Hidden Camera

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As I put the camera in place my breath quickens and I feel a throb from my already hard cock. I take a deep breath to try to calm myself. She will be arriving anytime now and I don’t want her to be suspicious of me. I cover the camera and check from multiple angles to make sure its out of sight. I leave the room and enter the room next door and look through the one way window into the previous room. As I look down into the TV to check the angle of the camera I push down on my erection to try to calm myself.

The door bell rings. I leave the room and shut the door firmly behind myself. Amber comes inside as I hold the door open for her. Looking her up and down I feel another throb in my pants. My eyes linger at her perfectly shaped breasts and then continue down her slender curves to her ass. God she looks so perfect. The door closes I push her against it kissing her deeply as I caress her ass with both hands. I grab her ass roughly and pull her cheeks apart.

“Let’s go babe”, I say as I grab her hand and pull her into the room with the hidden camera already recording our every move. My cock continues to throb and starts to drip with precum. As soon as the door is shut I yank off my shirt and then go towards Amber. I pull her shirt off over her head as she holds her arms up for me. Her red lacey bra was now revealed showing her pink nipples through the fabric sending another hard throb to my dick. I run my hands over her soft smooth skin on her muscular stomach.

I push her by her stomach backwards onto the bed. She pulls her feet up onto the bed and I move myself between her legs. She grabs my neck and pulls me in to kiss her. I kiss down her neck and chest to her stomach. Once my shoulders are under her legs I push her up to the top of the bed. I climb on top of her and grab my chains that are already attached to the bed and fasten it to one of casino şirketleri her arms while she doesn’t expect it. She looks at the chains then back at me slightly worried. I grab her other arm and she fights me while I try to chain it also but I win in the end.

I kiss down her again and I can hear her heart racing and her breath quickening as I reach the top of her pants. I quickly undo her pants and slip off her shoes before I grab her pants at the bottom of each leg by her ankles and slide them off swiftly. I move myself back into position with my face between her thighs giving me a perfect view of her lace thong to match her bra. I see that she is shaven clean giving me another almost irresistible throb to my cock. I just wanted to thrust myself into her and blow my load but first I want to taste her. I turn my head kissing her leg moving my head slowly closer to her pussy.

Once I reach the top of her leg I bite into her thigh. Her muscle tenses between my teeth and I bite harder until she lets out a moan. I release her leg from my teeth revealing a nice mark left there. I bite the top of her thong pulling it down and off her legs biting my way back up her leg from her ankle. I reposition myself and bite her clit and then plunge my tongue into her pussy. A gasp escapes from her lips so I repeat the motion. Her back arches and she picks up her hips in pleasure. The longer I tease her pussy with my tongue the louder she gets. I flick my tongue at her clit constantly while I push a finger in her pussy.

I spread her juices mixed with my saliva around the outside of her. Then I add two more fingers into her pussy feeling her stretch the farther they go into her. I move slightly to give the camera a straight shot of my three fingers in her pussy and her body glistening in sweat. I slide in my pinky and push my hand in past my knuckles. I wiggle casino firmaları my fingers sending her into her first orgasm. I quickly lower my face back to her pussy licking up the juices squirting out of her. With my four fingers pushing in and out along with my tongue now pleasuring her she goes into a second orgasm. She screams in pleasure as I slip my thumb in and start working my fist in and out. Once she finishes with her third orgasm I take my fist out of her pussy and stand up.

“okay, beautiful, time to tighten back up”, I say as I take one finger and tease her clit sending her into a forth and fifth orgasm. Her chest is heaving to catch her breath while I remove my pants and boxers with a full erection. I grab a blindfold before I climb back on top of her. I look into her eyes and kiss her one more time before I put the blindfold on her. I position my cock by her now tight pussy without touching her. I thrust my throbbing hard cock into her without warning.

A gasp of surprise comes from her. She tries to fight her restraints so she can touch me but her efforts amount to nothing. I watch her struggle a little while and chuckle to myself. I take her nipple into my mouth and nibble on it as I pump into her. I position myself to hit her spot which sends her into more orgasms. I can hear the wet sound of our bodies smacking together both soaked in her juices. Her body tenses up and she goes into yet another orgasm with screams of pleasure. Quickly nearing my climax because of the tease I gave her before and watching her current bursts of pleasure. When I am about to cum I pull out of her and move up to her face lowering myself so my head is touching her mouth.

“open wide”, she opens her mouth as I empty my load into it shoving my still hard cock into her mouth as she licks it clean. I feel slightly weakened from the huge load but the güvenilir casino stimulation of her tongue keeps me hard after my cum filled her mouth. I release her from her chains. She tears off the blindfold as I turn her back to me. I push her forward revealing her ass to my cock. I work my cock into her ass and push in hard with a sigh of pain from her. After her pussy her ass feels so tight around my hard cock. I grab her hips and move them in rhythm with mine forcing me into her deeper and harder. I continue to ram into her repeatedly and finally groans of pleasure start coming from her as she orgasms repeatedly. I use my hand to catch her juices and then rub them on my cock to lubricate her ass.

Her ass is starting to get raw and she is moving uncomfortable making want to go harder. She grits her teeth in pain from the rawness. The pain makes her moan making me blow my load again but this time into her ass. I pull out and slap her ass I move to the side slapping her ass repeatedly until it turned red showing the camera every swing. I sit down on the bed and stick two fingers back into her soaking pussy. She takes her hand and starts to rub my emptied balls and then lowers her mouth to them and putting them in her mouth to suck. The head of my dick starts to tingle from anticipation. She releases my balls and moves to my hardening dick.

I feel her lips on the tip of my dick as she opens them to welcome the intrusion. I put my hand on the back of her head and play with her hair as she moves up and down on my cock. She puts my cock to the back of her mouth and I feel her open up her throat and starts working my head in and out of it. As she is pulling away again he scrapes her teeth along my dick sending a sudden jolt of pleasure. I feel my cum building in my dick again as she continues to help herself. She pushes her throat back around my cock finally getting moans of pleasure from me. again my load empties into her mouth and she swallows it. we get up and dress. She then leaves to go home and I go to stop the recording. I restart the movie to enjoy her a second time and many more to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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