James and Rachel Ch. 02

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Rachel and her boyfriend James were laying James’ bed a few days later when James suddenly got up saying he wanted chocolate. Rachel just looked at him funny as he quickly left the room. She was a little perplexed at the spontaneity of her love’s cravings. Shortly, James returned with bottles of chocolate and caramel topping syrups. “I decided I wanted caramel too,” he chuckled as he set the bottles down and set about handcuffing Rachel’s hands to the bed above her head and her legs were tied at the ankles and spread to the corners of the foot of the bed. James then took a strip of soft but dark cloth and having her lift her head high enough to tie a knot, blind folded her.

Rachel was frozen with excitement and before she knew quite what was going on, was squealing as she felt twin streams of refrigerated syrup upon her nipples and swirling down her breasts to meet just above her navel and continuing down to just above her clit. Just as abruptly as it began, the flow of syrup stopped. James closed the caps and set the bottles down close at hand.

“Just what do you think you’re doing, mister,” Rachel asked him with her most serious expression on her face.

“Who, me, I’m not doing anything, love.” James said with a smile as he leaned over and sucked her chocolate-coated nipple into his mouth. For a moment he stayed there, swirling his tongue around and making sure he licked up all of the syrup. He leaned further over and took Rachel’s other nipple into his mouth, lapping up the caramel syrup and loving hearing her moans. Once he felt that her nipples were clean of the deliciously sticky toppings, he slowly began licking down her breasts alternating sides with each lick towards where the two flavors mixed above her belly button.

“Oh my god,” Rachel thought to herself, “the cold syrup and his warm mouth… It’s all driving me crazy!” She was beside herself with lust for the way this man was turning her on and her heart was bursting with love for him and his knowledge of just how to touch her, lick her and kiss her to make her feel the best he possibly could. Every nerve in her body was afire with sensitivity, straining to pick up the next brush of his lips, swipe of his tongue or caress with his fingertips. Rachel’s clit was aching and throbbing with its need for attention as James slowly worked his way down her body.

Once James had reached her navel, he paused and slowly licked and sucked the syrups out as sensuously as he could, holding back his excitement with all the willpower he could muster. After a couple minutes of essentially making love to his girlfriend’s stomach with his mouth, he chose it was time to ever so slowly work his way further down. He struggled against his own need for release and forced himself to lick only millimeters of chocolate and caramel at a time. To ensure that it took longer, James reached out and grabbed a bottle of syrup, opening the bottle of chocolate quietly as he brought it over Rachel’s writhing body, and drew out lines from her neck to her nipples and from their down to her navel but stopping just before. Again, he took hold of the caramel bottle and traced the lines he had just made. As he finished he had licked his way down to the end of the first lines just above Rachel’s clit. He could clearly smell her desire and there was a small pool forming on the bed sheet beneath her.

Rachel could feel her boyfriend looking at her flowing pussy, she knew he could see how wet she was. With that in mind, she got even more turned on and felt her juices flowing more. She had decided big ass porno to try to breath and calm down a little when she felt her lover position himself between her legs. “Oh my God,” she thought to herself, “is he finally going to lick me and let me cum?” As she finished thinking these words, Rachel could feel James lean over her, too far to be getting ready to go down on her, and instead had started to lick up her body from her belly button. She could feel him licking faster now, as though he were impatient to get to the end of the lines of syrup at her neck. Her man was alternating between the lines, one to each nipple, and was just getting to the underside of her breasts. She took a deep breath as his mouth enveloped her left nipple first, tongue quickly flicking and swirling around it then just as fast, moved to her right mirroring his actions from the other. Once he finished his brief re-visitation of her nipples, Rachel was delighted to feel James licking and kissing up her neck to her earlobe.

James could take it no more. The scent of Rachel’s arousal was too much for him to take and he pulled himself off of her to dive between her legs. He ate her pussy out like it was the last time he’d ever get to do so. He could feel her bucking and writing while pulling against her bonds, trying to get a hold of him to pull his head harder against her. She was moaning and screaming in ecstasy at his tongue work. James was in heaven pushing his tongue deep into his lover’s pussy to taste her juices between flicking it on her clit. He could tell she was getting close and started licking further down between her legs with each swipe of his tongue. He and Rachel had done anal a couple times and she seemed to like it, so he thought he’d try something else.

Rachel was quickly being driven to the brink of orgasm when she realized James was licking closer to her ass with each pass. She was torn between wondering what he was up to and just going with it and riding the amazing feelings it was causing when she felt his tongue push against her asshole. In that moment, she wanted him to do it but couldn’t find a way to make her mouth do anything other than moan or scream. Then she felt another push, this time with more pressure, driving her insane with lust. Somewhere in her mind she decided she would try to make him put his tongue in her ass by trying to push her ass at him. She felt his tongue start to push and she rolled her hips so her ass pushed against his tongue and it worked. She felt his wet tongue slip into her asshole and she came hard. She hadn’t felt anything so erotically dirty since the first time they tried anal and after an hour of careful fingering and slow pushing finally fit his big dick in her ass. She was screaming out her pleasure and thrashing about on the bed.

A couple hours later, Rachel came to and found herself wrapped in a light blanket in James’ arms.

“What happened?” she asked him, for to her just a moment ago, she was cumming harder than she ever had with his tongue in her asshole.

Chuckling, James responded with, “You came so damned hard, you passed out!” He couldn’t help himself and broke down into laughter. Rachel just stared at him in disbelief. There just wasn’t any way that could have happened, was there? She tried to reassure herself that she just blacked out with the strength of her orgasm. Then, she looked at the time.

“Holy shit, I really did pass out, didn’t I?” she said in surprise. “Oh my God, did you get to cum, baby?”

James had quit laughing and told her that big tits porno since she had just passed out after squirting all over, he had just washed her off with a warm washcloth and then lay down with her ignoring his throbbing member. “Don’t worry about it, love” he said, “I’m just glad you liked what I did to you.”

“James, I loved it. I fucking loved the dirty feel of your tongue in my ass. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.” She said before kissing him roughly as she climbed on top of him. “Babe, I’m still really horny. Can you please fuck me now?”

James could feel her pussy starting to drip again as she slowly humped against his limp cock. The sensation was so sexy that his dick started to swell, stiffening, thickening and pressing up against her wetness. Soon, he was fully hard again and ready to go. Just as he was about to tilt his hips to angle his pole upwards, Rachel jumped off of him. “Babe, what are you doing?”

“I figure that since you made me cum so hard with your mouth, I should do the same for you. It’s only fair, right?” Rachel had that amazingly sexy smile as she said this and lay down between James’ legs, spreading them to give her clear access to his cock and balls. “Unless you don’t want this,” she then stuck her tongue out and licked from the back side of his nut sac and all the way up to the tip of his cock before continuing to speak. “I can just climb back on top of you if you’d prefer that.” With that, she moved as though she were going to just that.

“No! No, that’s fine. You know I love it when you suck my cock. Hell, I’m sure after that we can get to the fucking.” James couldn’t help but smile as he said it. He knew that Rachel really loved his ability to either stay hard or get back up quickly after cumming. He watched as she made herself comfortable lying on her stomach between his legs with his cock pointing up over his head. Then she reached out and wrapped her smallish hand around his thick seven inch long shaft. Slowly, she let her hand slide up his length to the tip then back down to the base where she opened her hand so she was only circling James’ dick with her thumb and forefinger.

Rachel wanted to take her time with this and make James’ orgasm as big as she could. She started slowly, licking all around the purple head while watching her man’s face as he watched her, his lust and love burning in his eyes. Little by little, she lowered her mouth over the fat cock before her, flicking her tongue along the underside with fluttering movements. Once the tip had passed her lips, she closed them lightly just behind the ridge and slid her mouth back off. Rachel paused to make a sultry display of licking her lips before pursing them and working James’ dick inch by inch into her mouth. Her pussy was dripping onto the sheet with her arousal and she knew that once she had this big piece of meat in her, she’d come repeatedly. For now, though, she had a different task to perform. Rachel wasn’t lucky enough to not have a gag reflex, so she knew she couldn’t take the entire beast she was sucking on, but she knew how to work this dick well. She started bobbing her head on it, slowly at first, but steadily moving faster while keeping one hand on the base to keep it where she wanted it. Meanwhile, her other hand was busy massaging and squeezing the big balls that hung below it. Soon, Rachel could feel James’ balls pulling up as he got closer to cumming from her oral fucking. Not wanting him to blow his load yet, she slowed down and let him back off.

“Fuck babe, that feels amazing,” blacked porno James moaned. “You’ve got me close.” He was watching her intently, eyes bouncing from hers to her lips around his turgid shaft. When she moaned with his cock in her mouth he very nearly came then and there. Luckily, he didn’t. James lay there, watching as Rachel took his member as far into her mouth as she could and moaned as she slid her lips slowly back up to the tip, leaving most of his dick shiny with her spit.

Rachel watched James’ face for signs that he wasn’t near cumming anymore and about the same moment she noticed his breathing was more normal and regular, her eyes caught sight of the syrups lying closed on the bed beside them. She stopped playing with James’ balls and picked one up, casually reading the nutrition facts while contemplating squeezing some of the caramel and chocolate over his already delicious cock. Looking past the bottle, she could see James had rested his head on the pillows and was relaxing with his eyes closed and a blissful smile on his face. Rachel grabbed the other bottle and with both now easily at hand, popped the cock out of her mouth and quickly drizzled chocolate syrup over it followed by the caramel.

James felt Rachel’s mouth leave his cock and figured she was just giving her tongue and jaw a stretch break and didn’t think anything of it. Suddenly, something cool was hitting his dick. He quickly opened his eyes and looked down to see his sexy girl smiling devilishly as she closed the chocolate syrup and opened the caramel. “Makin’ a cock sundae, lover,” he asked her, “sorry I don’t have any cream at hand, you have to work for that.”

“Aw, babe, I knew something was missing,” she pouted, “how about cherries?” Her eyes lit up with the thought of trying to balance cherries on his pulsing dick and she had to force herself not to giggle.

“Rachel, neither of us is a virgin and I didn’t think you’d want me to bring anyone else to our bed,” James shook his head, “Not that I want to. I have too much fun just pleasing you,” he said, displaying his own evil smile.

It was then that Rachel looked down and saw that the syrups were starting to run down his balls and she got to work licking him clean. She could feel the wetness on the bed on her knees now and knew that she had to get fucked soon. Rachel told herself that she wasn’t going to let James back off or try to keep from cumming, she wanted a mouthful and then she wanted to get fucked. Short work was made of the sticky mess made by the syrups and she was soon trying to suck his cum out of his balls. She watched as James’ breathing started getting quicker and knew that he was getting close. His dick and his sac were soaked in her saliva as were her hands. She had another idea.

James loved everything Rachel was doing with her mouth and hands. She was squeezing his balls just right, she was sucking his cock the best she could… It was great. Then he felt her do something unexpected. A single finger pushed into his asshole. That was all it took. “Oh! Oh fuck. Oh baby, keep doing that; keep sucking that big dick and fuck my ass with your finger. Fuck yes!” He could feel his orgasm building hard. “Oh, Rachel, you’re going to make me cum. I can’t hold it back, here it comes!”

Rachel started working her finger in his ass faster and harder as she felt his cock start to spasm in her mouth. The first spurt of cum shot straight to the back of her throat and nearly made her gag, quickly followed by the second. His sperm filled her mouth as he finished cumming. Smiling, she swallowed and asked him how he liked that.

James was too busy trying to catch his breath to answer so instead gave her the “thumbs-up” sign with both hands. Laughing, Rachel crawled up and snuggled against him while he calmed down.

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