Mom Moves In

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Everything started the day I got the phone call from Mom. She finally got up the nerve to walk out on Dad. All the years of abuse had finally prompted her to act.

I was living on my own in a 3 bedroom condo in a “trendy” area of the city. I was doing ok for a batchelor. Work all day, chase girls all night, sleep occasionally.

But my Mom needed a place to stay until she could get set up on her own so of course I invited her to come and stay with me. I knew that she wouldn’t get in my way. She always gave me lots of space when I was growing up and I missed our conversations that used to go long into the night.

The next weekend, Mom moved in. It was great to be living with her again. She was always a neat freak so she started cleaning my place from top to bottom.

Mom also started to cook for me again which was great. I had to admit, I was getting a little spoiled. I felt like a kid again but was that really so bad?

There was one big difference between the way Mom used to be when I was growing up and the way she was now that we were living together as adults; Mom had gotten her body into incredible shape. When she was younger, she was so busy taking care of me and trying to hold down a job that she never had time to excercise. Now that she was older and free of child care duties and free of work thanks to Dad’s money and her huge divorce settlement, Mom spent her days in the gym and the results were starting to show.

The condo that Mom and I shared had a second floor balcony that looked out over a busy street that was lined with shops, restaurants, bars and bubbled over with nightlife. One hot summer day, as I was walking up to the entrance of güvenilir bahis our building, I looked up at my balcony and there was Mom, putting out some flowers that she had bought that day, just like she used to do when I was a kid. A major change between then and now was the way that Mom looked and the way that Mom dressed, or undressed, depending on how you looked at it.

Mom had on a pair of blue jean cut off short shorts that just barely covered her butt! She wore a black halter top that tied just under her breasts causing them to jut out as if on display. And, inexplicably, Mom was wearing a pair of black high heels that looked to be about four inches tall.

I watched Mom move around the balcony as she worked on arranging the flower pots and as I did, I became undeniably aware of the fact that I was aroused by her. I thought that was something that only happened to teenaged boys but here I was, at the age of 24, watching my 45 year old Mom walking around my balcony, wearing a pair of the shortest, tightest shorts I had ever seen and I loved every second of it. I snapped out of my trance when a carload of kids started whistling up at my Mom.

I went into my buildings entrance, picked up the day’s mail, and opened the door to my condo. Mom came in from the balcony through the sliding glass door and gave me a smile that gave me more erotic feelings toward her. These feelings went off the charts when Mom gave me a hug and kissed me on the mouth.

I felt completely un-coordinated, like I was a kid on a first date. I was looking at Mom as if I was meeting her for the first time. Mom was looking at me as if she was a tigress on the prowl and had found what she was looking türkçe bahis for.

Mom’s hair was blonde and it hung down to the small of her back. Her breasts were size 36C and her waist was 24 inches. She was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 115 pounds.

I had been working out so my muscles were in pretty good shape. I was about 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighed 160 pounds. My hair was black and I kept it long.

I had to admit that Mom was the most incredible looking woman I knew. Mom held up some papers and proudly announced that her divorce papers had arrived and that she was now a “free woman”. All the years of pent up sexual frustration that she had experienced seemed to be bursting out of her in one giant torrent of passion that would sweep us both away.

Mom had always been a physical person; a “touchy-feely” type. She was always quick to touch my hand when we talked or pat me on the head or even playfully smack me on the butt sometimes. She was truly a “free spirit” and there was nothing we did not talk about.

The next thing I knew, Mom backed me up against the refrigerator! I started to ask her what she was doing but she stopped me in mid-sentence by putting her hand over my mouth! My own Mom was taking control of me as if I was still a little kid and it was turning me on!

As Mom held her hand over my mouth, she looked me straight in the eye and told me to keep my mouth shut and listen. I nodded my head up and down. I didn’t know she was strong enough to take control of me like this but I liked it more and more with each passing second.

I could feel Mom’s warm breath on my face as she leaned towards me. I could smell her perfume. I felt güvenilir bahis siteleri the soft skin of my Mom’s hand as she held it across my mouth.

I was never so hard in my life! Mom asked me if I had a girlfriend. I shook my head, “no”.

Mom proceeded to tell me that she was now free of Dad and that she no longer wanted or cared about dating other men. She went on to say that her and I were both adults and that what we did in the privacy of my condo was nobody’s business but ours. She pointed out that at least we knew each other to be disease free.

Mom leaned in so close to me that her breasts pushed against my chest. She asked me if I liked the way her legs looked when she wore her short shorts. I nodded “yes” frantically!

Mom laughed and told me that she already knew how much I liked her legs and that she already knew about my bondage fetish because she had looked in my closet and seen my magazines and videos. There was no denying it; Mom was in control and I was putty in her hands. Mom announced that when she wanted to explore something sexual that she was going to go for it and that I was going to “come along for the ride” whether I wanted to or not!

All I could do was make muffled groaning sounds of pleasure as Mom kept her sweet hand over my mouth. With her other hand she unzipped my pants and took out my throbbing cock. She laughed as she told me that it was a little bigger than when I was a baby.

Mom warned me to be quiet as she looked me in the eyes. She kept her gaze locked on me as she stroked my cock. In only a few seconds, I had the most intense orgasm of my life!

Slowly, Mom took her hand off of my mouth. I managed to whisper to her how much I loved what she had just done for me. She kissed me on the mouth again which caused my knees to buckle. She told me that this was only the beginning and that next time she wanted me to take charge of her!

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