Mom, Sis, Aunt , Cuz Naked Ch. 06

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters in this story are over the age of 18-years-old.


Four beautiful and sexy women demonstrate instead of celebrate Nude Day by getting naked.

Feminists Susan, her daughter, Christine, Susan’s sister, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s daughter, Julie, plan a Nude Day demonstration instead of a Nude Day celebration on Nude Day, July 14th.

Continued from Chapter 05:

“Let’s play a game of roleplay. Pretend that I’m Mrs. Campbell,” said Aunt Elizabeth to her nephew Ryan. “Show me what you showed her. I dare you to remove your bathing suit. I double dare you,” she said. “You’ve been double dared, Ryan. Chicken. C’mon, it’s so hot out. Let’s go for a naked swim in the pool,” she said giving him a sexy smile and a naughty look. “We can play Marco Polo in the way that it was meant to be played,” she said with a dirty laugh. “Marco…Polo,” she said grabbing his stiff prick through his bathing suit.

As if looking to see if anyone could see, he looked around the backyard before he stared back at his aunt’s naked tits and naked pussy. His aunt was naked. He couldn’t believe his MILF of an aunt was naked. If it wasn’t enough that he saw his nearly naked mother, now he was seeing his naked aunt.

“Okay,” he said pulling down and removing his bathing suit.

Immediately, in the way that it did with his mother, his erect prick sprang to attention as if it was on a spring. As if picking her for sex, his stiff dick pointed to his aunt as if she was the chosen one.

“Oh, my God. Now that’s a big cock,” said Aunt Liz. “Nice cock, Ryan. Nice cock. I always wanted to see your erect prick, especially after your mother told me that she blew you while you felt her tits and fingered her nipples,” said Liz. She looked down at her breasts while watching him feeling her tits and fingering her nipples before looking up at him with incestuous lust in her big, blue eyes. “I swear to God, Ryan, if you continue feeling my tits and fingering my nipples in the way that you are now, I’ll blow you too,” she said with a dirty laugh. “I’ll suck your cock while stroking you hard and fast enough to make you cum in my mouth.”

First, he looked shocked that his mother told his aunt that she blew him. Then, he looked sexually excited when his aunt volunteered to blow him and would allow him to cum in her mouth if he continued feeling her tits and fingering her nipples. As if ready and willing for his aunt to suck him, he took a step closer to her. Obviously hoping that his aunt would blow him in the way that his mother sucked his cock, his erect prick was mere inches from his aunt’s willing mouth. As if daring her to suck his cock, he continued feeling her tits while fingering, pulling, turning, twisting, squeezing, and pinching her nipples.

“Oh, my God, Aunt Liz. Oh, my God. What’s gotten into you? First my mother had sex with me and now you want to have sex with me too,” he said taunting her and teasing her in the way she had been taunting him and teasing him. He stared down at her with as much sexual excitement as he stared down at her with incestuous lust. “You really wouldn’t blow me, would you, Auntie Liz? You can’t sexually tease me like that,” he said with a pause. “To be honest, Auntie Liz, I’d love for you to suck my cock. I’d love to cum in your beautiful mouth,” he said while sliding a slow, purposeful finger across her full lips.

He looked down at his erect prick before he looked up at his aunt sliding a slow tongue across her full lips again in the way that he just slid a slow finger across her full lips. He took his cock in hand and lifted it as if he was serving it up to her mouth. She sat up in her chair and turned to face her nephew with as much forbidden, sexual lust on her face as he had on his face. His aunt looked at him in the same way that his ex-girlfriend and his mother looked at him before they took his stiff prick in their mouths.

“Yes, I would most definitely blow you, Ryan. I’d absolutely suck your cock,” she said staring at his erect dick before looking up at him as if for permission. “May I touch your penis, Ryan? May I hold it in my hand? May I stroke your big prick? I’d love to suck your cock, Ryan,” said Aunt Liz.

As if her questions were rhetorical and didn’t need answers, it obviously sexually excited Ryan to answer his aunt’s rhetorical questions.

“Yes, you may touch my penis. You may hold it in your hand. You may stroke my big prick. I’d love for you to suck my cock,” he said as if he was already hypnotized by his aunt’s words and mesmerized by his aunt’s stare.

Elizabeth smiled up at her nephew as if he was her boyfriend, her husband, and/or her lover.

“Would you like me to blow you? Let me suck your cock, Ryan,” she said continuing to sexually tease him by prolonging his sexual excitement. “I’m so horny. I’m so sexually frustrated. I haven’t had sex in years. I would really love to avcılar grup yapan escort blow you,” she said as if begging him to stick his stiff dick in her mouth. “It’s been years since I’ve had a dick in my mouth.”

Not waiting for him to answer, she erected her posture more, sat up higher in her chair again, leaned forward, and reached out her hand. While staring up at him, she wrapped her long, manicured fingers around her nephew’s swollen cock in the way that his mother wrapped her long, manicured fingers around her son’s stiff prick. As soon as she held his stiff prick in her hand, she stroked his erect cock. In the way that Ryan’s mother gave him a hand job, his aunt was giving him a hand job too. Always sexually fantasizing about receiving hand jobs from his mother and his aunt while masturbating himself, he never really believed that he ever would.

“Oh, my God, Auntie. Oh, my God. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. That’s feels so good,” he said. “Stroke me faster. Stroke me harder. May I cum? I need to cum. After breaking up with my girlfriend, Sarah, and not having sex, then after my mother failed to make me cum, I’m so horny. I’m so sexually frustrated. Make me cum, Auntie. Make me cum, Auntie. Make me cum,” he said with sexual excitement and lustful desire for his aunt that he still harbored for his mother

He watched his aunt stroking him harder and faster before he reached out his horny hand to feel his aunt’s big tits while fingering her erect nipples again.

“Stroking your cock doesn’t feel as good as it would feel if you stuck that monster in my mouth before fucking my cunt,” she said laughing. “Stroking your cock doesn’t feel as good as it would if I sucked your prick. After I make you harder with my mouth, Ryan, make love to me. Fuck your aunt in the way that your mother wanted you to fuck her. Stick that big, hard prick in my warm, wet pussy,” she said stroking him faster and stroking him harder before leaning forward to take his big prick in her mouth. “Give me an orgasm with your cock.”

With his eyes bugging out of his head and his mouth gaping open again, he stood in front of his aunt while watching her stroke his erect prick harder and faster. Then, as if she was his girlfriend or his mother, his aunt leaned forward to take his hard dick in her mouth. Ryan stared down at his aunt while watching her suck his cock

“Oh, my God, Auntie. Oh, my God. I can’t believe you’re blowing me,” he said. “You’re going to make me cum, Auntie Liz. You’re going to make me cum. I need to cum in your mouth, Auntie Liz,” he said putting a gentle hand behind her blonde, pretty head while humping her mouth and fucking her face.

She stroked him harder. She stroked him faster.

“Cum, Ryan. Cum. Cum in my mouth,” she said leaning forward to take more of him in her mouth.

In the way his mother had just done last night, his aunt was blowing him this morning. In the way that he stared at his mother when she took his prick in her mouth, he stared at his aunt with her mouth full of his big dick while she stared up at him with her blue eyes. In the way that he stared down at his aunt in shock, he obviously couldn’t believe that his Aunt Liz was sucking him.

Yet, alas and unfortunately, as soon as she told him to cum and as soon as she took him in her mouth and started sucking him, he stiffened his posture and his resolve. As if awakening him from his sexual fantasy of having his aunt blow him, he pulled away from her. In the way that he looked at his mother as if she was sexually and incestuously insane, he looked at his aunt as if she was sexually and incestuously insane too.

In the way that he looked at his mother as if she had lost her mind to incest, he looked at his Aunt Elizabeth as if she had lost her mind to incest too. He looked at her as if she was an incestuous whore trying to bring him down to her level. He looked at her in the way that he looked at Mrs. Campbell when she flashed him her tits and asked to see his prick. Obviously, all of these women were trying to make him do what he didn’t want to do. They were trying to make him give them sex. They were all tempting him to play in the Devil’s incestuous playground.

“No. Wait. Stop! I can’t do this, Auntie. I’m sorry but I can’t do this. I can’t have sex with you. I just can’t. That would be incest for you to blow me and for me to cum in your mouth,” he said. “That would be wrong. That would be nasty. I need to leave,” said Ryan literally running from his aunt’s backyard. “I have to go.”

Chapter 06:

Elizabeth confessed to her big sister, Susan, that even after giving her nephew sex, she failed to persuade Ryan to demonstrate naked with them on Nude Day. In the way that he turned his mother down for sex when she had his cock in her mouth, he turned his aunt down for sex when she had his dick buried in her mouth. The ultimate, sexual insult,neither women had ever been rejected for sex, especially while avcılar masöz escort they were giving a blowjob.

“I did what I could,” lamented Elizabeth with sadness to her sister, Susan, over the phone. “He’s a tough nut to crack. What man would turn down a blowjob while I was blowing him?”

Liz obviously seemed just as embarrassed to confess that Ryan sexually rejected her, as Susan was embarrassed to confess to her sister that her son sexually rejected her. In the way that commiserated with one another, obviously both women thought there was something wrong with them for not being able to entice Ryan to have incestuous sex with them. Yet, maybe there was something good about Ryan for not falling for their incestuous, sexual trap. Maybe he had more morals than either his mother or aunt did.

Obviously, even though Susan was ready and willing to give her son incestuous sex and her sister was ready and willing to give her nephew incestuous sex, Ryan wanted no part in having an incestuous, sexual relationship with either of them. Even though they exposed all that he ever hoped to see of their sexy and shapely bodies, he was still able to somehow say no. Even though they touched him, felt him, stroked him, and sucked him, he was still able to say no to incestuous sex. Even though he was tempted to do so, he wanted no part in having sex with his MILF of a mother and/or with his MILF of an aunt.

Obviously, ejaculating his cum in his mother’s or in his aunt’s mouth was the incestuous line that he didn’t want to nor couldn’t cross. Once he ejaculated his cum in his mother and/or in his aunt, he could never take that back. What was done was done, he’d be forever lost to incestuous sex. He’d forever be deemed an incestuous pervert in the way that his mother and aunt would forever be deemed incestuous whores.

* * * * *

How many young men his age would have that kind of self-control to refuse having sex with their mothers and/or with their aunts when their erect cocks were buried in their mouths? These were beautiful, sexy women, women that he had masturbated over them for years while imagining them naked and having sex with them. Even more than that, with one his MILF of a mother and the other his MILF of an aunt, having incestuous sex with them is every young man’s dream. There’s nothing more sexually exciting and incestuously forbidden than to have sex with a mother and/or with an aunt who are as sexy, as shapely, and as beautiful as they are.

Yet, Ryan was still able to say no to incestuous sex. Both woman believed that they could get Ryan to agree to protest with them naked by tempting him and encouraging him with sex. Both women not only believed that they could get Ryan to protest naked with them but also they believed that he would scratch their sexual itches at the same time. Both Susan and Elizabeth thought that Ryan could satisfy their horniness and their sexual frustration by sexually using him for sex, albeit incestuous sex. Now that they’re incestuous, sexual plan failed, Elizabeth sighed her frustration, sexual and otherwise while on the phone with her sister.

“Pretending that I was sleeping and a little tipsy, I was topless and touching myself when Ryan entered my backyard,” said Elizabeth with a wicked, little laugh.

Susan returned her sister’s laugh.

“Oh, my God, what a tease,” said Susan. “You’re such a slut, Liz. What happened when he saw you your naked breasts?”

Elizabeth returned her sister’s laugh.

“I didn’t have to open my eyes to know that he was staring at my naked breasts. Even with my eyes closed, I could feel the heat of his horny stare on my big tits. Then, after persuading him to get naked with me, what happened to you, happened to me too. Just as I took his erect prick in my mouth and started sucking his cock while stroking him harder and faster, he bolted,” she said with a sad laugh. “I could have gotten him to cum. I couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t even allow me to finish blowing him. I would have allowed him to cum in my mouth and I would have swallowed his cum,” said Liz.

With Susan obviously saddened while remembering her son sexually rejecting her and Elizabeth obviously saddened while remembering Ryan sexually rejecting her too, as if discussing their dates that went bad, both women fell silent. If it wasn’t enough that they were frustrated in not getting Ryan to agree to protest with them, they were sexually frustrated too in him rejecting them for sex. Obviously, a first time for everything, albeit incestuously convolutedly, with both women sexy, shapely, and beautiful, neither woman had ever been rejected for sex by any man.

Yet, this was different. This was sex with a blood related relative. This was sex with Susan’s son and this was sex with Elizabeth’s nephew. Forbidden by the church, the state, and by most of the moral majority of a modern, and modest society, this was forbidden, illegal, and incestuous sex. No doubt, avcılar otele gelen escort with his mother nearly naked and his aunt naked, Ryan was hypnotized as if in temporarily in a trance of incestuous lust. Then, when he regained his wits and called attention to what they were doing incestuously by sexually rejecting them, both women felt as ashamed, guilty, and remorseful as much as they felt like incestuous whores. He was the good one and they were the bad ones.

“That’s too bad. With Christine never home and Ryan always home, I would have enjoyed having sex, albeit incestuous relationship with my son,” said Susan.

As if she had just broken up with a new boyfriend, Susan sighed heavily in the phone.

“We tried,” said Elizabeth with sadness.

Elizabeth returned her sister’s sigh with her sigh.

“With him rejecting our incestuous, sexual overtures, my son is a better man than I thought he was. I guess I did a good job in raising him to respect women, especially his mother and his aunt,” said Susan. “It’s just too bad because I really need to get laid and I thought that Ryan was my sexual Godsend.”

Susan sighed her sexual frustration again in the phone. Just as she wished her son had made love to her, she wished her son had fucked her, really fucked her hard and pounded her body with his beautiful body until she exploded with a sexual orgasm. At the very least, she wished her son had made out with her and French kissed her while touching and feeling her everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his mother.

In the way that she wished he had allowed her to finish sucking his cock and had ejaculated his cum in her mouth, she wished that Ryan had fingered her pussy while licking her pussy. Wishing he had put a heavy hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head and humped her mouth and fucked her face, she wished he had ejaculated his cum in her mouth and allowed her to swallow his cum. She wished he had given her a cum bath all over her face, in her hair, and across her big tits.

Not stopping there, she wished he had given her a sexual orgasm with his fingers, his tongue, and his cock. She wished he had made love to her before fucking her. She wished her son had become her stay at home lover instead of just her son. She imagined all the fun they could have had together while naked and in bed, in the shower, the kitchen, and in the living room.

Instead of having sex with him just the one time, she was hoping to have sex with her son all the time. With her daughter, working and going to school, the perfect opportunity for them to have sex in private and behind closed doors, Christine was seldom home. With Ryan not yet finding a job after graduating college, they could have had some real, mother and son, sexy, sexual fun.

“For him to control himself from having sex with not only his mother but also with his aunt, for him to sexually reject the both of us, he’s a saint, Susan. Saint Ryan,” said Liz. “Tell me, what horny, young man would turn down his MILF of a mother for sex? Tell me, what young man who was filled with testosterone would turn down his MILF of an aunt for sex? Your son is one of a kind. I can see now why you asked him to protest naked with us,” said Liz. “He’d never disrespect us by making a sexual pass at us in public as he didn’t even do in private.”

* * * * *

With one ear listening to her sister and one eye watching her daughter, Susan turned to acknowledge Christine when she walked in the living room and interrupted her mother’s telephone conversation with her sister. Obviously having overheard part of their conversation, she asked the question needed for them to include her in their diabolical plan to sexually seduce her brother. Seemingly, as much as Susan and her sister were sexually and incestuously game to do whatever they could to elicit Ryan’s cooperation, even by giving him incestuous sex, his sister obviously was game to give her brother incestuous sex too. Obviously, the power of sexual seduction runs deep in this family of incestuous whores.

“What’s wrong, mother?”

Christine, who was obviously eavesdropping on her mother’s phone conversation, seemed as interested as Elizabeth was when Susan told her that she had sex with her son. Obviously, like mother, like aunt, and now like daughter, Christine was seemingly interested in having sex with Ryan too. Obviously, with one not any better than the other, a coven of sexually lustful, horny, and frustrated women, mother, aunt, and daughter were all incestuous whores.

Susan looked at her daughter while wondering if she’d volunteer to have sex with Ryan too. Maybe, her son would prefer having sex with his sister than with his mother or with his aunt. Maybe a woman closer to his age, albeit an incestuous woman his age, namely his sister, was what Susan needed to convince her son to demonstrate naked with them on Nude Day. Where Susan and Elizabeth were unable to get Ryan to cum, perhaps Christine could get her brother to cum. Comfortable using her daughter in the way that she used her son, it was worth a try for all of them to get what they wanted from Ryan, his cooperation in demonstrating naked and giving them incestuous sex.

“We’ve been trying to persuade Ryan to demonstrate naked with us on Nude Day,” said Susan with a shrug and an embarrassed, little laugh.

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