Lois Once Again

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The cell phone trilled on Friday just after 5:00 p.m. as I was leaving work. A broad grin spread across my face when I looked at the call display; it was Lois, a beautiful and passionate woman who has been my lover for just over a year. (See my story “Lois For the First Time”, for a description of how it all came to be.)

“Hi,” she said in her honeyed voice, “are we still on?” Our encounters are few and often hurried; both of us are married to others and have active families, but when we are afforded the chance to meet, we grasp it and don’t let go.

“Of course,” I replied, “I am really looking forward to it. I’m about twenty minutes out.”

“Better hurry”, she cooed. “I am sitting in the kitchen in nothing but my robe and I’ve had two fingers buried in my snatch for over an hour, just thinking about you. I might be a couple of orgasms ahead of you before you even arrive.” I didn’t have to be told twice. I told her I loved her, rang off and hit the highway flying.

Not more than nineteen minutes later I parked around the block from her house, walked to the back door and let myself in. The scene that greeted me was exactly as described. Lois was naked but for a white terry robe that gaped carelessly, exposing a beautiful breast with an upturned nipple. She sat on a kitchen chair, her legs were splayed apart and her hand was darting between them.

“Bout time,” she said in mock anger, “a girl could wear herself out waiting for you. I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. Her mouth opened easily to me and her tongue darted out to play with mine. My hands moved down and took a soft breast into each, rolling the nipples lightly between my fingers and eliciting a soft moan. “That’s more like it.”

She offered me the hand that had so recently been inside her pussy. I could smell the tang of her scent all over her fingers and licked them greedily, savouring the taste. “Time you caught bursa escort up,” she said authoritatively. I love it when a woman takes charge. After the initial fumblings when our affair was new, I have discovered that Lois is an assertive and demonstrative lover who never leaves any doubt about how I can please her or fails to fulfill my every desire.

We switched places so that I was on the chair. Lois dropped the robe and revealed all of the body I cherish. Despite her nearly forty years and two children, her femininity and desirability are completely intact. Lois expertly removed my pants and briefs and took me into her hands, pumping slowly and firmly. When the first drops of pre-cum appeared, she gave me a soft smile and lowered her mouth onto my straining cock.

Strange as it seems, I had never understood the fanatical attraction of oral sex, until I met Lois. Other women I have been with seemed to view it as an obligation: something to be gotten out of the way as quickly as possible, but with Lois it was different. She loved to suck cock, and she was good at it. By varying the pace and the pressure, she could keep me right at the edge of orgasm for ages until she finally brought me off. Today was an exception, though, and she sucked me with a frenzy, bobbing up and down on my rod and taking most of me on every stroke. In less than a minute, I was unloading my pent up load into her sweet mouth. She did not let go until every drop had been swallowed.

“Now it’s my turn.” she stated. She draped herself back on the kitchen table and spread those legs again, allowing me to gaze upon her pink and swollen pussy, framed by a mass of soaking brown curls. I started slowly, teasing her clit with a soft, circling motion. She threw her legs over my shoulders, urging me to taste her deeper and harder. “Inside me,” she commanded. Two fingers speared her pussy immediately, joining the quickening oral assault. A few minutes bursa escort bayan of this treatment was all it took to bring her to a shuddering climax.

I slowed the pace but kept up my attention on her hard clitoris. When I judged she was ready for another orgasm, I pulled apart the soft globes of her backside and tongued the tight pink pucker of her ass. Lois loves to have her ass attended to and this is one of the many things that make me love her. As she became more and more wet, I inserted my tongue inside and tasted her there as well. This was only a prelude, of course, and first one finger, then two, took over the gentle opening of her backdoor.

“Oh yeah,” she cried out. “Are you opening me up so you can fuck my ass? You know that I need to give you everything you want.” She was really into it now and I was responding with excitement, frigging her silly with my hand and keeping up the action of my tongue on her pussy. Lois responded with another orgasm, the walls of her sweet ass squeezing my probing fingers. As her writhing subsided, I slackened the pace, but kept my fingers wedged inside her, keeping her open for the finale to come.

Lois looked deeply into me, her eyes moist and shining. “Oh my God”, she said huskily, “I would never have believed how good that could feel. But I think we need to attend to you again; fair’s fair.” Rising from her position on the table, she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Following behind, I watched the beautiful ass swaying before me, the ass that I would soon be taking.

Lois crawled onto the bed on all fours, gave me a saucy look over her shoulder then dropped her head to the pillow. Her wonderful ass was open to my gaze and touch and I wasted no time in taking one of the warm soft globes into each hand and massaging them gently. Her buttocks twitched at the touch and her rectum, still gaped slightly. I slid full-length into her soaking wet snatch, lubricating escort bursa things up for my favourite finale. A few strokes of this was almost too much so when I could wait no longer I withdrew and nestled my ramrod stiff cock between those marvelous cheeks. I slid up and down her crack a few times, coating myself even more thoroughly with our mingled juices before pointing straight at the object of my desire.

“Now”, Lois whispered huskily. I restrained the temptation to thrust in all at once, instead allowing Lois to slowly back her way onto me. The initial resistance melted away quickly and soon she had nearly all of me wrapped in that tightest of embraces. Her breath was ragged and her moans had become guttural. We rested in that position for a minute or so, but even as I savoured the heat and pressure of her grip on me, an animal urge to stab into her was rising up and would not be denied.

“Okay lover, give it to me,” she cried out, and I was almost frantic to comply. It took every ounce of self control I possessed to begin by slowly stroking in, pressing all the way inside of her until her buttocks rested against me. Withdrawing until only the head remained inside before sliding inside again, her movement joining my own, we thrust in concert, straining to touch some place far inside. Our bodies were shining with sweat and the sweet smells of our lovemaking filled the room.

The old adages about shooting stars and fireworks are true when I am with Lois. I grunted on each thrust as I buried inside her, my breath caught and the rest of my body went rigid as I emptied myself into her. When her orgasm gripped her as well, we were locked together too tightly even to move. We remained this way, my hands caressing her back and ass gently, until she expelled me. For another blessed hour, I spooned her, the beautiful ass that is Lois’ gift to me pressed tightly against my groin.

A quick shower, where we tenderly bathed each other, a few soft kisses, and it was time for us both to leave the sublime and return to the everyday. I love you Lois, you are my joy, my refuge and the spark that keeps me sane. This is for you.

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