Just Good Friends

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Debs opened the door to her flat and let Evie in. The two of them had been out for a drink and a rest after a hard weeks work. They were both Social workers and close friends. Their characters were as opposite as their looks. Debs was a quiet, almost introverted person. She kept herself to herself and rarely let her emotions loose. Everything about her was conservative in nature and appearance. She had light red hair cut very short to just below her cheekbones. She wore a small black pair of glasses that rested on a small nose. Behind the glasses, she had a pair of deep blue eyes that rarely looked someone straight in the eyes. Her face was round and plain looking, not helped by an almost total lack of make-up. She was wearing a velvety red baggy short-sleeved top and long flowing black skirt with a white zigzag pattern down the sides. Her clothes were designed to hide her lack of figure. She had small breasts, even with a push up bra they were nothing to look at. Her figure was very flat.

Evie was bright and bubbly, the kind of person everyone wanted to know. Her face was very expressive and she used it to engage those she spoke to. She was always the life and soul of any group when they went out. Her looks aided her natural exuberance. She was almost the archetypal stunning blonde. Her hair came down to her shoulders, it was slightly styled for their girly night out. Her face was long and slender with pronounced features, but not overly so. She had light blue eyes and a straight nose below which she had full lips. Her make-up was expertly applied to accentuate her features. She had a body most women would die for. Firm breasts, that were not too small but not too big. A thin figure, without being shapeless. Long legs leading up to a nice shapely ass. Her tight white blouse and short dark blue skirt showed over her figure to perfection.

The two women had become friends very quickly when Evie joined the unit. They themselves often joked about how different they were. But for some reason those differences seemed to make their friendship stronger. The evening out had been an example of this. It had been a spur of the moment call by Evie; she knew that Debs’s week had been a hard one. One of her clients had been causing trouble all week. So that afternoon she talked Debs into coming out, after all it was Friday night they had the weekend to recover if they drank too much. Debs, reluctantly, had agreed. She had mentioned a quiet night at a local pub but Evie had other ideas. The blonde woman dragged her friend, almost kicking and screaming, into the town to a nightclub. Debs had been horrified at first, but soon relaxed and began to enjoy herself a little. By the time they headed back to Debs for a calming drink she had realised just how much she had needed the release.

As Evie wandered into the lounge and sank onto the sofa, Debs headed into the kitchen and switched on the kettle. She looked over at Evie, who was sliding her stiletto shoes off and rubbing her feet.

“Coffee?” Debs asked, Evie smiled and nodded. Debs prepared the coffee as the kettle boiled, then carried the two steaming cups into the lounge. She sank down on the sofa next to Evie and followed her example by removing her shoes. Both women gave a deep sigh of relief as they rubbed their throbbing feet. They looked at each other then laughed at themselves.

“Good night out though.” Evie said. Debs had to agree.

“Thought I was going to be leaving by myself for a while. You seemed to be getting close to that guy.” Debs said with a smile.

“Nope, was not going to leave my best mate stranded. Anyhow wasn’t there any one you were interested in.” Evie replied.

“Yes there were a couple, but they were all with their boyfriends. Kind of a clue I was not going to stand a chance.” It was not a secret between the two that Debs was a lesbian. She shrugged as she spoke and Evie smiled understandingly.

“Pity, you’ve not had a girlfriend for a while.”

“It’s ok, I’m happy being alone. Not really looking at the moment.” Debs sipped her coffee as she spoke. Evie nodded and picked her cup up. She took a bigger sip than she intended and the hot liquid burnt her lip. She gasped and pulled the cup away, it slipped from her hand and coffee spilt down her top. With a yell of pain, she jumped up. Debs reacted quickly almost throwing her cup onto the table and jumping up to help Evie take her drenched top off.

“Ow, ow, ow.” Evie hissed at the pain. Debs ran into the kitchen to grab a wet cloth as Evie threw her blouse to the floor and took off her bra, which was also wet. When Debs returned she began to dab at Evie’s side where the coffee had spilled.

“You going to be all right?” She asked and Evie nodded. “You sure?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. It wasn’t that big a spill and we got the top off quickly.” Evie reassured her. “But I think my best top is ruined.” She added with a small smile. Debs smiled back relieved that she was fine.

“I can get you a top. Might be a little baggier than you’re used to though.”

“Thanks that would be nice. I can’t go home with no casino şirketleri top on.”

“Don’t know; bet the taxi driver wouldn’t mind.” Debs joked, admitting to herself that Evie had a very nice pair of breasts. They were firm and even without the bra easily kept their shape. The nipples were small and surrounded by almost perfect circles of darker skin. Debs realised she was staring at them as she cleaned the last of the coffee from Evie’s side. She forced her gaze away, not sure why she had been staring. It wasn’t even as if she had never seen Evie with any clothes on before. The pair often showed off their new clothes to each other, though Evie’s were always more flamboyant than Debs’s clothes. For some reason Debs found her gaze sliding back to Evie’s breasts. Again, she forced herself to look away. She gave Evie the cloth.

“I’ll go and get the top for you.” She said and headed up to her room trying to get control of herself.

“I’ll come with you.” Evie said dropping the cloth to the table and following, which was just what Debs did not want. She was trying hard not to think how it would feel to lick Evie’s breasts. She could almost sense the feel of the nipples hardening on her tongue. When she turned round and found Evie stood behind her in her bedroom Debs gave a small startled gasp.

“You scared me.” She gasped.

“Sorry, I did say I was following.” Debs had been fighting her thought so hard she had not heard.

“It’s ok, I’m sure I’ve got something for you.” She said turning to her wardrobe. Opening it, she looked at her tops. She doubted very much if Evie would have picked any of them. Then her eyes fell on a black top. It was one Evie had actually brought her. It was made of a shear silk like material that was very thin, almost see through. Debs had never worn it; too risqué for her, but it was perfect for now. She fished it out and handed it to Evie.

“Hey I recognise this. I got you this for Christmas last year.” Evie exclaimed.

“I know but it’s a bit more your style than mine so you might as well use it.” Evie nodded and slid the top on. Debs had hoped the top would still her wild thoughts. Unfortunately, it did the opposite. The thin nature of the top showed just enough of Evie’s breasts for Debs’s mind to work overtime with. Debs closed her eyes and saw herself slowly opening the top to kiss Evie’s breasts. She swallowed hard and opened her eyes. Evie was looking at her.

“You all right, you look funny.”

“Nothing, just worried about the coffee. Sorry it ruined your blouse.” Debs said to cover, Evie smiled.

“It wasn’t your fault. I took to big a gulp, did not let it cool first. It was my fault.” She said and stepped forwards to give Debs a quick hug. Debs felt the nearness of her friend’s body and there was a silent thrill at the touch that ran through her. This was crazy, Evie was definitely not gay Debs knew that. Yet feeling Evie’s arms around her and her breasts brushing against her made things worse. She lifted her head to see straight into Evie’s blue eyes. Debs wanted to sink into those eyes, and without even realising she was doing it lent forwards and kissed Evie softly on the lips. Debs was shocked by her actions, what was she doing? For half a second she felt Evie stiffen. Then, to Debs complete shock, Evie kissed her back.

Evie was as shocked as Debs by the kiss. Her first thought was what is Debs doing? She knew that Evie was not a lesbian. Then, suddenly, she found herself kissing Debs back. Evie’s mind whirled. Why was she kissing her back? She did not know. It seemed to be a mix of the closeness of their friendship, tied to the good time they had both had that night. The one thing she did know is that it had nothing to do with anything either of them had drunk. No matter how drunk they had ever been in the past, nothing like this had happened. Evie felt Debs tighten her arms around her. Her one hand slid up her back to her neck. The kiss grew in strength, their lips pushing against each other hard. Evie felt her friends tongue pushing gently against hers as Deb’s fingers slid up onto her head. She opened her lips, not even thinking of not doing so. Debs’s tongue slipped into her mouth, moving softly around probing inside her. She felt her friend’s hands sliding over her back pulling her down into the kiss. She could feel the closeness of their bodies, her breasts pushing into Debs’s body.

They broke apart breathing hard. Each of them looked at the other neither able to understand why this was happening. Then suddenly they were kissing again, hard and passionately. Their tongues winding around each other, their lips crushed against each other. They pulled each other closer wanting to feel the others body next to theirs. Debs slipped one hand round to Evie’s one breast softly squeezing it. Evie gave a gasp, a mix of pleasure and surprise. Debs’s fingers gently massaged the firm flesh then she took the nipple between her fingers. She softly ran her fingers over the hard nipple making Evie breath deeply. She felt a thrill of pleasure run through her at the touch on her nipple. Debs casino firmaları took the whole breast in her hand squeezing it softly again.

She moved her hands up to the top button of the blouse and began undoing it. Evie felt each button as it was slowly, lovingly undone. Then the blouse was slid open and Debs pulled back to look down at Evie’s exposed breasts. Now she did not have to hide the desire she had felt. Evie could see her light blue eyes almost eating up the sight of her breasts. Unconsciously she pushed her chest out. Debs lent down and took one breast in her mouth holding it with one hand. She softly slipped her lips over the firm mound sucking gently on it, feeling its shape with her lips. Then she licked her tongue over the hard nipple and circled it. Evie hissed softly deep in her throat at the sensation. Debs sucked harder on the breast licking her tongue all over it. Then she moved to the other breast doing the same to that, kissing, sucking and licking. Evie gasped softly in pleasure.

Debs moved up to kiss Evie’s shoulder, then the side of her neck. Evie lent her head back as Debs kissed the base of her throat. She felt Debs’s tongue lick up her throat and up to her mouth. They kissed hard again, Evie willingly opening her tongue to Debs. Neither woman understood what was happening. Both were acting totally out of normal character for themselves. Debs was never this pushy, even with her previous lovers. Evie had never thought of allowing any woman to do what she was letting Debs do to her now. Yet neither one even contemplated stopping, for some reason it felt so right at that moment.

Evie reached down to the hem of Debs’s top lifting it up. Debs pulled away and lifted her arms to help Evie remove her top. As the top slipped over her head, Evie saw that she was not wearing a bra. Debs rarely did, not thinking her breasts were big enough to bother. Evie looked at them; they were smaller than hers were but still had a round shape and had more pronounced nipples than her own. She wanted to kiss them, but sudden nerves stopped her. Debs lent forwards and kissed her neck again then moved down to lick and kiss her breasts. Evie hissed softly and arched her back slightly pushing her chest out towards Debs. The red head took the offering willingly, sucking and kissing each breasts as she held them in her hands. Evie slid her hands round Debs’s neck gasping softly in pleasure.

Evie suddenly pulled Debs up to kiss her hard then ran her hands up to squeeze Debs’s breasts. They were the first breasts, apart from her own, she had ever held. She instantly noticed the differences in the way they felt. Her hands covered them and the nipples were harder against her palm than her own were, even when she was very aroused. She kissed Debs’s neck and shoulder moving downward. Then kissed the base of her throat, before kissing between the two mounds of flesh she still covered in her hands. Then softly she moved her mouth over to one breasts and kissed it. She gently drew the hard nipple into her mouth and licked her tongue around it. Debs gave a deep moan of feeling at the sharp thrill of that touch. Evie sucked the whole breast into her mouth, licking her tongue all over it. Debs gasped and bit her bottom lips softly. Evie ran her tongue along Debs’s chest to the other breast. She circled the hard nipple with the tip of her tongue, and then ran it over the nipple. Debs nearly jumped at the sharp sensation that cause. Evie felt her reaction and it sent a little shiver of satisfaction through her, that she had cause it in the more experienced woman. She slid her lips over the breast warming it with her breath and licking it all over. Debs gripped her shoulder gasping, suddenly feeling her body reacting strongly. There was a deep warmth between her legs and she found she was breathing hard.

To control herself she pulled Evie up to kiss her hard then guided her down onto the bed. Debs sat up and reached down to the short skirt. She quickly undid the buckle and pulled the skirt down. Then she kissed Evie’s neck again, moving lower to her breasts. She gave each one the same treatment of licking and sucking. Then she moved lower placing a kiss at roughly every inch. Evie felt her body reacting, her skin was alive. It rippled in anticipation of each kiss, and after the lips lifted away, it still held onto the warmth they had imparted. She breathed rapidly, nervous as Debs’s kisses moved down her body. Debs hooked her fingers in Evie’s panties and slid them down as she moved down her body. When she reached Evie’s pelvis the blonde girl was completely naked. Debs sat up a little to look down on her friends exposed body.

She had seen it several times before, but never like this as a lover. Now she could take in its beauty and innate sexuality. The figure before her was, it seemed, perfectly formed. The breasts just the right size, the stomach flat but not too flat. The legs were long and shapely. The form of her thighs seemed to draw your eyes into her soft mound of hair. Debs soaked in the picture of her as Evie lay on the bed breathing hard. The blonde woman anticipated güvenilir casino what was too come, but had no real idea what to expect. She was no virgin; in fact, she had slept with a number of men in her twenty-four years of life. But this was different, while Evie knew what it felt like to have a man go down on her; she had no reference for what having a woman go down on her would be like. She had no way of knowing if it would be better or worse. The seconds Debs took to stare at her naked body seemed to stretch on and on. Then Debs lent down to kiss at her thigh. Evie gave a soft sigh. She felt Debs’s mouth kissing down her thigh, her hands softly pushing her legs wider. Then her friend’s lips brushed over her most private place. Evie held her breath as Debs softly kissed the outer lips. Then gently she parted them with her fingers and kissed deeper. Then pushed her tongue out to lick even deeper. Evie let her breath out in a soft moan at the feel of her tongue. Debs probed deeper pushing her face into the open lips in front of her. Evie felt her tongue licking deeper and deeper. Probing towards her inner place. Then it snaked inside her and Evie gasped. Debs licked her tongue into Evie’s body tasting her for the first time. The first taste made her want more, she was sweet like sugar and Debs lapped up the flavour. She slid her tongue in as deep as it would go. Licking it around the inside of the soft warm hole. Evie hissed and moaned gently enjoying the sensations inside her. She could feel her juices flowing as her body rose up its path of pleasure. All it needed to go further was Debs to…

Debs ran her tongue up to the small bud that was Evie’s clitoris. She circled it with her tongue then ran the tip over it and back again. Evie gave a sharp gasp and dug her fingers into the bed. Debs began to lick at her with all the expertise she had. Her tongue flicked over and round the small bud making Evie gasp and moan in deep passion. Deb’s, with perfect timing, slid two fingers into Evie’s entrance just as Evie felt she needed that extra stimulus. Evie rocked and writhed under her friend’s actions. It was so much better than a man. Even those men who she had been with for a while in the past were not this good. They never seemed to know when she needed them to move over a bit. Or if they were using just too much pressure or just too little. Evie had allowed many of her lovers to lick her like this but none had felt this good.

Debs was using all her knowledge and skill on Evie. She had slept with her first lesbian lover at fifteen and there had been many lovers in the past ten years. The red head had learnt how to read the signals her lovers gave out. The twitch of muscle that showed where they wanted her to lick. The slight movement towards her if she was too soft or away if she was too hard. The change in breathing and the soft, almost undetectable, tensing as they headed towards their explosion of passion. Just enough signals for her to keep them on the edge. And she used all of this knowledge on Evie. She brought her to the edge of a rapturous explosion of sexual pleasure again and again, only to deliberately bring her away from it. Evie gasped and moaned as she felt her passion rise and fall. But never too much. Each time Deb’s brought her down enough but not to far. So each rise was even better and stronger. Pleasure ran through her, ripples of emotion and passion that took away her senses. She was almost out of control, her whole being focused on the tongue and fingers working incessantly between her legs. She moaned, gasped and screamed in pleasure as Debs kept her on the plateau just before the peak, but never allowing her to tip over by accident.

Debs was getting almost as much pleasure out of licking and fingering Evie as she was causing. She gasped softly and moaned gently. As she licked, she heard Evie’s growing cried of passion and knew what effect she was having. The warmth between her legs was turning into a deep heat and she could feel herself dampening. The position she was in meant her breasts rubbed softly against the edge of the bed, her nipples sliding over the slightly rough surface. The sensation made her moan softly and she mouth words of meaningless passion as she licked all over Evie’s bud of nerves. She could feel the wetness on her fingers and could not help but take a taste. She quickly ran her tongue down to lick deeply into Evie; the blonde girl gave a sharp gasp and nearly jolted upright. Debs tasted deeply, savouring the sweet sugar of her friend. Then she ran her tongue back up to her clitoris licking it hard. She could feel Evie’s need and knew it was time to release her. She began working sliding her two fingers in and out hard as she focused on letting the pent up passion she had built in her friend go. Suddenly Evie plunged over the cliff. With a wild cry of pleasure, her whole body exploded. Her head rocking from side to side flinging her blonde hair wildly around. She clawed at the bed as she writhed in passion. Her back arched as Debs continued to lick at her adding even more to the power of the orgasm. Evie’s breath came out in on long, deep, passionate sigh and her whole body shuddered at the power of her release. She arched up until only her shoulders and lower legs touch the bed. Then collapsed down gasping hard for breath with the release.

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