Learning Something New Ch. 03

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I felt his fingers on me, sliding through my wetness, rubbing the juices he had made me produce into my skin. He slid one thick finger into me and I jerked, trying to move away from him. He held me in place with an arm across my lower stomach and he continued to move his finger in and out, urging more of the nectar I produced from my body. Nick finally removed his finger and he brought it to my lips. I flicked my tongue apprehensively over the tip, tasting myself. The taste wasn’t at all what I expected and not bad. I sucked his entire finger into my mouth, bringing my eyes to his.

Nick’s finger left my mouth and he brought his to mine, sliding his body up to lie beside me on the bed, he urged me onto my stomach and I complied. He stroked his hand slowly from my neck to my ass and back, his fingers dipping between my legs on each stroke to press into me. I held the pillow between my teeth to stifle any noise that escaped me. I kept my eyes on Nick as he moved behind me and urged my hips up so I was on my knees. He slid into me with no warning and my head shot up. I was still tender from the night before and hadn’t recovered from the orgasm he had just brought me too. I tightened against the pain and he stopped his thrusts, rubbing his hand smoothly over my back, kissing my neck and ear.

“You canlı bahis can take it.”

I loved the words he spoke, it made me feel like a woman. I leaned my hips further back and spread my legs wider to accept him. He started to thrust into my heat again, slower this time, allowing me to adjust. I testingly clenched my muscles and he answered with a groan. I liked his response and tried it again. It made him feel larger inside me. I moved my hips back to meet his, increasing the force of his thrusts into me.

I came up on my knees and wrapped my arms around his neck. The change in angle was…interesting. He couldn’t reach as deep within me but the spot inside me that he had manipulated before was receiving more pressure and was causing loud gasps to erupt from my mouth. Nick used his hands to cup my breasts, pulling and teasing my hard nipples. He slid one hand down my stomach to touch his fingers to the slick little jewel that jutted out enticingly.

I gripped his wrist with my hand, urging him to keep touching me. To bring me the release I feel I would die without. I felt it building but the explosion that rocked me still came as a surprise, stars burst behind my eyes and I dug my nails hard into Nick’s wrist, like trying to find berth in a storm that seemed never-ending.

Nick’s bahis siteleri thrusts didn’t stop and he eased me back down onto my hands as his thrusts increased in tempo, the slickness my orgasm had created made it easier for him to slide in and out of my tightness without reducing any of the delicious friction it produced. His hands came round my sides to palm my breasts in his hands, using them and me for leverage against the thrusts he was administering to my overwrought system. Nick bent himself over my back.

“I want you to come with me.”

I don’t know if it was his words, his movements or the scintillating combination of the two but I did come, hard and brought him right along with me.

The feel of the sun on my face the next morning roused my from sleep. I rolled onto my back and sweeped my arm over the bed next to me. Feeling nothing but cool sheets I sat bolt upright. I was alone in bed. I flopped back down onto the pillows feeling a little disappointed that Nick had up and left. I stood and wrapped a robe around me, intending to get some water. I stopped in the doorway of the kitchen. Nick was cooking at my stove and the sight of it shocked me into speechlessness. He turned and saw me, moving to greet me with a kiss.

He turned me by the shoulders and urged my back to the bedroom, bahis şirketleri pulling my robe from me and ushering me back between the sheets.

“Stay here. I’m making breakfast.”

I was still a little stunned, he was so not the kind of man you expected to make you breakfast in bed. Stunned turned to amused when Nick paraded through the door with breakfast on a tray, obviously delighted with himself. I pulled the sheet over my head to try and hide my laughter. He tugged the sheet from my hands and proceeded to get back into bed with me. We ate breakfast together, talking about inane little things. It was probably the first time we’ve ever really spoke to be quite honest.

“Do you want to do something tonight?”

I almost choked on a mouthful of hot tea.

“What?” I spluttered.

“Do you want to do something? You know a proper date, we’ll have dinner.”

I simply stared at him, a little disbelieving. The smile slid from his face and he stood and began pulling on his clothes.

“Wait, Nick.”

“No Jen I won’t wait. You’ll fuck me but you won’t have dinner with me?”

He wasn’t waiting for an answer and I let him storm out. His tone made me feel completely ashamed of myself. He was right, we hadn’t slept together or made love, we had fucked, multiple times now. It wasn’t me and at that moment I hated myself for allowing it. I just wasn’t expecting him to want to date, I had never dated and with the way women threw themselves at him I was sure he didn’t need to.

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