Looking Into The Canola Field

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Annabelle and Graham used to date…a long time ago, but they never lost contact. It was bad timing for both of them to be in a relationship. Graham had moved on and dated other girls but had a hard time finding girls that had the same sense of adventure as Annabelle had. No girl could get him hard as fast as Annabelle. No girl had quite the imagination for story writing either when Graham was away or needed a pick me up.

Annabelle and Graham had both just became single. Annabelle had gotten out of a relationship that turned sour. Graham had been dumped by an unworthy girl. Perhaps she was the stupidest girl to let a man like Graham get away. In any case, Graham contacted Annabelle just after he found himself single. They texted…it was easier for both of them. They talked about many different sexual things that they wanted to with each other, and Graham asked for steamy stories which Annabelle immediately wrote and texted. They agreed to meet, it seemed only natural. On a hot August afternoon Graham texted Annabelle to find out what she was up to. Her reply was simple and stated that she was free for fun. Graham made the decision to go and make a visit with the girl that always got his cock hard!

While driving to her place, Graham was texting Annabelle about what her plan was, she texted back that he would have to kiss her to find out. Once he arrived at her place, Annabelle walked out in her shorts, tank top and flip flops and smiled at Graham as she proceeded to get into his truck. She sat in the passenger seat while Graham drove out of the yard and as they played catch up. Annabelle was sitting there, thinking that she wanted to be right next to him and be as close and she could to him, then Graham suddenly told her to move to the middle and to sit right next to him. She güvenilir bahis had a smile on her face as she undid her seatbelt and slid over. Graham moved his arm around her and she put her head on his chest. She told him that she missed that feeling, and Graham’s reply was that he didn’t blame her. They both laughed. It was very easy for both of them to be around each other and feel comfortable.

As Graham was turning down different gravel roads, his hand slipped down into Annabelle’s tank top and started squeezing her breasts. Graham always knew how to get her started. Annabelle, in the meantime was rubbing her hand along Graham’s thigh, feeling that he was starting to get hard. At an entrance into some farmers Canola field, Graham turned in and cut the engine. Annabelle looked at Graham and shifted in the middle seat and he pulled her close and they started to kiss. Annabelle forgot how good of a kisser he was. They sat there and kissed, while Annabelle’s hand started to wander down his neck, his chest and finally to the top of his hard cock. Graham let out a moan while she was touching him, but he didn’t stop kissing her. It was getting hot and sweaty in the truck already. That didn’t matter to either of them. They kept touching each other. It felt right and good. Graham then moved his body and grabbed Annabelle’s hand, he put it lower than his waist, and Annabelle moved her hand inside his sweat pants. Thank God for sweat pants!

They continued to kiss each other while Annabelle began to run Graham’s cock. It was already hard, but she ran her fingers up and down and all around. Graham was already moaning, telling her that she was doing good and that it felt good. Annabelle began to include rubbing and squeezing his balls. As soon as she started doing that, he let out a sharp gasp türkçe bahis and a smile. Annabelle stopped and pulled away. She looked at Graham, kissed him and told him to move his seat back. He did as she requested, and then Annabelle lowered her head and took a nice long lick of Grahams hard cock, then she started to suck him, while continuing to squeeze his balls.

Graham started to breathe heavier, and was enjoying his time with Annabelle. Graham took his hand that was closest to the door of his truck and grabbed a fist full of Annabelle’s hair and started to control her sucking. He pulled her up and down so that she was sucking him faster, then push down so that she would take more of his cock in her mouth. Graham knew that Annabelle couldn’t deep throat him, but he knew that she wanted to try. This went on for a few minutes, and Annabelle took more and more of his cock into her mouth. Graham would let her relax and just go back to sucking him, and felt her tongue playing with his cock. God he loved the job that she did when she was sucking him.

Suddenly Graham pulled Annabelle up fast and hard and brought her face to face to him. He started kissing her again and then Graham let go of Annabelle’s hair. His hand searched for the front of her shorts and started pushing against her hard, and making little moans escape from Annabelle. She already knew that she was wet and ready for whatever was going to come next. Graham reached and started to undo her shorts. He did not stop kissing her until he told her to get rid of her shorts. Annabelle did as she was asked until her shorts, panties and flip flops decorated the floor of the truck. Graham told Annabelle where to put her knees and told her to bend over. He tugged his pants down a bit farther and searched for her wet pussy with güvenilir bahis siteleri his hard, hard cock. Graham slid his cock into her pussy as far as he could in the cramped space. Annabelle looked out into the Canola Field that was setting the scene for this reunion. Graham pumped her a few times until he slid out and then he pushed hard into her ass. Graham let out a big moan of pleasure. Annabelle let out a gasp. She clutched the door of the truck for support while Graham kept pumping his cock inside her until he came. He let out a huge sigh from the release. Graham stayed tucked into Annabelle’s tight ass while he emptied himself out into her, then collapsed on the seat.

Annabelle smiled and turned around and looked at Graham. She was still wet. She leaned over to him and started to kiss him. She was still kneeling on the seat, and her legs were spread apart. Graham let his fingers wander and they slid up to her pussy to play in the wet juices that were smothered all around her lady parts. He rubbed her clit and pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and started to pump them into her. He enjoyed listening to Annabelle’s little moans when she was happy and being pleased. She was easy to please. Graham kept going until he felt Annabelle grab his shoulders tightly. He knew what was going to happen. Her body started to shake. Annabelle came and released her juices all over his hand. They stayed joined while they kissed each other.

Annabelle put her shorts back on while Graham pulled his sweats back up and readjusted his seat. They were both smiling. This was the kind of release that they both needed. Graham drove Annabelle back to her place. While he drove, Annabelle sat in the middle again and had Graham’s arm wrapped around her again. It was a safe and comfortable place still for both. Once at Annabelle’s place, she turned and kissed him and smiled. She put her flip flops back on and hopped out of the truck. They smiled and Graham drove away. While he drove, he texted her said that he was looking forward to next time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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