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Cyndi walked by him on her way back to the bedroom after having retrieved a cold bottle of water from the fridge. She hadn’t expected to see A.J. here at this time of day. Smiling, she snuck up behind him as he stood in the living room, watching something that was on the television and bumped his hip with her own still wrapped in a towel from her shower.

A.J. spun quickly, the grin reaching his dark eyes as he licked his lips seeing her dressed in nothing but her suntan and a towel that left not much to the imagination. “Hey sexy,” he said, reaching out to gently swat her ass as she started to walk away.

Cyndi wiggled her ass some at the pat, glancing back over her shoulder to smile at him. “Hey baby,” she cooed, dark blue eyes twinkling some as if tempting him to follow her.

A.J. moved behind her, grabbing her hips to feel her wiggle against him as his lips gently pressed to her neck. “Mmmm,” he said, breathing in her scent. “You smell so good. How was your day today?”

She purred softly, a smile appearing as her hands moved down her towel to cover his on her hips. She shivered a bit to feel him kiss her neck, her head tilting a bit to the side to give him more access to it. “Great,” she said, closing her eyes as she enjoyed his touch. “Just walked in from the pool.”

A.J. swayed his hips in time with hers as he kissed her neck again and then again repeatedly, slowing down to kiss in one spot as his tongue folded out against her flesh. He sucked gently on her skin as she relaxed back against him.

“Mmmmm,” Cyndi softly moaned, eyelashes fluttering against her cheeks as their hips swayed gently together. She could feel his lips and tongue on her bared shoulders and neck. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered.

A.J. left a small hicky, grinding into her perfect ass that seemed to make any type of clothing looks sexy and then licked up from her neck to her earlobe to nibble gently. “Mmmm, I’ve missed you too,” he whispered, breathing heavily intentionally so that she could hear it blow against her ear.

Cyndi moaned low, the sound rumbling in her belly as a shiver snaked down her spine. A.J.’s tongue and lips on her ear were driving her nuts as she leaned back against him. Guiding his hand down over her hip and up some beneath the edge of the towel, her fingers intertwined with his before they grazed over her smooth, freshly shaven mound. “God, you drive me nuts,” she admitted on a soft whisper.

“Mmmm,” A.J. murmured, feeling her press his hand into her shaven but wet flesh, his fingers opening her pussy lips to slide them up and down. He could feel his bulge get thicker and harder as his fingers tickled her clit and his lips sucked on her earlobe.

Cyndi groaned helplessly, her head falling back against ankara escort his strong shoulder. She could feel his fingers part her moist nether lips and she shivered delectably as they flicked over her hardening clit. One hand slid back behind and between them to feel the thick, hard bulge in his pants. “Mmmmm baby,” she purred.

A.J. couldn’t help but get a little aggressive as he shoved a finger inside of her, pushing it deep as he pushed his bulge against her ass as he felt her soft hand squeeze at it. “Oh god,” he mumbled, starting to leave several hickies on her neck so that everyone could see what she had been up to, “You’re so fucking hot.”

Cyndi groaned, loving it when he got aggressive. She wasn’t sure whether to thrust her hips forward onto his fingers more or to push her ass back against his hard bulge. Her fingers slid down his muscled thigh as her own parted more. She could feel the towel wrapped around her lithe form begin to loosen as they rubbed up against each other. “Oh baby,” she moaned through a soft murmur, “Mmmmm… so hot for you.”

A.J. reached down between them quickly to undo his shorts. Letting them fall, he stepped out to stand in his light blue boxers and tight undershirt before he added a second finger inside of her cunt, twirling them around deep inside of her like he could stir her into a frenzy just with the movement of his digits. “Mmmmm, you’re so fucking wet baby,” he moaned.

Cyndi gasped for breath as he added another finger and pushed back against his boxers. She could feel the outline of his hard cock as it ground against her. The towel finally slipped completely and fell to the ground, leaving her naked body open to his will. Her hand pushed into his boxers as he fingered her wet cunt. “Oooooo… so hard, baby… just like I like it,” she whispered with a sultry smile.

“Mmmmm… tell me what you want, sweetie,” he said, thrusting his rod into her hand so that she could feel the sticky precum oozing out from his swollen cock head. “Tell me how you want it,” he said as he started jabbing his fingers in and out of her cunt. His thumb rubbed against her clit as he looked down over her shoulder to see her nipples turning rock hard on her heaving chest.

Cyndi gasped, his driving fingers making her mind whirl as her fingers wrapped around his cock. She stroked it, getting it ready for her body as she groaned, “I don’t care… just take me, A.J! God, I want you so badly!”

“Mmmmmm, yeah Cyn… I’m gonna fuck you so hard again,” he groaned as he pushed her against the bed so that her ass was in the air. He slapped each perfectly rounded cheek playfully as he smiled down to see how heavy she was breathing now. Pushing his boxers aside, he exposed his rock hard cock before lifting his escort ankara shirt up and off his well-formed chest.

Cyndi gasped, hearing his words as he suddenly pushed her down against the bed. Her lithe form draped over the side, wet blonde hair spilling out like a halo around her slender shoulders. Her ass was thrust up into the air and legs spread as she cried out in surprise, feeling his stinging hand make contact with her ass. Moaning uncontrollably, her fingers curled into the bed coverlet as she began to beg, “Yesssss… please… fuck me, baby.”

A.J. reached down to grab his cock as he guided it to her wet cunt. He let her feel his cock head rub up against her clit before he slid it inside. Then, grabbing her hips forcefully, he thrust himself deep inside, pulling her hips against his as he hit her cervix with one powerful thrust.

Cyndi moaned, wiggling against his cock head as it rubbed her throbbing clit and then yelped in surprise as he suddenly slammed deep inside of her. She could feel his strong fingers dig into her hips as her head lifted, her lips formed into a small ‘o’ as she groaned deep.

A.J. pulled back and then shoved himself back in, not going fast but instead, using power as he slowly pulled his cock back almost to the point of where it falls out before slamming it inside again. He seemed to hit her cervix almost every time as the bed creaked with his hard thrust. “Mmmm, yeah baby… you like getting power fucked,” he groaned.

Cyndi cried out helplessly, long lashes fluttering closed over her bright blue eyes as the powerful sensations rippled through her body. She knew A.J. could feel her tremble beneath his hands as her cunt walls clamped down on his cock with each thrust as if unwilling to let go. Helpless whimpers escaped her lips with each one of his slams forward. “Yesssss,” is all she could manage to moan in response.

A.J. slid his hands up her back to grab onto her goddess like hair, tugging on it as he started to go faster but he kept the same power with each thrust. Only the time between his thrust inside of her got shorter; POUND… POUND… POUND… POUND… POUND.. POUND POUND POUND!

Cyndi cried out deeply as his hand suddenly wrapped in her long hair, yanking back. Her whole body shuddered in response, knowing he knew that that simple act alone drove her past the edge as her first orgasm ripped through her. She spasmmed hard over his hard cock as it thrust powerfully into her. She felt completely dominated by him as she screamed in delight, “Ohhhhh godddddd!”

A.J. showed no mercy to her pussy as he rammed his rod in and out, over and over as he felt her orgasm splash on his cock, lubricating it even more to slide faster in and out of her. His one hand yanked her hair ankara escort bayan as the other began to slap her ass like he was riding a horse.

Crying out with each slap to her perfectly shaped ass, Cyndi’s whole body shuddered beneath the onslaught of his perfectly muscled body on hers. Silver tears sprung to her eyes from the intensity of it as he continued to fuck her relentlessly, loving every minute as her nails dug deep into the bed, moaning uncontrollably.

A.J. quickly turned her on her back as he kept standing at the edge of the bed, his cock still embedded inside as he pushed her legs out practically in the splits. He watched his cock beat up her cunt, her pussy lips bright red from the friction and her clit fully erect and pink as her tits shook with each of his powerful thrusts.

Cyndi cried out as he flipped her quickly, blue eyes wide with surprise and lust. He back arched with each powerful thrust as he pushed her legs wide, somewhat surprised to see just how limber she still was as he continued to pound up into her cunt. Her whole body spasmmed from another orgasm that ripped through her. “Ooooooo… yessssss… A.J.!!” she screamed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned as his cock throbbed inside of her. His goal was to keep her orgasm going until he could cum as he pounded in and out of her cunt, leaving her legs spread wide so that he could reach down to rub her hard clit. He could see her juices start to squirt out with each thrust.

Cyndi cried out, her back arching hard as her orgasm only seemed to grow more powerful with each of his thrusts. Her head thrashed some on the bed as his body continued to drive forward, impaling her over and over again. Jerking hard beneath him as his fingers touched her clit, a scream ripped from her throat as her cunt walls clenched around him. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

“Yesssss!! Yesssssssssssssssss!!” A.J. moaned out as he thrust deep inside of her, holding it as he exploded. His body jerked forward as more and more cum blast inside of her, painting the walls of her collapsing cunt.

Screaming helplessly, Cyndi’s voice faded to whimpers of passion as he rocked forward. She could feel his ass muscles clench as his cock exploded, spewing thick ropes of pearly cum into her quivering cunt to mix with her own juices that seeped out between their bodies. “Baby… ohhhh baby,” she moaned in a soft, whimpering voice.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” A.J. whimpered as well, thrusting slowly now as he shoved his cum inside of her. “Ohhh fuck baby,” he said, his head falling forward a bit as he wiped some sweat from his eyes.

Cyndi gasped harshly for breath, having gotten yet again, the best fuck of her life. Whimpering helplessly, she managed to whisper, glancing up to him with a soft grin, “I… I didn’t think it could… get… any better.”

A.J. leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips before he fell onto the bed next to her, trying to catch his breath. “You’re just too damn irresistible,” he said with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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