Library Encounter

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I’ve had such a long and boring week. Work was the same old routine. I’ve finally made my way to the one place I can have some peace and quiet to unwind.

The library is quiet. Most people are out eating dinner, watching movies or home with their families. I wave to the librarian at the front desk as I stroll by. She smiles and goes back to sorting and putting books in piles to be placed back on their shelves.

I have a new book I’ve just started. It’s an erotic story that discusses extreme BDSM elements. Just thinking about the story so far has me blushing and stumbling down the aisle that leads to the secluded reading nook. Tucked away in the back, it’s perfect because no one ever bothers me back there. No reason to worry if my pink cheeks or squirming has been detected yet.

I sit in the small sofa with its back to the entrance. The book is discussing a girl’s introduction into being a sex slave. She’s stripped naked during a big get together and put on display with several others. She’s shy of her nakedness and very nervous. They explain how the guests are able to touch, stroke and do pretty much whatever they want to the slaves. She’s embarrassed at first but finds herself getting excited both from watching others being used and by being used herself.

My breathing has sped up. I squeeze my legs together. This author doesn’t pull punches with her wording. So much for being relaxed. Ha! I wonder how it’d be to have someone use me for their pleasure alone. Fuck! Why’d I choose this book again? Ok back to reading.

I’m so engrossed in the story that I lose track of my surroundings. So I don’t have any warning of what’s heading my way.


As I walk into the library to return a book, I see a woman I’m not familiar with wave to the librarian and walk back into the aisles. Damn you’re fucking hot. Curves everywhere! I love me some curves now. Love to feel them. To taste them.

Fuck. What am I doing? My cock’s started getting hard. I need to stop that train of thought or the librarian is going to be very uncomfortable. Damn it. I’ll take a second to calm down. I look around and find that no one has noticed my predicament yet. I let my mind wander to safer areas and gain back control of my body.

After turning in my books, I walk in the direction you went. Back into the aisles. After all it’s a library. No one will notice I’m following you. I want another glance and possibly an opening to talk to you.

I walk quietly down the aisle trying to see where you could’ve gone. When I come to the end, I see you sitting on a soft loveseat. Your back is mostly to me. You seem to be sitting high like your feet are tucked beneath you. I catch a sound but am not sure what it was. You seem okay though so I continue watching.

You begin to shift a bit. You’re having trouble sitting still. I can see that your cheeks are a lovely shade between pink and red. Your breath is a bit rapid to be sitting mostly still. I move closer to check and make sure you’re ok. As I walk quietly right behind you a moan escapes your lips. Holy shit! I’m not believing my ears. You’ve taken your bottom lip between your teeth. I want to taste that lip.

I glance over your shoulder to see what you’re reading and am shocked and excited. You’re reading a book that is very graphic and descriptive on it’s sex scenes. The hard-on I’ve been fighting stands back at attention. Well shit! I’m not sure what to do. You haven’t noticed me right behind you yet. I lean in closer until my mouth is right beside your ear. I begin reading the story in a whisper quiet voice.


I’m reading a very explicit part of my book when I hear a masculine voice reading in my ear. My breath hitches and my whole body tightens. I can feel your big presence behind me. You come around the love seat and sit down right beside me. Your leg pressed tightly up against mine.

“Hey beautiful” you whisper into my ear. “Can I join you in reading your book?” I shake my head yes in answer. How will I stand being so close to you and hearing your rumbling voice reading about a woman being teased relentlessly for the pleasure of others? I have no clue but I wouldn’t pass this up ataşehir escort for the world. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep and I’m dreaming.

You take the book and sit it aside for a moment and begin rearranging me. You tuck me into your side and put your left arm around my shoulders. Next, you take my right hand and lay it on your thigh. Shit! My fingers are so close to the bulge in your jeans. If I just… Shit. What am I thinking?

You look me in the eyes for a second before picking the book back up to start back up where you left off. The hairs all over my body seem to be standing up. I’m aware of every inch of skin that covers my body. It all seems pulled too tight.

You’re reading about how the character was placed into a cage naked with her hands tied. She’s brought close to orgasm over and over. Then left to feel the desire she cant fulfill with her bound hands.

I notice your hand moving slowly. Your fingers lightly graze my nipple. Fuck! I gasp and glance at you. Your eyes still on the book seem to sparkle. You continue reading of the lady’s struggle with her horniness. Her wish to cum. Her every thought concentrated on the feelings she’s experiencing.

You move your leg just a bit my way. This places the tips of my fingers flush with your growing cock. My first thought is to draw back. But I want to push and see how far you’re willing to go.


Your nipple pebbled as I lightly moved my fingers over it. The gasp has my dick so hard I have to move. My hands being busy, my only option is to subtly shift my leg. As I do though I feel your fingers against me. I pause for a second to regain my composure.

I continue reading. Understanding the woman’s dilemma. I’m so turned on I want to pin you to the love seat and take you over and over. Your hand timidly slides over my cock. It twitches. You pause and I hear a slight giggle. My lips turn up at the edges.

You settle your hand on my cock and begin running your fingers over its full length and width. I gain myself enough to encourage you. My fingers continue lightly tracing your nipple. It’s so hard. I pinch it and hold for just a few seconds. Your hand squeezes my cock. Fuck! I let go.

Your chest is heaving with your heavy breaths. I’m sure mine is moving much the same. I lower my hand behind you and inch my hand under the hem of your shirt. Creeping up your side. Feeling your smooth skin beneath my fingertips. Up slowly until I reach the hem of your bra. I pause waiting for some word or reaction telling me to stop. None comes.


Your hand stops at my bra. No! Don’t stop! Please. After a pause on your part I reach over and adjust my bra above my tits. My shirt rubs over both nipples. Your palm moves over my breast. Oh shit. It feels so good. As you tweak my nipple again I arch my back pushing my tit into your hand.

One minute I’m listening to you read. The next, you push the book into my hand saying “read!” You move me about to where my back is to the love seat’s armrest. After a cursory glance around, you slide my body down a bit. My head lays on the armrest. “Read!” you urge me on.

I begin reading. At this point the main character is standing before a man. He’s enjoying making her stand there and moan as his mouth works it’s way down her neck to lick, suck and nibble on her tits. As I read this, you lift my shirt to show my belly. You bend down to lick and kiss my stomach. You reach my shirt and look up into my eyes. We stare at each other for a second before I look back at the book.

You follow direction well as I begin telling you what I want as if I’m still reading. I begin with how the man’s hands cup her breasts holding them up so that his mouth can lick them. He makes his way to her nipples. Sure enough you lift my breast, licking and taking one nipple into your mouth. Sucking. Tugging with your teeth and nipping lightly.

I place a hand over my mouth to keep from getting loud. I keep “reading” and letting you know how I need your hands, fingers and mouth on me. Can I? Should I? Oh hell.


God your tits are beautiful! I love how they pebble at my touch. They’re so hard kadıköy escort and erect. Speaking of which I feel like my dick is being strangled by my jeans. I reach down and unbutton them. Loosening the fabric at least a little.

Your words snap me back to focusing on what you’re saying. The book is leading me down your stomach to your skirt. Your words tell me to lift your skirt and place kisses on you pussy. I move your underwear down and off your legs before realizing what you said. The woman in the story has been naked since we began our game.

You aren’t reading anymore. Huh. I look up at you. Your eyes lock with mine as your words guide my mouth to your sex. I follow the directions you’re giving me word for word. Licking you from the bottom of your pussy lips up to your sweet hard clit. Running my tongue around your clit and flicking it several times.

Our eyes locked the whole time I lick and fuck you with my tongue. As I suck your clit into my mouth your eyes rolled back into your head. Your hand goes over your mouth and your back arches off the sofa. Your juices coat my lower face.

As you come down, I push a finger into your pussy slowly. I continue licking and tasting you as your hips buck up to meet my fingers. First they move slowly. As I pick up speed with my mouth, you pick up speed with your thrusts. Faster and faster. I slide another finger in. Fuck are you tight! Even with all the self made lubrication my fingers are clutched tight. Then you stop as your body squirts on my fingers and face. Fuck that’s hot!!


I swear I have no clue how I kept from screaming out my pleasure as the waves smashed through my body. I am surprised at how my body continues to shake. I glance down to see your glistening smile radiating back at me. I grab your hand and pull you up to devour your lips. My tongue diving into your mouth and tasting myself.

I push you back on the sofa and drop on my knees to the carpeted floor in front of you. I shove the book into your hands. You look down at it confused for a second. I crawl up your legs toward your open fly. I reach in and pull your hard cock out. You have obviously been enjoying yourself so far.

I begin sliding my hands up and down your cock. The smooth skin soft over the hard steel feel of your cock. I stroke back and forth gaining confidence with each stroke as your low moans coax me on.

When I glance up, you pull the book out and start telling me how our slave character must lick her master’s cock. She must lick him slowly from root to head and back. You say she must look in her masters eyes while she does it.

I follow your directions. I lick slowly staring into your eyes the whole time. I notice I’m getting wet yet again. Having my tongue on you is driving me crazy. Your cock throbs on my tongue. It’s so hard. The veins giving me direction up and down, back and forth.

You grab my head and I realize I’ve glanced down. My eyes taking in your hard dick. God. If I could just… My eyes return to yours. I see that you want what I’m wanted just as much as I do. “What does he make her do next?” I ask continuing to lick you like the most delicious lollipop in the world. This time my eyes glued to yours.


Keeping eye contact with you, I tell you “the master wants you to swallow as much of his cock as you can.” I pause. “Do it now!” I say sternly. Your head quickly lowers to take me into your mouth. Your head continues down until I feel the head of my dick touch the back of your throat. You gag and back off just a little.

Eyes wide staring up at me you wait. Your mouth is so warm and wet. Your tongue swirls a bit and you close your mouth fully. You suck and swirl your tongue. Oh fuck! Your mouth feels so good! The texture of your wet tongue rubbing against the sensitive skin it caresses. As your head pulls back from me, your tongue swirls around the head of my cock. Then you suck on just the head before lowering your head back down. Down and back. Sucking, swirling, moving. Eyes constantly locked on mine.

I can still taste you as I swirl my tongue around my teeth and pick up the wonderful flavor that still coats my lower face. Speaking bostancı escort bayan of which, I stick my tongue out and lick my lips. Your eyes catch my action and the corners of your mouth twitch upward. You know that I’m enjoying your taste as you enjoy mine. “Good girl” I say as you continue to service my hard cock.

I’m so wound up at this point that I could explode at any moment. I pull your head up and bring your mouth up to mine. I kiss you hard. Shoving my tongue into your mouth. Twining it with yours. Your tongue gives as well as it takes. Your hands lower to my shoulders and begin trailing down to rest on my chest. You rub your palms over me wanting to feel more. Your soft hands find their way to my shirt’s hem. They creep up and trace every inch of my chest.

My hands follow suit. Those beautiful tits of yours moving with your each heavy breath. I lightly graze your nipples before pinching lightly. You inhale and shutter. The little sounds you make are amazing. I want to cause you to lose your tightly held control. To make you produce noises loud enough to bring the librarian. You’re holding on so tight. Oh but not for long.

I stand and move you around to the armrest and turn your body around. I push my body against the back of yours and rub my cock over the crack of your ass. Your body shutters again but only a quiet moan meets my action. No, no, no. We can do better than that. I reach around and take a breast in each hand positioning my cock between your legs. I pull away from your body until only the tip of my dick is still between your wet lips. I piston my hips forward and pinch your nipples at the same time. A louder moan. Yes! That’s what I’m talking about. But still I know I can get you to cry out.


The feeling of your hard cock sliding between my wet pussy lips is amazing! The way you rub roughly against my clit causes me to whimper. I widen my stance a bit to make room for you. You’re pulling back again, slowly. And WHAM! Rough against my clit again and a slight pain in my nipples as you pinch them. The wonderful feelings echoing back and forth between my breasts and pussy. Damn but you haven’t even entered me yet. You feel so fucking good!

You press my head down toward the sofa and get on your knees behind me. Your hands gripping my ass firmly and holding me against the armrest. Your mouth comes to my pussy again. Licking and tasting. Bringing me closer and closer to orgasm again. Your finger enters me as your tongue licks my clit mercilessly. My legs have begun to shake. I am so thankful for the chair holding me up. Oh shit, I’m going to… You stop.

I glance back to see you standing back up behind me. “You’re ready baby” you say as you line yourself up with me. I feel the head of your cock nudging my entrance. You slowly, so slowly enter my overwrought body. I imagine I can feel every vein rubbing on the walls of my sensitive pussy. “Feels, So, Good.” Oh shit! Did I say that out loud? I’m losing any semblance of the control that I thought I had. “Please, Faster” I ask. Your groan tells me you heard my request but you continue to slowly enter and exit my body. “PLEASE” I almost shout.

My exclamation causes you to stop all together. Only the head of your cock still clenched in my tight pussy. Then my prayers are answered. You grip tighter to my hips and pound forward. “YES!” Over and over, the pressure building in my body. I feel like I’m going to explode. Just on the edge of totally losing it.

You lean over and growl in my ear. “I want you to cum on my cock baby! Do it! Squeeze my dick so hard that you pull every ounce of my cum from this hard cock! Do it!” you demand. With that I feel your finger prod and enter my ass. The feel of having you fill both holes causes me to shatter. The walls of my pussy spasming and clenching around your cock. I shout “FUCK!” You pump several more times before you roar in my ear and erupt into me. Filling me with all the cum that’s built up throughout our encounter.

“Good girl” you whisper and pull back. You right me. Help me stand. Lower and right my clothes before sitting me on the sofa and righting yourself. You snuggle up pulling my head to your shoulder and picking my book up to read. The librarian walks up looking around trying to find the troublemaker. You simply continue reading quietly to me as she glances around and continues her search. “You can call me Daddy” you whisper.

“Yes Daddy” I say as I drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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