Getting Off to Something New

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Have you ever had that feeling that the old usual porn where a guy and a girl get it on? So, you go and try to find something new to spice up your viewing pleasure. You try lesbian porn for awhile and it does the trick; but as quick as it came, it still isn’t that satisfying. Well, you think you might as well try some male on male porn with their dicks rubbing each other and anal play. That works for just a moment, so you think what else can I do to get myself off. You sigh and sigh and sigh. Trying every type of human porn there is with the gang bangs. The bisexual male on female and female on male fitting into a nice sandwich. You then explore orgies, but they just seem way too much and don’t bring any umph to the lady parts down below. Then one day something magical happens. It was as if the sexy fairy godmother did her sexual magic on you by getting you to stumble on a new forest of possibilities. So this led a curious woman to getting off in a different manner.

She settles in the nice big comfy chair with her nice warm laptop in her lap. The bright light of the laptop beckons her into a world of virtual delights on the internet. She types in her incognito window search engine searching for sex in the forest. Clicking on the video tab of the search browser, she browses through many different videos with thumbnails of the usual videos of sex between humans and none seem to grab her attention, until one thumbnail caught her eye. It was an unusual thumbnail she ever did see. It was of a cartoon of an elf having sex with something that is not human. Curiosity made her want to try this video out. Clicking on the thumbnail, she is brought to a porn site that she has never been on before. Several different ads of cartoons are in very explicit positions. The video loads and plays. As she kaynarca escort sees the cartoons interact, something starts to stir down below. The elf is kissing this beast like creature and going down on him. She is sucking the beast like creature with gusto. His dick is quite unusually large and she wonders how this elf like creature can get it in her mouth and then in her pussy as well. The woman’s nipples begin to harden. Her breathing becomes shallow. The video is short and sweet and it leaves her with a sweet temptation to try more cartoon porn.

She clicks and clicks away on several videos of short clips, which causes her to arouse more and more. Her pussy becomes wetter and wetter with every video she clicks. Her hand goes underneath her shirt, which she is not wearing a bra, so that gives her wonderful access to her nipples. Lightly her fingers brush over her nipple, which sends a lovely stirring to her pussy. She lazily rubs her nipple between two fingers over and over again. Her breathing gets shallower. Her eyes never leaving the screen, because the videos are like a siren to her calling her to continue on her quest of new sexual exploration and sexual gratification. As she watches the videos, she twists one of her nipples. Twist. Twist. Twist. She’s at the point of no return. All she can do is fall in and let the world of cartoon porn take over. The brightness of the cartoon colors are just a mirage of the dark naughty things they do.

A video emerges out of the clicks of a longer video and she lets out a satisfied sigh, because she wants to settle further in and to let her other hand play. She decides to lift off her shirt to give great access to her breasts. Both hands massage her breasts in up and down motion. Up and down. Up and down. She changes tactics by going orhanlı escort in a circular fashion all the while teasing her nipples as she goes. She licks her lips slowly all around and bites her lower lip, just a bit. Just a bit and then releases quickly. Her fingernails now graze the inside of her boobs working all the way to her nipples and then, she pinches them. She pinches them hard. Hard. And then harder. This elicits her to hiss. When she pinches them again, she pulls them up with her nails digging into the nubby flesh. This causes her to fully moan for the first time. Because, she likes it rough and hard. She does it again and again, but alternates by going up and down. Up and down. Twist. Twist. Up and down. Up and down. Twist. Twist. Her hips writhe all the while she is doing it. The laptop is almost about to fall down, so she knows it is time to take it down to the floor, because she still wants more.

Sliding on down to the floor with the laptop in her hands, she places the laptop on the floor. All the while not having her eyes leave the screen, she is transfixed to the video as if it is an incubus that has caught her under his spell. As she lays flat on her stomach, she squeezes her arm and hand between her and the floor to plunge, to plunge into her sweatpants and through her panties all the way until she hits the honey jackpot of her pussy. A finger slips in between her lips and she rubs north and then south. North and then south. North and then south. Her finger getting coated with her natural lubricant. She spreads her legs wider and wider as if opening a door to allow her fingers to enter in to explore the treasures of her pleasure. She dips a finger in. Just dips. Just dips. The warmth of her walls surround her finger and she doesn’t want her other fingers to tepeören escort be out in the cold, so she invites another one in and they dance together inside her in a synchronizing way. Going in and out. In and out. In and out. Then another one joins into the dance and they go stretching out her ringed door. Stretching. Stretching. Yet, the little pinky is feeling ignored, so the pinky joins in and she moans loud. Loud. Louder. Louder.

Her thumb rubs against her clit, but that thumb is not fully getting it to where she needs to be. So, her other hand goes in between her and the floor and enters into her sweatpants and panties to her pussy, causing the sweatpants and panties to go further down to expose more of her flesh. The fingers of that hand do the circular dance against her clit. Circle. Circle. Circle. The dance is not a slow dance, but a jungle fever frenzy dance. Both of her hands inside her sweatpants doing their sultry dance to get her off. She arches her back a bit so she can sway her breast against the floor to let her nipples get some action. She brushes her nipples back and forth back and forth. Back and forth. Her thumb of the other hand doing the synchronize dancing of going in and out joins the party completely and she begins to fist herself. As she fists herself, she feels her orgasm climbing higher and higher. Her moans getting louder and louder and louder. She can’t contain herself anymore and all she can do is erupt completely, so with a loud resounding shouting moan. She cums. She squirts like a geyser. Squirts. Squirts.

Her eyes finally leave the screen and she comes back to reality. She couldn’t believe that she got off of cartoon porn. She gently and slowly takes her hand out of her pussy and her other hand follows out of her panties and sweatpants. She sees the evidence of her release. She smiles brightly and gives a slight chuckle. To herself, she says, “I think I might like watching more of these cartoon videos.” Who knew cartoons were more for just watching while eating breakfast in the morning?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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