would be but as team lead I knew it would rest on me ultimately. I called a quick team meeting and outlined my proposals, which I believed could get us the results with the minimum of fuss but it was the meeting with the boss that I wasn’t looking forward to. Sure enough, as soon as he arrived in the office a little after ten o’clock I saw my internal messaging system beeping at me and when I clicked it open it simply read “My office. Now.”

I always hated meetings in the Managing Director’s office. It was the other end of the building and I couldn’t even see it from where I sat and the walkway between workstations ran right through the middle of the office so everyone could get a good look whenever someone was summoned. I strode down the corridor as confidently as I could but I could feel people’s eyes burrowing into me like watching a sacrificial lamb walking towards the slaughterhouse. I knew that there was nothing I could have done differently and so did everyone else on the project but it was little comfort as I reached the end of the carpet and turned left. Even Lynda, the MD’s receptionist, looked at me with pity as I approached the frosted glass double doors and knocked loudly as I entered.

The office was large but not huge and it was full of the plush furniture including a grand wooden desk, the obligatory drinks cabinet with crystal glasses and a decanter half full of what I assumed was whiskey and an ornate bookcase filled with self-help books, various financial reporting volumes and the entire works of William Shakespeare. I suppose the furnishings had been picked to help create an aura of someone in control and knowledgeable but I always thought it looked like someone had watched one too many Hollywood blockbusters and crammed in every cliché they could find. The worst of which was the grossly oversized leather chair behind the desk that was always facing away from the room so that you had to wait until he was ready to turn around and engage with you.

When he finally swung around I almost expected to see a white cat in his arms but he simply stared at me through his steel framed glasses and spoke slowly but firmly.

“Listen Dave I know this might not be your fault but it sure as hell is your problem now so you will ensure that all needs are met. I realise it’s almost the weekend but I’m sure you realise the importance of this project.”

He turned back to the window and I didn’t need to be told it was my queue to leave.

As I walked back to my desk I could feel my weekend falling away from me as there was no way this was going to get done without some serious overtime and as lead on the project I knew I couldn’t ask others to give up their time if I wasn’t prepared to do the same myself. I slumped down in my chair and emailed my team the news before sending a message telling Phil and Craig not to wait for me and that I hoped to meet them in town later than planned and then set about trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get this all together.

The day was a blur of discussions and counter discussions, of frantic phone calls and more emails than I could keep track of as everyone rushed around collating as much information as possible before the close of business. By mid-afternoon we had what we thought was enough data but the real task was now only just beginning as all the information had to şirinevler escort be collated and formatted into something resembling a professional presentation.

I began going through all the spreadsheets I’d been sent and removing the duplicate information, cross referencing them with the emails and scribbled down notes that had been passed to me through the morning as I began to drown in dates, targets and market figures. I was vaguely aware of people leaving the office to start their weekend as the sky outside grew darker as a storm rolling in from the horizon blotted out the last remaining rays of sunshine and as more chairs scraped and papers were shuffled the afternoon fast became evening and then night.

I stood up from my desk, stretched out the stiffness and walked to the water fountain surveying the surrounding desks on my way. There were still a couple of people working late with me; Danielle, as loyal as ever, was collecting the hard copy documents from the filing room and sifting through for anything that might have been missed but I knew she must have been eager to get home to her husband and young family; John, who had been staring at his computer for almost two hours trying to work out what was missed in the original presentation but I could hear his phone ringing constantly and I recognised the ringtone of that of his fiancé; and Steve who I think had only stayed behind because he was still relatively new and wanted to make a good impression but I could see him glancing up at the clock while I stood by the cooler.

I walked around to where they were huddled over their desks and told them to go home.

“No point all of us being here,” I said. “I’ve got this from here guys. Thanks for all your hard work today, now go and enjoy your weekend.”

Once they had tidied up their desks and headed out of the door an eerie silence fell across the vast open space, punctuated by the occasional beep of the fax machine and the gentle hum of those computers that had been left running. I sat back down at my desk enjoying the quiet that now enveloped my surroundings and tried to clear my head from the disorder of the day and focus on pulling the presentation together as quickly as I could.

I ploughed forwards into my work, determined to get it completed and at least have some of the evening left but the more I accomplished the more I found I needed to update and expand upon and I was soon confronted with the realisation that I was going to be bound to my desk for the rest of the evening and long into the night ahead.

I ordered pizza, I made myself get up every half hour or so to stretch off and clear my head, I drank litres of water and only slightly less Red Bull and I did all I could to ensure that I favoured quality over quantity, going back and checking and then re-checking everything that I was putting together but the solitude was getting to me and as Friday turned into Saturday I was beginning to reach the end of my tolerance.

It was just after midnight that I became aware of a flashing at the bottom of my screen as my internal messenger once again sprang to life. I was pretty surprised that anyone else would still be in the building but then I couldn’t see the whole office from where I sat so maybe one of the techs was still here and just seeing who else was about. I opened the messenger and had to do a double take as the message was coming from the managing director.

Still working hard Dave. Good job.

I was stunned.


I replied, still shocked that he would still be in the office as I had never known him to work passed 3-3:30pm before and here he was working into the weekend. Unless of course he had come back in just to check on things and make sure we were still at it.


Sure enough another message came through, typically blunt as always.

I believe we have a solid information base to present to the vendor now. Just need to get the data into a presentable format.

I couldn’t believe I was in the office in the early hours of Saturday morning and he was still busting my balls about this.


I was glad I was around the corner from his office and he couldn’t see my reaction as I clenched my fists and took a deep breath before responding.

I will have something to present to you on Monday afternoon at the latest.

I was beyond trying to hide my annoyance at his questions, it was bad enough that he had expected us to stay behind and work through to get it finished but the fact that he was now checking up on us was pushing me to my limit. I sat there seething and tried to clear my head and relax but the nerve of the guy had me on edge. Just as I was contemplating leaving the office before I said something I would regret another message came through.

Can I see you in my office please?

‘What now? Surely he doesn’t expect me to stay here all weekend?’ I thought as I slowly rose from my chair and trudged down the aisle of the cubicles, lit only by the glow of şişli escort computer screens, the lights having long since been turned off.

For the second time today I turned the corner and was confronted by the frosted double doors, this time illuminated from the light within and as I stood in front of them I took a deep breath, knocked and pushed gently as the well-oiled frame swung smoothly open without a sound. Once inside I found that the usual oppressive light from the neon tube lighting above had been replaced by a much softer glow from the lamp in the corner and much of the room was shrouded in shadowy darkness.

I stepped forwards across a luxurious rug as the door closed behind me until I was in front of the large wooden desk again and waited for the boss to turn around and address me. Time seemed to stand still as I wondered why he was in the office, what more he could want from me and how I was going to remain calm in my sleep depraved state. Even though I had been staring at my computer screen for hours and my eyes had previously been strained, suddenly I felt alert and ready to argue my case and I had to remind myself to relax and see what he had to say first before I put my foot in it.

After what felt like an eternity I wondered if he hadn’t heard me come in as the chair was still facing away from me and I could not see or hear anything from behind the high leather back so I decided to make the first move.

“You wanted to see me?” I asked, my voice cold and tinted with frustration.

The reply that I received shocked me and I gasped out loud.

“Indeed I did.”

It wasn’t the words but the voice and as the chair spun around I saw Laura sitting there wearing a long raincoat and a smile that spread from ear to ear.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked losing all sense of calm. “How did you get in? How did you even know I was still here?”

“I went home and saw you weren’t there so I text Craig and he told me you had to work late so I thought I’d surprise you. Surprise!!”

“But how did you get in? And how the hell did you break into my boss’s computer?”

“Relax Dave, you are literally the only person in the building but nobody thought to lock the door so I just took the lift. I thought I’d take a quick look around before I came to find you and your boss leaves his computer on so it was too much fun to resist!”

I stood there dumbfounded. Not just at being surprised by Laura’s sudden appearance but also by the fact that she still amazed me every day with the things she did despite living under the same roof as her for the past two years.

“Well, I’m glad it’s not my boss,” I finally managed and then quickly corrected myself upon seeing Laura’s expression. “I mean, I’m happy to see YOU. Just still getting my head around it!”

Laura smiled and as the dimples in her cheeks grew I laughed as the tension that had been growing in me as I stood in the office expecting a confrontation fell away.

“Well, I’m done here anyway,” I continued, “so I’ll just make sure it’s all saved and then we can go and make something of the night” and I turned to leave but Laura stopped me.

“You’re not done here yet,” she said and as I turned back to see what she was talking about she stood from the chair, reached down and untied the belt around her jacket and let it fall to the floor revealing what she was wearing underneath. Or more accurately, what she wasn’t wearing as she stood before me completely naked except for her black high heels, the glow of the lamp radiating off her bald pussy while her tits cast shadows across her stomach.

“Fucking hell Laura, you came out like that??”

“I told you, there’s nobody else here,” she replied as she walked around to the front of the desk, perched herself on the edge and spread her legs wide as she rested back on her arms. “Now get over here and show me how grateful you are that it’s me,” she continued, grinning wildly as she reached down with one hand and gently caressed her pussy.

In an instant I was on my knees with my face buried in her snatch as I greedily lapped at her juices as they built up in her sweet hole while I fucked her with my tongue. I reached up and pinched her left nipple between my fingers, rolling it around in my hand while I continued to bury my tongue as far inside her as I could.

“Ahhh, enough teasing Dave. I need something inside me,” she moaned

I released her nipple and brought my hand down to her pussy and rubbed all around her coating my fingers in her juice and slowly pushed my index finger passed her pussy lips and into her tight little hole, twisting it around and rubbing inside her as she groaned. I pulled my finger out to the tip and slid it back in as I slowly fingered her warm cunt while I searched out her clit with my tongue and flicked against the hard nib causing a sudden jolt from Laura.

I stood up and leaned into kiss her, our tongues meeting inside her mouth as she licked her juice from me as we kissed passionately.

“I’m taksim escort gonna make you cum over my hand Laura and then I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be begging me to stop,” I whispered in her ear as I turned my finger up and rubbed against her G-spot.

“Oh yes, make me cum Dave. I need it so much.”

Stepping away from her I dragged her down the desk and made her lie back so her arse was jutting out over the edge before lifting both her legs back until her feet were just a few inches from her head and leaning on the back of her knees, pinning her in place. Turning side on to her I could lean my weight against her holding her down while keeping my right hand free to fuck her gaping pussy that stuck out above her puckered little arsehole.

I took my fingers to her lips where she sucked them into her mouth, tasting more of her juice as she coated my index and middle finger in saliva before I took them back to her pussy and slipped them both in to her causing her to gasp at the sudden intrusion.

“Urgh, oh yes fuck me Dave. It feels so good.”

I curled my fingers up and began to steadily move them in and out of her pussy, rubbing against her G-spot when they were deep inside her and caressing her clit with my thumb. I could feel the muscles in her pussy contracting around my fingers as her orgasm built and each time I pulled them out her lips clung to them as if refusing to let me go. I began turning them around inside her, stretching her little pussy as I picked up the pace and began fingering her harder and faster while her breathing became laboured and her face was flushed.

“Oh fuck yessss Dave. Oh god I’m gonna cum.”

I kept the same pace, twisting and turning inside her, rubbing her clit and G-spot as she started to shake and her head moved from side to side. As her pussy twitched I pulled out completely and as Laura began to protest I pushed back in with my ring finger as well so she now had three of my fingers buried deep inside her forcing a scream out of Laura.

“Ahhhhh, fuck I’m cumming!”

As her body shook and her pussy convulsed I picked up speed and began ramming three fingers deep inside her as fast as I could while I kept my weight over her body preventing her from moving as she came. Faster and harder I drove my hand into her as she shook and cried out.

“Oh god. Oh fuck stop. Oh god. No don’t stop. Argh it’s too much. Oh fuck.”

I pulled all three fingers out of her and her lips hung out from between her legs as her pussy gaped and I could see it spasm as the cool air hit it. As Laura began to come down I took my hand and rubbed it all over her pussy lips, covering it in her cum as it oozed out of her cunt until my whole hand was a white sticky mess. Each time I rubbed over her clit she jerked around underneath me as I kept her on the edge until she finally relaxed, her lips hanging loosely and her hole wide open facing straight up at the ceiling. I leaned in as if to kiss her but as she leaned up to meet me I diverted to her ear.

“Time for one more now. If you can take it?” and as her eyes widened it forced my fingers back into her as I tried to get all four into her hot little hole.

“Ahh fuck no. Oh god Dave I can’t. I can’t!”

Undeterred I pushed forward, leaning harder on her legs pushed her pussy higher stretching it wide as it did and my fingers edged ever forward until I had all four of them into her up to my knuckles. I pulled my hand out and watched as her pussy began to close over before I plunged my fingers back into her soaking pussy turning them as I pressed on.

“Ahhhhhh fuck Dave. It’s too much. Oh god I’m stretching so much. Ahh fuck!”

As I turned my hand inside Laura’s pussy I could feel the suction pulling them further in until I was up to my knuckles again. I flicked my thumb out against her clit and her body bucked and as her pussy opened up I slid further inside her until with one last shove I had my hand inside her dripping cunt all the way up and my thumb rested against her pelvic bone. I began to curl my fingers and twist my hand exploring every inch of her pussy wall and as my thumb pressed up against her clit I could feel her straining under me as she tried to wriggle free.

“Just relax Laura and I’ll stop moving until you get used to it.”

I looked at her face a mixture of pleasure and pain as she struggled to relax her body and enjoy the feeling of being completely full. I left my hand inside her while I gently rubbed against her clit as her pussy began to relax its grip on me and Laura began to pant as her clit grew larger and harder. As her muscles relaxed I began to slowly withdraw my hand and bring my fingers together to form a point before pushing them back deep inside her again. As I continued this slow fingering I rubbed her clit with my thumb faster and faster until her body started to shake and her hips bucked under my weight.

“Oh god I’m gonna cummmmm. Oh fuck me. Fuck me Dave.”

I left my fingers inside her and curled them up and rapidly flicked against her G-spot while rubbing my thumb across her clit as fast as I could as she squirmed beneath me. I could feel her muscles flexing inside her pussy as her orgasm approached and when I pinched her clit with my other hand she exploded inside and my fingers were drenched in her cum as it squirted out of her.

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