Mindy Fucks Ch. 01

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Tom Dishman walked into his room and was greeted by the sight of his beautiful wife, Allyson; face up on the bed, naked, masturbating with a purple ribbed seven-inch vibrator. His cock jumped to instant rigid attention as he soaked in her natural beauty flushed with sexual heat and energy. Her body was soaked with a fine sheen of perspiration and goose bumps pimpled her skin. Her tits thrust upwards, nipples extended and hard, as if begging to be sucked. Beads of sweat trickled down her neck into her cleavage like clear drops of cum. Strands of her long brown hair stuck to her forehead and temples where the sweat had gathered as she exerted constant pressure on the humming fake cock in her pussy. He could see the muscles standing out on the back of her right arm as she swirled the vibrator around the wet grasp of herself. Her thighs were coated with pussy cream streaming from the pink of her cunt clamped so tightly around the thick stalk of the vibrator.

Tom began stripping before he even closed the door. He was so stunned by the sight of his wife fucking her pussy with such abandoned rapture he didn’t take notice of anything beyond his immediate view of her and the low moans of lust coming from her mouth. He slammed the door shut and ripped his shirt over his head. He had an extraordinary body for a thirty-six year old man and was in prime physical condition. Years of commercial diving, working in the surf and swimming against the ocean currents had left him with a stunning physique. Tall and lean, he was tanned from the daily sun with rugged skin from the sea spray and wind over the water. His face was extremely attractive and he turned ladies heads wherever he went. He and Allyson had been married at eighteen just before the birth of their daughter. They had both been so hot for each other from the day they met. They fucked constantly, without inhibitions or hang-ups. They were in love and still were. In their hometown, their constant affection for each other was legendary.

Pulling his pants off, Tom walked towards his wife, his long thick cock straining and tight against the hard muscles of his abdomen. As he closed on the bed, his eyes flashed across her body, shaking now as an orgasm swept through her like waves against a beach. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the television to which her attention was glued. On the screen, a beautiful young girl was kneeling on a bed, her thighs tucked beneath herself, her legs spread. Her hands were thrust down between her thighs as she adjusted and guided a thick yellow dildo into her cunt. Her head nodded like someone on a powerful drug and her body undulated over the hard tool. Her ass lifted gently off the bed, bouncing softly off her thighs, allowing the dong to slide slightly in and out of her incredibly wet cunt.

Tom smiled at his wife’s stuttered moan of pleasure as she watched the television girl’s pussy clench tightly around the thickness of the stalk, her orgasm apparent. Something began struggling for attention in Tom’s lust numbed brain. Why did the scene on the screen look so familiar? Suddenly his smile froze. His dick jerked and throbbed against him, a drop of pre-cum rising to the head of his staff like a luminescent pearl. Excitement flashed through his body, radiating from his toes to his scalp like an electric jolt. He had suddenly recognized the television girl’s room and the girl herself. It was his daughter Mindy!

Allyson turned to him, suddenly noticing him for the first time. Her initial look of surprise immediately replaced by a look of intense pleasure, happiness and lusty excitement.

“It worked,” she said, “we got her on the closed circuit camera. I knew she was ready.”

Tom’s eyes moved across his wife’s face to the screen of the television then back to his wife. His smile returned, natural and exuberant.

“God!” He exclaimed, “Look how beautiful she is.” His daughter looked almost exactly like Liv Tyler except her tits were slightly larger. She had the same doe-eyed innocent looking face with those full, pouty lips.

He took another step towards his wife who was reaching out with her left hand to pull his hard cock toward her eager mouth. He felt the sudden warm wetness of her mouth surrounding him, her lips sucking him deep into her throat. A tortured groan came out of his mouth as the sensation of her sucking over took him. Her right hand continued to drive the vibrator into her pussy letting it slip from the wetness only long enough to run it across her clit before she buried it to the hilt, her hips lifting off the bed with each deep stroke. Her left hand stroked his shaft as he began fucking her mouth with slowly and evenly, savoring her with all his senses.

On screen, his daughter began fucking herself harder, her body rising higher above the dildo then thrusting down on it with a slight twist of her hips. Tom suddenly realized he could just hear her over the television speaker, a soft noise barely audible over the hum of the vibrator and the throaty gurgles of Allyson’s pleasure as she slurped his cock in her mouth. He strained to hear what Mindy was saying. One of her hands let go of the rubber cock and pushed a strand ankara escort of long brown hair back behind her ear before it slid down across her chest to cup and squeeze one of her small tits. What was it she was mumbling?

His wife pulled his cock from her mouth and began rubbing it across her cheeks and forehead. Her tongue swept out and around the large head of dick, licking the pre-cum as she nibbled her way up and down the shaft. She pulled him down to rub his cock head across her nipples and caress it momentarily between the junction of her breasts. Mindy’s body began trembling, her chest rising and falling in obvious gasps of pleasure. Her saw her head fall back as she fucked herself hard on the rubber cock. Her hand moved from her tit to her pussy and she began rubbing her clit. The trembling became a shake. He glanced at Allyson. Her tremble was becoming a shake. Her hip thrust upward to push the vibrating cock deeper into herself. He felt his own seed beginning to rise. Mindy was now banging herself onto the dildo, using both hands to keep it upright and in position. Her head was thrown back, her moans now clearly audible and words that sent Tom over the edge.

“Fuck me daddy, fu…fuck me!” his daughter was excitedly pleading. He looked down in shock at his wife and she smiled up at him.

“She’s been doing that for over an hour now.” she said.

“Gawd,” was his only response, his body’s excitement quickly matching that of his wife and daughter’s. His cock began to swell and an explosion of white semen jetted from the tip across his wife’s sultry, sexy face.

“Yes, give it to me baby!” she growled, in a lewd, unearthly voice. “Cum all over my face. God, baby I’m cumming too, your daughter’s cumming. Fuck, look at the cream gushing out of her pussy. She’s begging for you to fuck her. Oh, she wants it baby, she wants to fuck her daddy. Oh, shit! Fuck baby…cum…cum!!!”

Tom spewed cum all over her face, his eye’s glued to his daughter’s trembling, jerking body. Ropes of his sperm flew across Allyson’s nose and forehead into her hair. She pulled his cock, milking him and directed his cock head towards her ample tits. She bathed her chest in his cum, her nipples covered with jism. She could taste his semen in her mouth and feel it sticking to her face like heavy cream. Her shuddered above her, crying out his love for her, and spewing forth his excitement at their daughter’s tender and innocent sexuality lighting up the screen of their television. Her cunt convulsed around the vibrator as her mind lost itself in the blinding arc of another orgasm.


They slowly worked out the plan over the next week and each night they let the excitement of the coming event and the images of their daughter in bed lead their sex into new dimensions. What a perfect idea it had been to put the spy camera in Mindy’s room. Allyson had said Mindy was almost ready to blossom into her sexuality and that they should be her mentors. She was right. He was electrically excited by the idea of teaching his daughter to fuck. He wanted to teach her to suck his cock, to properly fuck a man who was properly fucking her, to ass fuck, and, most importantly, to let go of the stale traditions and inhibitions that normally served only to depress the human sex drive with its complete banality.

Saturday was Mindy’s birthday and they needed to get all the elements together, a perfectly planned day of boating and picnicking, along with the gifts, jewelry and the special items Allyson had in mind. Allyson began taking care of the details. She went clothes shopping. She bought herself and Mindy new bikinis and then stopped at Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s for some sexy teddies and body suits. Tom went to the jewelry store and bought gifts for both Mindy and Allyson. He made sure the boat was clean and ready and charted out a meandering course through the Keys that would lead them, at the end of the day, to a very secluded beach.

Monday night, Allyson stroked Tom until his nine-inch cock was completely hard, bloated, purple and seconds from cumming. Using soft wax, she made a perfect cast of his cock. She carefully set it on the nightstand knowing she would need to have it in perfect condition or her plan would not work. Then she mounted Tom, sitting up on him and wrapping her legs around his waist. She took his cock into her cunt and ground her clit against him until she felt herself gush and felt her world melt into a red sexual haze. She looked at his handsome face as he gritted his teeth in an effort not to cum too quickly. She lifted up off him; his dick slid from her soaked pussy and he groaned in frustration. She lowered herself, slowly sliding him into her tight ass. She adjusted to his thickness then began grinding hard, not wanting to wait, wanting to feel his cum splash deep into her bowels. He came with a scream, flooding her ass with his sperm.


On Tuesday morning, Allyson took the wax cast to the adult toy store on Mulberry Street. There was a pretty young girl she had not previously met behind the counter. Allyson carefully explained what she wanted to the girl. “I want Ernie to make me a dildo from this wax cast,” she escort ankara said. The girl eyed her doubtfully. “I don’t know if we can do that,” she said. “Please get Ernie out here,” said Allyson. The girl left and in a few minutes Ernie came through the back door. He was a large man with long uncombed hair and a goatee. His gut extended over the waist of his trousers. He looked rumpled. He wore glasses and looked a little offbeat, like an absent-minded professor. His face was kind and he had very compassionate eyes. He had seen a lot in his business but Allyson was a special friend. “Hi Allyson,” he said, “what can I do for you today.” The girl, standing at the door behind Ernie looked surprised that they knew each other. “I’m one of his best customers,” Allyson told her with a smile.

Starting from the beginning, Allyson explained to Ernie what she wanted. After she finished he stood silently thinking it over. His hand stroked his beard, as he looked Allyson over. Finally he began, “I have something really new and special I think you’ll like,” he said. “It’ll be expense, around five grand, but I know you’re exactly the customer I’ve been developing this for. Come on back, I’ll show you the prototype.”

Ernie told the girl to lock up the shop as Allyson rounded the end of the counter. She followed Ernie to his workshop in the back of the building. The entire room was filled with shelves of vibrators and dildos. Tables were festooned with butt plugs. There were large wooden racks with strange pulleys and eyehooks strung with thick silk rope. Whips and paddles lay on the floor. A riding crop rested on the edge of a small saddle. The saddle itself was oddly shaped and a large, cock shape stud rose from its center in perfect position for a girl to slide it up her pussy were she to sit in the saddle. “What in the world is that?” asked Allyson, pointing out the saddle. “Well,” stammered Ernie, “its for, you know, some people like to get their lovers to wear them, they use a bridle too, and they, um, you know, they ride them. The inside is padded so it won’t chaff the wearer. I made that one for a young lesbian couple on Key West, but I sell a lot of them. I can make them to fit a real horse too. Lots of young ladies buy them.” “I bet they do,” said Allyson, thinking back to her teen years. Her very first orgasm had occurred on the back of a horse during a bareback riding lesson at Miss Tina’s Riding School For Girls. That was a good memory.

Ernie stopped at a large table covered with strange tools, computer chips and small vials of powder. He picked up a large dildo and turned it slowly in the light. “I’ve been designing a new very life-like brand of dildos. Feel that one,” he said as he handed the dong to her. “Good God,” she said, “it’s warm.” She ran her hand over the length of it and almost dropped it in surprise when she felt it throb and squirm slightly in her palm.

“This is a very advanced design,” said Ernie, “There’s a mesh of sensors wrapped around the entire phallus. Inside the head I planted a microcomputer that controls all the mechanisms. It heats up and throbs like the real thing. It runs off a watch battery. Look,” he said, pulling aside a small flap to expose the round silver battery. “Taste it,” he said. Allyson put the tip of the cock to her tongue then she let it slide past her lips. The dildo grew slightly larger lodged in her mouth and, to her surprise, instead of the cold taste of sterile rubber, she tasted a distinct male essence.

“Wow, just like the real thing,” she laughed. “Does it cum too?”

“That’s the best part,” said Ernie. Allyson’s eyebrows raised as she began to fully appreciate the depths of Ernie’s genius.

Turning the phallus over Ernie twisted the base and removed a stainless steel tube about three inches long. The tube had three separate compartments. He opened the end of the first compartment and spilled a small amount of powder into his palm. “This is a special recipe I cooked up,” he said. “It’s entirely organic. You put a few grams here into this compartment…” He poured the powder back into the tube and picked an eye dropper off the workbench. “You add a drop of water to this compartment…” He added the water to the second compartment through a small hole in the tube. “You give it a shake…” he shook the tube, then reinserted it into the fake penis. “What you have here,” he said, “is nothing like the real thing. Work that shaft enough; use enough friction, get it hot and this thing will spew a quart of jizz. Won’t get you pregnant, but it tastes and smells so real you won’t be able to tell the difference.” Allyson looked at him incredulously. “Ask my wife if you don’t believe me,” he said, pointing over her shoulder.

Allyson turned to greet Ernie’s wife Charlotte, a stunning blonde with short hair, long, sultry legs and a dynamite ass. “How have you been doing, baby,” asked Charlotte. “I was wondering when you’d come back around. I see Ernie’s been showing you his latest creation.”

Allyson turned back to Ernie, “make me one,” she said, “and I want you to use the cast I made from Tom.”

“How soon do you want it?” he asked.

“I need it in a couple of days,” she replied. “It’s going ankara escort bayan to be a gift for Mindy.”

“All right,” said Ernie, a grin spreading across his face. “For you and her I’ll make sure this thing is ready by Friday afternoon.”

At the workbench, the girl from the front counter was turning the wax cast of Tom’s cock over in her hand. “Is this really from your husband?” she asked. “Yes,” said Allyson. “You’re a lucky bitch,” said the girl.

Charlotte and Ernie both laughed. “Allyson,” said Charlotte, “meet my daughter Shawn.” Allyson walked over and gave the girl a hug, laughing. “Yes I am very lucky,” she told her. She looked Shawn over. A little skinny, medium length blonde hair, well toned muscles, small breasts and a tight ass. She was wearing light blue hot pants and a matching midriff shirt. She looked hot.

“Listen girls,” said Ernie, “maybe you three want to play.” He handed the dildo in his hands to Charlotte, then took the wax cast from Shawn. “I’m going to work. Don’t have much time to finish this up.” He walked to the workbench and immediately began tinkering with the various tools and materials on the table.

“Come on upstairs with us,” said Charlotte, leading the way. Allyson and Shawn followed behind. Allyson’s pussy was already beginning to warm up.

Upstairs, Charlotte made them each a drink, and then she led them to the playroom. The floor of the room was covered wall to wall with a thick, soft mat. Pillows were thrown around. “Get Allyson comfortable,” said Charlotte, turning to them both. Shawn immediately came up behind Allyson. Kissing her softly on the back of her neck she reached around and began unbuttoning Allyson’s blouse. Allyson eased into the girl’s caress, feeling Shawn’s small tits rub against her back. Charlotte began to remove her own blouse. One hand held the dildo while the other undid buttons. Allyson’s blouse came off and was tossed to the floor, instantly forgotten. Shawn’s small hand came around again and began unbuttoning her pants. The slacks slid over her hips. “Yummy, “said Charlotte, and Allyson looked down at herself to see a large wet stain spreading from the silk crotch of her cream colored panties. She blushed, then turned in Shawn’s arms, her mouth finding the sweet mouth of the young girl, her tongue frantically twisting with Shawn’s in a deep French kiss. Charlotte was suddenly behind her and she was sandwiched between the two of them. She could feel the heat coming off Charlotte’s body and feel the hard nipples of Charlotte’s tits rubbing across her back. She reached her hand behind and made contact with Charlotte’s crotch, felt the soft down of her pubic mound as her fingers buried themselves into the wet core of Charlotte’s snatch. “Ohhh,” she heard the moan next to her ear.

Shawn slipped sensuously from Allyson’s grasp. She slipped the straps of Allyson’s bra off her shoulders, her lips and tongue caressing the round flesh of each tit before circling the nipple. She used her teeth to nibble and raise the nipples to hard bullets. She slid lower, her tongue dancing in Allyson’s navel, and then her hands eased the panties off Allyson’s hips, letting them slide down to her ankles. Allyson stepped out of them and kicked them away, her fingers still busy inside Charlotte’s pussy. Shawn was licking the skin of Allyson’s shaved pussy her tongue flicking over the extended nut of her clit. Allyson’s cream began to coat her chin. Behind them, Charlotte enjoyed the feel of Allyson’s fingers in her pussy as she rubbed the dildo in the crack of her ass. “God, I need someone to eat my pussy, ” she said. “Help me here, Shawn,” she gestured to her daughter and then began easing Allyson back, laying her down on the mat. She straddled Allyson’s face and lowered her sopping cunt to Allyson’s mouth. “Put you tongue in me you hot little bitch,” she moaned. She handed the warming dildo to Shawn who had stripped, and naked, was now rubbing a nipple into Allyson’s wet cunt. Allyson’s hips were pulsing up and down. “That’s it,” said Charlotte, rubbing her muff over Allyson’s mouth, “lick my cunt. Suck my clit. Oh Allyson, you’re mouth is so fucking good. I’m going to cum all over your face.”

Between Allyson’s legs, Shawn was alternately sucking the fake cock then sliding it deep into Allyson’s pussy. The dildo throbbed and jerked and Shawn could taste the drips of the juice coming out of the tip. “Damn,” she thought, “this thing is heating up already.” Shawn knelt between Allyson’s legs and bent them back until her knees touched her stomach then she began sliding the cock into her hard. She used the thumb of one hand to stimulate Allyson’s clit and she could hardly believe the amount of cream flowing out onto her hands as she hammered the dildo into the woman. Charlotte was shaking and quivering as Allyson’s tongue beat into her. An awesome orgasm swept through her body and she looked down to see her cream splash all over Allyson’s face. She fell off of Allyson’s mouth, her heart racing and her head spinning. “Jesus,” cried out Allyson, her cunt clamping down on the dildo Shawn was pounding into her. She came with a scream almost involuntarily grabbing Shawn by the hair and pulling the young girl’s body down on top of her. Shawn kept the dildo buried as Allyson clawed and grasped at her. She covered Allyson’s mouth with her own, her tongue lashing. She licked the cream off of Allyson’s face as the woman continued to orgasm beneath her.

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