Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 13

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Over the next week, Jenny learned what it truly meant to be in demand. It was open season on the freshman girls, and it seemed like every senior, junior, and sophomore wanted a piece of her. She liked the attention and was flattered to be desired, but after awhile her tongue was tired and her pussy was sore. She eventually learned where to go when she was horny and where to hide when she needed a rest. For instance, the freshman dorm was never safe; the girls could be woken at any hour and were at the mercy of anyone who cared to take the time to use them.

In the common areas of the house, decorum was maintained as long as the front doors were open, which was until 10 P.M. on weekdays and 11 P.M. on weekends. After that the doors were locked – late entry was facilitated by a junior sentry who remained on duty till the wee hours – and some nights, pandemonium broke out. And so it was that Jenny and two other freshmen were washing dishes late Tuesday night when a group of sophomores burst in and ordered them to strip. The dishes waited as the girls serviced each shop in turn, kneeling on the kitchen’s cold linoleum.

But it didn’t stop there. Jenny was pulled away from the group by a tall junior named Gina, who flung her onto a couch in the common living room and mounted her for a passionate 69. When Gina climbed off, Jenny was spotted by an African-American senior named Clarissa. Clarissa hadn’t had Jenny yet, so next thing Jenny knew she was bent over the couch with her face in freshman Rebecca’s blond muff casino şirketleri as Clarissa fucked her from behind. Clarissa wanted to taste Jenny too, and she didn’t get away without being smothered for 15 minutes in Clarissa’s sopping wet puss. When it was all over, Jenny still had to go back to the kitchen and finish the dishes; no excuses would be accepted.

When she finally made it to Kristin’s room after midnight, she began wearily to strip when Kristin called for her just to come to bed. She had a good idea where Jenny had been, and her suspicions were confirmed when she noted that Jenny smelled like girl juice from head to toe. Jenny confessed to being exhausted, and Kristin patted her head sympathetically. “Things will calm down a little after this week,” she told the freshman. “And you can always come here if you want. No one can touch you in this room unless I tell them to. Besides, remember, there are a whole lot of people at this school who would like to have your problems.”

Jenny smiled sweetly, nestled into Kristin’s arms, and very quickly fell asleep. The next morning neither of them had class until the afternoon so they stayed in bed for a good long time. At one point, Kristin mentioned to Jenny that Saturday would be the day of ABD’s fall open house. This was a major social event for students campuswide, both male and female. Jenny was surprised to learn that even the raging lesbians of ABD still enjoyed being pursued by men, and that some of them even had boyfriends.

“It’s important casino firmaları for our status on the campus,” said Kristin, “and besides, most guys aren’t so bad. The girls are allowed to use their mouths or hands to get a guy off, but our pussies are reserved for the Sisters only. In fact, one of the reasons ABD was founded was because there had been an epidemic of campus pregnancies. This way, there’s no intercourse with men, and so no pregnancies. Getting pregnant means you’ve broken the rules and are immediately expelled from ABD. It’s never happened since I’ve been here.”

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” asked Jenny.

“No, but when I was a freshman my senior, Jana, used to share me with her boyfriend. He was a nice guy, and I always felt bad for him because Jana was a gorgeous girl and he never got to fuck her. But he did get to watch two beautiful babes going at it, and we used to go down on him together. So I guess he did OK.”

“Do you like guys?”

“I like some of them. It’s possible I might get married and have kids some day… or I might stay with girls and still have kids… I really don’t know. I’m not thinking too much about the future. Right now I’m just enjoying being with you and the girls.” She glanced over at the clock. “Right now, actually, I’d better get to class.”

Kristin dressed quickly and left for class, kissing Jenny firmly on the lips. Jenny showered and put on her own clothes, then started down the stairs intending to head for Donovan Hall. But on the güvenilir casino landing she was accosted by Polly, a short, skinny sophomore who appeared to be of Chinese descent. “On your knees, freshman,” ordered Polly.

Jenny hesitated, afraid that she was going to be late for class. This infuriated Polly, who got up in Jenny’s face now, as intimidating as a four-foot-ten, 95-pound girl can be. “Have you forgotten your Oath of Obedience?” Polly screamed.

Jenny looked down at the floor, realizing immediately that she had made a huge mistake. “No,” she whispered.

“Turn around!” commanded Polly. “Hands on the wall!”

Jenny obeyed, hearing the sound of a zipper as Polly opened her backpack. She just “happened” to have a ruler inside. Pulling Jenny’s skirt and panties down around her knees, she began to smack each of Jenny’s buttocks in turn with the ruler. Jenny yelped; Polly was surprisingly strong and the blows really stung. Her ass turned bright red and she clenched her teeth each time the ruler whistled through the air.

After maybe a dozen blows on each cheek, Polly again ordered Jenny to her knees, and this time she scrambled to obey. Polly quickly lifted her skirt and peeled off her panties, standing over Jenny with a smirk on her face. “Eat me,” she commanded, and Jenny hastened to obey. She slipped a finger inside Polly, who braced herself against the wall and pushed her pussy harder into Jenny’s face.

When Polly was satisfied, she slid her panties back on and smoothed her skirt carefully, then smiled at Jenny as she resumed climbing the stairs. Jenny’s face and hands smelled like pussy now, but there was nothing to be done; she had to get to class. Wiping her mouth on her sleeve, she stood up and continued on her way.

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