Gwen Gets Over

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Gwen had to admit, despite running into her ex, she was having a great time.

She was at one of the beachfront bars, listening to the band performing onstage. Her friend Jaycee was with her. She had her boyfriend with her but it didn’t bother Gwen so much. At least he was a nice guy. Not like her ex.

Thinking about her ex wasn’t helping her get in the mood, however, so she decided to forget about him. Let him hang out with his model friends and fuck them all, men and women. Deep down, she suspected that he was a queer anyway.

The band swung into an up-tempo number and the lead singer told everyone who felt like dancing to hit the floor. That was all the people in the bar needed. They got up and occupied the space in front of the bandstand. Those who couldn’t squeeze in just danced near their tables. The people outside the bar also began dancing.

That was all Gwen needed. She got up. “Come on, you two—let’s dance,” she told Jaycee and her boyfriend. Gwen sandwiched Jaycee between herself and her boyfriend and the three of them did a bump and grind together. After a while, though, Gwen got an idea. Her party spirit was just getting warmed up. She whispered something into Jaycee’s ear.

“What?” her friend asked, a look of surprise on her face. She whispered into her ear again. Jaycee repeated Gwen’s words to her boyfriend.

“Hey, if it makes her feel better, go for it! You’ve got the looks anyway, baby!” her boyfriend said.

“Thanks, baby,” Jaycee said, kissing him on the cheek. She turned to Gwen. “Let’s do it!”

Gwen didn’t need to be asked twice. As Jaycee’s boyfriend cleared the table, she got up on one of the chairs and mounted it. Jaycee followed her lead. They steadied each other first to make sure they wouldn’t fall off the table before they began to move in time to the music. The minute the people saw them, they went even more nuts. Hoots, howls, screams, and applause filled the bar. The band, seeing what was happening, turned their number into an extended, improvised jam designed to keep the two ladies dancing for quite a while.

Gwen and Jaycee kept up with the pace but after a while, Jaycee hopped down and rejoined her boyfriend as they danced and watched Gwen gyrating atop the table.

“Looks like she’s enjoying herself,” Jaycee’s boyfriend whispered to her.

“Uh-huh,” Jaycee said. “And a good thing too.”

Gwen was having a good time; in fact, she was having a great time. She noticed the guys with camera phones and cameras in the crowd and decided to give them a bit of a show. She began to dance in the sexiest manner that she could, pretending that she was performing alongside the other Hotbabes. Her dance came close to being a strip show minus the stripping part. She gave the shutterbugs in the crowd a good shot of her legs, her crotch and her butt (both covered by her bikini bottom, of course,), and her cleavage. The guys whooped it up and asked for more.

Gwen scanned the crowd. This was a trick of hers whenever she was performing. She singled out a guy in the crowd-kind of tall, tanned, nice body, wearing nothing but walking shorts-and started her routine again, this time keeping focused on him. The guy, of course, maintained eye contact all throughout. He didn’t have a camera but the intensity of his stare seemed to burn Gwen’s image into his brain.

After about an hour, Gwen took a bow and got off the table. The crowd cheered, with shouts of “More!” The lead singer, however, knew that Gwen was tired so he thanked her for the impromptu number and declared a break in their set. Gwen blew escort ataşehir the band a kiss and took the opportunity to make her exit, followed by Jaycee and her boyfriend.

“Damn, Gwen, you were smoking!” Jaycee’s boyfriend told her as they walked along the beach.

“Yeah, looks like you’re over you-know-who,” Jaycee added.

“Well, why should I let myself get affected by that asshole anyway?” Gwen said. “Let him go to hell.” She laughed out loud and felt that she was speaking the truth. She was finally forgetting all about her ex.

Jaycee’s boyfriend whispered something to her. Jaycee smiled and took Gwen aside.

“Hey—are you going to be okay if we have the cabin for a while?” Jaycee asked with a wink.

Gwen caught on right away. “Sure. I’ll hang around here for a while or maybe head for the Coconut Grove. Maui said she’d be there.”

“Thanks. We’ll try not to take too long,” Jaycee said. She ran back to her boyfriend and told him things were okay. They looked back at her and waved. She waved back, gesturing at them to hurry.

“Be sure you satisfy her or I’ll do it for you!” Gwen called after them with a laugh. When they were out of sight, she went towards the sea and waded right in. She splashed some water on herself to cool down. Then she lay down at the tide line and let the waves lap up against her. She heard music playing at the bar again and smiled. Part of her wanted to go back and dance up a storm once more but for now she was content to stay where she was.

That’s when she spotted someone out of the corner of her eye. She turned nonchalantly towards her right. If she wasn’t mistaken, it was the guy from the bar, the one she’d been staring at while she was dancing.

A smile came to Gwen’s lips. Looks like the night wasn’t over after all, she thought. She got up and ran for the water. She kept to the part that was shallow enough for her to go down but not deep enough for her to get in trouble. She dove in a couple of times, letting herself get nice and wet. As she surfaced, she looked behind her and saw the guy standing at a distance, watching her. Oh, good, Gwen said to herself.

She got out of the water and walked along the edge of the beach until she came to one of the public showers lined up along the beach. She went towards a vacant stall, occasionally glancing back to make sure that the guy was still there.

Once inside the semi-enclosed stall, she turned on the water and let it run all over her body. Her hands instinctively moved all over her, caressing her gently. She closed her eyes, a half-wish and a half-prayer on her lips.

She heard something move behind her and turned around. It was the guy. She stood under the water, her hands dancing across her body. The guy stared at her for a while, again as if burning the sight of her into his mind.

Finally, Gwen couldn’t resist any longer. She reached out and took him by the hand, pulling him into the stall. Their lips met and her tongue entered his mouth, searching for his tongue. He met her kiss and their tongues danced together, rubbing against each other.

The guy’s hands began to explore Gwen’s body, touching and sliding against her wet skin. Then they found her breasts and gave them a soft squeeze that made Gwen moan, despite the fact that his lips were firmly planted on hers. His fingers found the knot that held her bikini top together and undid it. Once her breasts were exposed, his hands went to work, squeezing, kneading, and massaging each one gently. Then his fingers touched her erect nipples, tickling and pulling at kadıköy escort bayan them.

“Ah, fuck, oh, wow,” Gwen whispered. “Oh, that feels so gooooddd…” Her words were all the encouragement the guy needed to bring his mouth closer to her left nipple. His lips kissed and nibbled at her nipple softly, then began to suck on it. Finally, he took it into his mouth and licked it. Then he did it to her right nipple.

Gwen bit her lip, trying very hard not to scream at the pleasure she felt. She didn’t think that she would be this horny. But then, maybe this was a way for her to really get her ex out of system. As that thought was passing through her head, she felt something touch her pussy. It was the guy’s finger. She hadn’t noticed it but he was already kneeling between her legs, fingering her pussy. She moaned again, enjoying the sensation of his finger sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

After a while, the guy leaned in close and his tongue took over from his finger. Gwen mounted one of her legs on top of his shoulder so that her pussy would be a little bit more open. The guy responded by sticking his tongue as far inside her pussy as it could go and then licked her from the inside. A half-cry escaped Gwen’s lips. She held on to the walls of the shower stall as she felt herself growing weak at the knees. The guy held on to her hips, raising her slightly off the shower floor as he ate her pussy with growing intensity. Finally, she couldn’t stop herself anymore and came, letting out a long, low moan as she did.

The guy eased her down and she kissed him again, not minding the taste of her own pussy juice still on his tongue. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t tasted pussy, after all; you couldn’t hang out with her fellow Hotbabe Asia without learning the taste of woman. “Let me return the favor,” she whispered to him, kissing his neck, his chest, his solid abs, until she reached the crotch of his shorts. She undid the button and sent the shorts sliding down. He had no underwear on. Perfect, Gwen said to herself with a smile.

Gwen took hold of the guy’s cock—thicker and longer than her ex’s, she estimated it—and began to stroke it back and forth. She saw the guy close his eyes so as to savor the feel of her hand jacking him off. Gwen smiled, knowing she was going to give the guy as good as she got from him.

When his cock was hard enough for her, she began to lick the tip, just getting it moist with the tip of her tongue, making him squirm and whisper her name. She took the head into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it like a lollipop before she slowly took the rest of his shaft inside her mouth. He was longer than her ex; his cock felt as if it could reach her tonsils but she managed to put it all in.

She began to suck it hard. The guy cried out, partly in pain and partly in pleasure. His hands came to rest on her head, gripping her hair slightly. He thrust inwards some more and almost made Gwen choke. She controlled her gag reflex and kept on sucking. His cock seemed to grow larger, as if that were possible. After a few minutes, she slid it out halfway and then slid it back in.

“Jesus, you are good,” the guy said. He let go of her head, letting her dictate the pace of her blowjob. Gwen showed her appreciation by slipping his cock in and out of her mouth quickly, then slowly, then quickly again, and then slowly. After that, she took it all in and sucked hard. The guy was in ecstasy. When he whispered that he was about to cum, Gwen stood up and leaned against the wall of the shower stall.

“What are you waiting for, huh? escort bostancı Let’s see how many times you can fuck me before you explode,” she challenged him.

The guy didn’t waste any time. He pinned her against the wall and stuck his cock inside her almost in one thrust. Because she was all lubricated, Gwen wasn’t hurt despite his size. The guy began to pump and Gwen egged him on by kissing him and putting his hands on her breasts. She was in heaven, without a doubt.

The guy apparently got tired of their current position and slid his cock out, ordering her to face the wall. Then he entered Gwen again, this time from behind. Gwen stuck her ass out just enough to make sure that his cock wouldn’t slip out and “accidentally” go into her butthole. She wasn’t unfamiliar with anal sex but, with the exception of Asia and a few of the other Hotbabes, she had bad experiences with getting buttfucked. The guy didn’t want her butt, though; he wanted to rip into her pussy, pumping hard and fast, mashing her breasts as he did so. He turned on the shower and the feel of the water hitting her body only made Gwen feel hotter and hornier.

“Hey, macho man,” she asked, “how strong are you?”

The guy got the hint. He changed positions, pinning Gwen against the wall again but lifting her legs up off the floor. Gwen held on to his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. He put the two of them directly under the shower and began to ram in and out of her again. Gwen concentrated on the motions of his hips, the thrust of his cock, meeting him with her pussy and squeezing his waist with her legs whenever their private parts collided with each other.

At last, the moment of climax was growing near. The guy nearly pushed Gwen through the wall as he began to pump deeper and harder, grinding his cock into her pussy. Gwen responded by leaving kiss marks all over his neck and chest…and by squeezing her pussy tight around his cock each time it went in.

“Oh, fuck!” the guy exclaimed. “Shit, I’m going to cum already…”

“Can you hold it, sweetheart? If you do, I’ll give you a treat?” Gwen whispered to him.

“O-okay…” The guy forced himself not to cum. Gwen let him pump some more until she finally let her pussy juice loose, dripping it all over his shaft, down to his balls. Then she asked him to let her down. He did and she knelt in front of him, taking hold of his cock and wrapping her mouth around it while her free hand reached down to her pussy. She began to suck and stroke him again, this time around including his balls in the action. He hit the wall with a fist, telling her how good she was and that he was about to cum. Gwen waited…and was rewarded with a gusher of warm cum in her mouth. At the same time, she felt her pussy overflow with her own juice. When her mouth had taken its fill, she slid his cock out and aimed it at her face, bathing it in warm, sticky fluid. There was still some more so she pointed his cock at her breasts and felt them grow wet and sticky as well as he finally released the last wave of cum.

“Oh, fuck…oh, fuck…” the guy whispered. He leaned against the shower stall’s wall. “Fuck, that was incredible…I’ll never forget this…”

Gwen stood up and let the water from the shower wash over her. She pulled the guy close. “Neither will I, big boy. Thanks.” She kissed him sweetly on the lips, finished cleaning herself up, and then put her bikini back on. She gave his cock one last squeeze and a kiss.

“Bye, big boy,” Gwen said. “I hope you enjoyed yourself because I sure did!” She blew him a kiss. The guy waved goodbye. As she jogged towards the cabin that she was sharing with Jaycee and her boyfriend, she wondered if they were done doing it as well. If they weren’t, she hoped they wouldn’t mind if she joined them. The night was still young, after all, and she still felt like dancing.

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