Love in the Time of Covid Pt. 04

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(This is the final installment of this story. Stay tuned for my next short series coming up soon!)



Rachel. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Bright red hair, oozing in snark, defensive as hell, could ride like a damn cowgirl… Rachel. How the hell had I gotten myself into this position again?

Oh yeah. A fucking cucumber.

Over the next few days I went back over our conversations. A few things stuck out to me.

The first was how she’d put on Mando for me just because I’d said it was good. Star Wars isn’t my thing, she’d said, but she’d still turned it on, because she knew I liked it. “Well clearly it’s important to you.” Those words kept running through my head. In the two years I’d dated Caitlin, she’d never done that once… put something on, or done anything, just because “clearly it’s important.”

The other thing was the mischievous look on her face when she’d been stradling me, teasing me with the opening of her wet pussy, and how quickly she’d fallen apart when I’d taken control of the situation. Watching her expression change from proud and bratty to completely overwhelmed and in ecstasy was something I was definitely going to be jerking off to.

“Can I get your number,” I had asked, before I left that evening. It was past midnight when I did finally leave, and she’d been acting a little funny since I’d told her my name. She’d stared at me, reluctant as usual, but eventually grabbed a piece of paper off her fridge notepad, scribbled it down, and handed it over. I’d leaned in to kiss her on the cheek and she shrunk back.

“What, I can’t kiss you goodnight?”


“You’ll let me lick your clit but I can’t kiss you.”

“No,” she said firmly, and put her hands on my chest. “Now get out, I have an eight-AM call tomorrow!”

I grinned and left, vowing I’d find a way to change her mind.

It had been two days and I kept thinking about her lips. Those pretty, pink, plump lips, and the way her eyes lit up when she got turned on.

And those words. “Well clearly it’s important to you.”

Rachel, I thought myself, I’m not going to settle for just being your boy toy anymore. I want more.

I texted her that afternoon at work.

Evan: Hey gorgeous

Rachel: Hey trouble

Evan: How’s work?

Rachel: It’s shit. You?

Evan: Same. Wanna hang later?

Rachel: Is that what we’re calling it now?

I sighed and then laughed a little. Always so defensive. I sent a reply.

Evan: We don’t have to fuck. I just thought it would be fun to hang out.

Evan: I can bring ice cream

She didn’t reply for a while, and I worried I’d said something that had offended her. But then she responded, about an hour later.

Rachel: You don’t need to bribe me with ice cream. Sure, come over.

Rachel: We can watch more Mando if you want.

Evan: I get off at nine

Rachel: Perf.

The rest of the day seemed to go on forever. I’d check my phone for the time, and then wait what felt like an hour, and check it again, and it would only be twelve minutes. Finally nine o’clock rolled around and, for the first time in a long time, there were no Grocery-Maxx orders for me to pick up. I clocked out and drove to her apartment as quickly as I could, trying not to come across as a desperate middle-schooler.

When I knocked, I heard slow footsteps, and then the door unlocked and she opened it. She was holding The Last Wish, and glanced up at me quickly and then back down to the book, retreating back to the couch without another word. Her red lips were slightly parted, like she was confused, and her eyebrows were closer together, subtle concentration on her face. I kicked my shoes off and followed her back to the couch, and sat across from her quietly, watching her eyes scan the pages rapidly. She turned a page and her expression changed subtly. Her eyebrow quirked. She shut the book and looked up at me.

“Sorry, I had to finish.”

“Which story were you on?”

“The Lesser Evil.”

“That one is really good.”

“You were right, the books are better.”

I resisted a grin, and shut my mouth. If I teased her about admitting I was right about something, she’d get all defensive again.

We ended up sitting on the couch for nearly an hour talking about the books. She grabbed us both a bottle of her favorite IPA and I watched her face as she went on and on about the characters and the details she’d liked, and the parts she’d gotten confused on.

“When does Yennifer arrive, anyway?”

“Don’t worry,” I smiled. “It’s worth the wait.”

She stood up and motioned for me to follow her, and we went back to her bedroom. She set the book on the nightstand on top of the others, and she put on Mando without even asking. Part of me wondered if this was going to lead anywhere tonight, but I had told her specifically that I didn’t expect anything, and I’d promised myself I was going to hold to that. “You sure you want to watch this?”

“Yeah, it’s cool. I like bursa escort it. Plus, Baby Yoda.”

“He’s pretty cute.”

“I want one.”

I laughed at the mental image of her chasing a baby yoda around her house while trying to work.

“Do you think he’ll ever take his helmet off?” she asked eventually.

“Yeah probably,” I said. “They’ll make it so he has to.”

“I feel like that would ruin the character.”

“No way, he’ll compromise on something important to him to save something more important. Or make a point. Or save the Child.”

“No, it makes him who he is,” she said. “He won’t give that up.”

“You willing to bet on that?”


“Okay,” I grinned. “How about this. If he takes his helmet off, I get to kiss you.”

She looked over at me, her forehead wrinkled, lips pursed, mild disgust on her face.

“Okay then, nevermind,” I put my hands up, feeling a little crushed by her facial expression. I turned back and looked at the screen, trying to ignore the hit on my ego.

“I mean, okay… I just didn’t expect that to be the bet.”

“If the idea is so repugnant-“

“I said okay,” she cut me off. “And if he doesn’t… you eat my pussy again.”

Oh hello. I hadn’t expected that turn of events. I felt myself smirk. “You don’t need to lose a bet for that.”


“You just have to ask.”

I waited. And waited. She wasn’t budging. There was no way she was going to ask. She didn’t like showing her cards, or even admitting things that were painfully obvious. Stubborn redhead, I thought. Stubborn, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous redhead…

But sure enough, we got near the end of the episode, and the helmet came off. I felt her quiet inhalation of breath as she watched, and peeked over at her to see her eyes widen. She blushed, and her eyes flickered towards me for just a half a second before going back to the screen. She knew I was looking at her but she refused to meet my gaze.

I let her finish the episode. I barely watched it, my mind completely focused on the shape of her mouth and the deep blush on her cheeks.

I wondered if this was even a good idea. I wanted to kiss her, but the way she’d reacted last time, and the look on her face now…

The credits rolled and she made no move to pause, letting the credits run out and the show stopping on its own. She still hadn’t said anything or moved.

“You don’t have to,” I said softly. I rolled over on my side to face her, and studied her expression. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking but she was still blushing and looked nervous.

She shrugged, then said, “No it’s fair, a bet’s a bet.” She shuffled a little to reposition herself, almost facing me, but not looking at me.

That’s okay. She didn’t need to look me in the eye for me to kiss her. My mind whirled as I thought of all the ways I could do it. I could put my hand behind her neck and pull her to me. I could kiss her cheek first, and then kiss my way down to her lips. I could swoop in fast and crush my mouth against hers, stealing her breath and forcing my tongue in, kissing her until she was lightheaded and begging me for more.

She finally met my gaze. She looked embarrassed, a little nervous, and sexy as hell with that splash of red across her cheeks.

I inched closer, so our knees were touching, and tucked a loose curl behind her ears. Then I took her face in my hands gently, and leaned forward, gently pressing my lips into hers.

She was so soft. And so warm. God she was so easy to get lost in. But she froze under my touch, and I kissed her softly, just barely, and pulled away, studying her.

You okay?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yeah, fine,” she said, trying to be her normal brash self. She swallowed hard and her eyes darted to my lips for just a second before she looked back at me. Her tongue darted out and wet her lips.

“What is it?”

“Nothing.” She looked down at her hands, and then over my shoulder, and then back at the TV, and then back to me. I felt her eyes on my mouth. She swallowed.

I knew I was missing something key here, but she wasn’t talking, so…

I leaned forward again, slower this time, and set my hand against her cheek. Her eyelashes fluttered as I leaned in again, brushing my lips against hers, gently kissing and nibbling at them. I could feel her breath coming in smaller gasps, and then finally, she sighed, and parted her mouth just a little, and kissed me back.

My god could the woman kiss.

Her lips were velvet and soft, and her mouth was so hot. She tasted like the beers we’d had. I got lost in her wetness, our tongues dancing and fighting and swirling around each other’s. She bit my bottom lip just a little, and let out the softest sigh and then sucked it into her mouth.

I was growing painfully hard against my jeans, and she seemed to notice it. Our lips stayed locked together, working and moving and tasting each other, as she set her hand down on my thigh, gently edging her fingers bursa escort bayan closer and closer to my dick. When she finally brushed her fingers against it, I moaned into her mouth. I felt her smile against my lips, and she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer to her.

I rolled her over onto her back. “You teasing me, baby,” I asked around her lips.

“You like it,” she said snarkily. I pulled back just enough to see her expression. She was smirking.

Oh. right. Because she did want this to go somewhere, she just wasn’t going to ask. Because she was never going to ask. Okay. If that’s the game you want, princess. Let’s play.



I was kind of weird about kissing.

I’d had such high hopes for it all through middle and high school, and then I’d finally gotten a chance to kiss a boy and it hadn’t been anything like the movies made it out to be… just warm, and wet. In college it had been a little more fun, but still just… warm and wet. I just ended up with slobber all over my face, and the guy is ready to fuck and I’m not even turned on yet.

But last time Evan had come over, and he’d looked at my lips, I’d gotten that familiar clench in my gut as I thought about his lips on mine. What if it was different this time? He was a fucking rockstar at getting me off. Maybe he’d be a magic kisser, too.

I’d thought about it a lot over the next two days. I decided I’d kiss him if the opportunity came up. But I couldn’t shake that weird awkward feeling. We’d already screwed plenty of times. The man had come inside me for god’s sake. Why was I so weird about him kissing me?

When I’d lost that stupid bet I realized I’d have to actually go through with it. It was easy to say, but actually doing it was different. That was when I realized exactly why the idea both turned me on, and freaked me out.

It was intimate. It was supposed to be special, and it was supposed to mean something. A first kiss was a milestone, wasn’t it? Would this change us? What were we, anyway?

Evan was sweet about it. He could tell I was uncomfortable. Part of me wanted him to just get it over with. The other part hoped…

Oh my god, dude, I thought to myself. It’s just a kiss.

It was not just a kiss.

I don’t know why it was different, I really don’t. Because it was exactly what I expected. Warm, and wet. He was gentle at first, but his breath on my face and the soft little gasps he made as he nibbled at my lips broke me down, the sounds he made making me want him more. He’d looked at me with so much excitement and need, making sure I was okay, and then kissed me again… Then my head was fuzzy and swimming and I kind of lost myself.

It was warm, and wet, and a little gross. But I liked it.

I teased him a little, kissing him while brushing my finger against the growing bulge in his pants. He ended up on top of me, kissing me as he said, “you teasing me, baby?”

My stomach fluttered at the pet name. “You like it,” was all I could say in response. Yeah I liked teasing him. I liked watching what my teasing did to him. I liked those soft breathy gasps he was making, and I liked the way our mouths locked into each others, neither of us wanting to back down or relent, stealing each other’s breath.

“Oh. Oh yeah I do.” He held his mouth just far enough away from mine that I could feel him, but I wasn’t touching him. I lifted my head to reach but he pulled back. I felt my face burn with embarrassment. “You know what I like more, Rachel?”

There you go saying my name again and making me want you, I thought. Stop it.


“I like teasing you back.” His voice dropped, almost to a growl. “I like watching you struggle… and I like watching you lose.” He leaned forward again and kissed my lips, softly, sweetly, then my cheek, then my neck. When I felt his breath on my skin and his lips on my collar bone, my whole upper body broke out in goosebumps. What the hell? Why was that so hot?

“You like that,” he said against my skin, kissing that spot on my clavicle over and over, softly coaxing sighs and whimpers from me against my will. “I know where else you like to be kissed.”

Oh my god was he going to eat my pussy? Please eat my pussy, I thought. Fuck. He knew I wanted him too, because that was my side of the bet.

Instead, he let me yearn with anticipation, and spent the next ten minutes playing with my breasts; squeezing, kissing, rolling my nipples between his fingers, sucking on them, until I was gasping and arching my back under his touch. He had that smug look on his face again. He was enjoying my struggle.

He left a trail of kisses down my body, spending a little extra time on my tummy, and then mercilessly kissed my inner thighs and hips. His favorite spot seemed to be right where my legs met my pelvis, not close enough to actually be my pussy but close enough to make me crazy. His fingers played with my nipples while he taunted me, switching from one leg to the other, letting his breath hit my escort bursa pussy and my clit as he moved from one side to the other.

“Stop teasing me,” I whimpered finally.

“But I like it.”

“Evan, please.”

His fingers brushed lightly across my stomach and then down my legs.

“Rachel,” he whispered, still softly kissing that tender spot, edging closer and closer to my pussy but refusing to touch it. “I want you to ask me for what you want.”

Oh hell no I wasn’t going to… oh but fuck I needed it. I was panting now, and I could feel myself dripping. I could just ask, and he’d do it. I knew he would. He always did. He’d done this several times, now. He’d gotten me to ask him or tell him things by torturing me like this.

“You know what I want,” I whispered.

“I want to hear you say it.” His mouth was hovering right over me, and I could feel his breath on it again. My whole pussy was aching and my clit had a heartbeat. “I want to hear you ask me.”

“Fucking hell,” I mumbled.

“Try again,” he laughed, and went back to brushing his lips across my pubic bone, letting his tongue flick out and drag across my skin once before kissing it again. He watched me while he did it, his hair falling over his forehead, his eyes dark and hot with desire. His fingers inched down towards my sex, and he brushed his fingertips lightly around it. He didn’t look away, looking me right in the eye as he tortured me.

“C’mon baby, let me hear you beg… I want to hear it.”

My stomach flipped at his words. He needed it too, I realized. He needed to hear it as bad as I needed him to do it. What was it that he got out of it? Was it the power that got him off? Did he just want to see me break? Was I willing to break for him?

I watched his eyes, hungry with desire for me. I could barely think straight the way he was teasing me. His lips moved just a tiny but further down off my pubic bone, right above my clit, and I could feel him pressing into me. Oh my god I needed his tongue there.

“Evan… please…” I started. I sound so dumb, I thought. But I watched his eyes darken and widen as he heard me speak. It was so hot to watch him lose it with me, and I found myself rambling. “Fuck, Evan please, I need you, eat my pussy please-oh my god-”

He dropped his face immediately at my words, and I was in heaven. I moaned as his lips and tongue played with me, opening me up, stroking my sex with wide, hot passes that left me shivering. He toyed with me, moaned into me, and then started flicking his tongue against my clit with abandon. Just as I fell off the edge of my pleasure, he slid two fingers inside me. I felt my eyes water and I gasped, a gush of relief and fire flooding my whole body.

It felt like forever. He did not let up, sucking, flicking, nibbling and lightly biting on my clit while he fingered me. Everything blended together. I couldn’t tell where one orgasm stopped and the next one started. It wasn’t waves of pleasure; it was a damn hurricane.

I felt myself coming down. My eyes were closed and I was pretty sure I was drooling but I couldn’t move. Then I heard him unbuckling his pants. I laid there, wondering if I could take any more, and opened my eyes to meet his gaze. He paused, measuring my expression. Waiting for my permission. Asking if it was okay, without saying a word.

I nodded slightly, and he moaned as he slid inside me. He threaded one arm under me so he could hold the back of my neck, and with the other hand he grabbed one of my legs, bending it and pushing it up. He thrust into me slowly, his eyes locked on mine, deep brown pools of need burning for me. The way he was looking at me… I felt so special. So precious. So important. Like I was essential to him. Like he needed this, like he needed me, more than anything. And it felt so. Fucking. Good.

I watched his face change from relief, to pleasure, to the slight shock right as he realized he was about to climax, and then he came with a groan, burying his face in my hair and neck. He gasped as he caught his breath, mumbling something incoherent into my hair, and relaxing slightly so he could pull me into him.

I felt so warm. So tingly I was almost numb, like I couldn’t quite feel my body. He rolled off of me but kept his arm around me, pressing his face against my neck, kissing it softly.

We laid there for a really long time. Eventually I noticed his breathing was soft and very quiet, and very steady. He’d fallen asleep.

How the hell had I gotten myself here?

Oh yeah. A cucumber.

Things came rushing back to me. I was sleeping with a stranger. But I was starting to really like him. What on earth was I going to do? Where would this lead? Would it ever be anything more than this? What did he want? What was I to him? We weren’t really friends, but we weren’t really a hookup anymore either.

God there was just so much to think about, and I didn’t know the answers to any of the questions, so I just laid there, trying not to think, listening to his breathing against my neck.

“When this is all over,” he said, startling me, “we should go… get a burger or something. See a movie.”

I didn’t answer. Was he asking me on a date? Did I want a date? My head hurt.

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