Glory Hole

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Its 2:30am, I’m on my way home from a night at the bar. There were about 4 guys to every woman at the bar tonight, even the less desirable women had guys circling around buying them drinks in hope of getting in their pants. I was really hoping to get laid tonight but with the odds against me all night, I failed to find someone to take care of my needs.

All of a sudden I noticed the porn shop in town was still open, I figured I may as well stop by and get a good porno to bring home, if the only action I am going to get tonight is going to come from my hand, I may as well get something nice to look at while I enjoy myself.

As I looked through the selection of DVDs, I noticed the only ones that were any good were $30 and up. A lot of money considering all the money I spent at the bar buying drinks for my potential sexual partners!

I noticed the booths in the back of the store and figured it may be smarter to just ataşehir escort rent a movie and take care of my business in the booth. I locked myself in the booth and picked out a movie. I sat back and unzipped and started stroking myself to the movie.

I was only jacking off just fast enough to keep my dick hard until the movie got to a really good part. Once the movie got to a good scene I was going to increase the speed to finish myself off during the scene. To my disappointment, the movie ended with nothing hot enough to send me to orgasm. “Oh well,” I thought to myself, “I guess I’ll just jack off in the shower when I get home.” I got up and started to pull my pants up when I noticed a hole in the wall in the side of the booth. I’ve heard of glory holes before, but I have never used one. I’ve never really had an urge to use one, but with all the failures I had had tonight, I may as well give it a try.

I stuck kadıköy escort my still hard cock through the hole and waited to see if anything happened. All of a sudden, I felt a hand wrap around my dick and start stroking it. Now this felt nice, it definitely feels a lot better to have a hand that belongs to someone other than me milking my cock. I closed my eyes and started enjoying the hand job that the stranger on the other side of the booth was providing me with. I felt myself getting closer and closer to the orgasm that I had been waiting all night for. I was only seconds away from blowing my load when the hand let go of me. I kept my cock in the hole hoping that the hand that was working on my cock would come back and finish the job.

To my surprise, I felt a warm wet feeling on the tip of my cock. At first I thought the stranger on the other side of the wall was going to lube me up, but after feeling it some more, bostancı escort I realized that it was someone’s tongue that was swirling around the head of my cock. All of a sudden the warm wetness slowly worked its way down my shaft. I was already close to climaxing as a result of the hand job I had received. As much as I was enjoying my cock being in a stranger’s mouth, I didn’t want to risk missing the chance to drain my balls. I pushed my body harder against the wall so I could get an extra half inch or so of cock through the hole. The mouth on the other side of the wall was still able to accommodate the extra cock that I was feeding it without having a gag reflex. I felt my body start to go numb as I braced for the orgasm that I had been waiting all night for. I let out a loud moan that could easily be heard throughout the store as I shot a load of semen into the mouth that had been bobbing on my cock.

Soon after I got done unloading my balls, I felt the mouth lick my dick clean. As soon as it was done, I pulled my cock out, pulled up my pants, zipped up and left the store with a smile on my face. I was happy to know that I had now had a place to go when I left the bar alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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