I Sold Myself

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Casandra’s life is going nowhere. Casandra is 32 years old, is very beautiful, a great body, with a great smile and fantastic legs. She has had no luck with men, they just want to fuck her and leave. There was one guy that was great to her, but she pushed him away and after 6 years of waiting, he gave up.

She has been roommates with Morgan and Angel for a year. Morgan is a 28 year old blond beauty with a nice body and Angel is a 28 year old black haired beauty with a nice body. They soon became good friends and although Casandra was the oldest, she sometimes felt beneath them.

They had finished college, she was a high school dropout; they each had a high paying job, she went from low paying job to low paying job. In the past, Casandra has experimented with lesbian sex but not too much. While her roommates date men, she realizes they are lovers. The three split all expenses and chores.

After a month, one evening Morgan and Angel seduce Casandra. After that, the three have sex together once or twice a week, just a female three way. Then, after 6 months, Casandra asked her roommates to tie her up and use her for their pleasure. Morgan and Angel jump at the chance. They tie her up, make her eat them, they play with her tits and pussy; pound her pussy with a dildo.

After that, there was a shift in the relationship. Before, Morgan and Angel would ask Casandra to do things; like “Casandra, would you clean the bathroom for me, please.”, or, “Casandra, my feet hurt, could you massage them for me,” and other things. And Casandra always did as asked.

After, the “asking” became “ordering”; like, “Casandra, clean the bathroom.” Or, “Casandra, massage my feet.” And such. Casandra was made to do all the housework. She had stopped being their friend, now she was their servant. And sex slave.

She was forced to satifiy her roommates. Morgan and Angel would order Casandra to eat them out, fuck them with a dildo, and fondle their tits. But, they stopped doing anything to Casandra, after they were satisfied, they would order her to play with herself while they watched.

Sometimes, they would bring girlfriends over and have Casandra serve them. Sometimes, it was guys and she would be ordered to suck them off or she would be ordered to fuck them. Casandra suspected they were whoring her out but never saw money change hands.

One day on the web, Casandra came across an article about Sex Slaves in America. She was amazed. There were sex slaves all over. They would get Slave Graded, a small Slave mark is branded on their left buttocks and their Slave Number is tattooed to their scalp, just above the hair line. Slaves are Registered and Certified.

Casandra thinks, “Interesting.”

Over the next several months, Casandra thinks about Slavery. Life with Morgan and Angel continued, with the girls treating her like a slave. Recently, Morgan told her to call each of them “Mistress” and she was kept nude inside the apartment at all times, no matter who was present.

She thought, “I feel like a slave, should I make it official?”

Checking into it further, she finds it is possible to set a time limit on slavery. And after going back and forth, she decides to do it, she would sell herself. She finds a Slave Auction is being held in next month in another city close by. She gets on the web site and starts to fill out for the Auction. Then she gets cold feet. And decides to call the Slave Auction Company and eventually, she is on the line with a Miss Alexis Waverly, the Slave Auction Manager.

Miss Waverly says, “Hello Casandra, I understand that you are considering selling yourself?”

“Yes I am.”

“That’s a big step. Why are you thinking of doing this?”

“I have my reasons.”

“Tell me about yourself, tell me everything.”

Casandra begins to tell her story and wants she started, she couldn’t stop until she was through. She told all about the men in her like and how they all just wanted one thing. She told about her many jobs she has had how she could not hold one for more than a year because she would have trouble with other women. Her life she said was a mess and I am going nowhere. I’m a high school dropout and I have, over the years, gone from low paying job to low paying job, from ass-hole boyfriend to ass-hole boyfriend.

Alexis was a perfect listener and let Casandra talk with just a few ‘ahs’ and ‘ohs’.

At one point, Alexis asks, “Was there not one man who you cared about?”

“Yes, there was.”

“Tell me about him.”

Casandra then told Alexis about Steve. The one man who ever loved her for her. “But I rejected him. Why, you may ask. Because there was a 24 years different in our ages and that scared me.”

Casandra continues, bahis firmaları “There is not a day that goes by that I do not regret losing him.”

When Casandra finishes Alexis thinks for a moment and then asks, “Do you have Skype?”


“Change to Skype.”

Soon they were looking at each other.

Alexis, “Do you fully understand Casandra what you are thinking of doing?”

“I think so.”

“Stand up and move back so I can see all of you.”

Casandra does and then Alexis then says, “Now strip.”

Casandra pauses then strips off her clothes and is soon standing before Alexis nude. Alexis is stunned on how beautiful Casandra is, and how great her body is.

Alexis thinks, “Poor thing. She has all that going for her but because of bad decisions, she’s lost.”

Alexis then says, “Can you come here to my office tomorrow?”

“I have to work.”

“You just quit Slave. Be here, in my office by 10am. Understand Slave Casandra?”


“Bring everything you want with you. You will never go back to your place. Understand?”


“Wear short shorts and a halter top. See you tomorrow Slave.”

And she hung up.

Casandra stood for a moment and then she went to pack. It did not take long, for she doesn’t own much. The next morning, she drives to Alexis’s office and is there early. Alexis saw her pull up and was waiting for her at the door.

As Casandra walks up, Alexis opens the door and says, “Hello Slave Casandra, come in to my office and sit down.”

Casandra sits down as Alexis locks the door and puts the closed sign on the door. Alexis sitts down and looks at Casandra.

After a few minutes and said, “Stand up and move there,” as she points.

Casandra stands up and moves.

“Turn around.”

Alexis thinks, “She is magnificent!”

She then says, “Sit down.”

Casandra sits and then Alexis says, “I had you come up here now for a reason. You will live with me as my Slave until the Auction. This will give you a taste of slavery. Do you agree to be my Slave?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Very well. Let us go.”

They stood up, went to the door, unlocked the door and they walked through and she then lock the door. She said, “Get into your car and follow me.”


“Ok what Slave?”

“Ok Mistress.”

They got into their cars and they drove to Alexis’s home.

When they arrived at her house, Alexis ordered Casandra to bring her bags inside. Alexis showed Casandra her room and then gave her a tour. And then laid out some rules.

Alexis, “Casandra, you will remain nude while in the house. You will keep the house clean. At times, I may allow others to use you. You will obey all orders or you will be punished. Understand Slave Casandra?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Alexis goes on, “When I take you out, I will decide what you wear. When someone comes to the door, you will answer the door and say “May I service you?” and follow their orders. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now, strip off those clothes.”

Casandra takes her clothes off.

Alexis asks, “I see you are not clean shaven.”

“No Mistress.”

“Well, we will do that later this evening and then you will maintain it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Then Alexis says, “Let us go through your clothes and see what you can keep.”

The two walked to Casandra’s bedroom, with Casandra carrying her bags, and then Alexis went through Casandra’s clothing. Most was thrown out. Casandra was left with some short shorts and short tops.

Alexis, “We’ll go shopping tomorrow. Now, let’s talk about Slavery and Owners. Most Owners treat their Slaves well; however, there are some who are extreme, very hard core. They enjoy giving pain. You don’t want to be a Slave to one of them.”


“As far as the Auction, you do have some options, Casandra. I would suggest that you sell, or “rent,” your services as a Slave for 6 months, with an option to renew for another 6 months, both parties have to agree. Also, at the Sale you could have a “Right of Refusal” built in to the Sale Contract.”

“A Sale Contract?”

“When an Owner wishes to place one of their Slaves in the Auction, they sign a Sale Contract. Usually they are pretty standard. Sale Slave A for X amount of money. Period. However, you are acting as your own Owner. So, I, as the Auction Manager, can put in certain items into the Sale Contract. Like the temporary status as Slave, the “Right of Refusal”, etc. To protect you.”

“Thank you. Why 6 months?”

“So you can be sure that you want this. It is a big change for you.”

Alexis goes on, “While you are in the house, what I have all kaçak iddaa ready ordered stands. Tomorrow we will go shopping and get you some new clothes.”

“I don’t think I have much money.”

“That’s all right. I’ll pay for them and you can pay me back from what you make at the Auction.”

“I’ll get the money?”

“Normally, No, a Slave would not. Wants a Slave is bought, all their possessions become the property of their Owner. But you are renting yourself as a Temporary Slave, what you bring at the Auction, goes to you. If you’re Temporary Owner and you renew for another 6 months, the Owner will pay the same amount again. And if, you all decide to make it permanent, the Owner pays the full purchase price minus the “rental fees.”


Alexis then says, “I think you should look for a Family and be a Domestic Servant as well as used for sex.”

“Do you think we could find one?”

“I have a family in mind. I’ll call them in the morning.”

Casandra then asked, “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Alexis just says, “Never you mind.”

But she thinks to herself, “Why? Because you and I are a lot alike. If I had made some different decisions when I was a teen, I could be you.”

Alexis now says, “Now, tomorrow and every day until the Auction, you will be my Personal Assistance. Still my Slave but with a different function. I am going to my many businesses in this city and inspecting them. You will attend me and assist me. You will call me Miss Waverly. Understand?”


“Now, come over her and eat my pussy. Your training starts now.”

Casandra goes to Alexis and begins to eat her pussy. She is a little tentative at first, but soon gets into it.

After she has an orgasm, Alexis says, “Very good Slave. Remember, you are here for my pleasure, not yours. I may order you to service me at any time.”

The next day Alexis takes Casandra to her clothing store and selects an assortment of short shorts and short skirts. In tops, she selects a variety of halter tops, crop tops and half tees. She also selects some business attire for Casandra to wear while acting as her Assistance. She has Casandra try on all the cloths.

After she has made her selection, Alexis meets with the Store Manager, Betty, about the store. Casandra changes into one of her new business outfits. Alexis then goes to her other two businesses in this city, an Adult Bookstore and a Strip Club. Casandra is learning that Alexis is a very wealthy woman.

The next day they drive to another city and check on Alexis’s businesses there. Alexis keeps a close eye on all her businesses with her computer but likes to visit each at least once a month. The next day, they drive to a third city.

Every morning, Casandra services Alexis’s pussy and brings her to orgasm. And every night Casandra services her Mistress. And so the month goes by. Soon, the day of the Slave Grading and Auction is here.

Alexis drive Casandra to the site and Casandra is taken to the Grading Room. Alexis tells her employees to be gentle with Casandra and she stays with Casandra during the process. Casandra’s whole body is measured and photographed. Normally, a Slave is made to suck cock and eat pussy, but Alexis orders them to skip that.

Casandra is assigned a Slave Number and it is tattooed to her scalp just above the hair line. She is also branded with a small Slave Mark on her left buttocks. All the information and photos are downloaded into the data base. Casandra is now Registered and Certified. She is now a legal Slave.

During the Auction, Casandra and the other Slaves up for sale are paraded around the stage. The Slaves are made to pose. Casandra is bought by the Smith Family; Mrs. Olivia Smith, Mr. Mark Smith, and their daughters. Victoria, 21, blond beauty with a nice body and Kayla, 18, a knockout with a great body.

Casandra will be Slave to the Smith Family for 6 months. Alexis brings Casandra over to the Smiths and they all confirm the contract. Casandra is “renting” herself for 6 months as their Slave, with each party having an option to renew. For the 6 months, Casandra is their Slave and they can do anything to her or make her do anything they want.

During the drive to the Smith’s home, Mrs. Smith outlines Casandra’s duties, “You will be our Servant and you will keep the house up. Also, you will service all of the family and anyone else we order you to. Understand Slave?”


Kayla says, “Play with yourself Slave.”

When Casandra hesitates, Mr. Smith says, “Obey Slave or you will be punished.”

Casandra starts to but then Victoria says, “No, strip first.”

Casandra takes her clothes off and begins to play with herself.

Olivia says, kaçak bahis “Slave Casandra, you will stay nude at all times. Unless otherwise told different. Understand?”


For the next 6 months, Casandra keeps house and is used by every member of the family. She gets fucked by Mr. Smith and sucks him off. She services all the women in the house and is regularity fucked with dildos, fingered and kept in a constant state of arousal. Victoria likes to tie Casandra up, use her and spank her. Then she has Casandra eat her pussy. Victoria brings over friends over and lets them use Casandra while she is tied up. Both boys and girls.

Kayla is more gentle and is more like a lover to Casandra. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, after the first month, let their daughter mainly use Casandra for sex. After 6 months, Casandra and the Smith Family decide to renew for another 6 months. The Smiths invite Alexis over for a celebration over a weekend. While she is there, her and Kayla have a long discussion about slavery. And, when Alexis leaves, her and Kayla keep in touch and grow close.

Over the 6 months, Kayla also grows very close to Casandra and becomes very protective of her. Casandra is still used for sex by each member of the family and Victoria still likes to dominate her. As much as she can, Kayla tries to protect Casandra to the point of making Victoria mad. Victoria takes it out on Casandra and beats her with a paddle. Kayla takes Casandra to her own room and comforts her. Kayla calls Alexis and tells her what has happened.

The next day, Alexis comes to the Smith’s house and offers to buy the rights to Casandra. The Smiths are unsure and Victoria is opposed to the idea. But Kayla begs her parents to it and they give in to their daughter and sell the rights to Casandra to Alexis.

After the paperwork is all signed and ownership of Casandra has transferred, Alexis brings up another problem. Kayla has expressed interest in becoming a Slave. The Smiths are shocked.

Alexis says, “She is of age and does not need your approval. But she would like it.”

While the discussion was going on, Kayla was packing.

And soon she came down the stairs and said to Alexis, “I’m ready.”

All looked to her and Mrs. Smith walked over to her and said, “Are you sure about Kayla?”

“Yes Mom, I am.”

Kayla then hugged each and then Alexis, Casandra and Kayla got into Alexis’s car and drove away. Once they got to Alexis’s house, Kayla signs a Slave Contract to become Alexis’s Slave. And Casandra signs a Slave Contract to become a permanent Slave to Alexis. At the next Slave Grading, Kayla is Registered and Certified as Alexis’s Slave.

The three live together as a Family with Alexis the Mother and Casandra and Kayla like Sisters. They are Slaves but are not treated as such. All are very happy. Casandra and Kayla help Alexis operate her various businesses. There is much love in the house.

Over the next couple of years, the Trio visited a friend of Alexis at her Estate over a weekend. Her friend, Casandra Hall, has two Co-Mistresses and ten female Slaves. The twelve women live at a large Estate and are all very happy. None of Slaves are Registered and Certified; Miss Hall says it is not needed. She has always said, “I rule by Love, not by force.”

Alexis has always admired Miss Hall. They have been friends for many years and Casandra told her story of her first Slave Lara and how they met 15 years ago. Casandra then told her about everyone of her Slaves and how she acquired them. It is a beautiful story full of Love and Pleasure.

After one year, a car pulls up at the house and a man steps out. He walks to the door and Casandra, who was watching him, thinks to herself, “There’s something familiar about him.”

The man gets to the door and knocks.

When Casandra opens the door, she is shocked and says, “Steve! Oh my god.”

“Hi Casandra.”

And they hug.

Casandra says, “How? Why? How is this possible?”

Steve answers, “Alexis got in touch with me. She said I could move in with you young ladies, if you want me to.”

Casandra, “Yes, oh yes.”

But then she says, “But, surly she told you. I am her Slave.”

Steve, “Yes, she told me all about it. She said, for you, she would share you with me.” Then he says, “I don’t want you as a Slave, I never wanted that. I want to live with you as a couple. I love you. I always have.”

Casandra is crying now, in fact, all the women are crying.

Alexis comes up, hugs Casandra and says, “You deserve to be happy. Steve will move into your room and you too will live as Husband and Wife.”

Casandra, “Thank you. Thank You.”

So Steve moves into the house and acts like a Father to Kayla. There is much Love and Alexis makes it work out. The four live together for many years and are very happy. The years pass by, with all getting older together. They are a real family. Love can solve many problems.

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