Going Up Ch. 02

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Brenda’s Dilemma

Brenda Caldwell looked in the mirror as she tidied herself up. She had one leg up on the bathroom counter as she sponged at herself with a wad of paper towels soaked with soap and water. She angled herself so she could see her bare pussy in the mirror as she scrubbed at it. She finished laving herself and put her foot back on the floor.

She eyed herself critically in the mirror and decided she didn’t look like a girl who’d just had it off in the lift with a complete stranger. Then she frowned and pulled her suit jacket closer in front of her to hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing her bra. Her panties were also missing, but she didn’t think there was any danger of someone seeing that.

She tried to be angry with Jason, the man who’d made off with her underwear, but it was difficult. The doors to the lift were opening and he had scooped her lingerie off the floor and stuffed them into his jacket in an attempt to hide what they’d been doing.

She frowned then thinking of that damned security guard. He’d intimated that a video camera had captured their every move even with the power out. She pursed her lips and nodded to herself. She was going to have to take care of that little detail.

She took a deep breath and left the ladies room. She turned instinctively toward the lift but then paused when she looked at the stainless steel doors. She grimaced and turned back toward the stairs.

“Six flights of stairs down is not too bad,” she thought.

On the ground floor she studied the layout and headed for the lobby. She looked around again and saw a non-descript door in the corner of the lobby with a small sign reading “security”. She took a breath and straightened her skirt and jacket then walked to the door and knocked.

There was a long pause and she knocked again. This time she heard a thump and an exclamation of surprise.

“So he is in there,” she thought.

She heard another thump and rolled her eyes with impatience. She turned the handle, pushed the door open and stepped inside. She stopped with a surprised expression and then smirked.

There was Jack the security guard with his pants around his ankles trying to tuck his erect cock into his boxer shorts. On the video monitor she saw a video of herself with Jason; a scene that had taken place no more than twenty minutes before.

There was no sound and the grainy image was black and white, but there was no mistaking who the people in the video clip were. She watched half in amusement as the image of her in the video sucked Jason’s cock.

She looked at Jack once more and studied him. He was in his early twenties and suffered from an acne problem. His face was pock marked and his skin was red in places all over his face. He was reasonably well built but his uniform was wrinkled and hung on his frame as if it belonged to someone else.

She blinked slowly as she stared at him and Jack swallowed nervously.

“My, my,” she said quietly.

Jack swallowed hard and kept trying unsuccessfully to stuff his cock back into his shorts.

“What have we here?” she said in a half whisper. “Wanking on the job are we?”

Jack tried to speak but he was distracted by the fact that his pants were around his ankles and the woman he’d just been jacking off to was suddenly standing in the same room with him and looking at him with disapproval.

She studied the video and realized that this footage could be a career ender for her. Also, she reflected, it was turning her on to no end to see her getting rogered from behind as was currently happening on the screen. She felt her nipples harden and turned to face Jack once more to take her mind off of it.

He had given up on trying to pull his pants up and he simply stood there with his cock shriveling up and dangling through the slit in his boxers.

“I assume that video is on your main network?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

Jack nodded quickly and then looked down.

“And just how many people have seen that?” she asked coldly.

“Just me Ma’am!” he said quickly. “Just me, I only just got back here and I didn’t get a chance to do anything with it except open it and look at it.”

“Obviously you had time to do one more thing,” she said with a nod toward his flaccid penis.

Jack blushed and put his hands over his crotch and shifted from one foot to the other uncomfortably.

“Tell you what Jack,” she said coolly. “I’m going to let you give me all of that video and then I’m not going to tell your boss about what I’ve found in here.”

Jack swallowed hard again at her threat.

“I’m also going to give you something to remember me by,” she said and then strutted to his side. “Just so you don’t get the urge to hold any of this footage back from me, I’m going to help you out, as it were.”

She took hold of his flaccid cock and cupped it in one hand. Jack’s eyes went wide and she smiled. She stroked his penis a couple of times and leaned casually against the only desk in this small ataşehir escort bayan office. She leaned down and took his cock smoothly between her lips and began sucking.

Jack grunted and sighed. Brenda put all her efforts into getting him off. After less than a minute, Jack grunted again and then his balls tensed. He came with a rush and gurgled as Brenda locked her lips around his cock. She took all his semen and swallowed it, making a show of taking his load down her throat. Then she looked up at him and smiled.

“You see?” she said. “I can be nice to you. Now it’s your turn to be nice to me. Get that video off the main server and burn it onto a CD for me would you?”

Jack nodded and gulped with nervousness. He sat in the chair and looked helplessly at the monitor. He looked down at the keyboard and then again at the monitor.

“What did you say you wanted me to do?” he said, turning to her in confusion.

Brenda rolled her eyes and shoved his chair to one side. She leaned over the keyboard and found the main server network on the computer. She found the directory containing all the surveillance videos and studied the camera locations and time stamps on each one. Finally she found the one she sought and moved it off of the server. Then she pulled a CD from the desktop and instructed the computer to burn the video onto it.

She straightened slightly as she waited and glanced at Jack. Jack was staring at her from behind with his eyes wide. She looked over her shoulder and realized that the back of her skirt had ridden up and her bum was sticking out. She imagined her pussy could probably be seen if the angle were right as well.

She narrowed her eyes and glared at him. It was no use. He wasn’t looking at her face. Although he’d made an effort to pull his pants up they were still unfastened and his cock was erect once more and poking through his shorts.

Before she could react he stood up, gripped her hips and pushed his cock between her thighs and then it was sliding inside her.

She cried out and tried to pull away but he held her firmly as he sank into her. He thrust his hips back and forth and grunted and she was helpless as he pinned her against the desk. After about a half minute he groaned and shoved inside her hard. She grimaced as she felt his cock twitch inside her, knowing he was spewing his semen into her. She pushed him back angrily and stood over him with her hands on her hips.

“Now see here!” she said sternly. “You’ve gotten your reward already and you’ll not be doing anything like that again! Are we clear?”

Jack grinned and stared at the ceiling and nodded.

“Sure thing!” he said absently. “I just had to feel it for myself, that’s all.”

Brenda harrumphed and turned angrily to the computer. The CD was complete and she popped the disc table open and thrust the CD into her jacket pocket. She swept the server and the computer for any traces of the video and then turned to Jack.

“I expect this is the last we shall hear from one another,” she said pointedly. “If I hear about any stray copies of this video around I shall know whom to speak to about it. Your supervisor will get a detailed report from me about just what it is you do here when no one is looking.”

Jack frowned and muttered to himself. By this time he had fastened his trousers and was standing dejectedly in the corner of his office. He stared at the floor and watched her out of the side of his eyes as she strode past him and out the door.


For the second time that day Brenda found herself staring into a mirror as she propped her leg onto a bathroom counter to clean her private parts. She frowned as she did it and muttered quietly as she swabbed her vagina with a paper towel soaked with soap and water.

“Little bastard!” she spat as she thought of her misadventure in the security office, “Security, what a laugh!”

She grimaced at the fact that Jack had his way with her regardless of her best matron voice. She had made a career out of telling people what to do and steering them into her way of thinking.

“I must be slipping,” she muttered. “It’s probably the after effects of that damned claustrophobia from the lift! I can’t get my thoughts straight today.”

She lowered her leg and studied her reflection once more. Again she drew her suit jacket closed to hide her nipples. Surprisingly they were sensitive and hard despite her anger at Jack for rogering her from behind without permission. Her blouse was not sheer but the silk was so pliant that the outlines of her nipples were clearly visible if her jacket fell open.

She drew a card out of her pocket and read Jason Maxwell’s office address. It was a suite in this building, which only made sense, she thought to herself.

“I believe I need to go and find that fellow!” she said quietly. “Without my knickers, I just don’t feel like I’m in charge today.”

Feeling in charge was something that Brenda always escort kadıköy had. From her first job interview to her first sale to her first promotion, she always felt that she was in charge. She was surprised and a little discomfited at the thought that losing her panties could shake her self-confidence so badly.

She sucked in a deep breath and steeled herself. She exited the ladies room and headed directly for the stairs. She’d had enough of lifts for one day. She climbed to the eighth floor and hunted for the suite number on Jason’s card.

“At last!” she muttered as she found it.

She turned the knob, pushed on the door and went through, feeling almost like Sir Percival on his quest to find the grail. She grinned at the thought and wished profoundly for her vorpal blade to go snicker-snack to fell the Jabberwocky.

The office looked deserted. There was a reception desk a few feet inside and a number of other desks arranged into a neat row-by-row pattern. The room was almost fifty feet deep and the dozen or so desks took up almost the whole space.

“Well,” she thought to herself. “If they can afford that many office gremlins, this might be a good addition to my list of clients!”

She ventured further in and still failed to find any sign of life.

She stopped and looked around critically. She frowned and then sighed as she felt a stray breeze work its way up between her thighs and against her bare pussy.

“I simply must find my knickers!” she muttered.

“Is that something you find yourself doing a lot?” a voice from behind her said with amusement. “Searching for your knickers?”

She whirled in alarm and cried out.

“Oh my God!” she said with a gasp.

Jason laughed quietly and leaned against one of the desks.

“For a ball-buster,” he said grinning, “you sure have been startled a lot today.”

“Sod off and give me my knickers you Toad!” she said, trying to sound stern but failing altogether as she grinned in spite of herself.

“Ah yes,” he said and then began walking toward an office door tucked into a corner of the suite, “your knickers! I wondered how long you’d take to get around to picking them up. I’m glad you came. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them.”

“What, no souvenirs from your conquest?” she asked with a smile.

“My conquest?” he said as he began to move past her and deeper into the office. “I was just a by-stander to that little piece of drama.”

“A by-stander with a big woody you mean,” she said with one eyebrow raised.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t human,” he replied, speaking back over his shoulder as he walked. “It just seems to me that you were the uh… instigator in our little tryst.”

He walked into a well laid out office with a big desk and a large couch against one wall. He stepped behind the desk and opened a drawer. He placed a matching set of yellow silk lingerie onto his desk and turned to see Brenda staring at his nameplate on the office door.

“This is your company?” she asked with a gleam in her eye.

“Right down to the last paperclip,” he replied and leaned against his desk.

She turned to him and smiled. She walked to the desk and claimed her bra and panties and then turned to Jason and smiled more widely.

Jason saw the predatory nature of her smile immediately. He suddenly felt as though he were about to confront one of those irresistible forces he’d heard so much about.

“You and I must talk business sometime Darling!” she said.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at her and she returned his gaze. Jason realized then that Brenda was indeed someone who was used to getting things her way.

“I’ll leave you to get dressed,” he said with a nod to the lingerie in her hand.

“Why so formal?” she said playfully as she removed her suit jacket. “It’s not like you haven’t seen them before.”

She dropped the jacket to the desk and Jason saw her nipples clearly outlined against her blouse. She stared into his eyes as she unfastened one pearl button at a time and then she was shrugging out of her blouse. Her breasts were C-cups and perfectly proportioned to her lithe body.

Jason had still been reacting to her British accent, the accent he loved so much. He remembered her screaming in passion in the elevator and how her dirty talk had sounded with that accent. He had been trying to retain some composure just from those thoughts. Now that she was topless in his office, and he knew the only article of clothing she was wearing was her form fitted business skirt, his composure was rapidly disappearing.

“Hmm,” she said glancing down at his slacks. “It seems someone wants to come out and play.”

She went to her knees and unsnapped his trousers. She opened them and took his cock into her mouth. She could smell her own scent on it and hummed happily as she tasted their mingled juices all over him. She took his cock out of her mouth and looked up coquettishly.

“I do believe you’re going to become accustomed bostancı escort to this sort of treatment,” she said.

“I could get used to this,” he said with a smile.

“Not until we’ve discussed business,” she said.

She stood up abruptly and Jason stared at her in surprise. She reached for her bra and pulled it over her breasts. Then she fastened it and reached for her panties. She held them up and grimaced as she looked at the torn gusset.

“How am I supposed to wear these now?” she said, holding them up for his inspection.

Jason grimaced and was pushing his erect cock back into his pants.

“That’s not a nice thing to do,” he grumbled.

“Neither is this,” she said pushing her fingers through the tears in her panties.

Jason grunted sourly and went back behind his desk. He sat down and pursed his lips as he studied her. She pulled her blouse on and buttoned it and then her jacket. She sat down in the guest chair and crossed her legs teasingly, swinging her torn panties around one finger as she looked back at him.

“So are we going to discuss business?” she asked slyly.

“Nope!” he said.

She opened her eyes wide and her mouth fell open.

“Firstly,” he said tightly, “I don’t like cock teasers. Secondly, I don’t think I like the way you do business. If whatever it is you’re selling were any good, you wouldn’t have to convince me to buy it by giving me a blowjob. And thirdly, I think you’re much too sure of yourself and that turns me off. You might be a good fuck, but I’m not going to buy anything from you.”

Brenda frowned and stood up. Jason stood up with her. Being a gentleman had ingrained habits into him that were hard to break. She looked at him almost with a pout and sighed.

“You never even gave me a chance to tell you what I’m selling,” she said.

Jason stared at her and Brenda found herself looking away from that shrewd gaze; another first for her.

“I disagree,” he said. “What you’re selling I can buy out on that street corner over there. It’s just the extras I don’t know about.”

He stood up and began escorting her to the outer office.

“Send me a bill for the panties,” he said as he opened the door for her. “And if you ever get tired of your boy-toys and want a real man, give me a call. I know you’re a good fuck. And you know I am too.”

She walked out feeling furious and humiliated. She was practically sputtering with rage as she pushed the button for the lift. She stepped in and pushed the ground floor button before she even remembered how afraid of it she was. Then the doors closed and she gulped in fear as it began to move.

She made it to the ground floor without incident and then stormed out of the building. Her wrath was aimed both at Jason for his casual dismissal and at herself for her claustrophobia. She knew it made her vulnerable and she hated it!

She got into her car and drove away muttering obscenities the whole drive home.


Jason was sitting at home when the call came. He looked at his cell phone but didn’t recognize the number on the display.

“Hello?” he said with his eyes drawn down in curiosity.

“There you are you Toad!” a woman with an upper class British accent said. “It’s been simply forever and you haven’t called me once. Honestly Jason, I’m hurt!”

Jason chuckled quietly and sat down. He sat back in his recliner until his eyes were raised to the ceiling.

“Brenda Caldwell,” he said. “It couldn’t be anyone else. No else would have the stones to talk like that to a man she hardly knows.”

“Hardly knows?” she exclaimed. “Now I really am hurt Darling! How can you say that after all we’ve been through together?”

“As I recall,” he said with a grin, “all we’ve been through together consists of a quickie in the elevator and a bout of cock teasing in my office.”

“Oh Darling, you’re so melodramatic!” she purred. “I was simply building up to the moment of truth.”

“Oh, the moment of truth,” Jason scoffed. “Really, and which one was the moment of truth? Was that the moment you left me with my dick hanging out of my pants or was it the moment you got dressed and sat down with your panties twirling on your finger?”

“My, my; you do have issues don’t you Darling,” she said with a giggle. “I should think that you’d have appreciated every moment spent in my presence! There are many others who simply queue up for that privilege.”

“Really!” he said in mock admiration. “And just how long is that queue at this moment?”

“It stretches on for blocks my Love,” she teased. “However, I’m calling so that you can make up for the appalling way that you’ve treated me these past weeks. I’m going to allow you to take me out for dinner so you can grovel properly.”

“Grovel properly! I like the way you think Brenda.” He said with a laugh. “And really it’s been six days since I threw you out of my office. Just what night were you thinking of allowing me to take you on this star struck adventure.”

“Right now of course Darling!” she said. “I’m hungry and it’s been a tiresome day. I should think you’d be chomping at the bit to see me again.”

Jason looked at his watch. It was already half past seven and he frowned.

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