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Big Tits

Kandie just finished her profile on an adult date finding service. She decided it was time to add a bit of spice to her life. She sat back and wondered if she added just the right touch of sex appeal. She read the words again, Sexy older woman looking for sexy fun and excitement. Preferences are one on one sex, a bi-curious relationship and a fantasy called stranger-stranger encounter. “I can be traditional or kinky, depending on the mood I am in. When it comes to sex, I am in it for fun, excitement and a little wild fantasy. ”

A week later, she got an email response from an older man entitled, Magic.

“Hello Kandie,

Are you as sweet as Candy, oh please tell me you are! I can tell by your pictures that you would be one delectable delight! I am looking for some sexy fun as I travel throughout the western part of the state. I go through your town quite often and would love to stop by and visit you sometime. I want to take you out to dinner and if we clicked, help you full fill some of your wild fantasies. One of my favorites is stranger-to-stranger encounters.

I can see me knocking on your door late at night and you inviting me in. I enter and close the door behind me then turn and pull you close, kissing you deep and passionately. Before you can utter no, I find your wet cunt with my fingers as your hand instinctively goes for my hard cock. Before long, we are groping, kissing and fucking in every way imaginable. Sounds like allot of fun does not it. Now you sexy thing, let me know when I can make your fantasies come true.



* * * * *

Kandie could not believe what she was reading. Oh god, she loved his idea of him making her fantasies come true. She continued reading, ran her fingers across her throbbing clit, and felt her nipples harden. Before she continues, she replied to Magic’s email with the following words.

“Hello Magic,

I love the way you think! I let myself imagine you were visiting me the other day as you mentioned. I stopped kissing you long enough to lock the door then stripped and lay upon my bed. Then I pointed my finger seductively at you and said, “You have too many clothes on to have fun…take them all off.” You climbed upon the bed and gently caressed me with your fingers softly outlining my lips then kissing them. As you kissed me your fingers encircled my nipples and your lips followed making them erect.

I reached for your cock and stroked it firmly feeling it pulsate in my hand, oh-my-god I wish we were doing this! I told you that I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of my wanting pussy.

You kissed me then spread my legs wide and began thrusting your hard cock deep into me. Ooooooooh fuck, your lips, fingers and cock worked their magic on me until we were both lay in each other’s arms panting with exhaustion.



The next day Kandie could not wait to read the reply to her email. She did not know why, but Magic’s words enchanted her. It was as if he was reaching out from the email and actually touching her. She sat down and felt her nipples harden as she started reading.

“Oh My Sweet Kandie,

Did you let yourself imagine I was visiting you the other day when I mentioned going up to visit. I can see that the prospect of satisfying that desire for your stranger-to-stranger encounter bahis firmaları both intrigues and excites you.

I looked up Cottonwood land on the map search and find that it is not that far away. I am obsessed by the idea and am want to drive there to have you see me loading a truck and decide to follow through.

The first kiss leaves you weak in the knees and your hand instinctively moves downwards and discovers my rock hard cock. It is not long before all kinds of sucking and fucking are going on, and you gasp in ecstasy as you feel me enter your hot, wet, wanting pussy. The sensation of my hard cock moving inside of you are delicious and in no time takes you to a most intense orgasm…Yummy…XOXOX!


Kandie leaned her head back letting his words work on her mind once more. It was his magic touch and not her fingers touching her now. She slid off her panties, ran her finger around her swollen clit, and pinched it. She then felt his cock replacing the fingers and he rubbed her clit. She started to tremble and his lips clamped down on hers, he thrust his cock deep inside her, and she screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

After composing herself, she replied to his email.


Oooh honey, I like your way of thinking. I am new to this dating site and if you have not guessed by now I love to write erotic emails. If this was, a reality we would have a stranger-to-stranger encounter…enjoy the email…..the saga continues!

I look up Cottonwood lane on a map, and find out how to get from here to there. I envision driving to that area, just to see what kind of neighborhood it is. Who knows, I might get a better paying job and move there, but for now that is not what is on my mind.

My hard nipples strain the bra I am wearing and my panties are already drenched. I am dressed casual in khaki shorts and a comfortable t-shirt. In my mind I am screaming, “Girl, it’s been too damn long and it’s about time you took matters into your own hands and got the fucking you deserve!”

I pull around the corner and see this handsome older male loading a truck. I swallow hard and say, “Oh god, its time to meet this stranger!” The possibility of fucking a total stranger makes my clit throb.

I park the car then walk around and say hello. The first thing I notice after our eyes meet is the sizable bulge in your pants. Before I can ask you anything, you pull me into your arms and kiss me. My lips part and our tongues dance together.

I go weak in the knees as my hand reaches down and caresses your cock. I stop kissing you for a moment and utter, “MMM-baby, looks like something is begging for attention!”

I unzip your pants and stroke your cock as your fingers reach under my shirt and pinch my hard nipples.

We kiss again and you say, “Let’s go somewhere and fuck!”

I reply, “You lead the way.”

You guide me inside the house, lay a blanket on the floor, and tell me not to move. You want to strip me and kiss every inch of me as it becomes exposed. You take off my shirt and bra and kiss-lick-suck then bite my nipples, one then the other. I gasp in delight and tell you not to stop there; you reach down and remove my shorts and panties.

We kiss again and then I say, “Ooooh keep going baby; kiss your way downward to paradise!”

You spread my legs wide kaçak iddaa and I say, “FUCK ME,” as you guide your hard cock into my hot wanting pussy.

You lean back, watch your cock entering, and rub my swollen clit. When you look up you gasp in amazement because I am playing with my 44D’s. As I suck and bite my nipples, you roll my clit in your fingers then pinch it. I tremble with an earth shattering climax and cover you with so much cum, it drips onto the blanket.

You replace my hands and mouth with yours on my nipple as you fuck me deep and hard. You slid you cock into me with hard deep thrust and before long you shout, “OH fuck…I’m cumming!”

Now if that did not make your day, this nurse is taking your vitals and using my mouth to see how good your cock works. YUMMMMMMMY, (And yes I swallow.)


Kandie sent Magic the latest cum filled email, then sat back and wondered how long the email cybering would go on. She wondered just how far things would go, and if she had the nerve to actually met this man. She decided to sleep on the idea for the night, and then contemplate her strategy tomorrow.

When she logged online her nightie was already soaked with perspiration and pussy juice. She opened the email slowly began to read as her fingers lingered over her hot pussy.


It seems you enjoy arousing, stimulating emails and that was a very nice conclusion to the Cottonwood Drive storyline (and you swallow too). Perhaps to be on the safe side and it has been awhile since I have had my vitals taken. You are the nurse and are very welcomed to check my vitals (using your mouth to see if my cock works as you put it, that is).

That would be something I could very much enjoy and hope you would discover me to be a most delicious mouthful. Even though it would only be a medical practice to determine if my cock is indeed in good working order I probably would find myself most aroused in the moment and could not resist sliding my hard throbbing cock in and out of your mouth as you suck on it. I like that thought, your wet mouth moving up and down the length of my cock, your hot tongue sliding over the head of it and then you take me all the way in your mouth as I hold your head and drive it deeper as I delight in your attentions.

As you continue to take my vitals sucking and licking, your own arousal begins to peak as your breasts crave attention and your nipples are stiffened with excitement wanting to be sucked and played with and your pussy burns hot with desire as it becomes so wet you feel your juices run down your legs.”

Your hot cunt aches with the need to feel my cock plunging deep inside of it, repeatedly. The sensations take you higher and higher!

The magic continues!”

Kandie loved his emails and pondered when the relationship would go from online to the real thing. In her mind, she envisioned her magic man driving up to her place. When he got out of the car, she felt herself go weak in the knees. He was simply gorgeous! In his right hand, he carried one red long stemmed rose. She trembled and uttered, “Oh-my-god, I need to meet this man!” She sat at the computer and contemplated on what would happen if they actually met and typed the following.

“The Magic Continues.

You hear a knock on the door and wonder who that could be; you told no kaçak bahis one where you were working today, except your new friend Kandie. She is a nurse with a kinky side and loves to be naughty. She has already fucked you, a total stranger and now thinks she need to examine your hot body a little closer.

When you answer the door, you see me standing there in a white button up the front nurse’s uniform that accentuates my every curve. Your eyes almost pop out of their sockets with excitement. You pull me inside, kissing me deep and hard, letting your fingers roam freely. I stop you for a moment and ask you if there is a place we can go. You ask me why and I tell you that I need to examine your body and cock in detail. Adding, “I need to make sure your cock is working properly!”

You guide me to the master bedroom, where there is a king-sized bed just waiting to be tried out for size and comfort. I instruct you to strip and lay down on your back. I proceed and check your pulse, breathing, and temperature. Then I step back, unbutton my uniform, and let it fall to the floor. I am scantily clad only in my garter-belt and matching bra.

I leave them on and climb on the bed and start kissing your lips and working my downward. I stop at your nipples then lick, suck and bite them. I then look up kiss you and laugh telling you that your tits are normal. Then say, but I need to look at your cock now, I need to see if it can rise to the occasion.

I move downward and lift it to inspect the size and feel of it as it responds nicely by growing firm. I then lick the head and shaft to see how it tastes. You begin moaning in delight and your cock becomes rock hard. I then slide my mouth down upon the shaft as you thrust your hips forward so I engulf the full length. I move a bit so that you can remove my panties and play with my now drenched cunt.

I suck you deep and hard, stopping only long enough to ask if I am hurting you. I then tell you that your cock taste delicious and I must have more. I deep throat you again and again as you finger fuck my wanting pussy. You stop me long enough to if I prefer the bottom, or top for a 69. I say bottom then lie down and guide your cock into my mouth. You lick your lips and dive in hungrily at my drenched cunt.

My wet mouth moves up and down your cock as my tongue tickles the head. You fuck my mouth harder and deeper now as your tongue teases and sucks on my swollen clit. You slide two then three fingers inside me in hard fucking motion as your lips work their magic. I pause from sucking your cock and say, Oh-my-god; please do not stop what you are doing. I love your magical tongue! Oooooooh fuck, make me cum! Eat me!”

You dive in like a puppy eating its last meal. When you bite my clit, I cover your entire face with my sweet nectar. You keep going and when I run my teeth gently up and down your cock, you quiver and simultaneously shoot a huge load of cum down my throat. I swallow eagerly trying to swallow every luscious drop and drain your balls.

I stand up pick up my uniform and start putting it on. I then say, you my love have passed my check up. Your cock is in “A” number one working order.”

Before I can don the uniform, you grab me and lay me back on the bed. Kiss me deep and say, “Not so fast Nurse Kandie! It times me to inspect your anatomy.


Kandie finished reading the email then closed her eyes and came so hard she nearly fell out of the computer chair. Kandie then uttered, “Presto-chango, time to make Magic appear as the magic continues…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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