Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

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1 Close Encounter

1.1 Wakeup Call

When Jennifer Thomas woke up that morning, she was sure something big was going to happen that day, something important.

She pottered around for a couple of hours and completed all her coursework.

Her particular Degree had an extremely heavy load in terms of coursework so could it be that getting it all done was the big thing that was going to happen?

No, it was something else.

It was a blisteringly hot day and the scorching sun fell directly on her because her desk was under the south-facing window. She had been sitting there in the one chair for a long time and decided to have a shower since she now felt really hot, the perspiration dripping off her.

She undressed, put her robe on, picked up her towel, shampoo and soap and went down the corridor to the showers. When she got there, she hung her robe and towel up on the hook and, after adjusting the water to the correct temperature, stepped under the stinging jets to let the water rinse away the accumulated sweaty feeling.

As she began washing her long hair, she found herself daydreaming about her lack of a love-life and what it would be like to actually have “a boyfriend”.

Her daydreams moved on a bit when she started soaping her body and she began imagining what she would feel like making love to someone.

As she spread the lather over her breasts, she saw her nipples were getting a bit swollen and gave them a squeeze and a little suck. Her hands drifted down between her legs to part the thick mat of pubic hair with two fingers of one hand, rubbing gently over her clitoris with the soapy fingers of the other, imagining it was a tongue.

Then she pushed the fingers deep into her pussy, in and out, in and out like a cock.

I mustn’t do this here, she thought as she felt her juices begin to flow. These are communal showers even if they are curtained off from each other.

1.2 Shaving

She finished her shower quickly, before the sexy feelings could overcome her, returned to her room and went back to her desk, still wearing only her robe. Once there, she opened the pot-box containing the tobacco, a cigarette lighter, the skins and gear and rolled a couple of joints, one for now and one for later.

After she had sparked one up, she sat there with her elbows, and breasts, resting on the table, smoking and staring vacantly out of her dorm-room window on the first-floor.

As the pot took effect, she found herself daydreaming again about her lack of a love-life while watching some other students walk along the path below her window and suddenly caught her breath when she saw an incredibly gorgeous guy appear from around the corner of the building.

She watched intently as he strolled along, admiring his sun-bronzed muscles rippling under his sleeveless t-shirt, his powerful legs in his shorts and the confident way he walked. As he approached, she put the joint down in the ashtray and couldn’t resist slipping a hand under her robe onto one of her bare breasts to squeeze a rapidly hardening nipple while her other hand tugged the belt cord undone, pulled the lower part of the robe open and carried on down between her legs to massage her pussy a little. When he drew level with her window, she leaned back in her chair and pulled her robe open all the way. She lifted her feet up to rest them on opposite corners of the desk, her legs straight, and pushed two fingers all the way into her pussy.

After a moment she took her other hand from her breast, licked her fingers and moved it down to start massaging her swelling clitoris.

She watched until he had gone around the corner out of sight then licked her sweet juices from the fingers of one hand, picked up the joint and relit it, fingers of her other hand still playing with her clitoris.

When she had finished the joint, she realised that after all the bad weather recently it had turned out to be too good a day to waste indoors masturbating.

Her eyes fell on her new g-string bikini on the table, still in its wrapper from the shop, a steamy romance novel next to it, and she grinned, thinking to herself, Just what I need. I’ve never worn my new bikini before, I haven’t even put it on to see what it looks like, so I’ll try it out with a bit of sunbathing on the roof, a few joints and a little reading matter appropriate to my mood.

She did admit to herself that the sight of that gorgeous hunk had made her feel really horny and thought that perhaps a spell in the sun wearing her sexy new bikini might be just what she needed.

She stood up, took her robe off and went to study the reflection of her naked body in the mirror before putting on the bikini.

She knew the only reason she had such trouble finding a man on campus was her own nerves because her body was fine, better than fine as her roomie, Alessa, kept saying. She cupped her hands under her breasts and flicked her index fingers back and forth over her nipples, making them swell a bit more in response, then slid her hands down over her waist to casino şirketleri her hips. She didn’t have an ounce of unappealing fat; her curves were just right from her 42DD breasts to her flat stomach and slim hips. Everything about her screamed romance (and sex) if only she didn’t get tongue-tied every time a good-looking boy so much as glanced at her.

She clasped her hands together behind her with her arms straight, forcing her shoulders back, as she stood facing the glass and turned around to look at herself from all angles, admiring the way her breasts stood out so firm and nicely shaped. She brought her hands up to caress her large breasts and squeezed both her nipples, rolling them around with her fingers, then lifted her nipples up to her mouth and sucked them a little, first one at a time and then, as they swelled up yet more, both together. Finally, she fetched the chair from under her desk and sat down facing the mirror with her legs apart. Her hands drifted down between her legs and she watched her fingers parting the thick growth of pubic hair to massage her clitoris for a few minutes.

Breaking off, she remembered Alessa suggesting that she shave her hair off as she did and decided to give it a go.

Jennifer had often wondered what it would be like to have smooth pubes even before Alessa had said anything about it and felt a surge of anticipation sweep over her as she realised she would have to trim most of the hair off anyway in order to wear the g-string.

She walked over to the sink and filled it with warm water. After cutting most of the excess hair off with a small pair of scissors, she turned to the foam and razor she normally used on her arms and legs and shaved off all the rest apart from a small racing stripe above her slit. She couldn’t resist giving extra attention to her puffy clitoris as she pulled and manipulated the flesh to expose all the skin to the razor.

When she had finished shaving, she dried her now nearly hairless pubes with a soft towel, working over her clitoris more than she needed to because she was feeling so horny. Then she spread some baby oil onto her mons veneris to soothe the skin and went over to see what she looked like in the mirror.

She thought she looked really sexy, especially with her swollen labia and erect clitoris glistening from the baby oil and sticking out so much.

Now, she thought, I’ll see what I look like wearing the g-string bottoms.

She took the bikini out of the wrapper and noted that the cloth strip of the gusset was even smaller than she had thought it was when she saw it in the shop. After she pulled the bottoms on, she felt a sudden little thrill of anticipation of wearing it in public when she realised that it was actually only just long enough to cover her slit from end to end and so narrow that her labia and engorged clitoris bulged out of the sides.

She would have to go back to the sink and shave the rest of the hair off as it was all showing.

When she had done so, and given her clitoris more of the lavish attention again because she had to wash the baby oil off first and then reapply it after the shave, she returned to see her reflection and felt more naked than ever with all her pubic hair removed.

All in all, she felt totally exposed and getting more horny by the minute, so much so that she was getting wetter between her legs now and a trickle of her juices was starting to run down the inside of her thighs.

Still looking at her reflection, she sat on the edge of the chair again, leaned back, parted her legs and reached down with both hands to pull her oily slit open with the tips of the first three fingers of each hand.

But the baby oil meant that her fingers kept sliding over the skin and her slit kept closing so she pushed all six fingers deep into her pussy and hauled the sides apart that way. Then, her fingers now moving about in her pussy, she started to stroke her clitoris with her thumbs sliding over the slippery flesh.

She was getting so aroused now that she pushed three fingers of one hand as deep into her pussy as they would go and devoted the fingers of her other hand entirely to massaging her clitoris.

A few minutes later, the combination of the two almost brought her to orgasm.

She stopped suddenly at the instant that she could feel the beginnings of her peak, thinking I haven’t got time for this because I know I won’t stop at one orgasm. If I don’t go to the roof now, I’ll never go, and stood up to put the bikini bottoms on. When she had done so and saw how much of her now erect and throbbing clitoris was showing around the sides of the g-string bottoms, she wondered fleetingly if she should finish her orgasm just to decrease the size of the swollen organ.

No, not now, I’ve got to get to the roof. I’ll have to put up with it.

When she put the bra-top on she thought it looked more tiny on her than it would on other, less well developed, girls because the two narrow cloth triangles, which were only just wide and long enough to cover her areolae and nipples, casino firmaları left almost all of her breasts bare and she had a lot more to be left bare than the majority of women because her breasts were so large.

Then, on closer inspection, she noticed that the two narrow cloth triangles formed peaks over her nipples when they were as erect as they were now. Her nipples were so big at the moment, almost ¾” long, that the edges were pulled in and part of her areolae were exposed. But she decided it didn’t really make a lot of difference because so much of her large breasts were showing anyway.

She wrapped her towel around her waist and it was when she put her short robe back on that she realised how revealing it was; her breasts had grown so much since she bought it that the front edges didn’t even come close to meeting and her nipples poked through the thin material as well.

She grabbed a bag into which she put a bottle of sunscreen, the romance novel and the pot-box, remembering to pick up her alarm clock because she knew that, not having seen the hot sun for a while, she shouldn’t spend more than about half an hour at a time on either her front or back. Then she headed quickly for the roof, trying to ignore the warmth that had spread throughout her body when she had shaved herself and examined her body and from her self-induced near-orgasm. Her engorged nipples tightened as she thought of someone’s hands, perhaps those of the guy she had just seen, caressing her breasts and brushing his thumbs over her nipples.

When she thought of him kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples as well she nearly turned around to rush back to her room to masturbate to the orgasm she just denied herself.

Jennifer groaned in frustration and ran up the final few stairs to the roof.

1.3 Fiddler On The Roof

She was glad to see the flat roof unoccupied when she arrived and found a secluded corner behind a parapet, spread the towel out and sat down on it. She spread some sunscreen over her arms and stomach and, when she smoothed it over her breasts, she ran her hands under the cloth of the bikini, ‘To make sure it covers all my skin’ she told herself, “accidentally” letting her fingers linger on her erect nipples.

No, not now, she thought, not here, and snatched her hands away.

But doing that pulled her nipples out from under the cloth so she put her right hand back on one of her breasts, her first and second fingers either side of the nipple, intending to push it back under the cloth. Her nipple was so swollen that it stuck out above her fingers and she paused to study it like that for a moment, never having remarked on the effect in the past. Or perhaps her nipples had never been so swollen before.

Then she realised that her fingers were clenching and relaxing, squeezing her nipple between them, and she stopped suddenly. She transferred her left hand over to tug the material of her top to cover her exposed right nipple and removed her hand slowly.

She put her left hand on her other breast and did the same with her left nipple, once more letting her fingers pause as she stared in wonderment at the sight of the acorn-sized organ protruding through the gap between her fingers before covering it with the cloth.

She removed her left hand more slowly this time, with the excuse to herself that she didn’t want to pull her nipple out again but knowing she was really just letting her fingers stay in contact with it for as long as possible.

When her fingers were free she moved her hands swiftly down to her shins to put the sunscreen on her legs.

While she was oiling her legs up to her inner thighs, she saw that the tiny g-string bottoms had pulled between the swollen lips of her slit in the short walk up from her room so she laid down on her back, spread her legs wide and slipped her finger and thumb into her pussy either side of the cloth, ostensibly to get a grip on it and pull it out.

But she knew this was just an excuse to herself to get her fingers back into her pussy again and actually pushed them in up to the knuckles. Then she eased the cloth out partway and pushed her finger and thumb back in deep “to get a better grip”.

When she felt she had a “better grip”, and it took two or three deep and slow insertions to “get it right”, she pulled the g-string clear of her slit, slipped a finger of her other hand through the gap under it and slid the finger slowly down and up the line of her slit to ease the rest of the cloth out.

She stopped when her finger touched her inflamed clitoris, wanting so much to give in to her desire for an orgasm and was so aroused that she didn’t know if she would be able to restrain herself, especially if she laid on her back as she planned.

But I’m in a public place now, anyone could come up here, she thought to herself, so I mustn’t, and stayed lying on her back.

Oh, alarm clock, she thought, and rolled over onto one elbow to look through her bag for the clock.

When she found the clock and set it for half an hour, she güvenilir casino noticed her nipples had slipped out from under the small bikini top and was about to cover them up again when she decided to roll another joint first. Then she remembered she didn’t need to, she had one prepared, took it from the pot box and lit it, after which she pulled the cloth back over her nipples.

She laid down, closed her eyes and gradually let her mind wander as she smoked the joint. After a while, she began thinking of what it would be like to hold and kiss that guy she had seen earlier. One hand moved slowly up over her stomach to caress a slick breast and went under the g-string top to squeeze a nipple. When she finished the joint, her legs parted and the other hand moved down to her pussy under the cloth to touch her clitoris. That was when she realised how wet her bikini bottoms were.

I mustn’t do this, not up here, she thought to herself, but still didn’t remove her hands until the alarm clock went off a few agonising minutes later.

Agonising because she was anticipating the moment when the alarm would sound and knowing that she would have to turn over onto her front when it did.

When it went off, she rolled over quickly onto her stomach, almost relieved that she would have to stop teasing herself, and skinned up a couple of “killer” joints.

To keep up the distraction, she reset the alarm clock and opened the book on the floor in front of her. Then she propped herself up on her elbows, sparked one up and began to read.

It was so hot up on the roof, there wasn’t even a breath of wind that day, she was getting really caught up in the novel and was getting a really huge buzz from the joints so she glanced round thinking What the hell, I’ll take my bikini top off, no one can see me and it’s so small anyway. So long as I stay on my front, it won’t matter even if someone else does come up here. I’ll put it back on when it is time for me to turn over.

She felt her thoughts were written all over her face as she sat up to take her top off and knew she was blushing. When it fell to the floor and she looked down at her big breasts, she saw how engorged her nipples were, gave them a little tweak and lifted one to her mouth to suck the swollen flesh.

She stopped herself again, thinking, No, I shouldn’t do this.

A few moments later, she grinned to herself and continued the thought with But it would be unfair not to do to one nipple what I have already done to the other, and she sucked the other one the same amount, giving them equal stimulation. Then she sucked them both together, Just to make sure I’m being fair, she told herself with a giggle.

Only then did she throw herself forward onto her front where she skinned up another joint.

From where she was resting on her elbows, her now bare breasts hung down and, when she resumed reading, she found herself swaying a little from side to side, brushing her sensitive nipples over the surface of the towel and feeling them becoming even harder as the erotic sensation took effect.

After a while, and yet another joint, she got to the beginning of the part where the hero and heroine celebrated their wedding night in such ever so explicit detail.

Jennifer felt the familiar warmth from earlier starting to spread through her again. But this time she knew it was unstoppable.

She squirmed a bit, uncomfortably, as she was reading and tried to suppress her desire by putting pressure on her pubic mound, grinding it into the floor even though she had already decided that such an action was futile.

Her left hand drifted down between her bare left breast and the towel, seemingly of its own accord, to brush lightly over the hardened nipple and she squeezed it gently between her finger and thumb.

Jennifer moaned and shut her eyes tight at the jolt of pleasure the simple touch sent through her.

She jerked her hand away as she tried to ignore her feelings and return to reading.

She read another half-page, getting to the really explicit part of the love scene, and this time her right hand moved down to her other breast to caress her nipple for a few minutes. Then it glided lower until it was wedged between her stomach and the towel.

She brought her knee up sideways to raise her right hip after reading a few more lines of text and her hand slid down under her flat stomach to her waist, then further down between her legs until it rested on the soaking fabric of her bikini bottoms. Her finger worked its way under the g-string bottoms and again came into contact with her clitoris.

At the shock of the touch, Jennifer gave up all attempts to read the book and tugged her hand away. She brought it up to her mouth, licked her sweet juices off her finger and wiped it dry on the towel.

I must NOT do this she thought, and skinned up another killer joint instead, still trying desperately to deny her feelings.

When she looked at the book again, she saw that a few pages had turned over and she had lost her place. She scanned through it, found a line she recognised from just before the “wedding night” and, with a sense of delighted anticipation because she now knew what was going to happen, and that she couldn’t stop it, she started reading the same passage again.

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