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Alan was walking down the streets at a late hour as he often did, thinking of nothing but his loneliness and how to seek an end. He passed endless shops and residences almost looking for someone but at the same time not. He observed the bright lights and architectural accomplishments of the city with utmost apathy as he jingled and jangled the coins in his pocket. He passed many bums laying on the sidewalks who felt obligated to give Alan sympathy. Just the look on Alan’s face could make a compassionate person weep on his behalf. As he continued down the boulevard, these thoughts were all that his mind retained:

Walking down these cold and dirty streets
Thinking of the treasure I can never keep
I’ll never feel the warmth fill me to the brim
Whenever I do it’s taken at fate’s whim
I mask myself in smiles and try to hide
But I can’t keep myself from crying inside
I need something to fill this gaping hole
If there is a god he finds torturing me droll

He turned up one street and walked down another when he saw something. It seemed to be a woman, but he wasn’t sure. Women simply don’t walk around at this hour of the night. Alan was curious, however, so he investigated. He walked closer and his suspicions were confirmed; it was a woman standing at a street corner, and a gorgeous one at that. She was adorned in an interesting ensemble to say the least. She had a silky white skirt ending just above her thigh with a matching tight fitting white shirt. Thanks to the cold weather, her nipples were peeping through her shirt as if to say, “Hello!” She had long, well groomed brown hair a tad past her shoulders with greyish eyes. Her pouty lips were rather succulent looking, and her face was a very light color. Alan felt as though he really had nothing to lose by seeking a relationship with this lovely woman, so he continued to walk toward her. As he did, he examined the situation in his mind, wondering that proverbial search was over:

Is this what I have been looking for?
Sheer beauty before me, I cannot speak
Whatever I’ve been fed, I long for more
Maybe I can now lose my facade, so meek
Have I been granted a chance?
My life to be enhanced?
It shimmers like ataşehir escort bayan nothing else can
Beauty exceeding the ordinary woman
More exquisite than imagination
Too good to be a mere temptation
I don’t care about consequence
And whatever the sequence
I will be hers and she shall be mine

Finally he approached her, her back to him. He mentally sought what to say until she turned around. “Shit!” she exclaimed. Alan was taken aback.

“You scared the hell out of me,” she snapped.

Alan shrugged. “I’m sorry,” he told her weakly, “but it really is more your fault than mine.”

She arched her eyebrows. “What?”

“Yeah,” Alan went on, not totally sure of where he was going with this. “I was just walking, and then I smelled something. It smelled really good! I wanted to find the source, and just now I realized that it was your hair.” Alan watched her face nervously and a wave of relief overcame him as she smiled.

“Well,” she answered, “flattery can improve any situation, can’t it?”

“It seems so. So what are you doing here?” The woman looked at Alan curiously, her eyes never wavering from his face.

“Well, I was stood up.” Alan was somewhat shocked.

“Are you serious?” She nodded.

At this point Alan didn’t care. “How?! You’re beautiful, for god’s sake!”

The woman blushed. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Too bad I didn’t have this date with you.” A

lan felt a warm feeling in his loins; he knew this was progressing nicely. “Well, it’s not like that’s so inconceivable,” he told her. “I’m amazed that there was any guy who wouldn’t want you.”

She smiled again. “Say,” she began slowly, “you wouldn’t want to go get a cup of coffee, would you?” Alan eagerly nodded. They walked off into the fog to a nearby coffeehouse where they spoke of numerous things; among properly introducing themselves (her name was Juliet), inactive lovelives, how stupid people were, and how great certain musical artists were.

On their way out, Alan spoke in sheer excitement. “So, can I call you sometime?” She looked at him a bit slyly. “Why don’t you just come over?” Alan grinned a large grin, the largest in a good escort kadıköy long while. “I like that idea.” With that they headed off to her place. It was a small but sturdy looking apartment complex that she resided in, and her apartment was the second door they got to.

She unlocked it and they let themselves inside. Alan turned to put his coat on a dresser, and then turned around to feel a tongue probing his mouth. He then felt Juliet’s soft hand around his neck and after a couple heavenly seconds she backed off. “Where’s your bedroom?” he gasped. She held his hand and led him into her bedroom. She sat him down on the bed and she began stripping for him slowly. He was hypnotized by the visual and whispered to himself:

I see you standing here before me
Glowing with perfection
For this moment to never end I plea
Nowhere else is my attention
I hear your voice calling out my name
It sounds so bright I cover my eyes
After this night I’ll never be the same
The stars have answered my cries
Please fulfill me
I need your caress
No longer empty
With this lovely goddess

Eventually standing before Alan totally nude, she gently shoved him onto his back. She straddled him and began to pull out his engorged cock, but he wanted to please this vixen so badly. He turned her over onto her back and began kissing her softly, their kisses getting hotter and hotter. His hand reached down to rub her pussy while the other hand fondled her perfect breasts. His hand down with her cunt first massaged her labia and then stimulated her clit.

He worked faster and faster to develop an orgasm and stopped right when she was about to explode. She was almost thrashing about as they kissed and he fondled and fingered her, and she was going insane with desire. Finally, the third time he stimulated her clit, he didn’t stop, and she finally came.

“Ooooh baby,” Juliet whimpered in ecstasy, “I’m cumming..” Alan moved his head down to lick her nipples, and this just enhanced her orgasm. Her screams got louder and louder until her climax subsided, but still another was developing. He moved his head down further, slowly kissing and licking every inch of her beautiful body bostancı escort in his path until he reached her dripping vagina.

As he ate her out, he squeezed her ass gently, and got rougher as Juliet’s moans increased in volume. Moments later she came again, right into Alan’s waiting face, and he lapped up all that he could. After wiping his mouth clean on the bedsheets, He moved up and kissed Juliet passionately. “Oh god,” she whispered, “just fuck me. Fuck me now, I can’t take it anymore.” Alan finally stripped and positioned his rock hard cock over her waiting pussy.

Alan rubbed his penis over Juliet’s cunt and covered himself in her juices while she flailed wildly and moaned “Please, just fuck me now,” in the most innocent manner possible. Just then, he slowly inserted himself into her. He slid in quite easily and she moaned in extreme pleasure. He pumped into her at a slow but accelerating rate and her vaginal walls felt so indescribably good. He summed it up mentally before the overstimulation could numb him:

I taste your skin
How long it’s been
Since I’ve felt this way
I pound into you
As you swallow me
This game I love to play
I feel comatose
Am I dreaming?
It would be a cruel ruse
And it’s seeming
Far too surreal
Overflowing with zeal
We are one
What we’ve done
Surpasses heaven easily
Here we are
From sadness so far
Embracing the moment so heavily

“Fuck me harder!” Juliet’s pleas broke into his thoughts. “Harder! Oh fuck, you feel so good!” Alan fucked her harder, savoring every passing second, every droplet of sweat falling from their glistening bodies. Sex’s musky odor had filled the room And all this was too much for Alan. “I’m gonna cum!” He shot his wad deep inside of her wet cunt. “Aaaaah,” she moaned as she came. Tremors tore through her taut body. The orgasm was so good it almost felt painful. She shook violently in Alan’s arms as he held her on the bed. They laid there for a while holding each other until Alan felt compelled to speak:

I lay here placid with you
Knowing this love may not be true
Though what we felt was passion
It still was a mere action
I my arms I’ll hold you tight
For fear that by morning you might
Be gone
Please don’t leave me like this
My life no longer resembles an abyss
But only if you are here with me

With that Juliet kissed him and he kissed his fears away. With that they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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