Kasey’s Trials and Tribulations 2

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Mason had played Santa the last several years at the office’s Christmas party and he was usually blessed with also having a few of the very sexy and single secretaries playing his little elves. This year he would once again be donning the red outfit trimmed in fir and the white wig and beard, those shiny blacks boots and the suit coat that had extra padding and lining placed inside it so that it gave him that extra bulge. He would apply the blush and give his cheeks that rosy appearance and he knew that for the twinkling eyes he would need no help, many women had commented on his sparkling eyes and he had used them to charm those women right into his bed.

Kasey had been working for Mason for two months now, they had been having sex almost daily unable to ever fully satisfy their sexual cravings. It always seemed once they had finished they would start again and continue this way until one of them was to exhausted to go on. She loved the length and size of Mason’s pulsing rod, and the way he touched her and guided them to whole new experiences without batting an eye. Mason had taught her more about her body and the pleasures that it held within the last two months than all of her previous sexual relationships combined.

It was nearing the office Christmas party and Mason had told Kasey that he had a special surprise for her, she had wondered night and day what it was. She had tried to coax it out of him with her feminine wiles but he had cleverly managed to always resist and turn the tables on her forcing her to confess her deepest darkest secrets and her most wanton desires. He had fulfilled a few of those desires immediately or within a few days and he always kept her on edge in bed.

Mason and Kasey had a very professional relationship during their workday but once the office doors were locked it was no longer boss and employee but two people filled with uncontrollable lust and desire for each other. Certainly a few of the partners had mentioned to him that he was very lucky, and that was always followed by a wink or two, hinting at some sort of impropriety going on. Mason always laughed this off but he knew the others saw his car sitting in its space and hers normally sitting in the lot as well empty. This could be anytime night or day, depending on the need to quench their passions.

Kasey looked at her outfit that Mason had given her to wear at the party, a short green crushed velvet dress with a fur lined hem just below thigh level. The top portion was going to be tight and she knew it, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to wear her bra beneath it or not, there may just not be enough room. Mason had also thoughtfully included a red satin thong that would be visible whenever she bent over, which she planned on doing quite often to show off her tight little arse.

The office Christmas party, they always had two, one earlier in the day with families and milk and cookies and presents for the children of the staff. Then later in the evening it was a staff only party, usually a highly erotic one where gifts were exchanged and more times than not they ended up in a full blown orgy. XXMas Fuckfest was how the doctors had always referred to it. The party was a closely guarded secret amongst them all and the one night that they would cut loose with each other all year long. No one scrutinized anyone else’s behavior or sexual liaisons. If say Dr. Strummer buggered Dr. Hall while Dr. Hall was pounding some little secretaries pussy well then so be it. No pictures were taken unless they were Polaroid’s and then they were placed in the company vault along with every other years pictures. Only the doctor’s had access to the vault and no one was ever allowed to remove them.

The picture taking practice came into play a few years ago when one of the raunchy secretaries said that it would get her off to have pictures taken while she was stuffed full of cock. So of course they had found a camera and proceeded to take a 24 lewd pictures. Every year after it had just become standard to shoot at least twelve pics or so just to remember the occasion. During each party thereafter they would pull out the pictures and put them on display in the huge staff lounge and get everyone in the mood for the upcoming evenings events.

Mason knew that this year’s pictures were all going to feature Kasey, she would be placed in many positions and she was about to break through the barriers she had previously had. Mason had laid the foundation the day he agreed to hire her and stranded teens porno he had planned all along to get her through them tonight. Not that he had any doubts that she would willingly comply with his every desire whether it be to see her with a hung black male or another woman. She was his personal sexretary now, as she put it.

Kasey was already dripping with her longing to tease her boss and lover with her new outfit but she wanted to wait as well until the day of the party. Mason had she a whole new light on her sexual libido and awakened a hunger in her tenfold what it had been before. They had explored furry little handcuffs, other light forms of bondage, rough sex, long slow lovemaking, nights of nothing but oral pleasure. They had worked halfway through the Karma Sutra and neither had shown signs of boredom in the other’s sexual prowess yet. Kasey felt more of a deep connection with Mason. One that went beyond the depths of just sexual arousal and for one of the first times in her life she was actually finding herself falling in love with a man. She had tried desperately to fight this off in the past but she doubted that she would be able to hold out this time.

Mason knew that Kasey had a few well guarded secrets, secrets that she would not relinquish without some further therapy but he also was not about to induce that hypnotic state to start learning more about her, without her permission. He had the ability to, with one word lull her into that dreamlike state and find out whatever he desired in the way of knowledge. He had given her a suggestive word that would immediately place her under hypnosis whenever he needed but that would be unethical. Mason had planned to use this only for their joined sexual enhancement and he would not deviate from the plan. He was slowly growing more uneasy on the nights when they left the office separated and went to each of their own respective homes, he longed for her in the middle of the night when he rolled over and he was succumbing to her charms and passion. Yes, he thought, I am falling in love with her and I can’t deny it.

“Kasey,” he said pushing the intercom button on his phone, “could you come in here please and bring the day’s schedule.” “Yes,” she replied,”I’ll be right in Doctor.” Kasey’s heart skipped a beat as it had been doing so for at least a few weeks now whenever he buzzed over the intercom. She knew that today’s appointments were through and she figured he also had some idea of it as well, she had only one hope of what may be to come. She stood up and stretched, she caught her reflection in the window to his inner office and knew that once more she was looking damn fine.

Mason watched as the doorknob turned and in she walked, all of 5’3″ and a very healthy bust line, that stretched her red sweater out quite deliciously. His eyes traced further down the generous swell of her womanly hips and the emerald green slacks she had chosen to wear today hugged the smooth curvature of her ass and hidden treasures very nicely. Mason was amazed at the rush of blood to his cock as he stared at his hot little secretary. Normally he would not have had sex with a secretary unless it was at a Christmas party, he preferred work to be work and his sexual conquering to be random, but there had been something alluring about her the moment she had walked into his office. She had been the most qualified person for the position he had and she also had been the most attractive, plus she had exuded sex, the way she walked, the way she carried herself, just her entire aura said raw lustful sex.

Kasey knew that he was looking her over and enjoying the visual pleasure she provided him, she closed the door behind her and engaged the lock. She walked over to him without saying a word. She had a little plan formed for their afternoon tryst today, she had been thinking about it all morning and it had kept her on the verge of orgasm for the better part of the day. She pulled his rolling chair away from his desk and stood in front of him. Mason opened his mouth to speak but she put a finger to his lips and shook her head as she leaned in close to him. Kasey caught his earlobe between her lips and sucked on it, she knew that never failed to arouse him. She parted her full lips and whispered in a soft sultry voice, “Sit there and don’t say a word.” Kasey reached behind her and from the backside band of her trousers she pulled out the fuzzy handcuffs they had used many a time.

Kasey’s student sex parties porno hand contained the open cuff and she placed it down over Mason’s wrist locking him in place in the chair. He looked down at it and grinned as she deftly slipped the other cuff over his other wrist. She now stepped back and pulled the scrunchee that kept her hair up in its bun away, she shook her head and her long now dyed red hair swept down and out of the bun. It cascaded around her shoulders and covered her face. She leaned forward and playfully shook her head at him, letting her hair fall down over his lap as she bent forward. She drug her nails down his thighs and let him imagine what her hair would feel like wrapped around his cock. Soft, full bodied and shiny she knew he loved to wrap his hands in her hair whenever her head bobbed over his cock.

Mason struggled halfheartedly against the handcuffs not really trying to escape because Kasey did have this wild side that he truly loved. She was normally just a sweet little sex kitten, but at other times she was a profligated strumpet, only those times had normally come in the privacy of his bedroom. He had yet to see the inside of her home, opting to allow her the deep recesses of his own and she had even commandeered a bathroom as her own for when she would spend the night. Mason watched as she turned her back to him and pulled the sweater off over her head. He could plainly see she was wearing no bra by the naked back in front of him now. Kasey turned back around her hands covering the majority of her breasts and she leaned close once more. She slipped a knee between his parted legs and nudged his balls and growing bulge as she pulled her hands away from her breasts.

“Suck these perky little nipples doctor Davis,” she cooed. Kasey pushed her breast towards his wagging tongue and felt him lap at the nipple and circle the aureola slowly, he wouldn’t touch the nipple again until it was standing erect. Once it was hard he clamped his teeth over it and sucked it into his mouth running his tongue over the pink end inside his mouth. “Oh yesss,” she giggled, and pulled away from him waving the other mammary in his face. He applied the same technique to this breast as well.

Kasey’s panties were growing even moister and it was a shame she was just teasing him today she thought. She wanted him to snap those silly little furry handcuffs and throw her down on the desk and ravage her, but Mason had yet to learn all of her desires. So she had resolved that today she would tease him unmercifully and torture his poor ego a bit. She was going to push him the very edge of his orgasm and then leave him rock hard and begging to be pleasured. Kasey knew that eventually when she did this to him he would snap those cuffs and plow her fleshy folds of wetness into submission, and that would be the final straw.

From the moment she had handcuffed him Mason had known that something was amiss in the office, he knew that she had ulterior motives today and yet he couldn’t quite grasp what it was she was angling for. She had done this once at his home and teased him until he had begged repeatedly for her to finish him off, but today she had a gleam in her eyes that worried him. Perhaps she wanted more, maybe he thought, just maybe she wanted to prolong her usual route of denying him pleasure until he snapped at became one with his id. That deep down primal being that lay dormant in most people.

He knew that everyone had those primal urges and Kasey and he normally acted upon them but he couldn’t help but wonder if today would be different. He couldn’t rely on the methodical doctor portion of his mind to figure the little beauty out, he would have to go with his sexual intuition. Kasey may just need a good pounding fuck, he thought, she might just want me to break away from the cuffs and nearly rape her. He discarded that thought though for if that was what she wanted she would just tell him.

Kasey had turned her back to Mason once more and was drawing down the zipper on her slacks and bending over inches from his face now. She pushed the slacks down slowly so that the crack of her ass, thinly veiled by the lycra thong strip would intoxicate him. She was wet and needing more but she would rush home soon enough and pull out her trusty dildo and pleasure herself all evening if he didn’t take the hint in the next few moments. Kasey reached down and unbuckled Mason’s belt and pulled open his submissive cuckolds porno pants, her little fingers gliding quickly to release his pulsing manhood. She looked into his eyes and instructed him, “Raise up so I can remove these cumbersome clothes Mason.”

Mason lifted his hips and felt her fingers brush against his waist as she tucked her fingers inside the waistband of his boxer briefs as well and pulled both down in one fell swoop. His cock sprung forth like a coiled viper striking at it’s prey. She at once dropped her mouth over it to the base and sucked his elongated member hard and fast. Kasey had found a new pleasure in sucking on his shaft since that first day when he had interviewed her and put her under hypnosis and she had cum every time since then when she deep throated him. It was nearly enough to make her want his cock in her throat all the time, she loved that rush and explosion that it released unfailingly every time she pushed the fat head of his dick past her gag reflex.

Kasey’s fingers rubbed and rolled Mason’s balls as she slipped her fingers beneath them and softly rubbed his perineum. She massaged it and felt his balls drawing up and his cock throbbing. She loved the contrasting soft yet hard texture of Mason’s cock buried inside her mouth and she loved the taste of his precum and his creamy load of cum when he would shoot off giving her a warm mouthful. She loved the thick veins on the underside of his shaft that pulsed beneath her tongue and as she would lick them Mason’s breath would catch in his chest and she would know that from this action as well as the others he would be cumming within seconds.

Kasey thought about all this while she rubbed her wet mound beneath her thong and she bobbed, sucked, licked and slobbered all over his enormous rigid cock. Her lips formed a tight seal around his member and she sucked hungrily trying to claim her prize with earnest. She needed him to explode and fill her mouth, and she needed it right then. Kasey plunged her mouth to the base and ran her tongue all over the underside of his shaft and slipped her pinky to his puckered anus and massaged and rubbed it waiting for the clenching to cease. Once it did and he relaxed Kasey wiggled her little finger inside and his climax was instantaneous. Kasey caught the first two or three shots straight down her throat without tasting them and then she pulled her head back and let her mouth fill with whatever Mason had left.

Mason was watching in utter awe as Kasey’s head bobbed and he could feel her lips sliding up and down his shaft. He felt her sense of urgency and knew that she was working towards her most favorite of goals, a mouthful of his warm seed. Mason didn’t wish to prolong it either but the feeling was so intense and pleasurable that he just couldn’t seem to climax. That was until her pinky slip from it’s place rubbing his perineum and rubbed his asshole, he clenched involuntarily and tried to relax once he did she was probing his backdoor with her finger. She knew just which buttons to push on him and this was the explosion button for him, it never failed to have him spurting within seconds. Just as that thought worked its way through his mind he let loose with a few gasps and finally, “OH Jesus Kasey, here I cummm, yess,” he yelled emphatically, “suck that cock so good like you do you horny little slut.”

Kasey felt the trickle of cum run down the corner of her mouth just as he shot the last bit of goo from his cock. She pulled away from his shaft and opened her mouth, this had become common practice for both of them and they both seemed to love the sense of visual allure it provided. She tilted her head back and swallowed tasting the remnants inside her mouth as her tongue darted inside and cleaned the cum from where her tongue could reach. She immediately dropped her mouth back over his cock and cleaned him before standing up and grabbing her pants and sweater. “Have a nice evening Mason,” she said as she walked out leaving him cuffed to the chair.

Kasey turned and winked and giggled to Mason,”I’ll see you tomorrow boss, sooner or later you will catch on to my little game.” Kasey was desperately wishing that Mason had taken the bait but alas she was already slipping into her pants and pulling her sweater down and preparing to race home and take care of the burning desire within her body. Ah, she thought, tomorrow is another day though and the Christmas office party so maybe I will get another person to show Mason just what it is I desire.

Mason sat there thoroughly exhausted but content, he had after all just spent a huge load and he now knew just what it was Kasey had longed for and would find a way soon enough to give it too her.

Please remember to vote and give feedback. There will be a chapter 3 soon. Also a Christmas chapter for this one is in the works.

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