Steam Room

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She was a goddess. I thought so every time I saw her. Something of a “I’m not good enough to even think about her” level of beauty. What’s worse is, she didn’t even seem to know. She wore baggy clothes. She talked to anyone, everyone, at the gym. Friendly, smiling laughter with men three times her age. Her little fingers waves to everyone as he moved from machine to free-weights. Free-weights to machines.

Her skin was like cocoa. Just a rich, beautiful chocolate. Black, thick hair that tangled down to her shoulders. It knotted, sometimes. Sometimes it’s ends were split. Sometimes parts of it would swirl in little waves as though she had forgotten to brush it. Maybe she had. Her nose twitched as she laughed. Not that I ever made her laugh. I just noticed as peddled away on the stationary bike trying like hell to watch Tim Russert or whatever else was going on at CNBC. Even with the sound off and subtitles nixed. Even during infomercials. I didn’t want to seem like some letch, some pervert. Of course, when she did see me spying her, she just smiled, waved a little finger wave. I’d respond. That’s that.

I started fondly referring to her as “Carrot.” I didn’t know her ethnicity, she could have been Indian or half-black. I was far too shy to ask her name. So I called her Carrot. Why? She made me pedal harder. Just seeing her shot my BPM up a few points. Make me suddenly start sweating. Had all sorts of biological affects on me. None of which were pleasant.

Whenever I passed her by on the floor, as we didn’t do the same machines in our respective circuits, I’d just smile and bow my head. Look to the ground and pass her by. She’d flash me a pathetic smile. I don’t know if she ever watched me. Never turned around to see her. It’s just a simple matter of fact: Nerdy guys who wear glasses do not approach or look at amazing women. It’s really rule one of being a nerd. The primary rule.

So on this particular day I did a nice work out, nothing grand, nothing difficult. Just something to keep the insomnia away, make water taste better. I had a light shower, threw my overpriced workout garb into my locker and donned my swimsuit. I then trudged out into the wet area. Stiffness was already beginning to overtake my body. It always did until I loosened it up with heat.

I nodded to the few people who littered the pool, the benches, the Jacuzzi and slipped into the steam room. Two men, probably in their 50’s, were discussing the shortcomings of my generation. Something I still look forward to doing when I’m their age. I took off the glasses, folded them neatly, and got comfortable. One of the pair said the lack of morality was to blame. The other declared it was playground equipment that was too safe. They argued about why each other was right before asking me what I thought. “Lack of role models,” I said peeling my right eye open to look at them. Neither seem pleased and, with only minimal grunting, they left.

Then there was only the sound of the Jacuzzi running. A soft, rolling noise. White noise. Much like that of a fountain you can buy at any new age store. It caused my feet to sink into the heated tiles. My breath to become deep and slow and my body to become heavy with fatigue.

The temperature dropped from the two men leaving. It receded to the point where two giant jets started up suddenly, pouring superheated water vapor into the room. I was just across from them and so I felt the heat, the wetness, rise up my feet. Up my thighs to the crook of my knees. Then over them to my thighs, my stomach, my neck. Eventually I was enveloped in steam and loving it. I let out a slow sigh and then stretched as the tubes turned off.

I sat like that for…well, I don’t really know for how long. I may have even fallen asleep. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of the sealed down opening, someone stepping in and shutting it once more. I lazily turned my head to the door and smiled, not opening my eyes. I received a light and fluttery “hello” in return. Nice tenor tone. I smiled once more and said so in my tenor, wishing it were baritone, voice.

Then there were the wet, sticky sounds one makes, no matter how lithe or graceful, on a steam room floor. Magnified by echoes. She had the entire room to choose from, but seemed to pick a spot about a meter from me. Probably for the heat. As she lowered herself down to the second tier of seating she asked “you don’t mind?”

“Not at all. Best seats in the house,” I replied blindly. She giggled in a not-so stupid way. I was determined not to make small talk and just let the heat come over me.

A few moments passed and the jets turned on from her entrance. A light blast, but hot and fresh none-the-less. I suppressed a moan. She didn’t. I could then hear her slouching against the back wall. She could be quiet, which was the most important thing in the steam room as far as I’m concerned. All was right with the world until I heard her slowly turn towards me and inquire “have I seen you somewhere before?”

I was about to put on my “too cool for school” act when I opened my ataşehir escort eyes and saw that Carrot was seated far too close for comport. Instead I hit my head against the wall as I tried to sit up straight. Wincing, sat up and offered her a huge, over the top smile, “oh, yes, we’ve been working out together for – and I don’t make working out together – I mean I was working out – not to say that you don’t work out – but that we’ve been working out – again, not together, just, we – as separate individuals – have both been working out here – this gym – for some time now.”

She just stared for awhile after that, nodded and smiled. “Hell of a monologue. Didn’t recognize you without your glasses.” She snickered a bit and offered her hand, “Rishma.”

“John.” I took it and shook it gingerly. She then squeezed my hand and leaned forward to look through the fog and into my eyes. My own pair widened and looked left to right, then into her eyes. My lord, they were lovely. Deep and brown and…deep. Very deep. Swallow you whole if you look too long. She squinted and then released my hand before giving me a slap on the thigh.

“You’re Bike Guy!” She said it a happy, jaunty tone.

“Am I?” I blinked in confusion.

“Yeah! Totally. Didn’t recognize you without your glasses. Oh, hope you don’t mind, I call you ‘Bike Guy’ because you’re always on the bike staring really, really hard at the news.” She shook her body at this to signify something. I do not know what.

“Sorry for hitting you by the way,” she said tilting her haid in a girlish way.

“Oh, it’s no problem, I’m used to it,” I said with only a mild stutter.

“What? Getting hit on the steam room?” She made a little “ooo” noise and then smiled brightly. “More to you than meets the eye. Speaking of which, you have really nice eyes.”

“Thanks,” I said breaking eye contact, “most people think I look better without the glasses.”

“Not I! You look nice with them on, John the Bike Guy.”

“Oh, thank you,” I muttered, unable to look her in the eyes still.

And that was that. I turned and looked to the wall unable to think of anything to say. I tried to. A thousand lines beginning with “so” or “are” or “I’m” but nothing came out. Couldn’t quite get the courage to say anything. I finally decided on the line of those devoid of skill and personality. “So what do you do?” And I was just about to say it, in fact I got so far as “So wha-” before the jets turned on again and the room was filled with hissing steam.

“What?” She asked as she inched closer.

“So what do you do!”

“Oh, I’m a student! I’m going to be a nurse! You?”

“Student. Going to teach English!”

“That’s,” she shouted just as the steam shut off “great!” She then giggled and gritted her teeth as the vapor settled. “Little loud there.”

“Just a bit,” I added.

“What’s your favorite play John the Bike Guy soon to be English Teacher?”

“Oh, err, well…you know, comedy wise, Henry IV Part One.”

“Which is so much better than part two.”

“Oh, it really is. Falstaff and Hotspur are both so richly comedic that…you have no idea what I’m talking about do you?” I felt suddenly very out of place. She just smiled warm and patted me on the thigh again.

“Yeah, not my thing. But I like to listen to you talk,” she said with a quick wink.

“Yes, well, people have come around for miles for the honor,” I stated sardonically.

“An orator, are we?”

“Yes. A feared orator who crushes his opponents with fierce logic and bores the rest with…fierce logic.” She giggled. I can’t tell you why.

“So,” she said after a moment of silence, “how many women have hit on you in here?”

“Let’s see…including you….one..ish.”

“You’re assuming I’m hitting on you!”

“We’ll you’ve hit me twice and you’re making idle conversation.”

“That is the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard! You’re completely unbalanced.”

“Completely. And it was worse than “Do you have a quarter? I want to call your mom and thank her.” “

“I’ve never heard that one,” she said slowly, “and I wish I never had.”

“It’s what I do. Present one with odd situations,” I said dryly as I realized her eyes were large and glowing and focused on mine, “and hope it causes enough confusion to escape. It is the way of my people.”

“Wise people.” Just…gorgeous eyes. Beautiful, full eyes.

“We are. Wise and meek.” This is when she slowly began to lean in towards me, eyes closing as she did. “More meek than wise, really. Wise enough to get meek. Still haven’t gotten the Earth, though, so we are thinking about meeking it up a notch.” Which is when her dark chocolate toned lips brushed the skin above and to the left of my mouth. She opened her eyes suddenly and laughed, sitting back.

“I was aiming for your mouth.”

“You missed.”

“Yes, well, you didn’t help much, now did you?”

“I didn’t know what I was supposed to-” which is when those chocolate toned lips I mentioned earlier pressed against mine. Suddenly the BPM ratings kadıköy escort that I had on the bike were dwarfed. My knees raised and my thighs tensed up as I felt my body become lighter. Softly, I kissed back into it before leaning back and shaking my head in disbelief. I’m positive that despite my best efforts, I was still smiling.

She just smiled back and looked to the ceiling and kicked her feet in the air, swinging them girlishly. Little kicks at the height of the movement. She turned her eyes back to me and said in a non-chalant tone “just trying to make it a one.”

“Hmm?” I replied in a daze.

“You said oneish. I wanted to get rid of the ish. I’m anti-ish.” She declared with a nod of her head.

“So it would seem.”

“Plus you’re kind of cute. In a ‘I’m so unapproachable, look at me, I watch Jeopardy every night” kind of way.” She said with a wrinkled nose, still nodding.

“I don’t watch it every night!” I protested. She just stared me down. “I don’t watch Saturday’s. They’re repeats.” She cackled and kicked her legs up, holding them in mid air before placing her feet down on the floor and tilting her head as he looked me over.

“What’s your deal?” She asked in a serious moment with a furrowed brow.

“What?” I asked stupidly

“What’s wrong with you?” She repeated.

“That’s a…very, very long list.”

“Ha, ha, very funny.”

“I actually thing it would be quicker to say what’s right with me.” I said frankly, nodding a few times.

“And that is?”


“Are you self-deprecating or are you just happy to see me?” She said in a spritey tone before jumping off her seat and grabbing the hose mounted on the wall. Rishma aimed it at the tiles and turned on the hose, washing down a generous portion. She then cocked her head in an instruction. I didn’t seem to get it. “Move over, hot stuff.”

“It’s cold. I like it here.” To which she sprayed me with the hose and smiled sweetly, tilting her head once more.

“Not so cold anymore, is it?”

“But this is my spot,” I whined. She just aimed the hose at me in response. I was told that I’d never negotiate with terrorists, but, you know, it was cold.

So I galumphed on over the seat she sprayed off and she carefully did up the hose before sprinting over and settling down. A wet flop as she shook her hair like a starlet from the 30’s. Then a rather unexpected crook of her left leg over my right. I looked at the lengthy, muscular leg. My eyes ran up the purple toenail polish to the bend of her knee. Trailed up the jostling muscles in her inner thigh. Then up to the carefully tailor patch of dark green. Up that one piece suit to the cut at her neck where her beautiful cleavage popped out. Did I mention her eyes could swallow you whole? How about the fact that her raven-like hair looked better damp and spread out against the side of her face.

I kissed her. Kissed her like I needed nothing more in all my life. My left hand wrapped around the back of her neck, grasping it and pulling her in. My right arm wrapped around the low her back and pulled he tightly as I could against me. She reciprocated by pulling me with her thigh and moving both her hands to back of my head.

Our tongues danced like that for a good, long, slow minute. Her tongue would retreat, mine would massage the inside of her mouth. Then she would massage it with soft, gentle strokes, left, right, left, right. A little circle, then another, then another. I moaned without consideration. She moaned back, the echoes building inside my mouth. I felt my cock, inhibited, rouse up and push against the side of her leg, then press into it.

“I’ll go with happy to see me,” she said in a throat, low tone as she broke the kiss. Her eyes looked into mine once more. First the left, then the right, then the left again. “I’m not this kind of girl,” she said in a softer whisper before she kissed me again. It was a much more needy kiss. Much less about the hunger. I don’t know what it was really about. I just know that I kissed her back with the same tempo, no tongue. Just two lonely people.

Through the kiss I felt her hand slide down over my thigh, over my stomach and down my suit. I felt the water that had pooled at the ridge drip away. Her hand, that wonderful soft skin, moved against the base of my cock. I moaned into the kiss and felt exposed. I opened my eyes to find hers looking to me. She paused, for a second, and then grasped me at the base. “You shave” she muttered as I felt her hand carefully encompass me. Her fingers enclosed around my shaft and she moved her hands, without any tension, an inch forward, an inch back. She repeated this a few times before tightening, then closed her fist slightly each time. I broke the kiss to just look at her. I did my damnest not to look at her hand.

The hot water made excellent lubricant. Her hand began to slide all the way up to the tip before sliding back down to the base. She laughed, “foreskin and shaven. My aren’t we a contra-dick-sion?” Another little laugh while she continued to move bostancı escort bayan up and down. A soft wanking motion. I leaned my head against the hot titles and closed my eyes. She laughed against and did a rapid fire little wank. “Hey! This isn’t for my benefit you know. The least you could do is pay attention.”

“Well I already know how to do that.” I said in a post canary cattish tone.

“Lift up your legs,” she demanded as she pulled her hand out of my swimsuit. I obliged and put my hands against the tier to push myself up. Between the deck press and the back wall, I could actually hold myself up with my arms. Slick surface included. I was all proud of myself and grinned like a little boy before I remembered the much more important matter of the hot woman who seemed to take interest in my saucy bits.

She just ripped them off me and tossed them aside. They made a wet thud at the hit the wall. I could swear I heard them slide down. Either way I wasn’t really paying attention. I was much more interested in Rishma looked up and down my body as I eased myself back to terra firma. She tilted her head and, in a faux little girl tone said, “Mister, can I suck your wollypop?” She laughed devilishly at this and pouted out her lower lip as though it were all a game. “Does have your dick sucked by a little girl disgust you?”

“Yes.” I said dryly.

“Does it turn you on?” She asked, tilting her head from left to right to left again.

“Yes. That’s actually what disgusts me.” She howled at this before kneeling on the lower tier and putting her hands on each of my thighs.

“My, my, Bike Guy. You’ve got some mighty meaty thighs,” she said in a sing song sort of way.

That’s when she gripped my thighs and began to massage them, inch by inch, moving up and down. She bowed her head down and rubbed her now soaking locks against my stomach, scrubbing me like a sponge. She then moved a lock of hair around the base of my shaft. She really seemed to like that area. She grabbed her hair and wrapped it around my cock and then began to wank me off once again. The sensation of the hot, wetness was incredible. She laughed as I moaned and tilted my head back. Then she released her hair and lowed her head.

Her mouth was cool compared the climate. Just as she sealed her lips around the crown the jets turned on again. She squealed at the heat that was now spraying her bottom. Then she moved her tongue around the tip of me. Made the french kiss massage seem like an amateurs. Her tongue stroked up and down my shaft as he head held the tip of me inside her. I moaned once again, just relishing it. I put my hands behind my head and leaned back even further.

She took me in deeper then. Her tongue stopped it’s massage as the jets ceased. She pushed down, down, down. Further than I have ever been taken in before. I felt her stop, her throat tightening around me. A light, guttural whimper as she backed up half an inch. Then she pushed down again. She stopped and made the noise once more as she slid up me. She tightened her lips, muttered something and pushed down until I felt her nose press into my stomach. Oh, it was the greatest sensation. Just the feeling of her mouth stuck around her, her throat wrapping against me, made my cock swell. She gurgled once more and slide off, hitting me in the knee. “It’s hard enough with this monster! Don’t go making it any larger.”

“It’s not that big,” I said in a dreamy tone.

“I know. I’m just trying to make you feel better about yourself. It’s actually quite small.” My eyes opened up instantly. She just winked at me as she moved her hands to my thighs once more.

She pushed my cock up with the back of her head and, without the aide of fingers, held my penis up while she licked my balls. Savage, hard licks before she swallowed one, sucked it and released. Then, for good measure, she did the other. I was moaning in a steady rhythm now.

Her tongue then slid in-between my balls and she shook her head from left to right. Her tongue played up and down, sloppily, all over my sac. I began to pump at midair, parts of me getting tangled up in her hair. I moaned again and said “I don’t think you should continue.”

“I think I should. I want it,” she said, all jokes, all entendre, all girlish cackles aside. Her eyes, locked on mine. Did I mention they could swallow you whole? Did I mention she could do the same with her mouth?

She pulled my foreskin down. I winced, as I was so aroused. So fully erect. She tucked the skin gingerly beneath the corona and then blew against the tip of my now hypersensitive tip. Then, a woman on a mission, she sucked it in harshly. I moaned loudly as she moved her hand around my base once more began to wank desperately. He mouth tightened around the tip as she bobbed her head, causing friction just from that little strip.

He raven locks danced, being slung to and for by the rapid movement of her neck. Her hand tightened, her lips tightened and her pace increased. I moaned, I thrust my hip. I curled my toes. I felt pressure building, my body tightening. Then I felt her other hand come up against my sac to rub, caress, pinch and even pull my balls. I began to snort rapidly, guttural, strange sounds coming out of my nose and mouth. I growled loudly. To which I felt her giggle, however slight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Surprise Visit

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


This is one the first stories I have ever submitted for public viewing, so any and all comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please send your comments to me at the contact link on my profile. Flaming will be promptly ignored and deleted, so please don’t bother. Read and enjoy.


Quietly he watched her as she entered her chambers, knowing that she thought she was all alone. He sat and waited for his opportunity, and finally it was there as she went to look out the window, wondering when her beloved would finally come home for her once more. As she dozed by the window, he silently crept up behind her, moving right up next to her, he slipped his hands over her eyes from behind.

“Shh, it’s just me sweety, it’s just me.”

He whispered softly in her ear. He did this, because he knew she would be very alarmed, as would anybody if they were suddenly blinded from behind by some mystery assailant. He continued to whisper soft nothings into her ear, his breath tickling the hairs on the back of her neck. Slowly he removed his hands from her eyes, but moved them down to her neck and shoulders. While he was still whispering into her ear, his hands started to slowly and thoroughly massage her neck and shoulders. No doubt she had probably been stressed, as most queens of large kingdoms often were. Each time his hands glided down to her shoulders, he lowered his mouth to kiss, lick, nuzzle, nip, and suck softly on her neck, knowing how much she enjoyed his motions on the soft skin of the nape of her neck. Finally and reluctantly, he kissed her neck goodbye as he slowly moved in front of her. His hands glided down her sensuous curves, resting on her hips.

He moved in front of her so that she would know that the person behind her wasn’t using anything to disguise their voice to make it sound like him. There was one dilemma left though, how to convince her that he was in fact himself, and not some doppelganger who appeared, and sounded like him. With his hands still resting on her hips, he smiled into her eyes, smiling that small and unique half smile that he always does. Then slowly he leans his face close to hers, feeling her breath on his face as she is breathing a little more heavily than when she had entered her chambers. When his lips met hers his arms moved around her. He sighed softly into her luscious mouth as he felt his mouth cover hers. Gently he licked and flicked her lips with his tongue, then softly probed them for entry. Once granted, he slowly and languidly licked and flicked once more. This time flitting here and there about her mouth, all the while her tongue dancing and rolling over his invading tongue. Then finally he let his tongue rest on hers, dancing with hers. One of his hands moves up to gently stroke her soft hair, the other moved slowly under the bottom of her shirt to rub soft circles on the small of her back.

He did this for two reasons. One, was that he loved the feel of her soft skin, and the other was that he knew how weak-kneed she could get when he kissed her this way. Tilting his head slightly o the side, he pulled her body closer, to his, feeling her erect nipples through the fabric of her shirt. His tongue pressed deeper into her mouth as his member pressed hot against her inner thighs. Finally his lungs started to feel empty of air, and he reluctantly broke the kiss. He did not however, move his face too far from hers, so as to not lose the intimacy of the embrace they shared. Her arms resting on his back, pulling him close, also saw to it that he made no attempt to move away from her.

“Did you miss me sweetheart?”

He whispered once more in her ear, then lowered his mouth to her neck once more, nuzzling softly. She let out a small sigh, with a moan to accompany it. Once of her hands moved to the back of his head, gently holding his head to her neck, which he was more than willing to go along with. Slowly and carefully, he started moving her backwards, turning her slightly, his mouth still pressed lovingly to her neck. He carefully moved her against, the bed, and eased her down, settling himself down lying next to her.

As he lay beside her, his arm instinctively moved around her, holding and pulling her close. Of their own volition, his lips moved to hers once more. As his lips met hers, he felt truly complete than he had for quite a long time.

His arm around her moved up her body, his hand gliding out from under her shirt, to hold the back of her head to his. Carefully he tilted his head to the side slightly, deepening the kiss as his tongue once more nudges it’s way past her soft sensual lips. As his tongue met hers, he rolled his around hers as she tried to caress his tongue with hers. Slowly and carefully as the kiss continued to deepen, their breathing becoming harsh due to lack of air, he slowly eased her to her back, adjusting himself to be resting on top of her.

Reluctantly then, he broke the kiss, keeping his face close to hers as they each gasped for breath. kartal escort Her eyes, which had been closed up to that point, opened to gaze deep into his. He could only smile that small half-smile that she loved so much. Slowly, he eased himself off of her, and helped her to a sitting position.

He moved his hands to the bottom of her shirt. His hands lifted, and the soft fabric glided up her skin as he slowly pulled both it and her bra over her head and off. He smiled once again when he saw her breasts, her nipples already standing at full attention. He finally managed to tear his gaze from her beautiful nipples, and moves it back to her eyes, that smile still on his lips.

He moved himself closer to her once again, wrapping her in a hug, sighing softly as he felt her hard nipples against his clothed body. Still hugging her close, he eased her to her back once more, kissing her mouth, then her neck, shoulders, and collarbone. He stopped briefly at each side of her collarbone, sucking softly, before moving on downward. His kisses turned into licks as he started to feel the swell of her voluptuous breasts.

Slowly and teasingly he licked his way all around, up and around her breast, getting teasingly close to the aerola that surrounded her nipple. One of his hands moved to her other breast, mimicking the motions of his tongue with his fingertips, using a featherlight touch. Then, as her breathing picked up, he couldn’t resist the urge any longer.

He moved his mouth straight to the succulent tip, and pulled it into his mouth, rolling her other nipple between his fingers. She let out a sharp gasp of pleasure as his mouth closed over her nipple. His tongue rolled over and around, while his lips sucked lightly on her nipple. He felt her back arching as she pressed her breasts to him, almost begging for him to continue. He briefly lost all sense of who and where he was as his mouth and tongue played with her nipple.

Her rapid breathing finally brought him back around. He then moved his mouth to her other nipple, paying it the same much-deserved attention it deserved. Once again he moved one of his hands to her other nipple, rolling, pinching, and tweaking it softly. Then, taking one breast in each hand, he held them together, allowing him to kiss, suck, and nuzzle both at once.

Her one gasp turned into many as each stroke of his tongue brought another gasp to her lips. Her harsh breathing told him it was about time to move on, so upon releasing her breasts from his hands, he briefly kissed each throbbing nipple goodbye. His tongue then picked up where it left off, licking it’s way from the hollow between her breasts, down her stomach.

He briefly let his tongue roll around her naval, before once again moving on to where he felt she needed him more. His hands kept pace with his tongue, gliding over the flesh of both her sides with a soft and sensitive touch. As his tongue reached her hips and started to move beyond, he hooked his fingers in the waistline of her pants and slowly pulled them down her legs, noting that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

As his lips moved past her hips edging closer to her now very bare pussy, he found himself barely able to resist the temptation of her sweet pussy, which was already wet with her juices and giving off that intoxicating scent he had never forgotten. His chin preceded his tongue, grinding lightly on the soft skin of her pubic region, and at the veeeery last possible second, he skirted to the side, kissing her inner thigh.

Then, once again, his tongue continued it’s looooong and slow lick, down her leg. All the while, his hands rubbed, massaged, and caressed, up and down her other leg with long full strokes of his knowing hands. Upon reaching her foot, he kissed it lightly, then let his tongue glide back up her leg. He could hear her breathing getting faster and faster as he glided up her inner thigh, and came oooooh so close, but denied her pussy once more the pleasure of his tongue, and mimicked his motions on this leg.

His hands once again gliding up, over, and down every inch of her leg, with equally long and full strokes. Once both legs were complete, he let his tongue glide up her once more. As he reached her inner thigh, her scent was so heady and strong, it was almost overwhelming, such was her need. This time, as his tongue crept closer to her pussy, whose lips had opened fully, like the beautiful flower it so resembled. He let his gaze briefly lift to her face, smiling as she lay there, breathing heavily with her eyes closed. There was a cute smile on her face, one that reflected complete happiness.

Finally dropping his gaze back to her sweet pussy, he smiled inwardly. First he moved his lips to her nether lips, kissing her there, on her most intimate of places. Then, he opened his mouth, and with just the tip of his tongue, he let it glide up the full length of her pussy from bottom to top, stopping just barely before hitting her clit, which maltepe escort bayan by this point was swelling, and then back down.

Again, and again his tongue moved up and down her sweet and beautiful pussy lips. The taste of her was divine, and he had forgotten how much he had loved both it, and the sounds eating her pussy emanated from her. With each full stroke of his tongue on her lusciously intimate lips, he moved more of his tongue against and inside her.

By this time her hands had moved to his head, her fingers entangling themselves in his hair, as she tried to full him to her, begging for him to make her cum. Her breathing coming in sharp rasps, her chest heaving.

Hearing, and sensing her need he moved his tongue immediately to her clit, sucking it into his mouth, while simultaneously flicking it with his tongue. She let out a long gasping moan as she felt his hot wet mouth enclose over her clit, and her body shuddered as she almost came right then and there. He felt her pussy pulsing and knew it wouldn’t be long.

He opened his mouth, to suck as much of her pussy into into his mouth as he could, all the while his tongue flicking her clit again and again, with more pressure on each stroke than the last. Her breathing got faster and faster, and as her hands pulled him tightly to her, he felt her legs close around his head, making sure he could go nowhere, and do nothing else but that which he already was.

As he felt the increased heat of her pussy, he opened his mouth further, and flicked her clit harder and harder, faster and faster. Then with a piercing scream, her body erupted, and he felt her juices spurting into his waiting mouth. He drank from her beautiful pussy, but continued to flick her clit, lessening the pressure, as he knew how sensitive she would be right now. Then, once her legs loosened, he adjusted his body, allowing him to wrap his arms around her hips. His mouth, which had never left her sweet pussy, moved a little lower, and his tongue pushed it’s way into her hot wet pussy.

The quick penetration of his tongue into her caused her hips to buck as she let out a squeal. His hands held her firmly in place however, and he started to tongue-fuck her furiously. He quickly started to bob his head back and forth, getting as deep into her as he could with his tongue, his nose hitting her over-sensitive clit, with each thrust. Her hips were bucking so wildly now, that he could barely hold her still, yet somehow he managed.

She built quickly, and almost before he was ready for it, her legs clinched tightly around his head, forcing his tongue even deeper into her, and his nose hard into her clit. Her pussy erupted once more into his waiting mouth, and once more he continued his pace, swallowing most of what she had to give. This time however, some of it gushed out onto his face.

He knew she would want to lick that clean, but now was not the time, he still had more in store for his beloved. Once she finally calmed down again, he lifted her hips and let her legs drape over his shoulders as he adjusted himself again, to lying on his stomach, with her pussy right in front of his face. He moved his tongue to her incredibly sensitive pussy once more, this time moving to the bottom of it.

He did this, knowing she would anticipate what he would do next. He started to push his tongue in and out of her pussy again, this time starting slow. Then, upon reaching a steady rhythm he felt her starting to match his pace. He removed one hand from holding her hips and brought it around in front of him. As he tongue-fucked her, he moved his middle finger inside the top-most part of her pussy. He slowly fucked her with his finger, then eased in his index finger as well.

Once he felt her start to buck to his fingers, he bent them at the knuckle and reached upwards along her inner wall, to her g-spot. Lightly he stroked her g-spot with his fingers, letting his thumb move to her clit. He started to tongue fuck her faster, thrusting it harder and deeper into her. Simultaneously applying more and more pressure to her g-spot while moving his thumb vigorously over her clit.

Her hips started bucking, and he had no control. Still, he continued to tongue-fuck her as best he could, while still trying to keep as much pressure on her g-spot and clit as he could manage with her thrusting her hips this way and that.

All the while, his other hand dropped below her, and was lightly probing her ass. Then, as he felt her body start to tense, and felt the increased heat from her pussy, he thrust his index finger hard into her ass. She let out a loud, gasping moan, her feet coming down hard on his back, pushing his finger finger harder into her ass as it dropped onto it.

The trio of pleasure, proved too much for her exhausted body. Her pussy and ass, clenched painfully tight around his invading digits, and with a banshee-like wail, her pussy gushed as the g-spot orgasm hit her hard. Her entire escort pendik body quaked and shuddered from the force of the orgasm, her pussy shooting out spurt after spurt of cum. He drank as much of her juices as he could, but there was no chance. Her cum gushed all over his face and chin.

It took several minutes before her body relaxed itself enough for himself to remove all of his fingers and tongue. Then as she lay there, collapsed in post-orgasmic bliss, he sat up, and quickly shed his clothes. He then moved his mouth to hers, kissing her lovingly, knowing she would need some after-care after such a powerful series of orgasms. He felt her lips sucking on his, as she tried to get as much of both his lips, and her own juices as she could.

His fully erect cock, grinding against her thighs and lower stomach as he lay on top of her. Then, he sat up once more, positioning himself between her legs, placing his achingly hard cock right at the opening of her pussy. Already it was striving and reaching for her, yet he held back. He took her hips in his hands, and lowered his gaze to hers, asking with them, that which he wouldn’t dare ask aloud as it would spoil the moment.

And so he waited on his knees, not too long however, with his fully erect cock jumping almost of it’s own will to reach that which it was barely touching, her soft pussy. She sensed his need, and wordlessly opened her eyes, and nodded, gazing into his eyes with her own dilated ones.

That was all the invitation he needed, and with one long, full, and hard thrust, he buried his hard and over-heated cock deep into her pussy. He let out a husky moan as his cock sank deep into her equally hot and soft pussy.

Once his cock was fully within her, he adjusted the position of his knees, moving them forward, so that his resting position was this, with his cock fully within her. He then fought with every last bit of his willpower to hold still, letting her once again get used to his cock within her.

With one final nod of readiness from her, he pulled out, grinding his cock against the soft inner wall of the top of her pussy, then thrust hard into her once more. They moaned as one this time as he impaled her deeply on his cock. His hands gripped her hips tightly as he pulled her to him.

He started to fuck her furiously then, driving his cock harder, and faster with each thrust into her. His balls slapped against her pussy with each strong thrust of his cock into her. As one, their breathing got faster and faster, getting more harsh with each passing second. The feeling of her hot and oh-so-very wet pussy enclosing his cock with each thrust was almost beyond description. So pleasurable was it in fact, that he could already feel the building deep within him.

In an effort to stave off the orgasm building, he pulled mostly out of her after the latest of his full strokes into her. Then, gripping the base of his cock hard in one hand, moving the other to her left breast, just over her heart. Using her heartbeat as a guide, he started to fuck her again. This time keeping his hand on the base of his cock, knowing that doing so would stave off the orgasm. He knew, unfortunately, that she would get less pleasure from only having half of his cock within her, but he doubted she would care, as her head was currently thrashing back and forth.

Loud gasping moans emitted with each thrust of his cock within her. He fucked her even more furiously then, knowing that even though he was holding his cock by it’s base, stalling, that it wouldn’t stall it for too long. He was far too aroused from pleasuring her to hold out too long. Keeping this in mind, he continued to fuck her hard and fast with as much of his cock as he could, while still maintaining his grip on his striving cock.

Already he was starting to feel himself building again, and he only continued his pace. She pushed her hips to him, while he thrust his hips, driving his cock into her again and again. He felt the building inside him getting stronger quickly, he also felt her heartbeat rapidly increasing as well. He was doing his best to keep pace with her rapidly beating heart, but it was a losing battle, as was him trying to resist the pressure that had by this point reached his balls.

He picked up the pace of his thrusting once more, now fucking her as hard and fast as he could, knowing she was as close as he was. He bit down hard on his bottom lip as he felt his orgasm coming. Then, as he pulled mostly out of her one last time, he felt himself hit the peak, and knew there was no stopping it. So as he drove himself into her, he removed the hand from his cock, and brought it to her other breast, moving his hand on her heart to her left breast. He grabbed her ample bosoms, and used them briefly as leverage, pulling them to him, causing him to thrust harder into her.

Her body, which had been getting closer and closer with his, feeling the extra pressure on her breasts she offered up no resistance. Her legs clamped around his hips, pulling him even harder into her. Her pussy pulsed, and pulsed, and then clenched hard around his invading cock. With the added pressure of her clenching pussy, and the restraining grip gone, there was nothing stopping his cock.

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Taxi Driver

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I come out of the ladies and find everyone has gone.

“Oh my god!” I say aloud to myself. My coat and bag are gone too and I’m only wearing a skimpy dress, a strapless bra, thong and hold-ups. I shiver. It is still winter and some bastard has nicked my stuff. I panic. No phone! No money! I can’t walk home from here alone. I must get a taxi. My head swims from the consumption of too much alcohol. I try to keep calm and tell myself the girls will be outside waiting.

I’m wrong. I step out of the club into the dark, damp night. Gangs of drunken lads are shouting to me. I ignore them and start walking in the opposite direction. I have only walked a few yards when a taxi pulls up to the curb. I look at the driver. He looks nice. He looks ‘safe’. He smiles and shows a perfect row of teeth. He winds the passenger window down and says, “Get in. I’ll take you home.”

I climb into the back, close my eyes and he pulls away from the kerb. I feel my senses slipping away as I doze on the back seat of the car. He drives quickly and as he corners my legs swing to the motion of the taxi. They finally fall open and my dress creeps up my thighs. My hands are unconsciously gripping the seat, my pretty painted glossy red nails digging in trying to hold myself upright. My dress pulls higher still. I wonder how much he can see. I shrug, past caring, and begin to doze again as the taxi stops weaving.

I am awakened by the sound of music. At first I think I am back in the nightclub, then I realise it’s from inside a car. Car? Oh shit! We have stopped. Where the hell am I?

I feel the cold air rush in as the door is opened. An icy draught ataşehir escort blows up my legs and stirs my numb body into life. Goosebumps cover my skin and my bare bum is freezing with the cold night air.

I open my eyes see nothing but darkness. What’s happening? I blink but still I see nothing. My heart is beating fast. I’m so cold. I feel my nipples pressing against the seam in my bra. It scratches me and I realise they are hard? From fear or arousal? Or am I still dreaming in my drunken stupor?

I feel male hands on me I am rudely awakened from my thoughts. The driver’s big hands spread my thighs and my thong is pulled between the cheeks of my arse. It stretches tight over my fleshy folds imprisoning them beneath the gusset. I feel a dribble of pussy cream leak from my hole creating a perfect stencil of my lips, white cum in black panties, butterfly shaped. I giggle to myself at the thought.

My amusement and my dream world are shattered by one sharp, rasping sound. His zipper. His hips are positioned in front of my face as he kneels before me. He slips his fingers into my hair and, holding my head in hard hands, says quietly but firmly, “Suck me!”

I panic remembering I have no warm clothes, no money, no bag and no mobile. I don’t know where the fuck I am. All I know is it’s the early hours of a dark moonless night and I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with a semi erect cock slowly rubbing against my cheeks. The skin feels soft with an underlying hardness. He slaps it against my mouth and it thickens. I hear the soft sound of flesh smacking against flesh and my pussy twitches involuntarily. kadıköy escort bayan Oh my god what is my body doing?

I feel his foreskin rolling on my bottom lip down and under his helmet as he slides it on my mouth. My lipstick makes it slip in easier and I briefly wonder if it has smudged all over my face? He pulls out and pushes the tip of his cock against the centre of my pursed lips. I open my mouth to let it in a little and I feel the engorged head pulsating. He pulls back again but not for long. The next thrust is harder – as if the first was just for positioning.

He holds my head firmly by my hair and slowly pushes in fully until the fat head of his cock lodges firmly against the back of my tongue. I feel the size of him, the length, the shape and every bulging blood-filled vein popping out along the long quivering line of his hot shaft. I can even feel the thin line of skin joining his foreskin to the big soft velvety head. I run my tongue along it and he sighs and pushes deeper!

I almost gag but his moan excites me. I decide to relax my throat and let him in fully. The taste of precum on my tongue encourages me to continue to suck harder. Together with his flowing clear fluids and my saliva we create a perfect wet channel for him to shaft. His hips buck faster and harder. I feel him banging hard against my mouth bruising my lips on my teeth.

I feel him swelling in my mouth and suddenly I can’t breathe. A reflex action takes over and I breathe through my nose. Warm air blows down my nostrils onto his cock. His balls swing in my face and I can smell soap. This thick cock filling escort maltepe my mouth must be freshly washed. Thank god. No more time to think. Will I spit or swallow? Do I have a choice?

Noooooooo! He pulls my head down onto his cock. I’m sure he reaches my tonsils. Then he cums, thick, warm spurts. I don’t get time to taste it as it splashes against the back of my mouth and swims down my throat. So much! I swallow once, twice and still my tongue is coated. I continue to swallow and lick his pulsing cock until he is spent.

He is motionless for a moment, then he leans forward, kisses the top of my head, zips himself up and returns to the driver seat leaving me to straighten my skirt and wipe the corner of my mouth. He checks me out in the mirror and starts the engine. He says nothing but I see the twinkle of a smile in his eyes.

We pull up outside my house and to my surprise he leans over the driver seat. I think he is about to ask me for money. Again I panic. But to my surprise he just opens my door from the inside to let me out. I step outside and he exits to follow me. I hear the click of the central locking from the taxi doors.

He walks up the garden path behind me and as we arrive at my front door he reaches out his hand. It is my handbag! I take it and automatically reach inside for my keys. Then it hits me. My stolen bag!

“How come you have my bag?” I ask him. I turn. He smiles at me. He drapes my coat over my shoulders. He takes my hand and pushes his business card and change into it.

“Your mates hired me and paid me up front. They were worried about you! Made me promise to get you home safe and sound! Your phone and your purse are in your bag.”

He smiles again. “Night love Oh! And thanks for the oral. If you ever need a taxi again call me, we can come to some arrangement.”

Another cheeky grin, then he turns and walks away, leaving me speechless.

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The Airman and the Farm-Girl Ch. 02

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The coach carrying the services reunion tour trundled through the forestry as Roger gazed out of the window. The concrete road was endlessly long and he could not recognise any features of the countryside which was flat and monotonous with the occasional village and farm. The rhythmic thumping of the tyres against the joins in the road surface struck a chord and he started humming a tune in time to the beat. The daylight faded and then he could see little of the land.

Behind him there was a low babble of chatter which quietened as the vehicle entered a town square and slowed to a stop. The men rose and shuffled in their brightly polished shoes to the door; all were wearing smart blazer jackets with medal ribbons. They collected suitcases from the side of the vehicle before making their way to the front door of a nearby hotel. Flags hung limply from poles above the entrance, Roger recognised the banner of the Royal Air Force and the national flag of the country, others were of a variety of crests that he didn’t recognise.

The local mayor was waiting resplendent with a gold chain over his stout belly but with dusty shoes, he noticed. Some speeches were made to welcome the heroes who had fought for the country and liberated it from the occupying forces, but soon Roger was able to enter the hotel and locate his allocated room. An evening meal was served in the dining room and due to the late hour he adjourned to bed.

The next day he was able to explore the tiny village and try to recognise the landmarks. After a couple of hours he found himself climbing a low hill with an area of woodland to the side. He strode more confidently as he saw a tumble of fallen stones at the side of a field, then an old farm in the distance. It was the place he was sure, he now recognised the whole scene as he looked all around. There before him was the farmhouse where he had stayed with two women for several months risking inevitable capture.

As he neared the buildings a dog barked and a woman stood in a doorway and stared with hostility. He approached her and spoke hesitantly. “Good day, do you live here?”

The woman replied, but in the local language that he could barely understand when he had lived there. Now, after the years of disuse it was unintelligible.

He tried again, asking if the woman remembered a girl and old lady who used to live there. However the woman was not helpful, she spoke no English and eventually he politely thanked her for her time and returned to the village.

Back in the hotel, he rejoined his companions for luncheon. The men were to stay in the hotel for another night; in the afternoon a visit was organised to a nearby wartime camp, a highlight of the trip. The camp was notorious; the place where many people had met their end in horrific circumstances.

As he sat in the dining room and waited whilst cold meats were served by waitresses in white blouses and frilly aprons with their hair tied back in severe buns. Roger found himself idly watching the backside of one of them enclosed in a tight black skirt as it moved amongst the tables. The firm buttocks swivelled beneath the thin material, showing the tantalising lines of underwear. Then the waitress turned to him and stood still.

He looked up at her wondering if she had a question – or had noticed him checking out her ass. But she was stationary, staring into his eyes. Then he saw the face that he had sought; a little older, more care-worn, but the girl from the farmhouse in that bygone era was standing before him looking as if she had seen a ghost. Slowly the plate that she was holding tipped over until the slice of processed ham fell silently to the floor.

* * *

She sat quickly on a vacant chair facing him. “It is you, come back,” she said, tears welling in her eyes.

“Yes,” he replied. “I came to see you again.”

Suddenly she moved and was in his arms. There were no words between them but he became aware of a voice shouting behind. It was the owner of the hotel, the mayor who had welcomed the party earlier.

The woman jumped away and picked up the fallen piece of meat. She ran off with it to the kitchen and the hotelier quietened.

Roger sat at his table and waited, and soon she returned with a fresh plate. “I see you afterwards. I can’t speak now.” She scurried away and he ate his scanty meal silently, nervously anticipating the continuation of the reunion so briefly interrupted.

After the food was eaten he rose and left the room, then he found that she was following him up the stairs. He turned and faced the girl; she spoke first. “I have waited for you to return, I was afraid it would never happen.”

He took her hand and led her into his room. They sat on the bed holding hands and he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I’m so happy, I thought I’d never see you again,” she whispered.

“I was sent to a prison camp hundreds of miles away after I was captured, and since I was repatriated home I’ve been running the pendik escort shop in my village. I never married; never met anyone to compare with you. I’ve been trying to get back to this area to find you again, now here I am,” he explained. “What happened to you?”

“My Grandmother and I were taken by the Gestapo, she saved me by saying that it was just her that looked after you in the farm. She disappeared, I never saw her again. Afterwards I had to live with friends in the village, I had nowhere to live. The farm was taken from us, I could not go back there.”

Roger raised his hand and stroked her greying hair, suddenly she was in his arms embracing him and he could feel her wet cheeks against his face. She pushed him backwards on the bed so that he was looking up at her ample breasts and he heard two light thumps as her shoes fell to the floor.

“Are we allowed to know each other’s names now?” he smiled. Previously they had decided that it would be safer for all if they never knew each other’s identity.

“We are safer now, so I expect we may; I am Justine.”

“Finally after all this time, I can tell you that I am Roger.” He traced his fingers around her face and wiped away her tears, then continued slowly downwards over her neck and shoulders. “Justine. A pretty name, a pity that I never knew it before.”

“They were dangerous times, it was necessary.” She hitched her knees up so that she was kneeling over him and placed her palms on his ribs, stroking him up to his shoulders and down his arms, feeling his muscles.

She reached up and unpinned her hair. The locks fell free around her face as she leaned forwards and unbuttoned his shirt so that she could run her fingernails down his body, leaving faint red lines on his pale skin. She took his head in her hands and kissed him deeply, gripping her knees around his hips. “Such a long time, I thought you would never return. But it is you.”

Roger lifted his hands and supported her breasts, feeling her brassiere. He slowly unfastened her blouse and she shrugged it away. Then she pressed herself to him so that he was able to unclasp the rear of the bra which fell loose as she sat upright again. Her breasts fell to his hands naturally, as she pressed her groin against the rising hardness beneath her.

He felt the soft flesh in his palms, heavier but almost as firm as he remembered. The nipples were darker and larger but then she leaned over him, her body was against his face and her scent was in his nostrils transporting his memory back to those distant, heady months before their sudden separation.

He felt her hands loosening his trousers and grasping his cock as he came to be fully erect. Then she eased herself up and he felt himself being enveloped inside her soft warm moistness. He could feel the tight edge of her underwear against him and he realised that she had eased her panties to one side rather than waste time removing them. She sank slowly down to feel him deep inside before moving quickly, grinding and humping. When she arched her back and threw herself backwards to feel him more firmly, she came explosively and then fucked him furiously, trying to maintain the orgasm endlessly. Then he came, spurting a steady flow into her.

Afterwards he lay still catching his breath whilst she still moved her hips against his softening penis, trying to prolong the moment. She kept him inside as she bent down to embrace him, her breasts crushed against his chest.

Eventually he slipped from her and they separated. Still lying facing each other, she adjusted her panties and skirt to cover herself but leaving her top comfortably exposed. He lay with his trousers undone to his knees, his cock flaccid but still enlarged.

“So, Justine. Tell me what happened. Why did you lose the farm?”

“That was always what happened. It was wartime, we were betrayed. The collaborator was rewarded with the property of the person caught, that was all.”

“Who lives there now?”

“The same man, with his family. He became rich and powerful in the war, he owns the hotel, everything.”

“The fat man? The mayor?”

“Yes that is the one,” replied Justine. “He was able to purchase even the mayor’s office by corruption and favours to his friends.”

“Why do you stay here, working for him?”

“Where else can I go? I have no means, nowhere to go. If I did not work at the hotel I would starve in the forest. Besides, I have been waiting for your return.”

Roger sat up. “I will kill him, I will return your farm to you. The bastard, he won’t get away with this.”

Justine laughed bitterly. “All you will achieve is to go to prison, Anyway I don’t want the farm. It was hard work and I don’t have the strength for it now. The hotel is much easier, even if I have to put up with him feeling my bottom every time I am bending over. He is a pig, he makes all the staff wear tight clothes so that he can look at us. His wife must be stupid.”

She swept her hair back with her maltepe escort fingers and inserted some pins to fix the bun again, glancing in the bedside mirror. She stood, collecting her bra and blouse which she held in her hand. “I have to go, I’m a sticky mess.”

Standing, her breasts were a little lower than when she was young when those fine tits had been high and tight, her stomach had lost the tautness of youth and hung ever so slightly over the waistband of her skirt with its apron still fastened. But she still looked good, the fire still burned in her eyes and she held his gaze.

“If you wish to bathe, you can use the bathroom here,” he offered.

“I would not do that.” Her eyes burned into his. “I will keep what is from you. It is with me for a purpose.”

“What do you mean? I am confused.” Roger leaned forwards.

“When I was imprisoned they interrogated me and I was beaten of course. I had little to tell so the beatings continued. I lost the baby that I was carrying. Since then I have always wished to carry your child once more.” Justine revealed the news without blinking.

Roger was stunned to silence. After a long pause he spoke up “That’s what you were telling me when you were rubbing your stomach as the guards took you away.”

“Yes,” she replied. “I was so pleased to be carrying your child, I could not bear for you not to know. One day I will carry again and give a son or daughter to you. Perhaps soon.”

She quietly dressed, replacing the bra, blouse and shoes. Then she left the room and closed the door behind her.

* * *

Roger walked downstairs to the lobby. The rest of his party had left without him to continue with the itinerary of the day so he was left to his own devices. That would teach him to get laid at lunchtime on a guided tour, he thought. The TV was on but the volume was turned down and in any case he would have been unable to understand it, so he ordered a coffee at the bar and sat outside at a table under a tree to watch the world pass by.

A while later he found himself being joined by Justine, who had changed out of her uniform and was now wearing a flimsy flowing skirt and loose top, with high heels. She sat next to him at the table and spoke. “Roger, can you take me with you?”

“What do you mean, where to?”

“To England. I want to leave this place, there is nothing for me here.”

He was surprised. “I don’t know. I’ll have to think how it can be done.”

“I hate this place, I have friends but I need to get away, but I have no money and on my wages it is impossible to save.”

He thought briefly. “I’ll make some arrangements if you really want to. Pack your bags, we leave in the morning.”

“I have nothing. I share a room in the staff quarters, I can go now, I don’t care. One more night here in this town is too many.” She was trembling.

“What is it that you’re not telling me? There’s something else.”

“It is the mayor, the pig. He makes me shudder. I always have to make the soup for his supper, he will put his hand up my skirt in the kitchen and touch me. I have to touch him back, if I refuse he will fire me and there is no other work. Always he find fault with the soup, too hot, too cold, not enough salt, Then he will demand that I touch him again to make him happy. I am a slave here, there is no escape”

Roger sat silently. Then he spoke again “I’ll sort it out, you can stay in my room tonight, then tomorrow we’ll get you on the coach.”

She stood. “I’ll hide in your room now, it is quiet and there is no-one to see.”

They walked through the lobby and up to the room again. When the door was closed Justine kicked off her shoes and lay down on the bed, arms outstretched and looking at the ceiling. “Thank you, I feel safe with you.” She paused. “These are my only clothes now, I must look after them.”

She sat up and with swift movements stripped off the blouse and skirt before lying back down, suddenly naked; there was no sign of any underwear. Her luxuriant bush of dark pubic hair contrasted with her alabaster skin with her full breasts still managing to point their nipples skyward. Her legs were parted revealing glimpses of her labia and her arms were outspread, showing dark curls of hair underneath.

Roger looked at her. “Is that all you’re wearing? It will be a long journey.”

“I’ll manage, I only have worn-out underclothes and uniform, it is all the boss will give me. I don’t wish to take anything that he has provided. I would die first.”

“So you want to live in England? There will be differences.”

“Such as?”

“It is usual and fashionable for women to remove the hair under their arms, for a start.” Roger smiled. “Do you have a passport, otherwise you’ll have to be smuggled across.”

“I will be English lady. I have no passport but I can take away the hair.” Justine jumped to her feet and strode to the bathroom.

Roger followed her to the doorway as she picked up his razor from the sink. kartal escort She started to scrape away under her armpits and Roger stopped her. He showed her how to lather up shaving foam and shave smoothly without cutting herself. When she was done she put her arms around his neck and kissed. Resting her head on his chest, she sighed. “Please make it happen, I want to come with you to England. I cannot stay two more nights here.”

He led her back to the bed and lay her down, covering her nakedness with the sheet. However when she moved slightly the sheet fell down, showing her breasts once more. She was entirely unconcerned at the exposure so he sat beside her and gently stroked the soft flesh as the nipple rose to his touch.

Eventually she closed her eyes at the soothing movement and then he realised that she was asleep.

He continued with the caresses, enjoying the feel of her warm skin until his arm tired. When he stilled however, she woke immediately. “What happened?”

“Nothing,” he relied. “But it’s getting late, dinner will be served downstairs and if I don’t appear they might send a search party.”

“You must go,” she sighed. “If you can bring back a piece of fruit for me that will be good.”

She moved the sheet away from her body and then took his hand, placing it in the soft hairy curls below her belly. “Make sure that you are ready for me when you return,” she murmured.

* * *

Roger entered the room silently and watched her for a moment. Justine was sleeping under the thin sheet, the outline of her body clearly visible and her ribs rising and falling with every breath.

He undressed and went to the bathroom for a shower, when he returned with a towel wrapped around his waist she was leaning on her side watching him. He combed his damp hair and sat next to her, reaching for the banana that he had brought. She took the fruit and with a salacious smile slid it gently between her labia, spreading her thighs widely. She positioned herself so that he had a clear view, then inserted the tip just a fraction into her opening. Then she stopped, teasing him. She stripped back the peel and ate it hungrily, throwing the waste into the bin before lying back down.

Roger started to idly comb her pubic hair so that it was fluffed up and glossy. When he found a small tangle in the hair deep between her legs she winced at the tug, then he gently managed to free the curls.

She removed his towel from his waist and fondled his testicles with a feather-light touch until he felt ready to burst. She pulled back the skin of his cock to reveal his glans, then held him steady. “What are the plans for tomorrow?”

“I called a meeting with the boys downstairs, we’ve got it all covered. They’re all well up for a job, it’ll be like the old times. We’ll get you onto the coach, the driver is all part of it and we’ll get you across the channel without any problem. You’ll never see the mayor again.”

“That is good news, I will be happy again wherever we go.”

She stroked his cock and placed his hand to cup her pussy. When she had spread her legs comfortably, she took his middle finger and pressed it into her vagina so that he slid into her deeply. She sighed and wriggled her hips against his touch, then by reaching behind herself she adjusted his other fingers into the cleft between her buttocks. He could feel the muscular ridges of her other opening and she did not object when he commenced to move against it.

They kissed passionately and at length until she pulled him close and replaced his hand with his cock. They made love gently for a while, then she twisted around for him to enter from behind, and he could see her pussy lips wrapped around him, stretching around his penis with every thrust.

She made sure that his finger was able to enter her most sensitive opening and he was able to feel himself through the membrane separating the two passages. Eventually as she pushed back against him for maximum penetration, he came and expelled himself deeply inside her body.

He softened quickly and withdrew. Exhausted by his exertions, Roger slumped back and shortly fell asleep as she knelt, watching his peaceful face.

* * *

When he woke, it was dark and he was alone. He patted the mattress around him but could not feel her presence. After a long wait, he heard the door open gently and then her body was next to him once more, strangely chilled to his touch.

They embraced and slept in each others arms.

* * *

In the morning Roger awoke again with the sun streaming through the thin curtains. They both showered, soaping each other’s crevices. Later, he left for breakfast, returning with a toast and marmalade sandwich concealed inside his shirt for her.

He packed his small suitcase while she dressed in her meagre outfit and quietly they left the room. She found that a group of men were waiting to surround her as she left the premises and she was able to board the coach which waited directly outside. Soon the party was all aboard and they departed, on a long journey to a ferry-port. There was a space concealed under the floor, which held a bed for a spare driver where she was able to hide during brief customs and immigration checks.

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Stephanie’s Story

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I’ve been working at Tannon & Co. for the past five years. It’s a run of the mill financial strategy company that’s been doing pretty well through the financially tough times. It’s been a hell of a lot of work, and a lot of late nights but in the end it’s paid off. What I’m saying is that I hate my job. I hate my job for everything it’s worth, except for one thing.

A year ago, the company decided it needed a new image. The new thing it was going for was young and restless. Like the soap opera. It fired many long term employees of 10 years or more and started hiring these young, just-out-of-college finance majors who agreed to work long hours if they got paid a little extra for overtime. Which in turn saved the company quite a bit of money, and made things here in the office that much more beautiful. These young naïve college graduates with their fresh minds and fresh bodies were roaming the halls of Tannon & Co. once again.

Her name was Stephanie. A full blooded Korean hottie. Straight from some prestigious private school, in which her GPA and her extra-curriculars had outshined any other potential applicants for her position. She was excellent at whatever she attempted. She worked under a senior associate down the hall who had her do common intern tasks like making copies and getting coffee. But whenever she was given a chance to do something outside the box, she would always excel. She was ten times more intelligent than any of the other newly employed. The other girls would wear these short, tight business skirts and open up their blouses one too many buttons. And sure, they’d get the attention of half the male employees, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the woman that Stephanie was.

The first time I saw her, I could have mistaken her for some marketing ploy to post beautiful girls on our next poster in downtown Manhattan. I did, in fact, do that very thing until I saw her take orders from the old, fat, and balding man from down the hall. She gladly accepted her tasks as she gracefully moved from the paper closet to the copier to begin the mundane task that was completely beneath her.

Man, I would love to be beneath her.

She separated herself from the other girls. They wore skin tight skirts and almost see-through blouses everyday to work. Pretty much whatever The Hills would tell them to wear. It almost seemed as though they were only here for the chance at making a couple hundred thousand on a sexual harassment suit that they were desperately begging for.

Stephanie dressed herself like a professional, and carried herself like there was nothing that would stop her. Her beautiful body cased up like a non-discloser inside trade packed into a luxury leather briefcase. Occasionally I would pretend to refill my cup of coffee just for the chance of see her bend over and pick up a brand new ream of pearl-white resume paper. Her ass was fantastic to stare at. The kind of ass that would beef itself up as it bends at the waist, like you could actually see the cheeks spreading apart for your enjoyment. Her face was smooth and brilliant, and her features were sharp like her eyes could cut straight through you.

I only really saw her a couple times a day. The best times would be when we leave the building at night and she would ride the same elevator as me. We were on the 43rd floor and the elevator would get pretty crowded around 6pm at night, and I would always try and stand as close as I could to Stephanie without being too conspicuous.

One night, the fat, balding man had a deal that he was trying to close on in the next couple days and he had her stay late with him to finalize all the paper work. I saw her in the copier room, sighing heavily, with sweat beading on her neck. I decided to wait out the work day to see if she could use any help that I would give in a heartbeat. I went up to her and said, “Workin’ hard?”

“Nothing that I can’t handle”, she replied.

“Well if it ever does get too much for you to handle, just come on down to my office in 4307 and let me know if I can help.”, I wish I would’ve said.

“Awesome.” I actually replied.

She smiled and continued on her way. Damn, she’s so good looking. And so put together. She could have anything and anyone she wants.

I saw the old man give her the wave to end the day and I packed up my things as quickly as possible to catch the next elevator as her. I walked quietly behind her watching that perfect ass move from side to side with each step. We smiled quaintly at each other while we were waiting for the elevator to come up from the ground floor. Finally it came, and I held the door open for her. “My lady…” I said with what I’m sure was the most corny expression I’ve ever held on my face. After a moment she replied, “Why thank you kind sir.” Thank god she had played along. Too bad I hadn’t noticed that the elevator was still going up.

The next floor was marked was 64. 21 floors, just me and her in a small elevator with my incredibly daft small talk skills.

“Umm, I …the elevator’s going… uh…” I stuttered

“So, ataşehir escort you’re new in the building?” I asked.

“Yeah, I just started a couple months ago.” She said.

“Cool, so you’re liking it so far?”

“Mostly. Although, I thought that I’d be doing a little more than making copies and coffee.”

“Hahahahaha, yeah”


“Well, it’ll get better the longer you’re here, trust me.” I said.


She looked down at her feet with her hands folded. She looked so beautiful, I just wanted to reach an arm out around her shoulder and bring her in close to rest against me.

We finally got to floor 64 and the accounting department filed in. Both Stephanie and I pushed to the back corner of the elevator to make room. We ended up facing each other since she was still facing the front and I had turned to face the back of the elevator. Five more floors down, there was a crowd of 10 people waiting to get on, but we only had room enough for about three of them. Stephanie calmly leaned against the railings on the two perpendicular walls. Nine floors down, and another 5 people tried to squeeze in before the doors could close on them. Everyone had to squish together, and Stephanie’s nose was nearly in my chest. People were pushing to get their space, and I held up my hands against the back wall trying not to let people crush Stephanie.

Her hair smelled wonderful, like some kind of tropical flower, and I found my mind wandering to see her lathering her hair in the shower with this intoxicating scent. Then something amazing happened. She laid her head against my chest. Not that she was forced, which could have been plausible, but she determinately laid her head to rest upon my Stafford white collar shirt. Wanting to somehow reciprocate the gesture, I put my cheek against her head. The smell of her hair was the most magnificent thing I’d experienced in the last 12 months. We carried on down the elevator shaft like this until the ground floor, repelling further potential occupants away to catch the next down elevator.

At the ground floor, the crowd shuffled around to get out of the elevator. Stephanie and I were the last to get off. The last person left and Stephanie didn’t move. She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes, and stayed exactly where she was. The elevator doors closed. I felt the upward acceleration as we started to head toward the top of the building again. At this point there was nothing in heaven or hell that could stop my head from moving forward to try to kiss this girl. She kept her head tilted upward and I saw her eyes slowly close. My lips were completely lax as I felt her soft lips part mine, and mine part hers. A moment of bliss.

This is the most amazing moment of my life. This beautiful girl whom I’ve been oogling for months is now in my arms with her lips enclosed around mine. Her back is against the wall and I slide my hands around her waists as our lips continue to communicate on a level of their own. I feel a curious little tongue approach the entrance to my mouth and I oblige with a greeting from my own tongue, rubbing down the length of her tongue back into her mouth. What an amazing girl, and an incredible kisser. We reach floor 16 and keep moving upward. My hands slide down to her ass, and she keeps going with it. My mind is wandering to places that it’s been dozens of times before with this girl but never actually done in reality. I lift her ass up and she spreads her skirt up her thighs and locks them around me. I set her to rest on the supporting railing behind her and press my lips firmly against hers. Her arms are wrapped around my neck and her legs are wrapped around my ass. Floor level 25. There’s nothing more that I could want at this moment. Then she rips her top button off her blouse.

She took her hands and pulled on either side of her collar and the button came flying off in who-knows, and who-cares, what direction. It was so hot. My erection was filling down the left side of my dress pants and warming against her exposed thigh. Floor 28. I kissed every inch of her face til I came to that sweet, sweet neckline. I was sucking at the curve of her jaw meeting her neck and up around her soft little earlobes. Her mouth was near my ear and I heard the erotic gasp of breath from her lips as I continued to nurse her neck with mine. My hands were gripped tightly around her waist, and resumed following up her hourglass curvature until I came to those luscious, round gifts from god. I fingers curve up and around those marvelous mounds, and curl around the inside opening of her blouse. Floor 34. I cross my right hand across her chest and dive into her left bra cup. My fingers brush across her fully erect nipple. I roll it around in my fingertips and hear her moans echo in my ears. Her arms are up and around her head allowing me free access to her gorgeous body. She slides out her ponytail and lets her hair fall down over her shoulders. I brush my fingers through her dazzling, silky, dark brown hair. It smells so wonderful, my hard on flexes kadıköy escort in approval against her inner leg. Floor 45. Her hands come down and run her fingers over my bulging shaft. She slides a finger into my zipper flap and runs the zipper down with a dainty thumb and forefinger. Floor 52. I reach up with my right hand and slide her blouse and bra strap off of her shoulder. I want to flip her yellow laced bra down and take her nipple into my mouth, but then she shoves me hard towards the opposite wall.

A small ding went off and the down arrow above the door lit up like a warning sign. I had barely noticed, but it’s a good thing that Stephanie was facing the other direction. Stephanie had already buttoned up what was left, and slid her skirt back down. I turned around just in time to see the door open onto the hallways of floor 62. She’s so brilliant, even in the heat of the moment. I must have this girl.

Three people and a janitor with his cleaning cart bustled in on floor number 62. Slightly annoyed at these newcomers, I leaned back against the corner of the elevator where Stephanie had been a moment before with her back arched and slow gasps escaping her lips. Stephanie stepped in front of me with her hands behind her back. I was thinking ‘Damnit, stupid people and their lazy asses.’ Then something made me remember that I had forgotten to zip up my pants.

Stephanie’s fingers had crawled inside my pants and were sliding along my left pant leg where my fully erect dick had found refuge. Her fingertips explored the length of my shaft and curled up under my boxers to render them useless against her hand. The other passengers in the elevator car were discussing some argument that they’d had about some interest rates or something and were paying no attention to this incubus in the corner giving me life with her hands. Her fingers slid up over my head and back again, curling around my girth. My hands were braced heavily on the supporting rails or I would have collapsed along the way. In a moment of pure genius I reached over the cleaning cart and between two other passengers to hit button number 43.

The elevator slowed and dinged open to my floor and I led Stephanie out of there into the open hallway. I looked around and didn’t see anybody, so I took Stephanie by the hand and started to lead her to my office. We were about to head by the copier room when the fat, old, balding man stepped out of his office with his coat and briefcase. We both stood there stunned for a few seconds when Steph said, “Hey. I’m back. I seemed to have forgotten my keys somewhere in the copy room and Mr. …”

“Taylor”, I said.

“…said he would help me in my search to find them.”

“Yup, I figured I’d help out a fellow employee.” I said.

The old man just nodded and waved as he walked toward the elevator. Stephanie pulled me into the copier room and shoved me against the wall.

“There’s no way he believed us.” I said.

“Not a chance.” Stephanie replied and thrust her lips into mine, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“And while I’m in the practice of losing my job…”, she said as she skipped over to the copier machine. She propped open the lid and lifted herself up to sit on the glass.

“You wouldn’t…”

“You don’t know me well enough to know what I’d do or not do Mr. Taylor”, and she hiked up her skirt to her waist. Then she hooked her thumbs around the edges of her panties and slid off these bright blue and white satin panties to her ankles. Then she motioned with her finger, a come hither gesture. I walked over and put my hands around her calves and twirled her loose panties around my finger. She leaned over and lifted my chin to fill my lips with hers. Then she took my hand and carried it over to the big green button.

She stamped my hand down on the button and the machine lit up underneath Stephanie’s ass and whirred to life as it spat out a single sheet of paper. “Mmmm, so warm”, she said, and leaned to her right to pick up the copy.

“Not to bad” she said, as she showed me the picture. There were two tightly squished buns distinctly shown and a faint hint of two little lips in a gap between the cheeks. “Oh wow, yeah very nice. I can almost see a hint of your…”, she spread her legs wide apart, leaned forward and pressed the button again. “Is that what you want to see?” She asked coyly. I used my palm to push her back against the copier lid and lowered my head to between her wide open legs.

My tongue ran along Stephanie’s smooth inner thigh, and glided over her wet wrinkles where her thighs met. I slid my tongue along her slid and pressed it against of the peak of her labia. I rubbed her clit with my tongue in smooth circles, covering it in her own wetness. Her hands came to rest on the back of my head and I continued to work my tongue on her. Her moans were growing louder and her breath became short. The taste of her sweet juices along her slit was so good. I brought a finger to her slit and rubbed it up and down in her wetness before plunging it into her. She moaned bostancı escort bayan loudly enough for most people on the floor to hear. Let’s hope we were the last one’s here.

My fingers continued to fuck her and my tongue continued to work her clit in vigorous circles. Then all of a sudden she kicked me back! She hopped down off of the copier with her panties still around her ankles and she started unbuckling my belt. After she was done with that my pants fell off easily and she was sliding my enlarged cock into her mouth faster than I could grasp what had happened. She kept popping the head in and out of her lips, and moving her lips down the shaft as her tongue would swirl back and forth. Her mouth was so hot, my dick felt so right being inside of it. Then she bobbed her head back and forth rapidly and took a good 4 or 5 inches in every time. Every once in a while she’d shove it all the way into her mouth til my head was touching the back of her throat. She’d look up at me with these huge gorgeous eyes, and my cock going in and out of her mouth like she hadn’t been fed in days. She pulled it out of her lips with a popping sound and stroked in her hand.

“I want you to fuck me”, she said in a sort of high pitched moan.

“You want me to fuck you?”, “Ok” I said, and lifted her up off the ground. I turned her away from me and shoved her against the copy machine. Then I lifted her skirt and rubbed her wetness around her clit and over her lips. I put a hand on her back and pressed her chest against the glass of the copier machine, and then I brought my head to her pussy lips and slowly spread them as my shaft began to enter her. Her head was turned to the side and I could see her shutting her eyes tightly and opening her mouth as if to moan but nothing came out. I kept sliding myself inside of her and her mouth kept getting wider and wider. I kept entering her until the base of my cock was touching her wet pussy lips. She let out a high pitched moan, and I pressed her hard against the glass. I reared back a few inches and entered her again. And again and again. My hips would nudge her ass and move her body slightly with each stroke. “Oh god, fuck me!!”, she cried. “Fuck me!!”. I took her hips in my hands and pounded her with everything I’ve got. Thrust after thrust of pure pleasure. I fucked her hard. She tore open the rest of her blouse and lifted her bra to expose her bare breasts against the glass. I hit the green button, because I knew that was a copy I’d want to keep for my personal records. Her moans grew louder and louder, and she braced her hands against the side of the copier. “Oh god yesss!!!” she’d cry. And I’d pound her some more, feeling every little wet muscle inside of her slide against my shaft. Her hands started to clench, and I fucked her faster and faster. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!”, her face winced for a moment. Then she exploded and her hands flew open and pressed against the machine shaking it, and she moaned over and over again “Ohhhh yes!!”, “Oh god yess!!”, and I could feel her muscles clenching around my dick deep inside of her. She moved her ass back and forth against my hips and slowly laid herself down on the glass, her body still convulsing uncontrollably.

I pulled out of her and she laid there for a bit almost unable to move. Then she stood up, turned around and dropped to her knees. My dick was still dripping with her juices from that last orgasm. She held out her tongue and caught the drop at the end of my cock and slid it into her mouth. She slid it back and forth over and over again licking up all of her juices that had been on my cock.

Then she guided my hips backward and pushed me back onto a table behind me and started to crawl on top of me. She pulled her panties from around her ankle and stuffed them into my mouth. She arched backward and grabbed my cock in her hand and guided it into her still soaking pussy. She leaned back and supported her hands on my legs as she started to grind on top of my engorged dick. Her hips glided up and down my shaft. I reached up her back and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Then she’d take it all in and start bouncing on top of me with my head deep inside her wet vagina. Her breasts were bouncing along with her, going wild. She’d slam herself on to me again and again. My red-inflated head squishing against her deepest walls inside of her. I reached up and pulled her torso down on top of me, her breasts squeezing against my chest. I wanted to taste her sweet lips again, and I explored her soft tongue with my own. Her ass was still churning up and down, bouncing with my cock pushing against her far back walls.

Then she got up and swung her leg over my body. While sitting side saddle like this, she gave me a few up and downs. Her legs were closed and my cock felt so tight inside of her. Then she swung the other leg around and started to thrust herself down on my dick with her luscious ass facing me. My hands caressed and squeezed her ass, as I guided it over my cock over and over again. Stephanie brought one hand up to squeeze her own breasts and the other hand came down between her legs to roll her fingertips around her clit while she rides me like a true cowgirl. She’s moaning loudly and bouncing wildly against my cock, and I’ve never felt anything this good in my entire life.

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Surreal Moment

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Here we are. In a moment cut from a million dreams. Surreal in the sunlight. Too bright to fancy an illusion. I see your laughter, warm on your face. I watch your eyes taking notes on my details. I feel the mingled sweat of our palms, pressed together. Wind dishevels our hair. My words jostle up against yours, clumsy in eager conversation. Blushing over my little errors. I would rather falter this way with you than have poise with anyone else.

Sitting on a bench while the clock tower chimes us into the afternoon. This lingering in innocence teases us both. The wait has been a long time in ending. I lean against you and hear your murmured thoughts. Your touch is sweet over my cheek and my smile spreads easily. A pure calm settles in my bones. The world is incidental now. We are close. There is nowhere else I belong.

And then here we are. My sparse, dusty bedroom. You have me alone. I have you. Surreal in the sunlight. Melting together with our arms and hips… and lips. Kisses so long overdue that I ache with them. kartal escort My eyes close against the day. Your mouth draws mine into a waltz of passion. Pulled flush to your body, my sigh presses together our chests, our hearts. I hum my desire into our kiss.

We fall into bed, into a giddy game of shedding clothes. I tug your shirt over your shoulders. You ease my jeans down my thighs. Silly grins in the quiet while items are tossed aside. Here are all my freckles and flaws… your skin and scars. Soft fingertips sliding along details with soothing compassion. Honest desire for everything we see. Need for this moment so strong that I forget to be afraid.

Naked bodies and intentions. A meandering exploration of skin with hands and mouths. Lingering on discoveries of sensitive nerves. Warmth glowing in intimate flesh. You take the lead and my mind is drugged with the feel of you. Your tongue spreads tingles on my thigh. You suck against my sex, heating it with arousal. My voice names my pleasure in wordless maltepe escort bayan sounds.

Tension of the sweetest kind rising between us. You crawl up my body for another cherished kiss. I arch against you to press our hips together. Shivers of lust in my limbs. You settle back on your knees and I spread my legs. The gaze of our eyes linked over this simmering moment. Surreal in the sunlight. A shift of hips and thighs as you lean in and join our bodies. We share our primal passion and languid moans.

Clumsy, perfect rhythm as we move against one another. Pressing, writhing, savouring. Your strokes deep within me. My clenches tight around you. Joy so simple, precious and shared. Kisses and hums from our mouths. My thoughts of what I want to give and take. Everything. Without words, I beckon. You follow me down into abandon.

Straining in a building frenzy. Our deep groans and desperate gasps are out of sync. My trembling legs spreading by reflex. You embrace me and I respond with swift rapture. escort pendik Speeding together towards the ecstatic edge. You have me. I have you. The wait of such a long time, is ending. My heart full and my mind submerged in this final need.

Time tips and stumbles to a standstill. My body surges with climax and the current sweeps you along with me. Breath and words catch in the urgent throes. Our bodies defy control and we are carried on the hazy wave of release. Losing strength and collapsing into a dizzy satisfaction. Your body and mine still joined. We are flush and sweaty and whole.

I smile in the quiet of our aftermath. You sigh and refuse to let me go. Sharing grins, little thoughts and relaxed laughter. Where was I before your arms? I have no care to know. The glow is sweet and dearly shared. Our lazy, sated lounging is the most peace I have ever felt. I settle further into the bed with a long, easy sigh. You are well worth waiting for.

Curling in bed, tucking under soft covers. We are close. There is nowhere else I belong. I whisper the words. Quiet and sure. The same as I have night after night, while you sleep. This time is different. Your face presses into my nape. I hear my words whispered back. A moment cut from a million dreams. Surreal in the sunlight.

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Teacher Student Romance

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I frequently joked that I would be one of those teachers who ended up in the news. I taught AP English at Washington High School in Cleveland Heights. Every year I taught the same exact lecture to prepare my seniors for the Advanced Placement test which would allow them to skip their first year of college English. And every year I would fantasize about fucking all of them. I was a horny bitch, no if’s, and’s, or butts. Boys or girls, it didn’t matter. I genuinely believe every high school teacher has masturbated to a student at least once. For me it was at least once a day.

Some were attractive, and others were still battling puberty. Some students were confident in their youth, others were socially awkward. It hardly mattered to me. The most erotic aspect was the depravity. How forbidden the act was. In a way it was humiliating—the idea of allowing my students to fuck me. This authority figure giving into her animal instincts, losing control. I never acted on it, but God did I think about it on an hourly basis. They were all horny all the time, and I swear it rubbed off on me. Something with the pheromones in the air turned me into a dumb, horny animal.

I entered college wanting to help kids, but by the end of my first week of being a TA, I wanted to help students in a completely different way. Something changed inside my brain. You see it in the news all the time. These young, beautiful women, many of them married, and they just can’t stop themselves from fucking their students. My favorites are the ones busted for sodomy which means they sucked cock. Imagine giving up your career and reputation you built for almost a decade just to suck an irresistible cock. I think about their cocks a lot. I imagine them in the locker room after gym. Their beautiful, flaccid cocks bouncing as they walk. I could just walk in there. Would they know my body was ready? How many of them could take turns on me before I was discovered? How much cum could I swallow in that time?

I knew it was a matter of time before I lost control. I could feel my pussy taking over, urging me to indulge. I was twenty-eight but looked like I was twenty. I dressed casual. I would consider myself reasonably attractive. I was thin but not toned. My butt was getting fatter from sitting full-time, and my breasts were uninspiring B-cups. I did my hair and makeup every morning to look fuckable. I was young and hot compared to some of the crones I worked with, and this won me favor with my students. They always seemed more comfortable with me. The boys would cuss and tell dirty jokes, and I’d laugh along. The girls would talk about the boys and their sexual encounters. I was basically one of the students. I even knew what many of them enjoyed sexually.

When I arrived for my first day, the principal put me through a one-on-one orientation which lasted for hours. Even by then, after countless hours of classroom experience, I was a needy bitch. At the time I thought I could control myself. I loved to masturbate and sometimes did it three times a night. Mr. Pencock was his name. What a fucking name for a high school principal. The students called him Mr. Bent Cock. I also called him that when joking around. My first day he showed me around the building. He showed me the lounges which even as an adult fascinated me as part of a secret architecture I had never seen as a high school student. I met some of my coworkers and was shown the library and cafeteria. After discussing fire and active shooter drills, we went into the more technical stuff about lesson plans and curriculum.

Before we concluded, he commented on how I was a young and attractive teacher. I thought he was going to pressure me into sex. I would have accepted eagerly. Before being a teacher, I often fantasized about being pressured into sex, especially by someone who held power over me. Blowing my professor so he didn’t fail me. Letting Mr. Pencock raw my dirty pussy so he didn’t fire me. I was ready to serve, but he didn’t intrude. Instead, he mentioned the school has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct. If it was discovered I was having a sexual relationship with one of my students (like I could stop at just one), the school would do nothing to protect me legally and would instead turn me over to the authorities immediately. It was almost like he was daring me to suck their cocks. Of course, I promised him I would uphold my professionalism, even though I wanted him to get unprofessional with me. He was a bald man in his 50’s with a powerful gut, but I would have sucked his cock like a champ. Like I said, it’s not about attraction with me. Only depravity and humiliation get me off.

In the beginning I could suppress my urges, but each subsequent year, the desire became more unbearable. I just wanted to present my fat ass for the class and have the boys run on a train on my unprotected pussy. I wanted to be a cum dumpster so bad, just filled with a cocktail of their sperm, breeding me like an animal. Even the girls I would have gladly got on my knees and ate each of them out while the others watched. My authority in class became ataşehir escort bayan tenuous as I secretly begged for someone to take control of me every year.

I kept my clothes in fashion, my hair nice, and my makeup on point. I waxed my pussy even though I wasn’t having sex with anyone. I never took birth control. I wanted to be rawed like a bitch in heat. I used to wear low rise underwear but eventually switched to thongs. I wanted to always be ready and desirable for when a student decided to make his or her move. By my third year I kept a change of clean underwear in my purse because I would soak through my first pair by lunch. I must have radiated sexual energy like a small star. The boys loved me. They always told me I was the coolest teacher they ever had and was so easy to talk to. The girls commented on how nice and pretty I was.

I started slow, inconspicuously to give myself plausible deniability. As I graduated towards sexual availability, I wanted to forsake panties all together at school but reasoned I could get myself in trouble if the students noticed, even though that’s all I wanted them to do. I sat in a way to casually expose my crotch to the class and would notice all the boys, and some girls, taking interest. Everyone in class knew I was single and during lunch would comment about how amazing I was and still single. I should preface that by saying I had students in my classroom during my lunch period. Technically we were allowed in order to help students study, but all we talked about were relationships, sex, movies, Youtube, Instagram, and other crap. I had a Facebook and friended all my students. I debated having an Instagram but didn’t want to get fired for being a woman, and said as much to my male students. They politely reminded me I was too hot not to have an Instagram, but what’s a girl to do with Mr. Bent Cock breathing down my neck.

Each year I became more bold in my subtle approach. I attached my email to the syllabus at the beginning of the year and encouraged students to email me if they ever had questions about the books or assignments. This didn’t work how I intended, and only the most over-achieving students ever messaged me, usually about potential extra credit. Being a little insidious, I purposefully created difficult assignments and projects which forced more students to approach me. I happily sat in just my underwear at home and corresponded with them. I desperate wanted to Facetime with them and ask their opinion of my underwear or my bare breasts.

Though I was young, fun, and available both socially and sexually, it became clear none of my students would make the first move. The boys would often comment about how I was the hottest teacher, or wished I was a student, but they never initiated. Sometimes during lunch I’d have five boys in my room and would just drip into my seat behind the desk, imagining a blow bang. It go to the point the varnish was coming off my wooden desk chair.

Everything changed the year Owen came into my class. He was eighteen, athletic, had shaggy blond hair, and an outgoing personality. All of that was great, but he also favored baggy basketball shorts, even in the winter. Sometimes, at just the right angle, I could see his smooth pink sack inside his boxers or the tip of his cockhead. He sat right in the front of the class like a good, attentive student, and I could barely function. I constantly fantasized about his cock on my lips. Pushing into my mouth and down my throat. He would stroke my hair and tell me I was a good teacher.

Owen was the reason I got a burner phone. I registered it to a fake name and address and went about my plans to seduce him. I had learned waiting for a student to make the first move was hopeless. One of my old plans quickly bore fruit again that year as most of the students were emailing me with questions about their assignments. After corresponding with Owen, I asked him to come see me after class about his project. That night I must have masturbated four times just to him. It had to be him. I desperately wanted to suck on his cock, but I also wanted to feel him inside me without a condom. I wanted him to slap my fat ass and call me a whore for not using a condom. I wanted him to blackmail me. I wanted him to make me suck his cock in front of the class. I wanted to eat his asshole like an obedient bitch. I only fell asleep that night from total exhaustion and my fourth orgasm. Even that morning, I sat in the teacher’s parking lot and masturbated in my car as I watched the students enter the building.

As if by divine providence, Owen’s class was last period. It meant I’d have to wait all day just to see him, but it also meant I could be alone with him if I timed things right. The day drained by like an eternity. During lunch period I excused myself to the bathroom to masturbate, joking to my students I needed to “rub one out” which made the small group burst with laughter and nervous giggles. In the stall I stood up and put one hand on the wall, imagining Owen railing me. He would be so rough with me and blow a thick load in my escort kadıöy unprotected pussy before yanking my panties up and giving me a smack on the ass. I was seriously tempted to get his name tattooed on my ass after school, but knew it could put him off if he ever saw me naked.

Eighth period finally came. Owen walked in and greeted me with a smile. As he sat down, I noticed it. He was wearing his dark green shorts. I knew them by heart because they were extra baggy. Inside I could see his bare thigh, his sack, and precious cockhead! He wasn’t wearing boxers! I wanted to lunge at him and yank his shorts down then worship his cock like a slutty acolyte. I needed him in my mouth. I needed to nurse like a starving kitten. I just stared at his near hairless, milky thigh, imagining kissing the seam of his thigh and hip before I sucked his balls lovingly. I imagined him looking down at me with his balls in my mouth. What he would think of this whore. Class had started for five minutes, and all I could do was stare at the tiny show he had put on for me. Eventually he motioned for me like, “You gonna’ start class or stare at my cock all day?” I would have chosen the latter if it was socially acceptable.

There was no way I could function that afternoon. If I stood, there was a good chance I would throw myself at his beautiful pink cockhead, or everyone would see my pussy had soaked through the skirt I was wearing. Instead I hooked my laptop to the overhead projector and put on a documentary about the book we were reading, The Great Gatsby. This turned out to be a mistake as turning off the lights for the projector meant I could no longer see his beautiful genitals. But the room was dark and most eyes were on the screen and not on me. While the class watched, I casually rubbed my clit through my panties. No one could see my hand with the desk in front of me. I imagined Owen noticing though. Noticing what a slut I was. Making me go in the hall only to force his cock in my mouth. Or maybe finger me fiercely and telling me to stop acting like such a whore as he forced me to orgasm.

I inched closer to an orgasm. I was bold and stupid like a horny highschooler. I tried to control my breathing as the orgasm rushed on me. I trembled with erotic excitement. I had just orgasmed in front of my class. Thank god I didn’t squirt. At best they would think I had pissed myself. Though I did wish the class would strip me naked, take me outside, and me make me pee like a dog. Saved by the bell, most of my students were eager to get home. Owen stayed though. I could barely make eye contact with him after climaxing in front of my students. He was patient with a smile. I wanted to get on my knees and show him how much I loved him. I wanted to gift him my panties. Instead, I wrote down the number of my burner phone and gave it him, explaining I was busier than I intended to be but he could call or text with any problems. He smiled and thanked me before he left. I watched his flat butt leave, imagining eating his asshole.

That night, I masturbated like a fiend. I got no work done. No grading, no lesson plan. All I could do was look at pictures of twinks online who looked similar to Owen and masturbate like a fucking sex addict. It had to be him. I needed his cock inside me. My pussy gushed in anticipation to the point I was forced to sit on a towel. I masturbated five times and my clit ached like a lit match head. I thought I could die from too much horniness. Then Owen texted the burner phone. I jumped. My heart raced. All it said was “hi”. I texted him back, asked if this was Owen. He said it was and asked how I was. My mind flashed to a post coital scene where he asked me how I was after ruining my tight little asshole I kept bleached just in case. I said fine and asked him what was up. He said he had a confession to make.

I could have died the way my heart was pounding. I slammed a glass of water as my mouth went paper dry. I asked what was going on. In a long text he explained that he thinks I have a crush on him. He said he suspected as much after I offered my phone number, and then in class he caught me staring at his junk. The roller coaster had jumped the rails. There was nothing left to do. I could have said he was being ridiculous. I could have said other students had my number who were struggling. I could have said I was sick that afternoon and that’s why I left him so abruptly. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. Sometimes in your life there is such a powerful, undeniable truth it is impossible to speak a falsehood. The magnanimity of my desire for Owen made lying impossible. Or maybe my needy pussy had fully overtaken my higher faculties. Regardless, I confessed to Owen. I admitted I did have a crush on him. I said how handsome and smart he was, and I thought about him constantly.

The entire time I texted, my heart hammered in my chest. I played with my aching clit like a demon as I texted with the other hand. To my euphoric shock, Owen texted back saying he felt the same way about me. He said I wasn’t like other girls (whatever the fuck that means). He said I maltepe escort was beautiful, and smart, and easy to talk to. He said he didn’t know how to approach me so he freeballed that day (his words, not mine) to see if I noticed. He said I just stared at his cock and balls for fifteen solid minutes (an exaggeration but who cares) and he knew I had feelings for him. Then…my god…and then…he sent me a picture of his hard cock. I came. I splashed my keyboard, and the monitor mid-rub. I felt like I had just shot heroin. There was his cock in all its glory. Proud and erect. A good size with a fat head I would surely feel when it was inside me. I literally began to drool. Quickly I rushed to the mirror and took a naked picture with my head cropped out. Though my instinct was to have Owen fuck every hole on my body, I still had a sense of preservation for the relationship and didn’t want anything that could link directly back to me.

He texted me back a single word, “wow” then explained he was masturbating to me. I confessed I was masturbating to him. He told me he would fuck me so hard I would forget about my boyfriend. I told him I was single. He immediately asked if he could be my boyfriend. I said yes but told him I could get in a ton of trouble if anyone, even his friends, found it. I told him he absolutely could not tell anyone or share my photos or I would go to prison. He promised not to tell anyone and told me he loved me. His naive affection was cute. We stayed up to 2 am sexting every thing we wanted to do each other and sharing porn. I told him I loved his cock and desperately wanted to suck it. He said he wanted to touch and suck my breasts. For the weekend he came up with a plan where he would say he was sleeping over at his friends house and asked if he could come to my house. I’d have to pick him up somewhere but desperately wanted him in my apartment where he could fuck my brains out. I agreed and our relationship grew.

Owen was smart. At school we barely acknowledged each other, though he stopped wearing underwear after that so I could admire his balls and fantasize about kissing and sucking them. When we sexted, it was often about him fucking me at school. I told him all my nastiest fantasies about fucking everyone and he said it was hot I wanted to fuck girls. I said someday he could watch me with a girl, and he said he definitely wanted to see that. My sex life became hellish and unmanageable as I masturbated constantly in anticipation of Friday night. The day finally came, and after class he gave me a knowing smile and said he’d see me on Monday. That evening I picked him up at a park before dusk where there wouldn’t be security cameras. In my apartment, I felt like I was smuggling a dangerous fugitive.

Owen had the sense to behave normally, not trying anything before we entered the apartment and locked the door. He admitted he was nervous. I told him I was too. He leaned in and kissed me, squeezing my breast through my top. My hand darted for the waistband of his shorts, and I found his smooth cock, already hard for me. We kissed a moment, then I dropped to my knees and took his full length in his mouth, throating him. He gripped my head and almost fell over. Everything after that felt like a blur. I finally gave up his length and gasped for air. My heart hurt it was pounding so hard, and it felt like someone was crushing my clit. I kissed and nuzzled his cock, draping his shaft and balls over my face as I found his asshole and tongued at it. He quickly removed his shorts and stood proudly. His balls were neon pink and so soft as I draped them over my face and nuzzled them. I kissed and suckled, indulging every inch of his eighteen year old body.

He had the stamina of an eighteen year old and came in my face and hair in moments before he began to apologize. Still, his cock stood hard. I kissed the warm smooth head and sucked lovingly. My middle finger found his asshole and I milked him as his cum dried on my face and in my hair. He cried out and blew a bitter, watery load in my mouth as he gripped my head. Still he was hard for me. I stood and took my clothes off. In my underwear, he stared at my soft, pale body. I removed my bra, and his cock bounced and twitched with excitement. Without thinking, he fondled my bare breasts like a sexual predator. I stroked his cock as he fondled me. He told me he loved me again and brought my breasts to his mouth to suckle. I stroked his soft, curly hair as he nursed on my tits. I removed my soaked thong which hit the floor with an audible “plop” and stood naked before Owen.

Owen looked at me like he had seen the face of god. I never felt more beautiful or sexual in my entire life. My bare pussy was on display for my student. I planted my hands on the arm of my couch and presented my fat ass for him. Owen knew what to do. He thrust his cock in me roughly, clearly inexperienced, but my pussy was soaked and ready for him. He fucked me like he intended to break me. He was so strong and his cock was so hard. I toppled forward from his thrusts, and he fucked me face down in the couch. My entire body shuttered and my breasts bounced freely like udders. I screamed my orgasm, but he continued to fuck my brains away. His hands were welded to my soft hips, and he grunted as his hot cum flooded my cunt. I came again just from knowing his sperm was in my unprotected pussy.

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The Babysitter Experience

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It still feels like a dream.

My wife had to fly to her sister’s house for the weekend to help with her sister’s house remodeling. I didn’t mind since I had no plans for the weekend and I figured I would spend time at the pool with the kids enjoying the weather. I had just dropped my wife off at the airport when I got a call from work. My boss had called an important meeting for Saturday afternoon. Since I had the kids, I needed to call Christie to baby-sit the kids. Twenty-year-old Christie had been the kids’ babysitter for the past few years and did a great job with them. I called Christie and she was happy to baby-sit since she had no plans for Saturday.

Christie is a very young looking. Born to a Hawaiian mother and American father she had the innocent looks of her parents. She is about 5′ and all of 90 lbs. As with women from the South Pacific, her chest was rather tiny; but her smile was extremely large for her face.

I picked her up on Saturday about 2:00 pm and took her back home. She had a little bag with her and she was dressed in shorts and tank top with her bathing suit underneath. We got back to the house and she took the kids out to the pool while I finished getting dressed for the meeting. As I looked out of the window at Christie and the kids and admired how cute Christie looked in her bikini. Even though she seemed almost flat-chested, she had a sexy appeal to her. “What am I thinking?” I asked myself. Thoughts of the young babysitter were just not right. I shook those thoughts out and headed to the meeting.

The meeting was boring and a complete waste of time. During one of the breaks I checked my voice mail on my cell phone and had a message from Christie’s mom asking if Christie could spend the night since they were going out and going to be home very late. I called her back and told her that there would be no problem.

I got home about 8 and walked in the house. Christie was asleep on the sofa with the TV on. I went in to check on the kids. Seeing the kids were fine I went through the living room on the way to my bedroom and looked over at Christie sleeping. She was wearing a one-piece nightie that was bunched up around her waist showing her panties. She was wearing a cute pair of pink panties that looked too big for her tiny ass. She looked so innocent and sexy. I had to get the thoughts out of my head so I headed for the bedroom and then right into the bathroom for a shower.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard, “Is that you, Mr. Niles?”

It was Christie standing there in her nightie staring at me. Not realizing that I was standing there naked I answer her that I just got home and needed a shower. Finally noticing my appearance I grabbed a towel and covered myself. Excusing myself, Christie left the bathroom and went out to the living room. It was awkward for both of us, but I know she was looking at my semi-hard cock.

I put on a pair of shorts and went out to meet her in the living room. She was sitting on the sofa watching some movie. “Christie, … I’m sorry I didn’t wake you when I got home.” I started to say. “I thought I could get a quick shower before you woke.”

“That’s okay, Mr. Niles” Christie said with a semi smile. “I hope you didn’t mind me looking for you in the bathroom?”

Not sure how to answer that, I tried to sound nonchalant, “Oh, not at all. I hope I didn’t scare you taking a shower.”

“You didn’t scare me. Although…”

I coaxed her on, “Yes…” Not knowing where she was going.

“Well, … my girlfriend was telling my about the sex encounter she had with her boyfriend and… I… wanted to know if all men are as big as you?”

I was stunned by her boldness. This was a side of her that I never knew. Now, I’m not that big; maybe 7″ fully hard. But she asked and I have always had such a friendly relaxed relationship with her. “Men’s penises are all different sizes, Christie. Mine is average size although you only saw it about half the size.”

“Really!!!” Christie screamed a little louder than she wanted. “You get bigger?”

This was heading down the wrong road. “Yes, I do. It can grow to about 7 inches.” Feeling a little bolder, I asked, “Christie, what do you know about sex?”

She seemed happy that I asked her that. After a second of thinking, she said, “Well, I heard from my girlfriend that she let’s her boyfriend slide his thing into her and it makes her feel so good. She even told me that he sticks it in her mouth.”

Now she was getting a little red from embarrassment. It was obvious that she has never had any type of sexual experience. She did seem a little hesitant to say any more, but after a few seconds of being quiet and me not saying anything, she continued, “Once, my girlfriend stayed over my house. While she was over, she showed me her privates and pointed out where her ‘button’ was. I was so entranced by it I actually touched it and she moaned. I thought I did pendik escort something bad, but she asked me to do it again and just rub. I did it for a few minutes and she moaned louder. Finally, she let out a little scream and her button area got real wet.” “After a few minutes, she told me that she had just cum and it felt great. I didn’t know what I did, but she seemed to like it and asked me if I wanted her to do it to me. I was too afraid that it would hurt and told her no, maybe next time.”

I could see that she was really flustered by telling me this and it didn’t help that I had a serious hard-on in my shorts. I was sitting just right so she could not see it. I thought to myself that I need to stop it here and now, but my dick was aching and begging for something, I asked Christie, “Haven’t you ever had an orgasm?… Haven’t you ever cum?”

“I don’t think so.” She said.

“Do you want to?” I asked and continued, “How would you like to feel the excitement that your friend felt?”

She nodded and I asked her if she wanted me to help her with that orgasm. She just smiled. I was going over the edge.

I told her that she needed to be naked and before I finished telling her, she was standing in front of me in her birthday suit. Her smile was bigger than ever and I was finally getting to see her beautiful body. It was so innocent looking and her skin was a very soft white with a hint of color. Her small tits with little nipples accented her body and her pussy was covered with very sparse hair. She looked like a little angel. I asked her to turn around and I admired her pert little ass. For a little young woman, her ass had the perfect curves to it. Why did she wear bathing suits that were too big?

Not knowing where I was going from here, she asked; “Can you take off your shorts too??” Her innocence was present in her voice.

I nodded and led her to my bedroom where I took off my shorts. Her eyes were transfixed on the sight of my hard cock sticking out at her. I led her to the bed and laid her on her back. As she got comfortable on the bed I told her to just relax and watch what I did. She propped up a couple of pillows on her head as she watched me spread her legs open. I let my hand slowly caress over her mound and she smiled. With both hands, I spread her pussy lips open and found her clit. Her lips were already wet and her clit was big for her body size. “This is your button.” I told her as I pointed it out. “It is also known as a clit. It is very sensitive and if you rub it right, it will make you cum. Here… watch…”

I proceeded to caress her clit and she started to moan with a little excitement. I started rubbing a little faster and she was breathing harder. After a minute or so, she claimed, “Oh, I think… I’m gonna….pee…”

As soon as she said that I rubbed her clit fast and she let out a little scream of excitement. I waited a few minutes to let her come down. When she was breathing somewhat normal again, I told her that she had just experienced her first little orgasm.

“Little?” she said. “That felt so great and so much! Wow, now I know why Kim likes it so much.”

“How would you like to feel it again?” I asked. “I can do it a little different way if you want?”

“Yes…Can you do it again? Please!!!”

I told her to close her eyes and just enjoy it. When she was relaxed, I started rubbing her clit again like before, but when she hit her labored breathing again, I stuck my tongue in her pussy and her eyes shot wide open. I let my tongue roll up and down her lips. She tasted so sweet, almost like honey candy. Her breathing was getting so hard and she was definitely on the point of a much larger orgasm. I left my tongue roll up at then I hit her clit and I sucked it in my mouth. She screamed!


I sucked her clit into my mouth over and over and she was cumming over and over. Finally, I had to stop because I thought she was going to stop breathing. I let her come down a little and when she could talk she said, “Mr. Niles, I have never felt anything like that before. It felt like my whole body was in a frenzy and went limp. That was the greatest feeling…” She put her head back on the pillow and I went to the kitchen to get a drink since it had been a long time since I ate a pussy like that. I also wanted to clear my head a little because I was living a true fantasy.

I came back and she was relaxed on the bed. I was about to tell her that she can have the guest room tonight since her parents wanted her to stay over, when she asked me, “Mr. Niles, can I do that thing to you Kim does to her boyfriend?”

Not sure what she was referring to and not really caring since my cock was so rock hard and ready to burst. I said, “Sure, if you like. But what do you want to do?”

“I want to try to put your thing in my mouth.”

“Oh, you want to suck my cock?” I asked to confirm my suspicion. With maltepe escort her nodding I sat back on the bed and set her between my legs and positioned her so I could watch her take my cock in her mouth. “Since you never did this, I will show you how you need to do it. Have you ever eaten a Popsicle? Or a lollipop?”

“Oh, sure. I love Popsicles. I eat them all the time.”

“Okay”, I said. “What you want to do is lick my cock like you lick the sides of a Popsicle. And then every so often you want to take the top of my cock and suck the whole thing in like a lollipop.”

She looked at me and smiled as she grabbed a hold of my cock. Not knowing what to expect, she held on to it pretty good. As she let her tongue lick it, she started out too fast and I told her to lick it slowly. She did it. She did it for a little while and I thought to myself that for a first time cock licking, she was doing pretty good.

“Why don’t you try taking it into your mouth?” I asked.

“Okay” and with that she took the head of my cock in her mouth and gagged a little. But she was determined to do it, so she continued taking a little more each time. Further and further she was going down on my cock. When all of a sudden she was about half way down on my cock and I felt her teeth bite into me and my eyes exploded with a little pain and a lot of lust. It felt great as she used her teeth. I’ve never felt that before and this first time cocksucker was bringing me to cum very quickly. Needing to stop her soon or she was going to get a big surprise, I asked her if she would like to try more.

“Am I not doing good?” She asked. “Kim’s boyfriend tells her to keep going until he creams in her mouth. That’s what I’m suppose to do? Right?”

Wanting to cum in her mouth, but wanting to take her virginity had me in a tough spot. So I told her, “You are doing great and if you keep this up much longer, I will cum in your mouth and it will be a lot of cum. However, I was going to ask you if you wanted to try anything more?”

“Will you fuck me?” Christie exclaimed as if she hit the lottery. “Will you take my virginity? Please!!!”

Not wanting to disappoint her, I smiled and set her on the bed and spread her legs open so I could position myself at the entrance to her virgin womanhood. Her smile was beautiful and the excitement on her face was priceless. I explained to her that it might hurt a little at first, then she would have waves of pleasure. She nodded me to continue. I positioned my very hard cock at the entrance of her very wet pussy. I rubbed my fingers all around her pussy lips and clit and she moaned to my fingers working her pussy. Taking her pussy juice and rubbing it on my cock, I brought my head to her lips and rubbed up and down slowly. She started her labored breathing and I pressed in a little. She was extremely tight. Tighter than any pussy I had visited. I barely got the tip of my cock in and she was screaming with pain. I pulled out and pushed in again not getting in much further. Her cry was getting to me and I thought about stopping; but I wanted her virginity bad. I pulled out again and this time I pushed in hard and got my head past her pussy lips and she let out a scream that I thought was going to wake the kids. I thought I could feel her hymen stretching as I pushed. I couldn’t get in further, so I pulled out again and whispered to her, “Here it comes, honey. Be ready.”

Then I slammed it into her as hard as I could breaking through her virginity but only getting three quarters of my cock into her. Her scream shook the house. “Oooooowwwwwwww…”

Then the tears poured from her eyes. I didn’t move for a few minutes as Christie gathered herself and seem to be relaxing. Finally I started slow in and out fucking her pussy she seemed to be taking it well. I started giving her longer strokes and she was getting into it.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“It really hurt first, but it feels warm and nice right now.” She said smiling. “Keep going…I like this feeling.”

I fucked her with long strokes. Although I could only get three quarters of my cock into her she was really getting excited. Each stroke I pushed in her further hoping to get it all into her. She was gripping my cock like a vise and I was on the verge of cumming. I was just about to shoot my load so I started to pull out of her completely to shoot my cum on her tits when she let out a wail.

“Ohhhhhhh…myyyyyyy. It’s cummmmminnnggg aaaagain!!!!”

I couldn’t stop now, so I slammed into her hard and fast. She continued to scream as she was cumming hard on my cock. Just as she was peaking, I let out a scream of my own as my hot boiling cum shot into her virgin pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh….. my cummmmm!!!!” Was all I could say.

I fucked her so fast with my cum shooting in her that her own orgasm was still going strong. Finally I slowed down and she was coming down from her high. kartal escort I left my cock planted in her while it shrank.

She hugged my with tears in her eyes and we stayed that way for quite some time. Then, she looked in my eyes and said with her own innocent look, “Thank you Mr. Niles. Thank you, thank you. That was better than I thought it could ever be. I never thought it could feel so good.”

“You’re welcome Christie. I’m glad I could be a part of your life.” I slid all the way out of her and looked at the mess on the bed. It was soaked with cum and a little blood from her pussy. The enjoyment, the excitement and the shear satisfaction were incredible and I was feeling all of it. Until a slight feeling of guilt was hitting me for the fact that I had just fucked the young babysitter. Before I could get to far on that thought, Christie spoke up.

“Can we take a shower together?”

Smiling, I took her hand and lead her to the shower. She hopped right into the warm shower. I followed her in and before I knew what she was doing, she grabbed my cock and was rubbing it to bring it back to life. I had never come back to life that fast as it grew in her hands. When it was almost there, she got up and gave me a hug. From there I picked her up and planted her right on my cock. It went into her much easier this time, but she was still tight. As the water cascaded down our bodies, I pressed her on the side of the shower and began fucking her with strong upward thrusts. It seemed that she started cumming on the first thrust as her moan in my ear was sweet music. I was thrusting up in her as I had my arms around her waist and on her soft ass pressing down on my cock. I finally was in her pussy all the way. With her back pressed on the shower wall, my cock all the way in her tight pussy; I let my finger slide over her pucker hole on her ass and caressed it slowly. Christie was still on a high, I thought she was still cumming as I slid a finger in her ass. It went in very easy. Liking this feeling I decided to finger her ass and fuck her hard and fast. Since she was so light, I was able to bounce her easy to my fucking motions. It wasn’t long until I came in her for a second time. Although, there wasn’t as much cum shooting in her, the feeling was still incredible.

I was finally spent. Cumming twice in the same night hadn’t happen since my college years. Christie was in ecstasy. She was feeling great and her smile was larger than I have ever seen from her before. We washed up in the shower and went to the bed. While I went to get us a quick drink, Christie changed the sheets. We jumped into bed together and hugged each other as Christie fell asleep. My mind was in a pure fantasy fog as I thought how much of a dream this felt like. I was so exhausted as my eyes closed and I drifted into slumber from the most incredible night.

Thinking I was dreaming. I opened my eyes to a beautiful sight of Christie sucking on my cock. Still a little clumsy, she sucked away. When I realized I wasn’t asleep I looked up at her and she looked at me with her eyes transfixed on me. It felt soooo good. No matter how bad she was doing my cock, I was enjoying Christie. It didn’t take to long when I moaned to her.

“I’m gonna cum, honey. You keep sucking hard like that and I will let it all go.”

She just looked at me with those eyes and she sucked harder and rubbing her teeth on my cock.

I let it go. “Ahhhh….. I’m cummmming!!!” As spurts of my hot cum shot in her mouth.

I heard her gag a little and it went in her mouth but she didn’t give up. Sucking away. She couldn’t take all of it as a little cum dribbled down her chin but she had her taste. She let my limp cock go and came up to me and said, “That was different. Salty, yet… something. I think I liked it.” She hugged me and we faded to sleep again.

In the morning we got up before the kids. Although I had thoughts of taking her again, I knew the kids would be getting up very soon. We met in the kitchen and she was dressed to go home. Smiling she gave me a big hug and said, “God!!! My legs hurt. I’m so sore, but it felt great!”

“Thank you for everything, Mr. Niles.”

“You’re welcome, Christie. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” No guilt in my voice and feeling like I accomplished something. Her glowing face made me feel good.

We packed the kids in the car and took Christie home. When she was getting out she turned to me and gave me a quick hug. Smiling, she said, “Wait till I tell Kim about last night.”

Stunned and afraid to let anyone know what we did. I said to her, “Do you think we should tell anyone about what we did?”

“Oh, that will be our little secret. But, Kim is my best friend and she won’t tell a soul. I trust her. It will be just between the three of us.”

Still a little hesitant about it. “Okay, if you think that is best.” I knew Christie would be quiet about it.

“You never know, Mr. Niles; Kim may be so excited about it she may want to join us the next time I have to baby-sit again.” And she closed the car door and hopped up to her house. Leaving me there to wonder…

My cock started to grow again at the potential thoughts.

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Stolen Alchemy Ch. 01

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Arched Back

Peter was feeling nervous as he walked to work. He was pretty lucky to be employed in a prestigious alchemists lab, even if it was just as a cleaner and general assistant. Magus Alexei – his employer – wasn’t exactly the friendliest of bosses, but he paid reasonably well. Unfortunately, Peter had not come into work the previous day and now Alexei would likely be in a foul mood.

Catherine, his wife, had fallen ill a couple of days ago and had been rapidly declining – yesterday she had been completely bedridden and Peter had stayed home to care for her. The couple had only been married for a year, and it was breaking Peters heart to see her in such distress. They couldn’t afford a doctor, and when he had gone to the local herb witch she had said there was nothing to be done except to make his wife comfortable and hope the sickness passed on its own. But Peter couldn’t just stand by and watch his wife waste away, he had to at least try and do something. So this morning he had left Catherine at home and come into work. He had a vague plan of asking Magus Alexei for help. Peter knew that nobles and wealthy merchants came to Alexei when they were struck down with illness or misfortune – surely there was something the alchemist could give Peter for Catherine? He had been a reliable employee for two years now, surely Alexei would understand his need?

Peter mustered his courage, and opened the door to the lab. Almost instantly, he was greeted by a hoarse reprimand.

“You’re late. And you never turned up yesterday.”

Peter was caught by surprise. He wasn’t expecting to be challenged before even getting through the door, and stuttered a response.

“I…I’m sorry sir. My wife, sh..she’s sick and I needed to care for her. I..was hoping maybe that…”

He was cut off by Alexei before he could even finish. The alchemist’s beady eyes stared at Peter from behind the wizened old mans’ crystal spectacles as he barked out his words.

“Your woman being sick is no excuse for being late. Women are weak creatures and get sick all the time. Half the potions I make are for womenfolk thinking they are about to die of a simple cough. If you are late tomorrow, don’t bother turning up. I’ll just hire someone else. Now get to work – there is a lot of equipment that needs to be cleaned up. And make sure to be quiet, I need to prepare for an important visitor tomorrow.”

With that, the old man turned his attention back to his current project, a complex arrangement of glassware filled with brightly coloured liquids, some of which were bubbling and hissing as he carefully stirred and added more ingredients. Peter was filled with anger at being ignored like this, and for Alexei to have dismissed Catherine’s illness so off-handedly, but he swiftly deflated. He should have known that the greedy alchemist would never help him and would not forgive his absence the previous day.

Peter’s shoulders slumped, and he shuffled over to the storage area where dirty vials, beakers and other alchemical paraphernalia waited to be washed and sterilised. Peters got to work, wondering what he could possibly do to help Catherine now. It looked like there was no chance of Alexei being a generous man and helping him, and Peter could never afford to buy even the cheapest of the cures the alchemist sold. As he finished drying yet another batch of beakers and went to store them in the glassware cupboard, he walked past a bench where the alchemist must have been doing some kind of work the previous night. Alexei was always working on odd personal projects, but this one seemed to grab Peters attention more than usual. Sitting on the workbench were a trio of vials filled with red liquid, and which seemed to be faintly…glowing? Peter rubbed his eyes, sure he must be seeing this, but no, there was definitely a faint red glow coming from the liquid in the vials. The rack they sat in had a hastily scribbled note attached to it.

Peter quickly glanced around to check what Alexei was doing, but the alchemist was lost in his own work and wasn’t paying any attention to the rest of the lab. Now sure that Alexei wouldn’t notice him Peter bent down and strained his eyes to read the crabbed writing on the note – he couldn’t read very well (especially not Alexei’s near-illegible scrawls), but he was pretty sure the note read “HELTH ELXIR, DLTN”. He wasn’t sure what the last part meant, but the first two words were probably Alexei’s shortened way of writing “health elixir”. He had overheard the alchemist discussing something like that with the Duke a few months back, and he was pretty sure that the Duke was the “important visitor” that Alexei had mentioned. These vials must be for him, and if so, they were probably worth a lot of gold. There was also a glass flask on the workbench that looked like it must have been used for some kind of distillation process. In the bottom of the flask there still appeared to be some liquid remaining. There wasn’t much left compared to the full vials, maybe enough for a quarter of a vial at most, but an idea came to Peter, and he called out to the alchemist across the room.

“Mr. Alexei sir, do you need me to clean out the glassware ataşehir escort bayan from last night?”

Distracted with a bubbling green mixture, and not even glancing up from his work, Alexei grunted a reply.

“Yes, yes. Clean everything. Now shut up and let me work in peace.”

Peter let out his held breath – yes! The residue must be leftover from whatever Alexei was making for the Duke. His plan might work! Heart pounding, Peter took the flask with the red liquid at the bottom and carefully poured it out into a much smaller stoppered bottle that Alexei normally used for expensive perfumes. There wasn’t much left, it barely filled the tiny perfume bottle, but he hoped it would be enough. The liquid was quite viscous, definitely a lot thicker than water, but it hardly left a residue on the original flask when it flowed out. Once Peter had it all poured out into his small bottle, he stuffed the tiny container into an inner pocket of his jacket, where it would hopefully remain hidden and safe. He made sure to thoroughly clean all the remaining glassware on the worktable and then continued with the rest of his day – cleaning, tidying and carrying for Alexei before heading home.


Later that night after Peter had left, Alexei stretched his back and went to return to his work from the previous night. He chuckled as he thought of how much money he was charging the Duke for a couple of diluted vials, while he kept the rest of the wondrous concentrated elixir for himself. The Duke had fronted most of the money of course, but he didn’t need to know that Alexei was keeping most of the resulting product for himself. He had already made one spare “dilution” that he was planning on selling to the Duke for his wife, and he was thinking of making a few more to sell to other rich nobles once the efficacy was proven. Soon, he would be the most celebrated and acclaimed alchemist in history!

Happily lost in thoughts of what he would do with all of his soon-to-be gained wealth and prestige (perhaps purchase a title for himself?) he fished another vial out of the storage cabinet, filled it most of the way with an inert filler liquid and gathered his smallest and most precise pipette. He sat down at his workbench ready to work, but as he went to grab the flask containing the concentrated elixir he froze, and his eyes went wide as he finally noticed the sparkling, clean and EMPTY flask that had – until that morning – held the final results of nearly a decade of careful work. He had spent hundreds of gold (well, the Dukes gold) and untold hours and weeks preparing and sourcing rare and powerful ingredients for this, his greatest creation, and now there was nothing but an empty flask on the workbench.

Last night had been the final distillation. There should have been enough potent liquid left for DOZENS, no, HUNDREDS more diluted solutions to be made. Now all he had were three diluted vials, and he had already promised two of those to the Duke. If he didn’t deliver what he had promised to the Duke, he had a strong suspicion that he might swiftly become intimately familiar with the Dukes dungeon and jailer, which left him with just one measly vial for himself. An unearthly scream of rage was let loose in the lab, followed soon by inconsolable sobbing as the alchemist remembered that he had, in fact, been asked by Peter about cleaning out the glassware but hadn’t been paying attention. The idiot peasant probably thought it was left-over residue and just poured it down the drain. The sobbing (mixed with curses) continued long into the night as the Alexei mourned his lost masterpiece…


Meanwhile, Peter returned home with hope in his heart. It was raining, and the cobbled streets were slippery but he avoided falling as he hurried home as fast as he could. When he got to their door he slowed down to catch his breath before entering. Their home was a small 2-room apartment, just like hundreds of other families in the poorer neighborhoods of the city, consisting of just a bedroom and a living area/kitchen. They didn’t have running water, but the public water pump was less than five minutes walk away. As he walked in, he heard a weak cough from the bedroom, and went in to check on Catherine.

She was lying on the pallet that served as their bed, and looked even worse than she had when he had left that morning. She was shivering under the bedsheets. Peter dropped down beside her and laid his hand over hers, squeezing gently to let her know he was there. When they had gotten married just a year ago, she had seemed like an angel – long blond hair that hung halfway down her back, a radiant smile and a mischievous sparkle in her eyes as she looked at him. She was pretty flat-chested with smatterings of freckles all over her body, and while some men were put off by her waifish looks, he had always felt that they just added to her charm. Now he could hardly reconcile that happy image with the woman who lay before him. She was worryingly pale, and her eyes looked sunken in her face. Even her hair looked somehow limp and unhealthy.

Catherine looked up at Peter, and a glimmer of her former escort kadıköy beauty seemed to shine through for a moment as she smiled at him – but then she was forced to hunch over with a sudden coughing fit. Peter immediately knelt down to hold her, and he was sure he saw flecks of blood on her hand as she shielded her mouth. Once the coughing had fully passed, he fetched her a glass of water from the pitcher in the kitchen and then sat down on the bed beside her. Catherine gratefully took the water, but then tried to apologise for her condition.

“Peter, I am sorry, I seem to be getting worse…”

“Ssh, it’s not your fault. I think I actually have something that might help. When I was at work today, I asked Alexei for something that might help, and he gave me…this.”

Peter fumbled about in his jacket for a few moments. At first he could not find anything and feared the potion could have fallen out of his jacket, but eventually he fished out the bottle he had pilfered from the alchemy lab. As it emerged into the dim light of their bedroom, Peter got a good look at what he had taken for the first time. In the lab, he had been too occupied with potentially being caught to pay too much attention, but now he could see it clearly the liquid in the bottle seemed quite different from the finished vials that Alexei had prepared. First, unlike the “finished” vials this wasn’t transparent at all – it was a thick, dark red that almost seemed to absorb light rather than glowing. Secondly it appeared to be…moving somehow, with internal currents and eddies clearly visible through the glass bottle even with such a small amount of liquid.

Lying on the bed, her head propped up by his arms, Catherine spluttered a laugh that turned into another impromptu coughing fit. When the coughing finished, she looked directly into his eyes as she spoke.

“That self-centered greedy old grouch just ‘gave’ you something? That man would charge people for air if he could. You stole it, didn’t you?”

Peter squirmed under her gaze – she always saw through him whenever he tried to lie.

“Yes. But it was just going to be thrown away otherwise! He had already decanted all he wanted from it, this is just what was left over. There wasn’t even enough left to fill a full vial, he won’t miss it at all!”

Peter was starting to doubt this logic himself now that he looked at what was in his stolen bottle, but he had to hold onto that belief or else face the fact that the Magus would likely be furious with him.

Meanwhile, a few miles away, Alexei was drinking vodka straight from the bottle to try and drown his sorrows, while stewing on how to get revenge against his idiot assistant.

“He had it marked as some kind of health elixir. I know it isn’t much, but it might at least help – please take it.”

He held out the bottle in his hand, and a wave of relief went through him as Catherine sat up and put her hands on his.

“OK, but you will need to hold the bottle for me. There doesn’t look like there is much in there. We don’t want to spill any, and my hands are shaking too much.”

Very carefully, Peter opened up the small glass bottle. Catherine obligingly opened her mouth, and Peter held up the bottle for her. The liquid seemed reluctant to flow out at first, but after a few moments he got a thin stream to fall towards Catherine’s mouth. Where the liquid touched her tongue, a red light suddenly started to shine, filling her mouth. Startled (and worried!) Peter stopped pouring, but in his initial surprise he briefly tilted the bottle even further and a full third of the liquid ended up in Catherine’s mouth before he stopped the flow. He swiftly stoppered the bottle, and then clutched Catherine tight and closed his eyes, afraid he might have poisoned her.

Catherine for her part was going through an experience she could never have imagined. As soon as the red liquid hit her tongue it seemed to dissolve instantly, and as it did so it felt like a wave of warmth spread out through her body, all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes. But it didn’t stop there. As the waves of warmth reach her extremities, they seemed to bounce back towards her center before rebounding back out again. Each sequence of waves felt stronger than the last, and it felt like something warm and fuzzy was starting to form at the centre of her being, fed by the energy of the waves washing through her. Eventually the waves felt like they stopped, and she was left with the feeling of having something dense and powerful somewhere deep inside her – but it didn’t feel painful in the slightest. Actually, it felt wonderful. Her entire body was tingling – it felt like she could feel EVERYTHING, and all the aches and pains that had been plaguing her seemed to have melted away. With her eyes closed, she just concentrated on breathing and felt slow, strong breaths filling her lungs.

After about of minute of enjoying just the sensation of breathing without pain, Catherine opened her eyes. Peter had his arms around her almost in a deathgrip, his knuckles showing white. She tilted her head to look at her worried husband properly, and as she bostancı escort tried to focus on his face she felt what seemed like a tendril of…something…snake out from that dense core of energy she felt inside of her. It felt like something reaching towards her eyes, and after a moment her vision suddenly snapped into focus. Peter looked…clearer than before. Catherine had always been short-sighted, but she could now see him perfectly. If she concentrated she could make out individual hairs on his face. Her eyes swiftly darted around the room, and she took in a startled breath as she realised she could see everything in the room perfectly, no matter how far away it was. Her eyesight was perfect! She gasped in astonishment at the change. She looked down again at Peter, whose eyes were still tightly shut, and raised an arm to gently stroke his hair.

“Peter, Peter. It’s OK. I am OK. You can let go now, it’s alright.”

As she said this, Catherine was surprised by an unexpected sensation coming to the fore of her mind – she was starting to feel horny! She giggled – the sound coming out of her mouth was almost musical in a way it had never been before. Peter slowly let his arms relax, allowing her to sit up properly.

Peter finally opened his eyes, and turned to look at Catherine. Her voice had sounded different when she spoke, and now he could not help but stare. Where just a minute ago his wife had been a waif-like woman who had seemed on death’s door, now she looked like the very picture of health. It was as if Catherine had been transformed into another person in an instant. Any hint of her previous illness had simply…vanished. She seemed to glow with health, with a rosy blush to her skin. A huge happy smile was plastered across her face, and her eyes seemed to literally shine somehow. Actually…he squinted a little, as he thought he saw a glint of gold in those eyes…but that couldn’t be. Her eyes were blue. He shook off such odd thoughts, and concentrated on talking to her.

“Are you sure you are alright? You look OK, but I saw that red light and I was sure I had just killed you. When you drank that potion you just flopped down on the bed and didn’t move for a full minute. I was afraid I had killed you. I never should have taken that damned stuff from the lab…”

“Ssh, ssh. Its OK honey. Really. I feel fantastic. Whatever was in that stuff was certainly potent – I can’t feel even a shadow of the sickness that has been plaguing me, and even my eyesight has improved. In fact, I don’t think I have ever felt healthier.”

Peter let out a nervous laugh of relief, and leaned in to hug his miraculously healthy wife. As Peter leaned into her, Catherine gasped as she felt that source of inner warmth spreading out again. This time it wasn’t a tendril, but more like a slow and gentle wave that spread itself around her groin and breasts when she felt Peters touch, amplifying her arousal. Her entire body shook as something seemed to switch inside of her – it felt like a miniature orgasm, just from being held!

She was DEFINITELY horny as hell now – she could even feel her nether regions starting to get wet, and when she rubbed her thighs together it sent a pleasant jolt through her body. She clamped her arms around Peter, and drew him into a passionate kiss rather than the comforting hug that he was trying for. As they kissed, her hunger for more just seemed to keep building. She pulled her baffled husband close, pressing herself into his chest as she continued to kiss him over and over again. Idly, in a quiet part of her mind, she noted that being this horny was probably not normal, and that her breasts seemed more sensitive too. But any speculation on such oddities was quickly shunted away for later. She had more important things to worry about right now!

Peter was completely taken by surprise by the passion and hunger of the kisses he was receiving from Catherine. While just moments ago he had been worried about the unknown effects of the elixir, now all he could think about was how good her body felt against him, and how long it had been since they had lain together. The taste of Catherine’s lips was simply…intoxicating. Even the smell of her seemed different, almost addictive. He could hardly think of anything else. His dick was soon fully erect and straining within his trousers as his hands began to roam across her back and down her sides, pressing against her skin through the thin fabric of her night-dress. He could feel her tiny breasts pressing against him, and it was becoming hard to think of anything but Catherine’s body…

Catherine finally broke off from her fiery kisses, and with a strength that took Peter entirely by surprise, pulled him onto the bed before flipping him over onto his back. The kissing felt amazing, but what she wanted right now was something a lot more physical. She threw one leg over Peter and straddled his prone form, starting to grind her hips into him. She was delighted at feeling the throbbing member contained within his trousers pressing against her own groin and growled with pleasure as she ground her hips into him – her juices were really starting to flow now, and were thoroughly drenching the rough fabric of Peters trousers. As she continued to grind into him she grabbed the hem of her nightdress and in one swift movement drew the garment up over her head and tossed it into a corner, leaving her completely naked.

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Susan’s Saturday Night Sex Ch. 02

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There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 21.


All about sex. Susan’s Saturday night 4F ritual of finding them, feeling them, fucking them, and forgetting about the men she’s had sex with gets her through her week.

Susan looked down at William who was comfortably positioned between her legs while eating her. He looked so young, perhaps twenty-six or twenty-seven. He made her wish she was that age again.

“Okay Mom,” he said looking up at her from in between her legs. Pausing his licking of her, he looked at her with as much sexual excitement as he looked at her with curiosity.

She ran her long, thin fingers through his dark, brown hair.

“Let’s do some role playing, shall we? Pretend that I’m your mother and you’re my son Billy. Instead of calling me Susan, Sue, or Suzie, call me Mommy, Mom, and/or Mother,” she said.

Waiting for his reaction, she waited for him to answer her before continuing.

“Okay Mom,” he said seemingly sexually excited enough to call her Mom, Mommy, and/or Mother.

Having already baited him with her mother and son hook, reeling him in, she smiled that she had another fish on her line.

“Using your tongue and your fingers, and later your cock, if you were with your mother right now naked in bed with her instead of being here with me, show me what you’d do to your mother. Close your eyes,” she said waiting for him to close his eyes. “Now imagine that you’re with your mother instead of being here with me.”

Again she paused while waiting for him to get in his role.

“I can see her,” he said with sexual enthusiasm not doubt more for his mother than for her. “Oh, my God, this is so erotically exciting.”

So very easy to manipulate, he was so predictable.

“Now imagine your mother here with you instead of you here with me. If I was your mother naked and in bed with you, what would you do to me that you’d love to do to her? Show me the incestuous, sexual lust you have for her by using some of that lustful, sexual desire on me,” she said.

He stopped licking her to look up at her wide-eyed.

“Wow,” he said. “Having sex with you is better than having sex with women my age. Having sex with you while pretending that you’re my mother is way better than just having sex. More than just physical, it’s cerebral. Having sex with you is as if I’m experiencing my sexual fantasy. I really like role playing,” he said.

She smiled at him in the way she imagined his mother would smile at him.

“What does your mother look like? Tell me,” she said already having an image of his mother in mind.

For some reason, as if she was a psychic instead of a psychiatrist, she imagined his mother tall, blonde, and thin instead of short and obese with dark hair. She’s had sex with enough young men to know the image that they have of their mother is the description of her.

“She’d definitely way older than you,” he said. “My Mom is forty-eight.”

How old does he think I am? He must think that I’m thirty-something instead of forty-something.

“I’m not that much younger than your mother. I’ll be forty-two on July 26th,” said Susan.

“Wow! You’re fifteen years older than I am. You don’t look like you’re going to be forty-two,” he said. “I figured you were thirty-five.”

How about that? He thinks I’m thirty-five. He just made my day. I wish I was thirty-five again, she thought to herself.

“Thank you,” she said. “Tell me more about your mother. Describe her. What color is her hair?”

He looked up at her in the way that she imagined him looking at his mother while he was poised between his mother’s legs.

“She’s blonde. Only, her hair color is from a bottle. Somehow I can tell that you’re a natural blonde,” he said with a chuckle while pulling out some strands of her blonde, pubic hair to examine them.

With so many women wanting to be blonde, even those who don’t have the fair complexion to carry the hair color, she was always proud of the fact that she was born blonde.

“What else about your mother that attracted you to me?”

He looked at her as if he was imagining his mother and she figured that, no doubt, he was.

“My Mom is pretty like you but she doesn’t have your shapely body or your big tits. She has a flat ass and definitely doesn’t have your incredible ass,” he said running his hand beneath her to squeeze her naked ass. “She’s thinner,” he said. “Still, in the way that you talk and the things you say, you remind me of her and you have the same big, blue eyes.”

She was starting to get the image of his mother. Falling into her comfort zone, something so difficult to turn off, she analyzed him as if she was analyzing a patient instead of a lover. Definitely, he likes her big tits. Definitely, he wishes his mother had big tits. For him to verbalize that she’s a bottle blonde, definitely he wishes his mother was a natural blonde. Without a doubt, he kartal escort likes her round, firm ass. Definitely, he’s a man who would have sex with his mother if he could.

“So, it’s not much of a stretch for you to pretend that you’re having sex with your mother instead of having sex with me,” she said looking down at him while running her long, thin fingers through his dark, brown hair. “Correct?”

She didn’t even have to wait to hear his answers. She already knew them as if she was scripting this as a screenplay.

“Oh, God yes. Being with you naked is my sexual dream come true Mom,” he said staring up at her as if to see the impact of him calling her Mom. “No offense, but I love thinking that I’m here with my mother instead of you,” he said.

She smiled at him again while running her fingers through his hair.

“I don’t mind that you’re thinking of your mother naked more than you’re thinking of me naked. I enjoy pretending that I’m your mother and that you’re having sex with your Mom,” she said.

* * * * *

Pushing all of his repressed, sexual buttons, obviously buttons that had never been pushed before, especially in such a public display of repressed, incestuous sexuality, suddenly, as if she had plugged him into a wall outlet, electrified with sexual passion, he became animated and energized. It’s one thing to be in bed with a naked, beautiful woman but it’s quite another thing to be in bed with a woman who’s nearly old enough to be his mother while being encouraged to live out his sexual fantasy by calling her Mom, Mommy, and/or Mother. As if his tongue became her battery operated vibrator on overdrive, seemingly intent on sexually pleasing his mother, he licked her pussy with renewed sexual vigor. In the way that her big, hard dildo fucked her, his long, stiff fingers rubbed her clit and probed her in the way that she needed to be rubbed, fingered, and probed.

“I love you Mommy,” he said not playing the game when voicing his loving sentiment but meaning it as if he was actually talking to his mother.

She remained unfazed by his sudden incestuous sentiment of his love for his mother. Already knowing that he loved his mother, really loved his mother, and no doubt with him wishing that she was indeed his mother and she was in bed with him naked, she expected no less of a sexual reaction from him. In the same way that she was emotionally detached from her patients, she was detached from her emotions of love and romance after having them severed by a bad, romantic breakup with Steven twenty years ago. With Steven ruining her for all romantic relationships and for all men, still taking its emotional toll on her, she didn’t feel anything for him or for any man but contempt. Other than using a man for sex once a week, she had no need for a man in her life. It was just about sex with her. Sex, sex, and sex was all that she wanted and needed from men.

In the same way that one older man used and abused her and in the way that some older men continue to use and abuse young women, she used and abused young men. In the same way that some men, not all men, treat women with disrespect and contempt, especially young women, with young men the worst offenders, young men were the ones she treated with disrespect and contempt. Young men were the men that she enjoyed sexually using by having them give her an orgasm, Young men were the men that she emotionally abused by unmasking their mother fixations and holding that incestuous mirror up to their faces. Her way of getting even with men and of righting the wrongs for all that men have done to women by finding them, feeling them, fucking them, and forgetting them, she didn’t feel bad about treating men in the same way they got away with treating women.

With nothing sane about what she was doing in having sex with a different man young enough to be her son once a week, the only explanation and the only justification she needed was that, generally, psychiatrists are crazier than their patients. Yet, when she suffers from those same issues of rejection too, being that she was certifiably insane with it came to her personal, sexual and emotional issues in dealing with men, who better suited than she is to understand those with mental illnesses and emotional disabilities than her? Who else can help the mentally ill and the emotionally disturbed than someone who suffers from the same afflictions, conditions, and issues but who possesses the educational credentials to prescribe them the medications they need than a doctor of psychiatry?

Not so much a game but with her holding onto something tangible and physical, she clung onto his young, hard, naked body as if she was clinging onto life itself. With sex more meaningful than having the give and take of a romantic relationship, and with her never wanting to go through that malarkey again, now it was just about sex with her and nothing else. Sex, sex, sex, in the way that most men only want a blowjob while maltepe escort bayan feeling her big tits and fingering her erect, hard nipples, all she wanted out of any man was a talented finger, an experienced, willing tongue, and a big, hard cock. What better way to get what she wants by giving men what they need and what they need is pretending they’re having sex with their mothers? Willing for them to use her while pretending that she’s their mother, so long as they gave her an orgasm, it was a win/win proposition for both of them.

“I love you Mommy!”

Having heard those four words so very many times before, obviously I Love You Mommy was something that men needed to say to her while having sex with her and pretending that she was their mother. Their perverse peccadillo amazed even her not only how easily she could spot a man who wanted to have sex with his mother but how easily she could get him in bed to do all to her that he so wanted to do to his mother. Then, once she gave him her permission to live out his long-term, incestuous, sexual fantasy of having sex with his mother, it was then that his lovemaking took on a new dimension.

As if empowered by relaxing and being himself in his own sexual perversity, finding a woman that he could trust with his secret of mother and son incest, seemingly he found a soul mate in her. He found a woman who not only understands his wants and needs but also a woman who allowed him to explore his wants and needs by living out his erotic, sexual fantasy of having sex with his mother. If only he knew that their consensual, sexual union was more about her orgasm and nothing else than it was about him, she wondered what he’d say. In the good way that she gave them so much sexual pleasure, she didn’t think that these young men minded her using them for her sexual pleasure too.

* * * * *

“Make Mommy cum. Finger me while licking me. That’s right baby, stick your tongue and your finger deep inside of me. Lick me, lick me, lick me. Mommy wants to cum in your mouth,” she said gently stroking his hair in the way that he no doubt imagined his mother touching him while eating her pussy.

It was not only all so easy to find the young men who’d readily play her sexy, twisted games of catch and release sex but it was also so easy to bed them. It was all so easy for her to get them to live out their sexual fantasies while pretending that she was their mother. As if she was a flimflam woman selling snake oil that was guaranteed to cure all ailments and afflictions, it was too easy for her to get all that she wanted and all that she needed from a young, handsome men who were nearly half her age. Manipulating young, impressionable men while controlling vulnerably naïve, young men, she played the mad doctor while they were her enlisted, albeit unpaid, volunteer, test subjects in her lab.

Once she found her next victim, she was able to entice any young man who locked eyes with her after just meeting him to take her home for sex. As if bring home an adopted puppy, in the way that puppies licked her face and ate out her hand, she had him licking and eating her pussy. If she spent any more time with him other than this one night, she could train him not only how to fetch, sit, and rollover but also how to sexually please her. Only, easily bored and limited in her intolerance of inane conversation, one night was all that she could give any young man. Bored to death after receiving her orgasm, there hasn’t been one, young man who has held her interest long enough and entertained her well enough for her to stay with him longer than one night. They were all just warm bodies there to sexually satisfy her so that she could return to her work without being distracted by hormonal horniness.

Only, she didn’t need any man to please her when she had herself to do that. So long as she had her once a week Saturday night sex, she was fine, thank you very much, without having a steady man in her life. Finding them, feeling them, fucking them, and forgetting them, she never spent more than a night with any young man. Not wanting to feel anything, especially obligation, commitment, and love, she only wanted to feel erotic pleasure and sexual gratification. Other than for one night of hot, passionate sex, once a week on a Saturday night, and all because of Steven, she was done with men.

“I love eating your pussy Mom. Cum Mom, please cum in my mouth,” he said what they all say. “I want you to cum in my mouth Mommy. I want to taste you Mom.”

Obviously with him just as crazy in his sexual lust for his mother as she was insane in her sexual lust for young men, she looked at him as if he was her son while running her fingers through his hair and at that incestuous moment, he was her son. One of her favorite positions to see a man in, between her legs while fingering her and licking her, she felt so empowered by a man passively while passionately licking her pussy. Feeling in control by giving escort pendik him what he wanted while he gave her what she needed, she didn’t see anything wrong with keeping their sexual secrets secret. The real litmus test that defined their perversity was that young men wouldn’t want anyone to know that they were sexually attracted to their mothers and pretended to have sex with their mothers when with her. With her keeping her sexual life secret too, the real litmus test that defined her perversity is that she wouldn’t want anyone to know that she had sex with a different young man every week.

“After you give me an orgasm baby, I’ll give you one too,” she said looking down at him when he looked up at her. “Would you like Mom to blow you? Would you like Mommy to suck your cock? Would you like to cum in your mother’s mouth and watch her swallow your cum?”

As if she had just promised to take him to Disney World, he looked at her with excited, sexual glee. It’s amazing what a few choice words coupled with a few empty promises would do for her sexually.

“Oh God yes Mom,” he said momentarily stopping to lick her to answer her while looking up at her with obvious lust and incestuous thoughts in the way that he’d no doubt be looking at his mother, if indeed she was his Mom.

Pushing all of his erotic buttons with the words and the promises that he needed to hear, as if she was his sex therapist and he was her patient, she continued her role as his imagined mother.

“Tell me Billy and don’t be shy,” she said reiterating his own long, unsated sexual desire. “I need to hear you say it. Would you like to make love to your mother before you fuck your mother?”

* * * * *

With him still positioned between her legs while fingering her and licking her, she watched him sexually pleasuring her. As if she was observing a paid volunteer, test subject in her lab with a trained eye, she watched the obvious changes in his face, his widening eyes, his lowered lip, and his quick breathing answered her question without him even having to respond. She couldn’t have diagnosed him wanting to have sex with his mother any better if his brain waves, breathing, and pulse rate were hooked up to and were monitored by her computer while he was asked a series of sexual and incestuous, thought provoking questions.

He reacted to her mother and son words in the way that Alex, played by Malcolm McDowell, did in Stanley Kubrick’s Clock Work Orange when psychiatrists observed him while asking him a series of questions of sex and violence as he watched disturbing film footage of naked women. Forever lost, with him unable to focus on a woman his age, someone like him would never lose the sexual fantasy of having sex with his mother. With her making matters worse by feeding into his incestuous desire to have sex with his mother, instead of helping as a good doctor should, she used him for her selfish, sexual pleasure.

In the way she did with all of the other young men and with all of them wanting the same thing, to experience having sex with their mothers, she knew what they all liked. She knew what they all wanted. Inherently, she knew what they all needed. Even those young men who would never live out their sexual fantasy by having sex with their mothers, she knew that the incestuous thoughts still titillated them enough for her to control them by role playing out their sexual fantasy.

Sex, incestuous sex, was all that it was about after all. Whether they acted upon their incestuous sexual fantasy or not, mother and son sex is what all these young men wanted. Prepared and ready to give him all that he wanted and all that he needed, all he had to provide her with was an orgasm. Much easier now that he imagined he was having sex with his mother, with her the professional in psychiatry, this was all her game to play.

“Yes. I’d love to make love to you mother. I’d love to fuck mother. I’d love to fuck you hard and I’d love to fuck you deep Mommy,” he said with the obvious sexual excitement that manifested for his mother that was now manifested and transferred to her.

As if he was positioned on her couch instead of in between her legs, she looked at him as if he was her patient and for all intents and purposes he was, albeit her sexual patient for her personal use and erotic abuse.

“Then, pretend that I’m your mother and you are having sex with your mother,” she said whispering her words with seduction. “Make mommy cum and then you can make love to me before you fuck me and after I blow you while pretending that I’m your mother. How’s that?”

As if she could read his mind and, in some regards, she could just by studying his behavior, she knew all the right things to say to him to get him going. In the way that a call girl erotically controls her client, armed with a Harvard education, a doctorate in psychiatry, as well as a doctorate in philosophy, she was like no call girl he’d ever meet, especially with her giving her sexual services away for free. All she asked in return was an orgasm. Seemingly a fair exchange, giving a young man his sexual fantasy while he pretended he was having sex with his mother, she needed an orgasm to soothe her spirit for her to return to work on Monday.

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