If I Was There

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Autumn Falls

TO my love on the other side of the world… my sweet hart(right spelling)

oh I wish I could be there to watch you wank while you think about what I’ve been doing I would sit on your desk with my back to your computer and a leg on ether side of you with my skirt pushed up to my bum. I would be in the perfect position to watch you I could reach over and undo your shirt, I could run my tongue over your chest and bit your nipples, and slowly work my way down until my mouth was in line with your hand wrapped around your aching cock. While it glided up and down giving you the lovely sensations you liked I could dart my tongue out and touch the ribbon of pre cum to the tip of my tongue and draw it into my mouth savouring the taste and texture of it.

Waiting and watching as the helmet became slippery and shinny with cum because I was telling you what I was going to do to your cock when it did cum.

Oh yes maybe I would get so hot my brazzers porno self I would have to lean back on your desk and undo the buttons on my blouse its been so humid Iam not wearing a bra, you can see my nipples going hard and pushing through the thin material I slip my hands in to my blouse and play with my aching breasts and slip my other hand into my knickers and start playing with my damp lips. Letting my fingers slide in to my aching wet pussy, to feel the hard clit as it pushed its way out of the protective hood in its eagerness’ to be felt. Oh yes Iam touching my self and imagining it your tongue, running the full length of my dripping wet pussy, gathering the moisture on the tip and taking it in your mouth tasting the sweet tangyness. lapping at my soaking wet puss like a cat laps at milk. While Iam doing this you are there wanking your throbbing prick and just dying to put it into the wet heat.

But I want clip4sale porno to watch you wank, I want to watch you cum I want to see it bubble out of the end of your rod like a geyser of semen, I want to have it splash all over your hands/ I want to feel it hit my aching breasts with the full force of all that pent up sexual drive ummm you want to cum in my mouth you want to shoot it down my throat beg me I tell you. beg me to take your cock. You start pleading with me and promising you’ll repay me I take pity on you and take your hard pulsating cock in my mouth as you enter you let out a deep sigh of contentment and I swallow the full length all the way down past my tonsils squeezing the head until there is no more cock to go in. You pull backwards slowly grating the head against the roughness at the roof of my mouth coursing you to jerk in pleasure and then push it all the way back almost gagging me back and forth getting faster colette porno you reach down and play with my clit and wet hole as I sit in front of you ohhh your making me cum with you fingers I moan past the blockage in my throat and feel you start to swell I know your about to cum and get my self in the right potion to be able to drain every last drop from your tight balls, you fuck my mouth faster and harder. knowing ill swallow all of your jism is turning you on so much you push 2 then 3 fingers inside me making me moan in ecstasy my throat vibrating against the end of your cock giving you another sensation making it almost impossible to stop the spunk rising to shoot out.

“Oh god” you moan “here it cums ummmmmmmmm” I can feel its journey all the way from your balls up to the top with my sensitive lips oh yes shoot it in my mouth oh yes here it cumms gulp gulp I cant get it all down some dribbles down my chin running to my nipples I swallow what I can then lift my breasts up and lick my nipple clean you carry on fingering me and soon bring me to a climax shuddering on the desk and dripping all over the beautiful wood ” ummmmm thank you” I tell you “but you promised to repay me and I have an idea how”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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