Miss Feel Good Pt. 06

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Everyone is over eighteen in all of my stories and Dani is the narrator.


Chapter ten

“Are you able to join us for Dinner, Scott?” I asked him.

“Sure that sounds lovely.” Oh is that OK with you Ruby, Scott asked quickly.

“Of cause it is Scott we have more getting to know you to do.” Ruby said.

Tanya winked at Ruby and Scott. “I’m so happy for you guys.” Tanya started applauding their new found love and blew them a kiss.

Tanya couldn’t contain her excitement and started jumping up and down with delight. “You’re a very lucky young man, than got rather stern. Don’t you dare hurt her.”

“I’m going to ride with Scott. Ruby replied, I want to show him the sights on the way home.”

“May I come with you guys?” Jo asked her sister.

“Sure thing sis, um sis I think you should put your top on now we don’t want to get arrested.”

Jo moaned. “Oh if I have to, you know I hate clothes.” They drove around for ages, I was beginning to worry, before they’re finally got home.

unfortunately Jane and Tanya couldn’t come over for dinner. They had to go home and rescue Jake and Meg from Tilly that Little brat. Meg had to get back home to Jill and Toby. They would be worrying about her by now.

“Ruby asked me if it was okay if she and Scott could use her spa upstairs.”

“You definitely may sweetie. I said with a huge grin on my face, you two haven’t had any privacy all day.”

Two hours passed and I come up the stairs in a hurry. “Do you two mind if I use the toilet?”

“It’s your bathroom Mum. “Ruby smiled, that’s more privacy than Jo gave us. Oh no she didn’t use the toilet downstairs. I know what interests her up here, Looking at Scotts erection. Isn’t he spectacular ankara escort Mum?” Scott turned bright red yet again.

As Scott watched Dani on the toilet, Scott explained that he and his sisters shower and go to the toilet in front of each other. Scott said. “I really envy you guys as a nudist family. The only time I get to see my parents naked is by accident.”

I explained that Dinner would be ready in twenty minutes. “Come Downstairs when you’re ready. You two.” As Scott was checking out Ruby’s Mum’s butt as she was walking away from him.

“We’re you just checking my Mums butt out, you naughty boy.? Ruby winked at Scott. You know that my Grandmother and her friend Crystal are nudists as well. The same rules apply there and they have a pool. You would never guess their ages either. They both have fantastic bodies for their age. I’m sure that they won’t mind if you and your sisters would like to swim in their pool naked or even just sun yourselves for that matter. Ruby winked at Scott. I go there every Thursday to give them massages, I can introduce you if you would like? I’m sure they would be delighted to have some young firm bodies around the house again.”

As Ruby and Scott walked downstairs for Dinner, they heard me having a quiet chat with Josephine about privacy.

“But Mum I saw what Aunty Tanya and Ruby were doing to Scott at the sex beach today?” Jo wined.

“Oh grow up Josephine you’re twenty not fifteen.” I snapped.

“Dinners on the table everyone. I invited everyone to be seated at the table.

I hope you two worked up an appetite.” Looking lovingly towards Scott and Ruby still wet from their spa bath together.

Scott was amazed by how openly we spoke about everything, sitting naked at escort ankara the dinner table together.

After Desert Scott excused himself from the table politely and explained that he had a long drive home. Scott kissed Ruby gently On the cheek good night and said it was lovely meeting you all over this weekend, then went upstairs to get dressed. Scott shock John’s hand firmly and said good night sir. Dad likes that in a man.

“Well we’ll Miss Ruby haven’t you done well for yourself. I greeted my daughter as Scott drove away. A gentleman and as scoler you have caught yourself there.” We couldn’t wipe the smile of Ruby’s face.

Chapter eleven

It had been a long week for Ruby, not seeing Scott. Finally it was Thursday and Ruby wondered if Scott remembered that she was giving her grandmother and Crystal nude massages This afternoon and that Ruby had offered to introduce him to them.

“Should I call him or not.” Ruby pondered to herself.

The moment that Ruby got to work, Scott called her instead. “Can I pick you up at four o’clock? Scott greeted her as she answered her mobile. I would love to meet your Grandmother this afternoon.”

“Of cause you may.” Ruby said with glee.

“Great, I’ll pick you up from your work. That will save you the extra drive to your Grandmother’s house. I’ll drop you back to your car after your massage appointment with your Grandmother.”

“Oh that’s so kind and thoughtful. Ruby said with surprise in her voice. I have never had a thoughtful boyfriend before. I feel so lucky and blessed to have met you.”

Ruby couldn’t wait to introduce her boyfriend to her Grandmother. She was so excited until Scott picked her up.

Scott walked into find Ruby massaging a young lady. ankara escort bayan “Oh, I’m sorry.” Scott said.

“That’s fine my love. This is an open Massage parlor. Just like my Grandmothers used to be.” Ruby assured him.

“Your chariot awaits you my lady.” Scott smiled at Ruby.

Ruby knocked on the door when they arrived at her Grandmother’s house. “Peek a boo, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“We are out by the pool sweetheart.”

Ruby entered the house with Scott in toe.

Scott followed Ruby’s lead and they shed their clothes and found Mel and Crystal naked on their deck chairs.

“Gran and Crystal, this is my boyfriend Scott.” Ruby introduced him.

“Oh my goodness, Crystal explained. Isn’t he well hung.”

“Welcome to my home Scott, Mel said. What a lovely strapping young man you have landed my gorgeous Granddaughter.”

“Well let’s get started.” Ruby requested the ladies to recline their deckchairs, for their massage.

Scott did a few laps of the pool but played closer attention when Ruby requested her Grandmother and Crystal to roll over on your backs and spread your legs and continued to massage them.

“You couldn’t possibly be Ruby’s Grandmother. You look far to young.” Scott complemented Mel on her incredible body.

Ruby concluded the massages by massaging the ladies breasts and kissed both of them on the cheek.

“See you two next week.” Ruby said goodbye to her Grandmother.

“It was lovely to meet you Scott. Mel looked Scott up and down before he got dressed. I hope to see you again soon.”

As Scott dropped Ruby back to her car he asked her what she was doing on Saturday.

“Your Aunty Tanya is upping the pace for our photography class.” Scott explained.

“The topic this week is erotica. I could really do with your support.” Scott asked her.

“I would love to join you Scott.” That would be my pleasure Ruby said.

This time the kiss goodbye was much more passionate.

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