I Love You, Drea!

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Five years into our marriage, I was getting bored. My wife Andrea was gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but you know how it is, time goes by, you get tired of fucking the same person. The thrill goes away bit by bit. I was spending a lot of time jerking off in the shower, thinking about the pussy I used to get when I was single.

And I guess Andrea had noticed I was distracted, because when I came home one night, she greeted me at the door wearing nothing but a top made of some leather straps, her high heels, and a smile. My dick shot up like a rocket seeing my normally conservative and quiet wife dressed like such a whore. Her pussy was shaved bare and dripping, the way I like it, and I could see her nipples sticking out from between the straps of leather.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I thought we needed a change,” Andrea said.

“Well, you look hot,” I said, reaching for her. Andrea pushed my hand away.

“I’ve got plans for you, Chris” she said, with a devilish look in her eyes that got me even harder!!!

We went into the living room, where she fixed me a drink. I sat on the couch as Andrea turned on the stereo and began to dance bahis firmaları for me. She looked incredibly sexy, her tits flopping under the leather, the muscles in her legs taut from the heels she was wearing.

She turned away from me, spreading her legs and looking at me from between her knees. Her chin-length black hair brushed her cheeks as she reached behind her and spread the cheeks of her ass so I could see the brown pucker of her asshole. She took one hand and slid it into her pussy until it was shiny with her juices, and then she slowly worked it into her ass.

I gasped as I watched her. Andrea had never let me touch her ass. Whenever my hand wandered close, she’d clench her ass cheeks together and squirm away from me. And now here she was, finger-fucking her own ass while I watched in awe!!!

Her face was flushed and she was moaning as she rode her finger. I stripped, then sat back on the couch, my drink in one hand and my stiff prick in the other. Andrea smiled at me, removed her finger from her ass, and danced over to me. She produced a tube of some weird, German lube and turned around again, greasing up her asshole with the lube and kaçak iddaa moaning as she thrust one finger, then two into that tight opening.

My cock, “Henry,” (our pet name for it) was standing at strict attention, pulsing and drooling at the sight of my sexy wife. “Hold Henry straight, dear!” Andrea said. I put down my drink and held my friend in the air for her. She knelt, facing away from me, and lowered herself until Henry’s head pressed against her asshole. I could smell her cunt and ass, and my raging erection got even stiffer.

I held onto my erection as she lowered herself further. I watched, amazed, as her asshole spread to swallow my dick. It was so tight and hot in there, I had never felt anything like it. Her pussy is tight and hot too, but nothing like this.

Andrea moaned and moved slowly, and I watched my dick disappear into her anus. She swallowed it carefully, the lube guiding my stiff pole deeper and deeper inside her. Finally, she was sitting all the way in my lap, her ass on my stomach, her cunt oozing onto my balls. Andrea took my hands and put them on her small tits, and I fingered her nipples between the leather straps.

“Hold kaçak bahis still,” she said, and then she actually began to fuck me. She rode my shaft delicately at first, and when I reached one hand down to finger her clit while her ass fucked my cock, she started to go wild.

“Ooh yeah, put your big dick in my asshole!” she cried, her thighs shaking as she ground her cunt against my hand and her steamy anus sucked my shaft. “I love Henry in my ass. Fuck my ass, baby, fuck it!”

The way Andrea was letting loose was driving me crazy, and I pinched her hard little nipples and stroked her cunt harder. She came, juices pouring onto my balls, and her asshole grabbed my cock tight, squeezing it so hard I thought she might crush it. She bounced up and down on my stick, her asshole spread wide for my prick, and I gripped her tits hard and squeezed them together as I shot a big load deep into her ass.

Andrea collapsed back against me! She turned back to kiss me while my slippery cock was still buried deep in her ass.

“YOU are inCREDibly hot,” I told her, stroking her nipples and her cunt, making her shiver.

Andrea shrugged. “I just felt like something new. And I liked it,” she said, and wiggled her bottom against my softening prick.

Needless to say, I don’t worry about all the pussy I’m missing anymore!!!

* * * * *

I love you, ‘Drea!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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