Joyce, Across the Street Ch. 02

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For the second time in a week, I found myself standing in Joyce’s kitchen with her on her knees and her fantastic mouth working my cock like the skilled artisan that she is. She changes up her technique, never allowing me to get used to one particular style of fellatio while I stand over her, looking down, and watching in amazement.

Her tiny hands twisted their way up the shaft, she stuck the tip of her tongue between my balls and licked gently, she took light nips at my nut sack with her perfectly aligned teeth, and then she’d open wide and shove her full face all the way down on it until she choked on it from its length. Every time I found myself building to an explosive orgasm, she’d change the tempo or the style of her cocksucking. When I’d reach down to curl my fingers in her hair and try to control her motions, she’d flip my hand away with one of hers. She never closed her eyes or stopped watching me while working my rod, so she saw my hand coming every time.

I vaguely wondered whether the furor with which she was sucking my dick was a reaction to me ruining a pair of her perfectly good panties on Saturday night (and not replacing them immediately like she’d told me to) or if she was “punishing” me for handling her so roughly during our first coupling.

I didn’t think about it long, since watching her petite form trying to handle my cock, which was clearly not made for such a small woman, was quite the turn on. She seemed quite intent on working me over without letting me come and for my part, I was willing to let her just so I could watch the show.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out why I was risking my stable home life by diddling the pretty neighbor lady. With the skills she was exhibiting, I think most men would make the same decision.

The girlfriend was out late again, having dinner with one of her friends and certainly discussing all kinds of trivial things. I had decided to wander next door and drop in on Joyce and see if I could get a feel for whether Saturday’s tryst had been a one time fling, or if I would be able to work over that tight little box between her legs any time my girl was gone and her son was not home. Joyce knows that I’m with someone; hell she can see us together across the street from her house any day of the week. She clearly is only in this for the sex, just like I am.

When the late afternoon started to turn to evening, I had walked across the street to help her put a cover on her silver Mercury. As we worked in the cooling air, we spoke pleasantries in case any of the neighbors could hear. It wouldn’t do to have the neighbors whispering about us; that could mess up our happy homes. The privacy fence on either side of Joyce’s house would help us remain discreet, but there was always the possibility that a neighbor could see me walk up the long set of stairs to her wrap around porch.

In between phrases of greeting and “how do you do” that two neighbors would normally exchange, we held a second whispered conversation that was simply a prelude to the coming tempest of flying clothes and profane commands.

“Did you bring me some new drawers, asshole?” she hissed at me in mock-anger.

“No, but I’m willing to try to be more careful if given another chance.” There simply hadn’t been a chance to hit up a Victoria’s Secret or a Frederick’s of Hollywood since Saturday and I told her so. “I definitely plan to get you a nice replacement, but I haven’t done it yet.” In fact, my plans were to buy her something so naughty that she would never be able to forget who gave her the present. There hadn’t been time yet to make the purchase.

She looked at me as if I’d just become the most presumptuous person she knew, “You ruined a fifteen dollar pair of underwear and you think you can walk across the street any time you want and do it again?” she teased. “Fifteen bucks?” I thought. Hell my entire underwear collection isn’t worth fifteen bucks combined. “I’m willing to work hard and try to make it up to you.” My mock subservient tone made her pull a face in my direction.

We finished the job of covering the car, and she looked up and down the road to see if any neighbors were outside.

“Where’s your son?” I asked. I hadn’t seen him in several days. It was too much to hope that she’d sent him away to facilitate another encounter with me without the danger of him catching us together.

“Staying with his grandmother. He can ride the bus to school from her house. But that leaves me all alone here to watch TV, drink beer, and hit up the happy hours with Sheila.”

“Really? You sit in there and drink alone?” I asked.

“Not like a drunk in denial, stupid. I have a few before she picks me up so that when we run down to Talbot’s for happy hour, it doesn’t cost as much to get tight.”

“Speaking of ‘tight’,” I said, “why don’t we go inside, have another drink, and see if we can’t stretch you out again?”

She pretended to be shocked at my suggestion. Her mouth vivid porno dropped open as her eyes widened. She started to say something, then caught herself. Wordlessly, she turned and mounted the stairs to her porch, opened the door, and went inside. The half open door was a clear invitation. I took one last look around and headed up the stairs. As my eyes adjusted to the low lighting in her house, I heard the door slam behind me. I turned to see her standing there naked but for her white Ked’s sneakers. A pile of girl clothes lay on the floor nearby. What a sight she was.

When we’d fucked on Saturday night, it was fast and abrupt, with no time to reflect and take in all the sights. Plus we’d never moved more than a foot apart. From six feet away, I was now able to properly check out her hot little body. Her B-cup breasts were still pert for a woman in her early forties, with very little noticeable sag. The legs that I admire all the time from across the road were certainly just as shapely and tanned as they appeared from the distance between our houses. Her tummy exhibited only the slightest bulge, a paunch that instead of looking slovenly on her, actually looked sexy. Instead of attempting to appear like the models in magazines, Joyce stood in her own kitchen, in her own skin, comfortable in being just what she is; a sexy, single mother in her early forties.

“Time to account for what you owe me.”

My raised eyebrow must have been taken as the challenge I intended it to be. She checked one last time to see if the door was locked and said, “Strip off those clothes. Don’t think. Just do it.”

Once I was down to just my underwear, she stepped to me quickly and grabbed the waistband and pulled…hard. The ripping sound took me by surprise and the force it took to tear through the elastic band pulled me towards her. The tearing away of the boxers almost made a rug burn on my sack and ass cheeks as the fabric pulled from my body. Standing there with the remains of the garment in her hand, she suppressed a laugh and threw them in the direction of the garbage can. She grabbed me roughly by the shaft of my cock and dragged me to the kitchen counter. I stood with my back to it, the hard, unaccommodating counter top pressed into my lower back. “So this is what that’s like for her when I took charge the other night,” I thought to myself as she dropped to her knees, never letting go of my prong.

Before gobbling up my shaft, she said, “Don’t even think that we’re even. My panties that you ruined cost a lot more than those fucking boxers.” For emphasis, she shoved my cock roughly into the back of her mouth and dragged her upper and lower teeth along its entire length. There was just enough pain from this action that I quickly re-affirmed that I intended to replace the expensive thong that I’d ruined a few days before. She allowed her lips to extend back over those perfect white teeth and protect my sensitive skin as she began to bob up and down on me.

While she stared up at me with my cock in her mouth, she used her free hand to kneed my nuts. If it was possible, I believe she would have started juggling them in their sack. While she roughly manipulated my balls, she allowed my dick to slide out of her mouth. Her slippery tongue worked the underside of my rod and the head of my cock slid back and forth across her forehead and into her bangs. Pre-cum started to make a stringy mess in her hair as I watched her lick and nip at the big vein on the underside of the shaft. Re-positioning herself on her knees, she straightened her back, cocked her head, and swallowed me to her tonsils. The sphincter in the back of her throat clutched at my cock head on every thrust and just as I was nearing orgasm, I felt her manicured finger at my back door.

In surprise, I tensed up, but she was insistent. As the French-tip nail pried at my asshole, I was overwhelmed with the sensations and fired off into her mouth. Reaching behind me with one hand, I steadied myself against the counter as I came, while holding her head with the other. She never let up. Her short strokes with her mouth, matched the short jabs she was making at my asshole. Suctioning all of the cum out of me, she made lewd noises in the back of her throat as she swallowed all I had to give. Not a drop escaped her mouth and I could see her throat working as she drank all of my cum.

Once I was dry, she abruptly removed her finger from my anus, allowed my cock to flop free of her mouth, and stood up. “Now that that’s out of the way, you’re going to service me. You’ve had your orgasm, now I want several. Follow me.”

She led me to the couch; I followed behind her while checking out her dirty blond hair, the smattering of freckles on her toned shoulders, the two small dimples at the small of her back, her pert little ass, and the glorious shape of those legs. Without ceremony, she sat back on the couch, kicked off her sneakers, put her hands behind her knees, and pulled her legs up and woodman casting porno apart. The dainty toes of each foot pointed up and away from the wrinkled soles of her feet, her nipples pointed straight towards the ceiling, and her unruly locks hung in a barely contained golden wash of color around her slender neck.

Her little pussy looked like it had been cleanly shaved recently; not a hair was to be found. Its pale lips blended so closely with the surrounding skin, that it was difficult to see where her inner thighs stopped and the lips began. Since I was pretty sure that I’d soon see it up close, I knew that I would soon be finding the border between the two. Playing the part of the oblivious guy, I stood before her and stroked my cock a few times as if preparing to mount her. Those blue eyes took an angry slant and she said, “Nope, we’re not doing that. Get down here and make me come with your mouth.”

When I dropped to my knees in front of her, her eyes softened. “Ah, you do take orders.” Then in a softer voice, “Good. Come on baby, make me come.”

I placed a hand on either side of her pussy and pulled gently at the skin until her pussy opened up like a dewy blossom. Nuzzling the outer lips softly, I heard her sigh as I began to work. Her light fragrance and butter soft skin were intoxicating; I moved with a subtle purpose and licked around her box deliberately. As I slowly worked my way from side to side and bottom to top, I avoided her vaginal hole and her clitoris. Both were areas that I wanted to pay special attention to, but only when I was ready to bring her off and not before.

After a few minutes of playing with her girl parts, she began to squirm slightly and make occasional moans. Since I knew I was on the right track, and that she was watching me, I took my left hand and held her slit open at the top, exposing her little clit. The small piercing there, held it up like a target for my mouth. I worked my tongue across it once or twice to let her know that I knew where a girls clitoris is located, but otherwise ignored it.

Juices were beginning to lubricate her hole, so I dipped my tongue into her vaginal opening once or twice to savor them. When her squirming and moaning increased, I lapped at her slit from bottom to top, taking a detour around her button. After a few seconds of this, she began to move around in an attempt to make me hit her clit with my tongue, but I deftly avoided the contact.

Once she was moving regularly and moaning more, I decided it was time to increase the intensity and work up to the full treatment. Her vagina was open, her clitoris was poking straight up, and her secretions were beginning to get past me and run down to the crack of her ass. Still holding her slit open with two fingers of my left hand, I poked two fingers of my right hand into her box and locked my lips around her clit. When I applied suction and my tongue to the little piercing and the flap of skin that it held prisoner, I also pushed my fingers further into her hole, curved the tips, and found the spongy mass of her G-spot. Her reaction was instant: It was like a timer had been started and when the countdown ended, she was going to explode.

Her moans and gyrations increased in intensity as my stroking of her G-spot picked up. I sucked and milked her clitoris in time with the fingers in her cunt. It was no longer necessary to hold her box open to suck on her clit, so I reached below me and stroked my own cock a few times.

What a site we must have made! Joyce was on her back with her bottom at the edge of the couch, both legs pulled back almost to her tits, and tossing her blond head from side to side while I knelt naked between her legs with one hand in her cunt and my mouth buried in her clit while stroking myself against the side of her red corduroy couch.

To speed up the countdown to her impending orgasm, I increased the speed of my fingers rubbing her G-spot and was rewarded by more vocalizations. I knew she was close, so I moved down and rimmed the outer lips of her anus with a finger from my free hand and once it was suitably lubricated, paid her in kind for the reaming I’d received a few moments before. As my finger pushed into her bottom, I felt her whole body tense up. I wasn’t sure how she was going to feel about me violating her ass, but what she’d attempted to do to me a few minutes before was encouraging, as was her reaction to my initial prodding of her rear with my finger.

Within a few seconds, it happened for her. She grew completely quiet as every muscle in her strained at the orgasm she was having. The finger in her butt was trapped and nearly immobile, the two in her twat simply pushed harder into her spongy G-spot, and although my head was held motionless by her clamping thighs, I was still able to suck and lap at her clitoris with my tongue. The only sound was the occasional clicking of her jeweled piercing against my front teeth.

Liquid flowed out türkçe alt yazı porno of her like a faucet had been turned on and dripped down onto the finger in her ass. She didn’t shoot a stream of cum like some women I’ve been with; it seemed to just release and run out of her. The creamy liquid had hardly any smell and the creamy, nearly clear color was the only evidence of its existence. As her first orgasm subsided, I determined not to allow her to come down all the way, and went back to gently stroking her G-spot while licking up the secretions ebbing from between her labia.

When I began to move the finger in her asshole again, her jerking started again. I was gentle with her clit now, since I knew she’d be sensitive in this area, but there was no way I was going to quit after only one orgasm. As my finger pushed into her nether hole and began a stroking motion, I matched its rhythm with the two in her pussy. She then began to jerk in earnest again and when her soft moans increased in intensity, I knew she was on the build-up to number two. All of my fingers in her were soaked with her juices and it served to lube them for the work they were doing. Her pussy began clamping tightly to my fingers and it was matched by the warm tightness of her rear passage around my slick finger there.

“My God, I don’t believe it!” she gasped before another orgasm took the air from her. She came again with a force that was twice that of the first. I pushed my finger into her ass all the way and began the motion of stroking it in and out while licking furiously at everything that was flowing out of her pussy. She was breathless and unable to make a sound again so I again increased my efforts. The metal knob of her piercing in my mouth made it easy to hold her clit between my lips and attempt to control her motions. Nonetheless, I moved my head all over her cunt, lapping at her juices, licking the inner lips, and tweaking her nub. The orgasms came one right after another and I held her in this state for what must have been two minutes. Several times she jerked violently, held herself motionless while the muscles in her stomach stood out in sharp relief to her soft breasts, and then would resume breathing in ragged gasps. Her nipples pointed at the ceiling as she arched her back, her fingers would splay out from her palms, and her mouth made a perfect circle as it gasped for air. This long string of orgasms was not as powerful as the first two, but she was clearly enjoying them and the fact that they just kept coming.

When she started to come down, she gathered her wits and looked down at me. My face was soaked with her juices but my mouth was still gently lapping at her nub. The hand I held at her pussy was shiny with her secretions from where the fingers stuck in her almost up to my palm. The single digit in her anus was slick up to the last knuckle and gently pushing back and forth. Some of her cum had even run down past that hand and started to wet the side of the couch. For my part, I was happy with the pleasure I’d given her and the sights and tastes I’d enjoyed. She appeared sated and satisfied, a condition I was glad I had been able to cause.

She came down from her bliss and either was chilly or self conscious in her disheveled nudity or both. The sheen of sweat she had developed most likely combined with the house’s air conditioning to chill her, but the lewdness of the naked neighbor between her legs with his fingers and tongue still filling her holes may have had something to do with it too. In any case, she pulled a small throw blanket from the back of the couch and covered herself from the breasts down and probably expected me to crawl out from beneath it and allow her to relax and recover. Since I still had her in an accessible position, I flattened my tongue and began gently licking from her taint to the top of her cunt with broad swipes.

I pulled my fingers from her holes and used my hands to hold her knees up in the air on either side of her, an act which held her open even more than she had been a moment before. I licked her clean of her girl cum and began to feel the signs of her renewed interest. There was at least one more orgasm in there, I was sure of it.

“That is soooo good.” she whispered. “Nobody has ever spent that much time making sure that I got to come so much or so hard.”

I was hidden beneath the loosely knit blanket while the last, soft shafts of golden evening light stabbed down through the covering, allowing me to see the inflamed labia and angry red condition of her pussy hole. Pushing back a little further, her knees contacted her breasts so that she was almost bent in half, an act which pointed her pussy nearly straight up and exposed her winking brown eye which had so recently been violated.

“I’m not done, yet,” I said after coming up for a breath. “And when I say ‘I’, I mean ‘you'” I joked.

“Mmmmm,” was all the response I got to a rather long and slow lick over her recovering pussy.

Since now her asshole was in plain view as well, I gathered as much saliva as possible on my tongue before my next trip from her bottom to top. This time, I started my travels an inch or two lower and as my tongue tip contacted her anus, I left the glob of spit on the rim.

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