Mile High-Jinx

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Big Cock

We were cruising along, at 50,000 feet, in the 747. It can be a really L-O-N-G and boring flight if you don’t have something (or some ONE) to keep your mind occupied. Thank God I asked “Mel” to accompany me!

Actually, she wasn’t just accompanying me. She was more there to keep me outta trouble. But I digress.

Mel and I had watched the sun set over the blue Pacific en route to Hawaii. It was so breathtakingly beautiful that we almost cried. But now we were going away from the rising sun so it would be dark until we got to Australia.

Now, it was somewhere between 3 & 4 in the morning (who can tell? It was dark and there was nothing below us but moonlit ocean. Very pretty…but very dull after the first hour or two.) The flight attendants were sleeping. The passengers were sleeping. I was awake. Mel knew that I’ve had insomnia for the past year and a half and was, obviously, concerned but knew there was nothing she could do about it, as well. (From past experiences, she knows that not even sex will knock me out. In fact, it just rejuvenates me more!) So “nookie” was out of the question, as Mel was exhausted from her day.

So much for my induction into the “Mile-High Club.” Oh, well.

I needed to get the blood back into my feet and decided to take a walk down the stairs of the big jumbo-jet and get some exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I love the first-class lounge service that we were getting (thanks to Mel’s uncle) but it was just so deadly dull while she was sleeping. Not even the Erotic anthology book I’d brought with me was able to hold my attention for very long.

The “Lounge,” for those of you who’ve never enjoyed this experience, is up a small, spiral staircase from the rest of the plane. It’s even fancier than regular First Class (which was also new to me.) I felt truly decadent enjoying the service. It was great! We had the prettiest stewardesses, too. Ohhh, man! You would not believe the babes we had on that flight. I could have sworn, though don’t quote me on this, that one of the gorgeous stews, an Oriental-looking woman, was giving a blowjob to one of the passengers as I walked past them. I just gave a wink to the guy and continued down the stairs.

After seeing that, I HAD to shake the blood into my feet or it would have stayed in my groin area and ripped a whole through my Dockers!

I walked down into the First Class compartment and asked the Flight Attendant if I could, quietly, walk up and down the aisle for exercise. She said OK, as long as I didn’t disturb anyone. (They don’t usually do this for passengers, she later told me.)

I walked past the business class, where all the guys in their suits were sleeping or working on their little laptop PCs. I walked into Second Class and stopped to watch a couple playing cribbage. After asking if I could play the winner, I walked on, into the back of the plane and there, in the very last row, was sitting a very attractive brunette. She had skin like ivory, very smooth with no blemishes at all. Her eyes were closed, as if she were sleeping under her blanket, but the look on her face was one of intense concentration. As I walked past all the sleeping people in the rows in front of her, I could see that her hands were moving under her blanket. My heart started to beat with excitement as I neared her seat. I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I approached her and smelled the unmistakable odor of a woman’s sex!

I stood very still, afraid to breath, for fear of alerting her to my presence and bahis firmaları scaring her out of completing her task. I stood there watching for ten minutes until she opened her eyes wide, smiled, then started to shake and tremble.

Then, as if we were meeting on the street, after having not seen each other for years, she held out her hand to meet me! I shook her right hand, all slick with the juices from her orgasm, then pulled it to my mouth and licked this stranger’s vaginal fluids from her fingers. She smiled and closed her eyes, as if she was enjoying another orgasm from my tonguing of her digits. Looking back on it, she probably was.

I introduced myself and she said her name was Jeanie-Kate, “but please call me Jack, all my closest friends call me that. And after what we just shared, I’d have to say that we are closer than most of my friends.” We both laughed at that.

“Jack” smiled at me with her sparkling emerald eyes. She looked deeply into my green eyes and asked why I was walking around the plane? It seems that Jack is a Flight Attendant on vacation and was going to get some sun in Guam. She often gets horny on long trips and explained that’s why I’d caught her with her “pants down.” I told her about Melissa’s exhaustion and the sexy stewardesses upstairs in the lounge and seeing the hot Asian Stew, blowing the “lucky guy” and Jack said she understood my predicament, completely!

“In fact, it’s a good thing you woke up when you did,” I said, “because I was just about to whip out my own problem and join you in an orgasm.”

She smiled at me, revealing a row of sexy, white teeth that matched her complexion, perfectly. She then asked if I thought my girlfriend would mind if I helped her out with a problem of her own. “I’ve never tried it on a plane before and I’ve always wondered what it was like,” she stated.

I asked her if she was kidding. You know, it’s because I always thought that all stewardesses were over-sexed waitresses in the sky and sort of HAD to belong to the “Mile-high Club” as a requirement or something.

I told her this and she almost laughed her ass off, waking a few of the passengers in the process!

All of a sudden, three people got up to use the bathrooms that were behind Jack’s seat. I invited her to come sit with me, upstairs, in the lounge. She graciously accepted my offer and I helped her with her carry-on bag towards the front of the plane.

Once we were situated in our seats, in the lounge compartment, we resumed our talking. It’s always nice meeting new people. And, when they’re young and beautiful, like Jack, it’s just that much nicer. I was sure to let Jack lead the way up the little spiral staircase, so I could get a look at her ass. As she was walking ahead of me, she shook her little fanny and asked how was the view from down there! So, apparently, she knew of my intentions.

We talked for about twenty minutes when Melissa woke up to use the restroom. I waited until her return to introduce my new friend.

“Honey, I’d like to introduce you to Jack. She wants to join the ‘club’ with us,” I said, winking at her.

“OK, love. Why don’t you go brush your teeth and leave us to get acquainted,” Mel patronizingly said, winking at me. When it comes to situations like this, I’m about as subtle as a brick upside the head! Mel understands this, thankfully, and humors me, accordingly!

But she was right about one thing, I smelled rather garlicky, from our dinner, earlier that night. I realized that Jack kaçak iddaa must have had the same thing to eat as we did because neither of us was bothered by the odors.

It was now, about four in the morning and everyone but us was sleeping. On the way back from the bathroom I saw the hot Oriental stewardess sleeping next to the guy she’d been sucking off earlier who was also sleeping, contentedly.

I found my two lovely flying companions stretched out with the seat backs fully reclined. They were both under some blankets and I could tell they were both as naked as I wanted to be. Thankfully, the seats are wide enough to fit three people, comfortably. Even though there’re only supposed to be two people, I wasn’t going to complain about overcrowding.

I’d taken off all my clothes in the bathroom and put on a robe that Mel had given me for Christmas a few years ago. I took the robe off standing in the aisle, in full view of anyone who wanted to see my nakedness and climbed between my two sexy partners! I couldn’t wait to get started.

“Hey, no fair, you two,” I said to Melissa and Jeannie-Kate. I could feel the heat rising from their genitals. “You bums started without me!”

“We couldn’t wait,” they both said in unison, cracking each other up as they laughed in unison, as well!

“Well, I am just going to have to catch up on the fun,” I thought to myself.

I had wanted to be hard for a long time for Mel, so I’d taken a Viagra (not that I needed it but, you never know) and was rock hard and ready to go at that moment. The girls needed no foreplay, either, which was all right with me, too. I asked Mel if I could fuck Jack first, seeing as how Mel had had sex on an airplane, once before. Melissa is nothing if not accommodating to her friends so she said, “Pound away!”

I rolled over on top of JK and positioned my erection at the opening of her twat and pushed in a little bit. I was going into unfamiliar territory, here and didn’t want to hurt anyone. I felt Jack’s pussy open to my cock’s intruding presence.

JK just moaned as I proceeded into the very depths of her womanhood. Once I was completely inside her, I had to rest. I wanted her to know that I was going to be gentle and I think that she was glad of it because, as I looked down into her eyes, she just smiled up at me and whispered a small thank you. But I really, really wanted to bang her cunt hard and make her cum like a bitch! But the gentleman in me won-out and I didn’t. It was a very polite, sedate screw. I moved very slowly, in and out of her tight, juicy box. She had another orgasm, her second of the session, and then she opened her eyes and silently mouthed the words, “FUCK ME, NOW!”

I was still a long way from my own orgasm, so I whispered in her ear, “You asked for it, sweetheart,” and slammed my whole weight into her body. I then pulled completely out of her vagina and told her to roll over on her stomach. I pulled her back up onto her knees and thrust myself back into her tight, sucking pussy from behind!

“I’ve never had it doggie-style, BB,” she exclaimed, as I kept shoving my hard dick into her cunt! I looked down at her little pink, puckered anus and stuck my thumb in, all the way. This caused her to shout out loud, waking a few of the sleeping passengers who looked to see where the noise was coming from.

The Asian stew looked up and saw that I was standing in the nude and she smiled a big grin! Then she gave her passenger friend a big lick on his cock, which woke him up.

I kaçak bahis turned my attention back to Jack’s heaving body and saw and felt her last orgasm. Her whole body shook for two minutes as she pulled away from my erection just to catch her breath!

Well, Mel saw that our new friend was pretty much spent and realized that I would need some help with my own rising need for an orgasm so she quickly positioned her mouth over my hard on and sucked it down to the root! I could feel the head of my cock banging against the back of Mel’s throat. Mel, at that moment, was fingering her clitoris, trying to induce her own climax. I reached down and stuck one, then two, then three of my fingers into her vagina and wiggled them around until she exploded all over my hand in an incredible climax that must have rattled her teeth! She spit my cock out of her mouth and cried out, “Oh, my God, BBeeee!” This caused a few more people to wake up to check on who was making all the racket this time.

I just stood there, with my seven inches of steel waving in the air, looking and feeling pretty self conscious, to say the least. But, more than that, I was damned horny!

I still hadn’t cum yet and was in desperate need of an orgasm of my own! I was going to go find that Oriental babe but Jack woke up, just in time and reached over and stuck my erection deep down her own throat!

AHH! Warmth at last! I never realized how hard up for a hole I could get until that very moment!

I reached down with both hands and grabbed Jack’s knees and flipped her on her back. She looked awfully surprised as I did this but I was beyond apologizing for my actions, at this point! I shoved my dick back into her cunt, which was still very lubricated and started to squeeze her breasts and nipples! This got her to really get into the act! She had another orgasm as I felt my own building up!

Since I didn’t know if JK was using any birth control or not and didn’t feel like risking anything like that, I pushed her on her back and grabbed for Mel’s body. I knew that Melissa’s on the pill so I spread her legs and shoved my whole length, deep into her tunnel and blew all that I’d been saving for her for the previous four months!

“Ohhh, mama! Melissa you make me wanna FUCK you more each time we meet!” I cried out as I came into her tight body! I poured out more semen in that one ejaculation alone, than I’d done in the past five weeks of masturbating, combined! I filled her to over-flowing! Jack had to get in there and lick some of it up to keep it from spilling onto the floor.

It was a truly memorable adventure for all of us!

As the plane was nearing Fiji, at that moment, the flight crew started to walk up and down the aisles to make sure that we were all situated in our seats and buckled in. The three of us couldn’t move a muscle, though, so the hot Asian Stewardess helped us up and buckled our still naked and heaving bodies into our seats. Jack took the empty seat row behind me and Mel. She was completely wiped, too!!

The plane landed and we all got off. We gave each other our addresses and phone numbers so we can call, write or visit each other someday. I even invited Jeannie-Kate to stay with me when she’s in Florida, on a layover. She said she may be knocking on my door before I know it, saying, “As long as the sex is THAT great, I’ll hafta come for an extended lay-over!”

Mel and I flew on to Melbourne, where we met a very sexy Aborigine woman, named Rachel.

But I’ll save THAT story for later.


This is part one of a two part story.

Look for part two, “There’s a Geisha In My Soup” coming soon to a computer screen near you.

xoxox, -BB

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