Invisible Me Pt. 01

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This is a fictional story, every character in this work is over 18 years of age even if not expressly stated. This work may not be copied or distributed without the exclusive written permission of this author. All rights reserved.


You could say I haven’t really thought this through. Rain was pouring down like it hasn’t in a long time and I started to feel a little cold standing out there on the porch like a Christmas present. Silently waiting to be taken into the house and to be unwrapped. Actually I did not only feel like a present, I would also describe myself as a present. Just one you can’t see and are very unlikely to unwrap. This certainly must sound way too abstract for you right now. Let me start from the beginning.

It all started with my obsession. You see I am obsessed with beautiful creatures. By creatures I mean human beings of a certain kind. The certain kind is beautiful, but not a beauty to only look at but as a complexity of different things combined together. Those combinations do tend to turn eyes, don’t get me wrong on this — only do they also turn eyes of those who are looking for the deeper beauty. There are no two beauties that equal one another. Each has a shining individuality, which you can easily detect by looking through your heart.

Looking through your heart, yes. Indeed this must be odd to read. But I can assure you looking through your heart is nothing you need to learn. It is a part of you, just in the need of being uncovered from all the dust and dirt that lead you to forget about it. You might start by realising the beauty around yourself. If there is none just take a closer look — where there is shadow, light must be somewhere. But I am getting off topic.

It might be easier to just describe what led me to wait for more than an hour at that time. Being patient is not one of my strengths to be honest. Remembering though how I first saw her did give me enough reason to keep waiting. Her looks did not impress me that much to be honest. She is beautiful, with long toned legs, auburn hair and an all in all very slim sportive figure. You could definitely not describe her as a blond bombshell Barbie and as I see it – this would not do her justice.

Her bright face seemed to always keep this little smirk on it underlining the obvious for everyone — her extreme sex appeal. She seemed to move like a cat whenever she put one leg in front of the other. She made it look like she would have her body under her full control. The body language she used signalled tigress in the sheets without being too obnoxious about it. There was no unorthodox move, no hesitation in the way she interacted with those around her who seemed to be strangers to her anyways.

The attention of the rumbling in the street was all hers. You could see she noticed this but it seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary for her. More like a natural state where she felt comfortable. But as I said, not her looks kept me from following my path. When I heard her voice my heart stopped for a brief moment. Her voice had awakened something in me, some deep down lost sign of a former soul that called for me. I don’t know how or why, all I know is I felt emotions getting loose inside of me – I did not even know existed.

I knew I was fallen. Realising my mental state right there I actually thought about just heading to her and telling her. Knowing full well halkalı escort that this would freak her out completely I blew it the moment I thought about it. I can’t blame her to be honest. Being told to be the lost soulmate someone was looking for the last decades might be difficult to process. Having a person telling you this without you being able to see the body attached to the voice might be the tick too much.

Sorry folks, I sometimes forget to tell, I am invisible. Wow, how dramatic – people don’t see me guys it is nothing too special. Well might be special but certainly it is not that bad anyhow. I still can see everyone and feel and behave just like every other person. It does seem though that I am sometimes more sensitive to the core of a person rather than to their shell. In other words, I tend to not give importance on the outer appearance of someone. Differences might also be that I can wank in the underground without getting arrested. Plus being naked all the time wherever you go is in a way pretty entertaining. However, you feel my presence if you concentrate on it like you would feel someone when you are blindfolded. So yeah, people tend to get quite uncomfy when I wank next to their face what however does not keep me from doing so.

As you can imagine I put my first idea of just telling her my feelings into the basket. Another idea came up in my mind leading us right back to the beginning.

It must have been an hour or something until I finally could see her. She just returned from a jog in the rain wearing completely drenched workout clothes. The rain yet has not washed away the smell of her worked up body. I already could feel myself getting ready for the show just being near her. After she opened the door I quickly followed her into the house. This was the tricky part. Entering after another person without being noticed even if you are invisible is not that easy. Sure you can just enter and be all not caring about it, but this would loose the thrill of being unnoticed.

People act differently when they have the feeling of being observed. You can feel their actions being more careful and their overall behaviour is tense. So I wanted to avoid this scenario to make this special for the both of us.

Her apartment was in contrary to herself quite ordinary. There was a lava lamp, if this is something you are interested in, but besides nothing special. In fact I did not care too much because I was not interested in her furniture and interior design at all. I quickly checked if she had any weapons that could harm me in case of an accident, but nothing, not even a baseball bat. Don’t those young girls know it’s dangerous out there?

I stopped with the observation of her household when I suddenly heard music coming out of one of her rooms. I quickly hurried towards the music to see what was going on. Being in someone’s home always is an excitement. Walking there from door to door and intrude in the personal area without being seen leaves you no choice of being on the edge. But being greeted by a stripping beauty in her bathroom just put me over the point of return. Until this point I was not sure what was about to happen or what I was about to do. Maybe scare her a bit and wank on her when she fell asleep or just wait for the right occasion to talk to her.

Seeing her though, olgun escort in all her glory, swaying her ass seductively to the music while peeling her clothes off changed my plans rapidly. She was caressing her body without loosing a single beat. With every piece of clothing falling off her body she revealed more and more of her magnificent beauty. Her boobs seemed to be a good c-cup with nipples pointing out like little pistols shining through her sportsbra. When the bra came off I could see how she nearly failed on her performance of moving to the beat. Her two love buds pointed out like little rocks and made it seemingly impossible for her to not touch them.

But she remained in control, moving her hands down south to her sweatpants. With her back turned into my direction, I nearly came when she wiggled her ass out of those pants. She did not wear any undies what gave me a crystal clear view onto a hairless vagina right in front of me. I was about to make a move but still could hold myself back. My penis was already hard like a steel rod pointing right to the entrance of her pussy but I knew it was not the time yet.

Her show continued after her being free of all clothing. The song seemed to intensify, at least her movements did. I realised the big mirror she flirted with when she suddenly turned around to treat herself with the same vision like I had before. For the short of a second she massaged her hands into her sides of her body from the top to the bottom. Still being fully on beat, she squatted down and smashed one of her hands on her ass. The noise of the smack filled the air as the sexual tension filled my already tense body.

I was paralyzed – my head locked the music out and just focused entirely on her show. The smack mark on her ass seemed to motivate her even more. She was now literally on fire, bending forward and bringing her hands onto the ground to slowly redo her move. Being treated to her full frontal body of perfection and having her head on eye level with my stirring cock nearly did it for me. The confidence in her moves and the selflove she showed within those movements was astonishing. I desperately wanted to move forward and shove my waiting dick right into her open mouth. I wanted her to take my entire length and choke on it but again I suppressed my motion causing my cock to a nearly painful state of hardness.

All of a sudden she stopped her dance of lust and headed towards her walk-in shower. The show was over and left me with my in precum covered cocktip silently crying. While she turned up the water I tried to plan my next moves. I wanted to make this perfect. Suddenly I realised something small sticking out of one of her shower walls. After focusing more I realised it to be a little dildo sticking away from the wall. This little slut I thought to myself but knew perfectly well that this was the opportunity I needed.

Without thinking twice I stepped into the shower and put the dildo into my ass. From her perspective she still could only see the dildo even with it being covered inside of me.

I could feel the pressure on my prostate rising as she started to soap her full body. It took all my inner power to not grab her and just let things happen.

She slowly started by soaping her tits with taking extra şişli escort care of her nipples. Little moans escaped as she caressed them giving them the care they seemed to need. Sensually she found her way down and grabbed her ass before heading towards her pussy. I could not exactly see what she did due to her back pointing to me but was completely aware she was working her pussy at this moment. I knew our time has come. With little steps she moved closer to me expecting her little dildo on the wall. When she leaned back to the point where she expected her dildo. Her small hands felt back to stabilize herself with the wall. To her surprise all she found was my ripped body. The surprising squeal she made at this moment was priceless.

As she expected the dildo to be farer away she grabbed my cock on the base and aligned it therefore perfectly with her pussy. Before her surprise could lead her to stop in her movement the tip of my cock already had entered her tripping wet pussy. I held back a moan but knew I had to react quickly.

Being prepared for her to back away I reacted as quickly as possible. I pushed my hands off the wall and positioned them to immediately grab her so she could not back off.

But I was mistaken. Slowly I could feel her opening to the size of my cock and engulfing me inch by inch.

When she buried me completely in her love canal she let out a long lustful moan. Her pussy was like a glove that covered me like a second skin. I could feel the muscles of her tight pussy going up and down my cock. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through my body. I could see the goosebumps forming on her back realising she must have felt the same way as I did.

I knew I could not hold out too much longer. The small plastic was pressuring my expanding prostate and my cock was screaming to be pushed deeper into this heavenly pussy.

Obeying my body my hands found their way like on their own to explore the body of this nymph on my cock. At first I could sense a little resistance, but she already was too deep in her bodily automatism. She moved on my cock like she danced before, driving us both into new spheres. With every stroke I grabbed her tits harder and pushed her back to get even deeper into her as I have already been.

As her pussy suddenly grabbed my dick with a grip as intense I have never felt before, I gave up resisting and came with an explosion deep into her pussy. She was literally milking my cock with the muscles of her pussy. As the semen of my erupting cock hit her pussywalls she lost control of her body and started to spasm. Feeling the pure and deep connection we just witnessed, I nearly blacked out. Luckily though I did not as I could only hold her back in the last second before she nearly crashed onto the ground. She was completely out.

Stopping the water coming down on us I quickly grabbed a towel to dry her. I took the opportunity of this moment to again take the beauty of her body into me. I knew I did not want her to wake up just covered with a towel in her shower. She was still shivering and looked too vulnerable to be left behind like that. I wanted her to feel good and carried her to her bed, making sure of it. I was uncertain what to do next so I just stood there watching her for a couple of minutes.

I decided to leave her. I thought it would be the best decision for us both. She would wake up, calm after feeling the heat of the moment and think it was just a dream. No hurt feelings, no strings attached, just my invisible way.

Taking the steps away from her to let this little encounter come to an end I suddenly heard: “who are you?”

I stopped in my tracks. Hearing those 3 words without the fear of someone who expects a ghost was new to me and immediately drew me back to her.

To be continued.

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