Lisa Learns to Love Ch. 01

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Authors note

I’m never sure where to post a story like this. Lesbian Sex? Well, there’s a lot of D/s play as well. BDSM? It’s more of a love story than that. So, if you’re after a lesbian love story but don’t want D/s play or you’re after a BDSM story but want non consensual whips and chains then, well, don’t bother.

Otherwise I hope you enjoy it.



Lisa’s stomach was filled with butterflies. She’d passed all the interviews and had finally landed the job. All that was left was to see the personnel manager to sort out some final details. She knocked on the door and entered the office.

“Ah, Miss Jones. Welcome to Amalgamated Holdings. I’m Christine Holmes.” The personnel officer, a smartly dressed woman in her early thirties, stood up and came round from behind her desk.

“Dr Andrews was most impressed with your interview. We’re sure you’ll make a good addition to the team. You graduated last month, I understand.”

“Yes, I have my degree certificate with me.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary. We got confirmation from your collage. This must be quite a step for you.”

“Yes, I’m very excited. It’s a bit of a worry being so far away from home but I’m sure I’ll manage.”

“I wanted to talk to you about that. Have you found anywhere to stay? I have a list of flat letting agencies if you like. Alternatively have you thought of lodging somewhere? It’s much cheaper and can make things easier settling in.”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure what to do.” Lisa realised that in the excitement of getting the job she’d plain forgot about somewhere to live. And she was due to start next week. What was she to do?

“Tell you what. I know just the place for you. Excuse me while I make a phone call.” Christine sat down again and picked up the phone. In a few seconds she was connected.

“Judy, hi it’s Christine here. I’ve got a young lady looking for digs. If I’m not mistaken she’s just your sort. You’ve not got anyone at the moment have you? Can I send her round?”

Lisa felt slightly bowled over by how quickly her life seemed to have been taken over but the digs sounded like a good idea and it was better than flat hunting. She had enough to organise as it was.

After a few minutes Christine put down the phone. “That’s settled then. Judy would love to meet you and see if you’re compatible. Here, let me write down the address. It’s quite easy to get to by bus. You haven’t got a car have you?”

Lisa took the bit of paper with the address on it. Christine had also written careful instructions about bus routes and stops so it would be easy to find. “When can I go to see her?” she asked.

“Fortunately Judy, err Miss Ford, is free this afternoon. She’s expecting you as soon as possible. Best to get these things sorted out right away. Now off you go and we’ll see you next week. Welcome aboard.”

As Lisa sat on the bus she wondered what she had let herself in for. This Miss Ford sounded like an old battle-axe. Still she’d stay there until she found somewhere better. Finally the bus arrived at her stop and she got off. It was not what she was expecting at all. The area was obviously quite prosperous and when she found the house she was surprised by how big it was. Surely someone who could afford to live in an area like this wouldn’t take in lodgers. She walked up to the front door and rang the bell. When the door was answered she was in for another shock. Miss Ford wasn’t an old battle axe at all but a slim athletic woman about the same age as Christine Holmes. Smartly and elegantly dressed she looked like some sort of powerful business woman, not the sort to take in lodgers at all.

“Hi, you must be Lisa Jones. Do come in. Would you like a cup of tea?” Lisa felt herself swept into the house, still to taken aback to do anything but follow.

“You must call me Judy. I can’t be doing with too much formality. Anyway I’m sure we’ll be friends.” Judy took Lisa into the kitchen and put the kettle on. “Christine told me something about you but only the bare details. I gather you start with Amalgamated next week. Must be quite exciting. Now tell me all about yourself.”

Lisa soon fond that she was telling her life story to Judy. After a slightly nervous start she relaxed and found that Judy was very easy to get on with. Perhaps this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

“So, you’re moving down here from Manchester. That’s quite a step. You won’t be able to get home much. How does your boyfriend feel about that?”

“Oh, I haven’t got a boyfriend. I never seemed to find the time, what with my degree and all.”

“No boyfriend? I must admit I’ve never been much on the male of the species myself. Well I’m sure you’ll fit in here just fine. Here let me show you the rest of the house.”

Judy took Lisa and showed her the room that would become hers, where all the bits an pieces were and finally took her out and showed her the garden.”

“Oooh, I like this. You keep it very well, and so private.”

“Well I casino şirketleri like my privacy. I don’t have many rules but one I do insist on that that my private stuff is just that, private. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, of course.”

“Well, we’ll get on just fine then. I think we’ve covered everything. I’ll let you get back to Manchester and see you next Sunday, moving in day. I’m sure we’re going to be very happy together.”

Sunday came and Lisa moved in. She found that Judy was the perfect landlady. Indeed she was rapidly becoming more of a friend than a landlady and they soon started doing things together. In particular Judy jogged every morning. Lisa joined her and they would do two circuits of the local park. In shorts and a tight tee shirt Judy looked magnificent and Lisa found herself staring at her in admiration. She’d never met anyone like this. So kind, so helpful, so, dare she say it, beautiful? She remembered feeling this way about her gym teacher back in school. She’s never done anything about it of course but she wondered what it meant. Why did she feel like this?

One thing she soon found that was Judy went out every Friday, punctual as clockwork. Lisa asked where she was going but only got evasive answers. “Out. That’s all you need to know,” was all Judy would say. It was on one such Friday then that Lisa found herself alone in the house. There was nothing to watch on the television and she was bored. She moped around for a while and then began to look at the books in the book case. Tucked away on the top shelf was a photo album. She remembered Judy’s request for privacy but if it was out on the bookcase surely it wouldn’t hurt to look. She got it down and lay it out on the coffee table.

As she turned the pages Lisa cold hardly believe what she was looking at. It was full of photos, mostly Polaroid’s, of young women. Some were dressed as maids, some in school uniform, some wearing nothing except leather straps that looked like a horses bridal but each picture kept to the general theme. All the women were being punished, or something like it. It wasn’t just that canes and paddles featured heavily but the women being punished were all in totally humiliating positions. One picture in particular caught her eye. A young woman, not much older than herself was dressed up as a maid. However she was shown from behind, bent over, her skirt pulled up around her waist and her panties down around her ankles. She was bent so far over that she was clearly showing her most private parts and, to cap it all, there were a series of red stripes across her bottom. It took little imagination to see that she had been caned, and quite severely. But the bit that got to Lisa most of all was that she was looking back so her face was quite visible. Instead of the tears, or a grimace, that Lisa would have suspected she had the biggest grin on her face. She may be bent over in the most humiliating position, she may have been caned, but she was obviously enjoying herself.

Lisa flicked through the rest of the album. Some of the women were performing the most degrading acts, all were posed so that they had no dignity, showing their all, but many were smiling and all seemed to be there by choice. Some of the photos showed the women giving the punishment. She recognised Judy in many of the shots. Sometimes holding a cane, sometimes a paddle, and sometimes objects that Lisa couldn’t recognise. In each case her dress matched the pose. If the punished were dressed as a schoolgirl then the punisher would be dressed most severely, as if she were a strict teacher. If the punished were dressed as a maid the punisher would be dressed as a Victorian lady. There was obvious attention to detail.

Lisa realised that Judy would be home soon. She pushed the album back where it belonged and hurried off to bed. As she lay between the sheets her mind whirled. Part of her wondered “How could they? How could anyone allow herself to be trussed, tied, beaten, and, above all, exposed in that way. She’d be mortified to let anyone see her like that, let alone take photographs. On the other hand part of her, part she hardly dared admit to, was strongly aroused. She tossed and turned and was still wide awake when she heard Judy come home. Part of her wanted to ask Judy about the photos but that would be admitting that she’s pried. No wonder Judy was so secretive about her private life.

The hours dragged by. Lisa still couldn’t sleep and she heard Judy taking herself off to bed. The images swirled before her mind, in particular the picture of the maid bent over. She realised if she was going to get some sleep she would have to sneak back down for another look. Moving as quietly as she could she crept downstairs and into the lounge. She got out the album and searched for the picture. It was still as disturbing, as alluring as it had been earlier. Almost without thinking about it her hand slid down the front of her pyjama bottoms. As she stared at the picture wondering what it would be like to be that woman, to be bent casino firmaları over and exposed like that, she started to play with herself. In her mind she could hear the swish of the cane. It must have hurt to make stripes that red, that vivid. Her hand rubbed harder and faster at her crutch. Her breathing was fast and shallow. She could feel herself starting to come. How could a picture affect her like this?

“And what do you think you’re doing.” Judy’s voice, stern and hard, jerked Lisa from her reverie. She jerked her hand from her pyjamas but nothing could hide the damp patch between her legs. Judy stood at the door wearing a dressing gown.

“I… I… I was just…” Lisa stuttered.

“I can see what you were just…” Judy snapped back. “I told you my private life is private and now I find you snooping around. Well?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”

“You didn’t mean to pry? What do you call this?” Judy seemed quite angry. “I’m not sure I want to share my home with a little sneak like you. What do you say?”

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Please I’d like to stay. I really would.”

There was a long pause. Judy seemed to study Lisa, her eyes resting on the damp patch between her thighs. Eventually she spoke.

“Well, as you can see, I have my own way of dealing with naughty little girls. Maybe a good spanking would teach you some manners. Well?”

Lisa’s mind whirled. She really wanted to stay and she had been a naughty little girl. Maybe she did deserve to be punished. But… But…

“Well?” Judy asked again. “Speak up. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Judy’s sharp tone seemed to take control of Lisa. Se felt disturbed and aroused. She knew she should turn and run but something made her stay.

“Yes, I’ve been a naughty girl and deserve to be spanked.” Lisa felt as if she were in a dream. The words seemed winched out of her. She stared at the floor unable to meet Judy’s eyes.

“Right then, at the bottom of my wardrobe you’ll find a brown holdall. Go and get it. Quickly now. And while you’re being punished you address me as ‘Miss’, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss.” Lisa hurried off and fetched the bag. It was heavier than it looked and clinked ominously. When she returned Judy had positioned an upright chair in the middle of the room.

“Put the bag down next to the chair and stand there.” Judy indicated that Lisa should stand in front of the chair and sat down. She reached into the bag and brought out a short leather strap with a wooden handle. “I think this will do.” She looked up at Lisa.

“Yes Miss.”

“You’ve been a naughty little girl and you deserve to punished. Don’t you?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Now I’m going to spank you for being naughty. If you plead for me to stop I’ll ignore it but if you say strawberry then I’ll stop immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss. Strawberry Miss.”

“Very good. Now drop you pyjama bottoms. Come on, around your ankles. Quickly girl.”

Judy’s voice was stern and sharp and demanded obedience. Lisa nervously slid her fingers under the elastic of the waistband and started to push her pyjama bottoms down.

“Come along, we haven’t got all night. It’s late enough as it is,” Judy prompted. Lisa realised she was committed now and pushed the waistband down. As it cleared her hips the pyjama bottoms fell to her ankles. She stood up straight again she glanced at Judy who had a curiously satisfied smile on her face. There was a pause as Judy looked her over, studying her. Lisa blushed in embarrassment.

“Well may you blush young lady. There’s no dignity for naughty little girls like you. Now get over my knee.”

Lisa positioned herself across Judy’s knee. Judy grabbed her wrist and turned it behind her back holding her firmly in place. Her other hand reached down to Lisa’s buttocks and began to stroke them.

“Move you legs apart.” Judy pushed at Lisa thigh. Lisa had to wriggle her feet out of her pyjama bottoms so that she could comply. “That’s better.”

Judy’s hand returned to it’s stroking but this time she delved deeper between her thighs. Lisa realised that any moment Judy would find out how aroused she’d been, how damp she still was. She cringed with embarrassment as Judy’s fingers reached her lips and pushed inside her.

“Well, well, well. Who’s a randy one then. Seems like my pictures got you quite turned on, didn’t they?” Judy’s fingers reached Lisa’s clitoris and began to stroke it.

“Yes Miss.” Lisa whispered.

“What was that? Speak up.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Yes Miss what?” Judy demanded.

“Yes Miss, your pictures turned me on.” Lisa was horrified by what she was admitting but Judy’s finger was pushing her right back toward her orgasm. Suddenly it withdrew. There was a short pause and thwack, the strap landed across her buttocks. Lisa cried out in pain and tried to wiggle free but she was too firmly held in place. Besides, she deserved to be punished, she’d been a naughty girl. Along with the pain güvenilir casino there was another deeper sensation that went straight to her groin. Thwack, thwack, thwack. Judy kept up a steady rhythm. As Lisa squirmed and struggled her mons rubbed against the rough towelling of Judy’s dressing gown arousing her further. Despite the pain, because of the pain she felt waves of pleasure coursing through her. Each one higher, more intense, more powerful until, until, until…

As Lisa climaxed she bucked off Judy’s knee and fell to the floor. She lay there sobbing, exhausted. She’d never felt anything so powerful, so all consuming. She’d never climaxed like that before and it took her a few minutes to get her breath back. Meanwhile Judy had crouched down beside her and was cuddling her gently. Finally Lisa sat up and reached for Judy.

“That was fantastic. Thank you, thank you.” She reached out her arms and gave Judy a hug. “How can I thank you properly?” she asked.

“Come on. It’s late. Come back to my bed and I’ll show you.”

Judy took her by the hand and led her off upstairs.

Lisa rolled over after a long satisfying sleep. It was Saturday morning and she could lie in. As she came too she realised that the bed was too wide and then it all came back. She was in Judy’s bed. She’d never meant to… She let out a horrified gasp as full recollection came back. She’d behaved like a shameless slut! Judy wasn’t there beside her now but she’d surely be back soon. She looked for her pyjamas. The top lay on the floor beside the bed. She blushed again when she remembered where the bottoms were. Back in the lounge where she’d… Perhaps if she snuck out now she’d be able to see Judy later and explain that it had all been a big mistake. She wasn’t that sort of girl, honest she wasn’t. She was reaching down for her pyjama top when the door opened. Judy entered wearing a satin dressing gown and holding a loaded tray.

“Good morning. I’ve brought tea and toast.”

Lisa slipped back under the covers holding them high to cover herself up.

“A little more modest this morning, are we?” Judy’s tone was half mocking.

“I… Err… About last night.” Lisa stammered.

Judy put the tea tray down and reached over touching Lisa’s lips with her finger as if to shush her.

“You look a little worried. Let me guess. It goes something like this. You’ve never done anything like last night before. You’re not sure you want to do anything like it ever again and you’re worried about how this puts things between the two of us. But, before you run away, just remember how good it felt. I know you weren’t faking that bit! Here, put your pyjama top back on if it helps you feel more comfortable and stay and have breakfast with me. It would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

Lisa took the pyjama to from Judy and snuggled under the covers to put it on. Reluctantly she agreed that she might as well stay for breakfast.

As the two women ate their toast Lisa turned to Judy and asked “How did you know how I felt? I mean, you were spot on. Look, I don’t want to be a wet blanket or anything but I’m really not sure about all this. I’m not sure it’s right, right for me I mean.”

“Good heavens girl, do you thing you’re the only one to be nervous after her first time!” Judy laughed. “Why, after my first time I had all the same doubts. ‘Oh my God! I’m a lesbian pervert’ or something like that.”

Lisa had never thought that the suave, self-assured and confident Judy could be like that. The thought intrigued her.

“Your first time? What was it like? We’re you seduced by the older woman like me?”

“No, nothing like that, and less of the ‘older’ thank you. No, it was completely different.”

“Please tell me, I’d love to know.” Lisa’s curiosity had overcome her nerves.

“Well, it was some time ago. I was fresh up at collage when I met Christine. She and I just sparked. You know how it goes sometimes. You meet someone and instantly get on. She and I just bonded. Nothing sexy at first, just good friends.

“Anyway she invited me down to spend the summer holidays with her at her family’s farm down in Devon. I couldn’t resist an offer like that so I went down to join her. It’s a lovely place. Right out in the country. Lots of fresh air and open spaces. I had a great time.

“One day her family all went off for market day. We girls stayed behind to look after the house and work on our tans. We decided to have a picnic out on the lawn so we got in our bikinis and took some food, and more importantly a bottle of chilled white wine out into the garden. After lunch the wine and the hot sun had made me drowsy but it had the opposite effect on Christine. She got quite playful and started to mess around. I didn’t mind at first but I just wanted to relax and read my book so it was beginning to get on my nerves.

“After a while she disappeared for a bit. The next thing I knew a stream of ice-cold water broke over me soaking me and my book. Christine was standing there with a hose. I jumped up to grab the hose off her and the whole thing developed into a bit of a struggle. I wanted to get the hose off her she wouldn’t let go. It was all friendly and laughing but neither of us wanted to lose.

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