Immaculate Conception

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My wife, Michelle and I married young and had four children in quick succession. While this was not a problem for us, the doctor advised my wife that she shouldn’t have any more children because her body might not be able to support another baby. We discussed what we would do about it. There were a number of options. Unfortunately contraceptives of any sort were out of the question. My wife was allergic to latex, so no condoms, and the pill made her sick.

This left some sort of surgical intervention. For my wife it would be quite invasive, either having her tubes tied or a complete hysterectomy. Neither seemed a good idea. I decided that a vasectomy would be the ideal solution. I certainly didn’t want or need any more kids and it was the easiest and least intrusive procedure.

It was a day procedure. A local anaesthetic, a couple of snips, a little sewing and I were done. All up I was in surgery for about half an hour, with a couple of hours recovery. In less than a single afternoon our worries about falling pregnant were gone.

I had to provide a sample for the doctor a week or so after the procedure. That came back negative, no swimmers. We were free to fuck ourselves silly and not have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.

Life was good. I loved my wife unreservedly. I loved my kids, two girls, 8 and 6, and two boys, 4 and 2. I had my own business, which was growing and best of all I was able to work from home. I ran a rent-to-buy business where people could rent almost anything, from toasters and other appliances to a car or van. Most of the time I spent talking to people about their needs and then helping them fulfil these needs. It was great, and it was expanding. It never ceased to amaze me how many people didn’t really know how much they were paying for things. The average mark-up was 40%. Now this sounds a lot but in reality most people paid it because they wanted the item straight away and couldn’t afford to buy it outright. In fact I had recently employed an office person to look after the admin. side of things. Janet was fantastic and really intuitive. She really picked up the business quickly. In the three months she had been working for me I realised two things; that my business could be a good franchising idea; and Janet would be the ideal person to take on the first franchise.

Our sex life was pretty healthy. We didn’t mind trying out something new. We owned a copy of the Karma Sutra and Michelle was a yoga fanatic. Her body looked like that of a teenager. The only thing that belied her motherhood was that her breasts had begun to sag. I always thought that it was because they were quite big, DD. She knew that it was because she breastfed all four children. Either way, she looked hot when dressed in anything form a bikini to a trench coat. And she did wear a bikini in the summer. Her tummy, while a little less taut than pre-children was nonetheless still quite flat.

Michelle was gorgeous. She had straight, blonde hair cut into a bob. She was rather on the tall side, 5’10” and, as I said, quite slim. I was 6′ even so she towered over me when she wore her heels, which was always. Fortunately I was never worried by that fact. I actually liked it. I even enjoyed it when she was on top in the bedroom. It gave me unfettered access to her boobs, which I loved.

She had wide hips, childbearing hips; I called them, but very little excess fat. I thought she was as beautiful as the day I met her.

I had pretty good stamina in bed. It wasn’t unusual for me to cum twice, or even three times, on the nights we fucked. Michelle was almost insatiable. She loved sex every which way. I was more than happy to provide. She loved my tongue on her clit. Thanks to her rather noisy demeanour in bed, I learned quite quickly what she liked and what she didn’t. She loved little bites on her clit and she loved me sucking on it too. She preferred me not to stick my tongue in too far. She said it felt weird, and anyway, that was what my cock was for.

One time I licked her butthole. She squealed with delight and so that became a regular part of my oral ministrations. She loved me playing with her nipples. They had become more sensitive since she breastfed our children. I was happy with that because I adored her boobs. I could play with them all day. I actually have done that once or twice!

We’ve had to tone down our more raucous lovemaking as our oldest kids are getting to the age where they have some idea about what is going on. That’s just made us a little sneakier with what we do.

We have a little ritual, which we began as soon as our oldest could be babysat. We decided that no matter what we needed some time just for us. So we had date night. There was no set time between dates but if we hadn’t had one for over a month we actually insisted to each other that it had to happen. It was usually every two or three weeks depending on the availability of a sitter.

We started out dressing up and going out to the local for a czech couples porno meal, a few drinks and a bit of a dance. When that became a little mundane, I decided to get myself ready at my brother’s place and then pick her up from home, just like a real date would. At the end of the night she might invite me in or might not. If not I had to go back to my brother’s place, get changed and come home.

I suggested to her that I could ramp it up a little. She could go out to a predetermined location. I could arrive a little later and then try to get her to join me for a meal. It was a little harmless fun that kept our date nights lively.

It turned out to be the worst decision of my life.

We had done this a few times and it was always fun. One night we decided on a venue. I usually went to my brother’s place so Michelle could get ready and I would get a surprise when I saw what she was wearing. It was always sexy so it added some fun. This particular night my brother wasn’t home. So Michelle got ready with me there watching.

She showered and came into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel. She rummaged in her draw for some underwear. I got the shock of my life when she pulled out a Victoria’s Secret bag. Inside was a matching black bra and knickers, with a garter belt and stockings to finish the outfit. My jaw was on the floor. She dropped the towel and had great fun slowly putting the knickers on. Then she slowly put her bra on. It was a half-cup bra and the nipples were nearly exposed. I could actually see some of both areolas peeking out the top of the cups. She hooked the garter belt around herself, guided the straps under her knickers and then proceeded to slowly roll the stockings up her legs. She hooked the stockings to the garter, looked at me and said, “What do you think? Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it!”

She put on a sheer, silky red shirt on. She left a few buttons undone. I could almost see her areolas by just looking at her. One wrong move and she would be flashing everyone within sight. Her skirt seemed to be just a band of black fabric. It left no one under any illusions that she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

“What’s gotten into you tonight,” I asked.

“I’m not sure but I’m sure I like the way you are looking at me. We may not even get to eat tonight if you’re not careful.”

Then she took off her wedding and engagement rings. She’d done that before. It gave her a sense of power over any man who tried to chat her up when she rebuffed him.

The plan was that she would go to a place we’d never been before. It was about a thirty-minute drive and was a venue with food and music you could dance to. Michelle had it recommended to her by a friend a while age but this was the first time we were going to try it. I would give her a half hour start. That way she could see the lay of the land and decide if she was happy staying. If not she would text message me.

She left, and 30 minutes later so did I. I was about half way there when I heard a strange bang in the engine of my car. Damn. It sounded serious. I got out to take a look and it seemed to me that the engine had thrown a rod, which was now sitting in an awkward position over the engine. Fuck. I rang the local car service company and asked for a tow truck. I was told I’d have quite a wait, as there had been a multi car pile up on the highway a few miles south. Shit.

I needed to contact Michelle. I rang her cell but it went straight to voice mail. Strange. I left a message explaining what was happening and asked her to swing by and pick me up. If she still wanted to we could go out together. I sent a text message just in case she missed the voice message.

Nothing from Michelle. That surprised me because if anything Michelle was really pedantic about her cell. If you texted, she texted back straight away and if you left a voice message she would call as soon as possible. It was rarely more than 5 minutes before she made contact.

After fifteen minutes I tried ringing again. This time she answered, “Hello, Michelle’s phone.”

What the… it was the babysitter Susan. “Susan is that you, this is Jason. Are you at home?”

“Yeah, I heard the phone before but didn’t reach it in time – it was in your bedroom. This time I did so I answered it.”

“That means Michelle left it at home. Damn. My car’s broken down and I need to contact Michelle. Do you happen to know the name of the place where she went? Her friend Samantha recommended it. I can’t remember it myself, but I know where it is.”

“No, sorry, Mr Mac. I’ve got no idea.”

“Damn, oh well, not your fault. Thanks anyway Susan. See you later.”

The tow truck operator wasn’t wrong. It was quite a wait for a tow. I waited by my car for four hours. Michelle would be furious with me.

Finally, the tow truck came. It delivered me and my car to their depot, which happened to be less than a mile from my house. Rather that czech estrogenolit porno wait for a taxi I decided to walk home. It was close to one o’clock in the morning.

I wasn’t paying much attention while I walked. I was cold, tired and worried at how Michelle was with me standing her up like that. I felt rather than saw a car fly past me. I remember looking up and thinking that it looked vaguely like Michelle’s car. I put my head down and kept walking.

At about 1:15am I arrived home. I let myself in. Susan had obviously gone home. The house was really quiet. I tiptoed to the bedroom. Michelle was there. She must have been having a hell of a dream because her breathing was really ragged. I undressed and quietly got into bed trying not to wake her. Fortunately I didn’t and eventually fell into a fitful sleep.

I awoke the next morning and Michelle was already out of bed. In fact she had already showered and put on a load of washing. That was unusual. Saturday was usually her day off from washing. God knows with four kids there is enough washing the rest of the week.

I found her at the kitchen table having coffee.

“Michelle, darling, I’m so sorry. The car broke down. I tried calling but you left your cell at home.” I hugged her lovingly.

She stood up and broke my hug. “That’s okay. No matter.”

That’s all she said. Needless to say I was underwhelmed.

“Hey, Michelle, are you okay? I was expecting a slightly different reaction. I know I let you down last night and I’m really sorry.”

She turned on me and spat out, “I said it’s okay. Just leave it alone.”

With that she went out to hang out the washing. I noticed that the load of washing was only what she had worn last night – skirt, top and underthings. I don’t think in all the years I’ve known her to see Michelle do anything less that a full load of washing.

I was beginning to get a funny feeling in my stomach. What I should have done was talk to her, ask her what she did last night. But I rang to see if my car was okay. Fortunately it was fixable, it looked worse than it was. It was going to be expensive though. More fortunately they would be able to fix it within a week.

Then I just went on with my normal Saturday morning, ferrying kids in Michelle’s car to and from sport and dance, and looking after those at home. Michelle seemed to be steering clear of me.

I was puzzled by her behaviour and even more so as it kept up for the next week. It was like she was on automatic. She was doing the same things that she always did, but it was in a robotic way. Our eldest daughter, all of eight years old, asked her if she was sick.

“No, honey, just a bit sad, that’s all.”

“Why are you sad, mommy?”

“I don’t know, darling. I don’t know.”

That was about as animated as she got.

I noticed she had a doctor’s appointment for the next week. Maybe she’s worried about her health and needs to get checked out.

I gave her some space until her appointment.

On the day of her appointment she seemed about the same. But I could see she was nervous about something. I said to her, “If anything is bothering you, please know you can talk to me about it. Nothing is so heavy that we can’t share the burden.”

She just looked back at me. I saw real sadness in her eyes. At the right time she left. I was a bit lost. I was worried about her. Of course I thought, “Cancer.” I knew I would be of no use to anyone working that day so I spent it playing with the kids. They didn’t care if I was worried about something. They just loved having daddy play with them.

I was feeling restless so I called Susan and asked her to come and sit with the kids. I needed to get out of the house. I went for a walk. I think I walked for longer than I thought because when I got home, Michelle was there. As I walked inside I saw Susan. “Susan, is everything okay? You’re still here.”

“Michelle asked me to stay until she got home. She’s in the bedroom.

I went to the bedroom. Michelle looked as white as a ghost and had obviously been crying. Tears trickled down her face when she saw me.

“Michelle, honey, what is it? What’s wrong? If it’s cancer, we can kick its ass together, don’t you worry. I’m here for you, all the way.”

She cried even harder and mumbled, “It’s not cancer.”

“Well, what is it then?”

“It’s not a disease. But I don’t think you’ll be sticking by me when I tell you.”

“Honey, don’t say that. There’s nothing that would take me away from you. Nothing.”

She looked up and said, with a sad smile, “Don’t be too sure about that.”

I must have had a funny look on my face.

She took me by the hands, took a deep breath and said, “Honey, I’m pregnant.”

The silence was palpable.

Then I burst out in a wide grin. “That’s great Michelle. But remember what the doctor said after number four was born. Are you able to take it to term? Don’t czech experiment porno worry, we’ll get by. I’m gonna look after you like never before.”

I was running off at the mouth. It was a shock after my vasectomy. But I had heard many stories of women getting pregnant after their husband’s vasectomy.

She grabbed my hands again. “Honey, stop. Listen. This is really hard for me. The baby’s not yours.”

I blanched. “What?” I whispered. “What do you mean? Are you saying it’s an immaculate conception?”

“No honey. I wish I were. I need to explain something to you. The other week when I got all dolled up and we went on date night, as soon as I went into the restaurant I had every eye on me. I sat at the bar, ordered a drink and sat back to have a look around. There were lots of men and not many women there.

It wasn’t long before someone asked to buy me a drink. I declined politely. Then another, then another. I declined but I was enjoying the attention. You should have been there by then. I thought you were testing me, making me wait longer. Then a tall, very handsome man sat by me and asked me if he could buy me a drink. Honey, he was gorgeous so I said yes. I was pissed at you so I thought, “Damn him, I’m gonna have some fun.” His name was Tom, just like you. He was from out of town, just there on business. Some of his colleagues told him that this place was a good one to meet some single ladies. Of course he saw that I had no rings on. He was a charmer. He bought me a few more drinks. I don’t think I even noticed. Then he took me to the dance floor.

“He was a great dancer and I was having so much fun. It never dawned on me what might happen. I didn’t even think about it. I was just enjoying the moment. Then a slow dance came on. He hugged me tight and I could feel his hard cock in my belly. When the music stopped he leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. He asked me if I’d like a nightcap. He was staying in the Hotel part of the establishment. I didn’t even know there was a hotel there. Anyway I didn’t answer him but I didn’t stop when he led me to the elevator. Inside the elevator he kissed me again, this time with passion. I liked it so I kissed back. Then the elevator stopped. We got our and walked to his room. I was still thinking that I would have a drink with him and then come home.”

My jaw was hanging open. I never in a million years that this would happen. This was something that happened to other couples, not us.

She went on. “He poured me a drink and sat next to me on the bed. He kissed me on the cheek and then nuzzled my neck. You know how I love that. Then he kissed me full on the lips and fondled my breasts. My resolve was weakening. When his hand wandered to my bare thigh, I just let my legs fall open. He took this as the green light to continue. He stood me up, removed my dress and kissed me again. God, I was turned on. He took his clothes off. You know that the only man I’ve seen naked is you so I was intrigued by the differences. His cock was hard. He pushed me down to my knees. His was the first cock I’d seen up close other than yours. I opened my mouth and licked the head. Then I went wild. I sucked it down as far as I could. I deep throated him and let it out and then sucked him in again. His pubic hair was tickling my nose. His breathing was becoming ragged and suddenly he came in my mouth. I swallowed the lot and licked up what was left on his cock. I then lay on my back on the bed, took my knickers off and said, ‘fuck me Tom. Give me that cock now.’ And he did. He fucked me hard and fast. Considering he had just cum the fucking didn’t last long. With a long, loud moan, he came inside me. I hadn’t cum so I got him out of the way and played with myself until I did. He told me he’d never seen someone do that before. I know I’d never done it either. I’d never had to with you. He sort of collapsed with exhaustion and virtually went straight to sleep. I picked up my knickers and put them on. Then I put my dress back on too. I stumbled out of his room and got into the elevator. It was then that I realised what I’d done. I began to cry. I told myself that I was a stupid bitch for doing it and that I’d probably fucked up my marriage for less than an hour’s pleasure.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks.

“I pretended to be asleep when you got home but in reality I’d only just beaten you home. When I undressed I found that cum had dripped out of my pussy and into my knickers. It had soaked through my knickers and onto my dress and then onto my car seat. I got up early the next day so I could do the washing. I didn’t want you finding my dirty clothes and guessing what I’d been up to. I know I was a bitch to you and have been ever since but I was scared. I knew I was in the fertile part of my cycle so presumed that I could be pregnant. Today the doctor did some tests and it’s most likely that I am pregnant. It’s only been two weeks so it could be a false positive but I had to know. If I’d waited until I missed a period you’d have probably killed me the way I’ve been treating you.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was really speechless. I looked at my wife and opened my mouth but no words came out. I was absolutely devastated. My world had been shattered. Like I said, I never thought that I’d ever be in this position.

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