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Trying to juggle college and work is never easy. I’d tried part time jobs on campus but it was too difficult to study and wasn’t enough money. I tried working on the weekends, but that got in the way too. Sometimes I needed to study on Saturday or Sunday. A friend finally referred me to an agency that booked maids. I thought, I know how to clean, how difficult could this be.

The agency was perfect. I could give them my schedule on a weekly basis and they’d book me around that. I could pick and choose exactly how often I wanted to work. Not too bad. My first week was pretty easy. I cleaned a couple of houses and a few apartments. Mostly, no one was ever home. Occasionally, there was an elderly person home who just wanted me to talk to them while I cleaned. No problem.

My second week started with a Tuesday appointment. I piled my supplies into my jeep and headed for the address the agency gave me. When I arrived, I was spell-bound. The house was modern and overlooked the water. With my supplies in hand, I grabbed the key and the temporary access code for the security. Setting my stuff down in the foyer, I found no one was home and I took a little look around. A man definitely lived here. It was very masculine and very modern. The house was huge and wonderful. Returning to the foyer, I picked up my stuff and headed into the living room to start dusting.

Since no one was around, I decided to make myself a little more comfortable. Taking my t-shirt off, I got to work in my bike shorts and sports bra. I turned on the radio for a little background music and started dusting. The furniture was beautiful and the art work expensive. After the living room, I moved to the office. I had expected more clutter but was pleasantly surprised. I moved from room to room, leaving the bedroom for last.

As I entered the master bedroom, I put my stuff down and again looked around. A man’s bedroom. The king size bed dominated the room. The walk-in closets were filled with expensive men’s clothes. The master bath was enormous. The glass and chrome shower looked like it was made for four people and the sunken spa in the corner could have fit a football team. The spa looked out of a corner window to the water. I could have easily lived in that spa.

Picking up my stuff, I dusted the bedroom. When I was finished there, I turned my attention to the bathroom. I was so into what I was doing, I never heard the front door. bahis firmaları I was startled when I heard someone enter the bathroom. I looked up over my shoulder and nearly dropped my jaw. The man standing in the door way was nothing less than amazing. Tall, blonde, dark green eyes, tan and built like you wouldn’t believe. His suit was built for his body. I felt weak in the knees.

“You must be the new maid.”

Ok, find your voice.

“Um, yes. I’m Kathy.”

He smiled and looked me over. I realized then that I was in a less than perfect position. My tight bike shorts were hugging my ass, which was up in the air, and my breasts were practically falling out of my sports bra. How to get out of this gracefully.

As I turned again over my shoulder, I watched him walk back into the bedroom, removing his suit jacket. His white shirt was practically see-though and I could see the muscles under it. I shook it off and returned to what I was doing. Trying to get my body under control wasn’t easy. My heart was racing and my body was getting excited. I looked up over my shoulder as I heard the shower water running. I couldn’t believe it. He was naked and getting into the shower. My eyes moved over his hard chest. His stomach was hard. Oh my! His cock was hard. I couldn’t get my eyes off his fully erect massive cock.

With my best effort, I stood slowly, making sure my legs wouldn’t fall out from under me and walked slowly by the shower to the bedroom. I tried not to look into the shower as I passed, but it was so damn difficult. This man was amazing.

In the bedroom, I tried to focus on my job. I saw his suit laying out on the bed. Picking it up, I walked to the closet and hung it up. As I closed the closet door, I turned around and there he was. Standing just inside the bedroom, water dripping off his naked body, his cock at full attention. I felt my body ignite.

“So, are you almost finished?”

What? Oh, he was talking to me.

“Um, yes…. just the kitchen’s left and vacuuming.”

He smiled and looked over me again. I noticed his cock twitched. Oh god!

“Do you ever do more than just clean for your clients?”

Again, I wasn’t sure what to say.


“Do you ever do your clients?”

My jaw must have dropped. I’m sure of it. I felt my body go up a thousand degrees and was sure I would burst into flames.

“Come here.”

Excuse me?

“Come kaçak iddaa here.”

My feet must have been listening to my pussy because my head was definitely too confused. I slowly walked towards him.

“I seem to have a situation. Could you help me resolve it?”

I looked down and watched as his hand closed around his massive cock and slowly rubbed. Without thinking, I dropped to my knees in front of him. I watched as his hand slowly moved up and down his cock, stroking in fluid motions. I couldn’t help myself. Slowly, I closed my mouth around the tip of his cock. Replacing his hands with mine, I squeezed his cock and pumped him gently as I sucked the head of his cock. He moaned and I moved my mouth down him further.

Closing my lips around his cock, I sucked him into my mouth and felt the tip of his cock on the back of my throat. Moving up and down, I sucked his cock. Taking him from my mouth, I blew across the tip and watched his cock twitch. He moaned. Gently and slowly, I licked the tip of his cock and then the underside where I knew he would be sensitive. Taking his cock back in my mouth, I sucked. I felt him getting close. I sucked harder, faster.

“Not yet.”

I looked up, confused. He smiled and lifted me by the arms, standing me in front of him. His hands rubbed up and down my arms, his fingers moving inwards. When his hands cupped my breasts, I moaned softly. His fingers grazed over my hard nipples, straining against the tight lycra material. Suddenly, he gripped the bottom of my sports bra and pulled it up over my head. My breasts bounced free, my nipples hardening from the cool air.

His fingers worked over my nipples, rubbing them, squeezing them. He gently guided me to the edge of the bed. Pushing me back, he took off my shoes and then slid my bike shorts off. Naked, I laid there and watched him. He crawled onto the bed, straddling my hips. His hands rubbed over my breasts, his fingers teasing my nipples. When he leaned over and took my right nipple in him mouth, I arched my back and moaned. His tongue swirled around my nipple, flicking across it. He switched to my left nipple and repeated his motions. I was on fire.

His hands cupped my breasts, squeezing and caressing. I felt the tip of his cock slowly slide between my breasts. I watched as he thrust his hard cock between my mounds and squeezed them around him. In and out, he pushed his cock, fucking my breasts. His kaçak bahis fingers played with my nipples and he pushed in and then withdrew back out. Again and again, he pushed. I leaned my head forward and flicked my tongue across the head of his cock each time it pushed forward through my breasts. He moaned and I felt his cock harden. Suddenly, his cock erupted, warm cum shooting everywhere.

Releasing my breasts, he rubbed the tip of his cock over my nipples. I reached up and took his cock in my hands, bringing him to my mouth. Closing my lips around his cock, I sucked, cleaning him. When I released him, he crawled off of me, turning me over. He was still hard.

I let him lift my ass into the air and part my legs. I moaned as I felt his tongue flick across my pussy from behind. His tongue licked, thrusting inside and then licking harder. I felt his tongue move from my pussy to my ass. I moaned and pushed back against his tongue. I felt like I would split in two when I felt the tip of his cock push against my pussy. Opening my legs, I grunted as I felt his huge cock opening my pussy wide.

His cock pushed deeper and deeper inside me, stretching me. I pushed back against him as he thrust slowly, in and out. His hands were on my hips, pulling me back against him. Moaning, I closed my eyes and felt the sheer pleasure. Slowly, he fucked me, his cock moving in and out of my tight pussy.

“Harder. Fuck me harder.”

Gripping my ass, he pushed harder and faster into my wanton pussy. I moaned and pushed against him harder. Grabbing my pony tail and pulling my head back, he pumped his cock inside me, his balls slapping against me.

“Fuck! Oh fuck!”

I screamed as I felt my orgasm explode. My pussy tightened around his cock, squeezing him inside me. He grunted and I felt the steam of warm cum inside me.


He pulled out and I felt his warm cream dripping on my ass. I looked over my shoulder and watched him pump his cock, emptying it onto my ass. Collapsing beside me, he breathed heavy. I smiled and looked at him.

“Guess there’s more to be cleaned than I thought.”

I leaned over and took his limp cock in my mouth, sucking him clean, tasting myself with him. Then, I crawled off the bed and went into the bathroom. Running the shower, I climbed in and let the water rush over me. It wasn’t long before he joined me. Rubbing my body, he dropped to his knees and licked me to another intense orgasm.

I now have a regular Tuesday appointment with Mr. Clean. He’s even thinking of giving my name out to some of his friends who are in desperate need of a maid who does more than suck dirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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