Heat , Lust Ch. 2

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Author’s note: Captain Simpson continues his adventures in India (1760’s) in the service of the East India Company.

* * * * *

Captain Simpson awoke too late to avert the explosion of semen from his engorged cock. The natural outcome of a particularly erotic dream featuring the buxom Mrs. Rev. Jones in the act of receiving his thrusting cock in her hot wet cunt.

With a wistful sigh he dried his penis with the edge of the bed sheet and got up from his damp cum and sweat soaked bed. He stood naked for a few minutes and contemplated his image in the full length mirror beside his wash stand.

At 5 ft. 9 inches, his lean tanned body were a testimony to healthy living.

Unlike his brother officers, he drank moderately and smoked rarely.

Indeed, he was as fit today as when ataşehir escort he had been 15 and bursting with seed. As eager too, in the desire to indulge his carnal desires. That he took his pleasure when and how he could, was not a moral issue to him. Any woman willing to fuck that took his fancy would do. He had enjoyed sexual intercourse with ladies from 16 to 60. The grandmother of a close friend had been very eager to sample his prick when he had vacationed at their country estate.

Having shaved, bathed and dressed himself, Captain Simpson breakfasted in the officers mess before strolling over to the barracks of his Native Soldiers.

After a through inspection of the men. He then inspected the stables and checked on the horses.

His morning duties discharged, he made kadıköy escort bayan his way to chapel, head filled with thoughts of the Reverends wife.

Despite his Catholic parentage and schooling, he felt no guilt or remorse at all. For his debauched lifestyle.

Hadn’t father Desmond shown him the joy of masturbation and cock sucking?

Hadn’t Father Thomas been a keen sodomite, introducing the virgin anuses of his students to the heated feel of hard cock?

Simpson and his fellow students had spent many days and nights indulging in all The Priests had taught them. Often with the active guidance and participation of the Priests themselves. What glorious nights they had been. Fucked. Sucked and jacked off to exhaustion, the orgies had been followed by healthy big breakfasts escort maltepe planned to restore body and mind. Usually in preparation for another night of debauchery.

Then there had been sweet Sister Gertrude ever eager to open her legs to any male wanting a fuck. On many occasion, Simpson and his friends had gang banged the sweet horny sister to her great delight. It had been Captain Simpson’s particular delight to fuck her anus while she straddled a cunt pumping prick and sucked another prick to ejaculation. Often the Sister would almost faint with pleasure as Simpson and friends, fucked her. Sister Gertrude had disapproved of the homosexual activities of Simpson. Urging him instead to devote his energies to her sexual needs. As she had pointed out, her anus was as tight as any other.

Yes the Catholic Church had not been bad to Simpson at all. By the time he had left school he was as well versed in the sexual act as any sailors whore on a quay side.

It had given him the confidence to tackle any woman that took his fancy. From common peasant to Duchess.

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