Mom Went to Work Ch. 03

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“You go get cleaned up first. We have to pick up your father and go get your sister.”

Off I went to the shower. As I dressed Mom showered. As Mom walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, I was standing in my doorway. Mom smiled as she walked and hesitated as I asked, “Can I watch you get dressed?”

“That’s a new one, wanting to watch a woman get dressed.” Then looking down and smiling Mom said, “Sure, why not.”

I followed Mom into her bedroom and sat on the chair at her dressing table. Mom picked up a tube of lotion and sat on the bed. She looked lovely sitting there, her hair wrapped in a towel and her upper half snuggled in its covering. She applied lotion to her arms, shoulders and neck. Then she rubbed it onto her feet. I was turned on by Mom rubbing lotion on her feet. Something about rubbing a woman’ feet, turned me on. I was further turned on by Mom rubbing lotion on her sensuous legs. She held them up and out as she slowly rubbed the lotion in.

My thoughts were interrupted as Mom asked, “Would you do my back? I always have to wait for your father to do my back.” She patted the bed and I went and sat down next to her. Mom handed me the lotion and turned sideways letting the towel fall. I took a deep breath and gulped as I started rubbing the lotion all over Moms back. Mom went, “Mmmmmm.” And it was over all too quickly.

Mom turned back and gave me a quick kiss then patting my face said, “You can go back and sit down.”

Mom then stood and rubbed lotion on her ass, stomach and tits. It gave me another hardon. Then mom picked up some powder and using the fuzzy applicator applied the powder around and on her tits. After swirling the applicator in the box, she applied powder to her hips, pubic hair, and upper legs.

Mom went to her lingerie drawer and picked out a sexy pink lace matching bra and panties and a very light lavender garter belt. Then putting the bra straps on her arms she pulled the bra up into place

Turning her back to me and looking over her shoulder she said, “Would you, please?”

I went over and hooked her bra, dry mouthed, unable to speak. Mom used her hands to adjust her tits inside the bra. She hooked the garter belt in front and moved the hooks behind her. I was watching intently.

She then stepped into each hose and slowly pulled them twisting and smoothing as she went up her legs. Then she would reach down to her ankles and run her hands up the full length of her legs.

She put each garter belt strap to the top of her hose and slid the lock into place. I was puzzled because Mom still hadn’t put on her panties. Then Mom bent over with her back to me, giving me a last look at her pussy, slipped the panties up her legs. With a last wiggle she pulled her panties into place and ran her hands around over them.

Mom told me to sit on the bed so she could use the dressing table. She removed the towel and began styling and drying her hair, after which she quickly applied makeup. Mom didn’t use much make-up; she just basically highlighted her features.

Mom then went to her closet and picked out a rose pink matching blouse and skirt putting them on. She finished everything off with very light lavender high heels.

Putting her arms over her head Mom twirled around and asked, “How do I look?”

I stammered, “Y…Y…You look great Mom!”

“Well, did you enjoy watching me get dressed?” Mom asked breaking the silence.

“Hell, Yeah! As much as seeing you get undressed!” I replied.

Checking the time, Mom said, “We have time for a quick cup of tea,” and walking provocatively she headed to the kitchen. I was behind her, mouth drooling.

Once in the kitchen, what Mom said hit me? “You said we needed to pick up the lizard.” I said.

Mom gave a stern look and said, “I’ve told you not to call her that, William!”

“I’m sorry,” I replied. I called her that because her name is Elizabeth and everyone called her “Liz,” and Liz is short for lizard. She was a cold blooded bitch, to me.

“What I meant to say is, “We need to pick up your sister’s graduation present.” It’s at the jewelers in the city. Your father said we should all go and have some fun. Kill two birds with one stone as it were. We could pick up the present, go eat at a restaurant and then see a movie.

“Is that OK with you?” Mom purred.

We drove to get Dad and as he walked out of his office I noticed that he had changed at work. Then, it was, off to the city. A, forty minute, drive.

Mom getting dressed played over and over in my mind. A woman dressing is just as erotic as a woman undressing. Sis’s present was a fancy watch. It didn’t do anything for me, I mean, a watch is a watch.

We went to a restaurant whose business was people not crowds. The woman who greeted us as we entered showed us to a table and said our waitress would be with us shortly. The table was already set with everything but plates.

I jokingly said to myself, “I guess we’re eating off ataköy masöz escort the table.” The waitress stepped up with water and filled our glasses. Then she took our order. Mom did the ordering and she wanted a “Chinese Sampler.” It wasn’t on the menu, but the waitress said, “Yes, Ma’am, I’ll return shortly.”

We all talked for a few minutes and two waitresses walked up carrying huge trays which they sat on a stand another waitress carried. Then they sat plate after plate and bowl after bowl of food on our table. There was no way we were going to eat all of that food!

Dad said, “Holy Shit, Annie! Are you fattening us up for the kill?

“Just enjoy your meal, guys,” Mom replied. We talked, laughed and ate. We all told each other how good or bad each plate was and fed each other bites of what we liked. It was hilarious and I ate way too much.

It was off to the movie, which Mom picked out. A, “Lovey-Dovey,” flick. I rolled my eyes and Mom patted my head the same time Dad grabbed my shoulder and shook it gently. In unison they said, “Loosen up and watch.”

After the movie started Dad put his arm around Mom and she snuggled into him. The movie really wasn’t that bad. During the movie I noticed Mom and Dad occasionally kissed. During one of these kisses I noticed Dads hand was inside Moms blouse, under her bra, massaging her tit. I was a little jealous. As I lowered my eyes, I saw that Mom had her hand in Dads pants, playing with him. I looked at Mom and she winked at me.

During the drive home I dozed off in the back seat. I missed Mom giving Dad a blowjob.

At home Mom fixed drinks and said she had a video for us to watch. “Oh, shit! Mom is going to make me watch another “Chick Flick.” I said to myself.

Mom handed me my drink with a great big smile on her face. I took a sip and it was all I could do to not spray it across the room. Mom had made all three of us a “Rum and Coke.”

As I slowly sipped my drink Mom left Dad and me in the kitchen. I was nervous standing there in front of Dad. It seemed like Mom was gone a long time. When she returned, she was obviously braless. I wondered if she was pantyless as well.

Stepping between Me and Dad, Mom took our hands and led us to the living room. The lights were low and the TV was on. I started to break off and sit in the recliner, but Mom gripped my hand and led us to the couch. She plopped down on the couch and pulled us down next to her. Mom turned Dads head with her hand and kissed him, then said to him, “Watch the movie with an open mind.” Then she turned, kissed me, and said, “Relax and enjoy it.” Mom snuggled into Dad and was rubbing the inside of his leg as the video started.

Mom was naked from the waist down, her tits bouncing under her T-shirt, leading me to the couch. My heart stopped as Dad said, “Patricia! William!”

Mom put her fingers to Dads lips and sultrily said, “Shhhh. It’s all right, watch.”

I was ready to jump and run, and if Dad had moved, I was gone. I looked around to see where Mom had put the camera as the view changed directions. Oh! Shit! There are two cameras. Then I spotted them. One was on the end table at my side of the couch. The other was on the top of the candle frame behind the couch. And on both of them the red light was glowing.

“Oh, great! Mom’s going to have a video of Dad killing me.” I muttered. Moms hand covered my lips.

I looked up and there on the TV was me eating Moms pussy.

“It looks like the boy is doing a good job for his mother,” Dad said in a low voice.

Mom had Dads shirt and pants open. Dads dick was making a tent in his shorts and Mom was kissing his chest. Moms hand moved to Dads dick and pushed it to his belly. Her hand slid down its length over his balls and gently squeezed. Dad worked his pants and shorts down his thighs and Mom quickly grabbed his dick. Pumping slowly and sucking his neck Mom brought Dad to orgasm. As Dad started to shoot Moms mouth was on his dick catching the warm cum she adored. Mom slowly let Dads dick fall to his stomach and said, “This isn’t so bad, is it?” Dad said, “Hell no, Annie, Hell no.”

Mom stood up and with a little dance removed her skirt and panties, leaving her garter belt and hose alone. Then while slowly rolling her hips she closed her eyes and opened her blouse exposing her swaying tits.

Dad had all of his clothes off and I just sat there open mouthed. Dad had his hand on his dick as Mom bent down and pulled me up.

Mom undressed me as I stood there completely out of it, muttering, “Wah…Wah…Wah.” As Mom bent to push my shorts down, her tongue licked a drop of cum off my dick. Mom now had me naked and pushed me back down on the couch and turned toward Dad. She bent over to pick up our glasses. Dad was watching her tits sway and I was staring at her pussy.

‘Huh, there is something stuck in Moms pussy. What is that? And when did she put it in her pussy?’

Mom stayed ataköy otele gelen escort like that as she said, “I want you two to watch me give my son a blowjob while I refresh our drinks.”

I was alone, naked, sitting on the couch with my Dad, while a video of Mom sucking me off played on the TV. I was in a trance with all of this going through my mind.

Mom returned with our drinks as the video showed her squeezing my dick to stop my orgasm. “OH, this is the best part,” she squealed like a school girl and shook her body. Dad and I, still staring at the TV, didn’t respond. Mom then went around the couch. She leaned down to whisper and blow in Dads ear, “Now watch as your beautiful wife sucks down all of your Son’s sweet cum.”

I fainted and Dad shot cum clear up in Moms hair.

Mom came around and sat in my lap. Looking at Dad she said, “Now you get to watch a first of firsts as your Wife and Son fuck.”

Dad moaned whispering, “First of firsts?”

Mom said, “Yessss! Your son is going to Fuck his Mother for the first time,” in the sultriest wanting voice I ever heard.

Moms left hand was massaging my neck as I kissed and nibbled her tit. My right hand was barely touching her back as it roamed around. My left hand was doing the same thing to her thigh. Mom raised her hip and reaching down she pulled a vibrating dick out of her pussy. I couldn’t see it but the cameras and Dad did. As she held it up she licked the length of it with the tip of her tongue. Smiling she leaned slightly and stuck it in Dads drink. Stirring slowly she smiled real big and said, “A little special flavoring for your drink.” Mom then nudged Dad with her shoe and told him to move, we needed the couch.

As Dad moved, Mom stood up and said, “Do you like?” to me.

“Oh! God! Yes!” I moaned. Mom giggled and wiggled a bit teasing me.

“Want these off?” she said as she pulled out on a garter belt strap and let it snap back.

I told her I loved them and to leave them on. Mom then sat down in my lap and deliberately mashed my dick between her hip and my stomach. Then with a dreamy look on her face she leaned on my chest, putting one arm under mine and her hand on my back. Her face nuzzled into my neck as her other hand slid teasingly up my arm. Mom was lightly kissing back and forth on my neck and shoulder. Her hips were moving on my lap. I was trying to kiss her and she turned into me kissing me with an exploring tongue. Her hand had moved and she was again holding the back of my head.

With my right hand teasing her back I moved my left hand to tickle her leg. Mom responded with moans and fervent kissing. I slowly moved my hand across her stomach and onto a tit. Moms ass was pushing down on my legs. As my hand crossed her tit my fingers found her aureole.

Moms head went back and she moaned, “Yessss! Yessss! Oh! Yessss!”

I tickled her aureole and gently nuzzled and kissed her neck. Mom started kissing me again and slid back off my lap, pulling me to lie beside her.

Dad had a perfect view. Moms left leg was across my legs and she let her right knee fall away. Her pussy was fully exposed and wet. My right hand was trapped beneath Mom but my left was roaming all over her torso with as light a touch as I could make. Mom and I were making out like teenagers, kissing and moaning, our mouths were trying to devour each other.

Mom shuddered hard as my hand tickled its way from one leg to the next and grazed her pussy. She grabbed my head and ground her lips into mine. I kept the tickling touches going and Mom was writhing.

Finally, she broke the kiss and begged, ‘Please! Oh, please! Play with my pussy! You’re driving me crazy!” She then grabbed my hand and pressed it hard on her pussy, grinding her hips into it. She pulled me down to kiss again and her hand started working on me. Slowly she made her way to my dick as my hand cupped her hot pussy and was rubbing her mound. My finger slowly slid in and out of her soaking slit with each back and forth movement of my hand.

Mom was now using her fingernails on my balls. Scratching up until my balls fell free, her nails continued up the underside of my dick. It felt surprisingly good. Then the backs of her fingers would move down my shaft over my balls and start again. This was almost jacking me off.

After several long shuddering moans, Mom looked at me and said, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME, NOW!” Mom was pulling on my dick and my arm was trapped under her.

“I can’t get up!” I said pleading.

I wanted to fuck her as much as her voice said she wanted me to fuck her. Mom raised a little to free my arm, but then she said, “Wait.” My heart sank as I thought she changed her mind.

Her hand was now holding my balls pulling me up as she said, “Let me suck you off, first. So you can last longer.” Her eyes were begging.

She now had her other hand gently stroking my dick and pulling steadily up on my balls. I eased ataköy rus escort up and Mom started sucking me as soon as she could. All the way in and out my dick slipped between her lips. Mom’s hands were on my ass now, gently urging me back and forth. Suddenly, I stiffened; Mom gently pushed me up so my dick was pointing at her open lips. She wanted Dad to watch as I shot cum in her open mouth. One, two, three, four streams shot out and she then pulled me down into her mouth and sucked until I thought she was going to suck my balls up my dick. OH, MAN, it felt good. And Dad watched it all moaning and pulling his pud.

I glance around and saw that Dads glass was empty, he drank all of his pussy flavored rum and coke.

I didn’t get soft and Mom slowly pushed me up sliding my dick out of her mouth, saying, “Come on Honey. Fuck your Mommy.”

As I moved into position Mom was still fondling my balls and stroking my dick. I started to push as soon as I felt my dick touch those hot lips, but Mom held firm and said, “Slowly. Let me. I want this first entry to be slow so I can savor every moment and sensation.”

Mom was rubbing my dick up and down her lips and then round and round she moved her hips. She held me firmly without squeezing and her hand on my balls was pleasant torture. I settled down on my elbows and kissed her forehead. Mom moaned and turned her head up toward mine. She was breathing in short bursts. We kissed and Moms tongue went after mine.

Between what she was doing to my dick and her fervent kiss I was in ecstasy. I leaned on one elbow to work on her tits. As I touched one she shuddered and bent her head back moaning loudly.

The head of my dick was just about in when I tried to push again. Mom said, “No. No. No.” between gasps, “Let me.”

Mom put her left hand on my ass and I twitched. Her legs came up to my sides and she locked her ankles together on my back.

I twitched again and Mom gasped, “Wait. Wait.”

She let go of my dick and moved her hand to my ass. I felt her burning pussy close around the head of my dick and almost lost it.

With her legs around my waist, and her hands on my ass, Mom thrust up and pulled down at the same time. Our pelvic bones hit and I came. Moms head was thrown back and she screamed, “OH, GOD! WILLIAM! OH, GOD! WILLIAM!”

She was grinding her burning pussy on my dick, and I just came and came, grunting with each throbbing spurt.

When Mom finally relaxed she let go of my ass and ran her soft hands up my sides, kissing me wildly. She grabbed my back and pulled me tightly to her, her hot breath stimulating my ear, as she said, “Oh Dear God, I Love You, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Please!”

I did my best. Grinding along with her a bit and then pulling back until I felt those hot lips holding on just below the head of my dick. I would then slam it back in to her, making her move as I hit bottom.

Each time Mom would moan, “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Resting my weight on her, Mom was nibbling my ear and sucking on my neck as I was trying to reach her tits. I couldn’t reach them as they were mashed between us. I rose back up and Mom pulled me down, kissing like a wild woman. And that burning hot pussy of hers was gripping and massaging my dick with every in-out movement.

I later found out, not every woman has a pussy like my Mom. I came again, it seemed like I just couldn’t hold it back. I didn’t stop, it felt too good.

Then Mom whispered, “Turn us over, I want on top.”

She hugged me tight as I pushed up with my arms and balanced on my knee. Then real fast I threw my knee left and twisted. I was now on the bottom, as we hit our heads thudded together, but we kept at it. Moms hands were on my chest and she was sitting up. She told me to raise up so she could move her legs.

Mom was moving her hips forward and back grinding down on me. My dick was being worked over by her movements and grabbing pussy. I reached up and started gently playing with her tits. Mom moaned and threw her head back. As I traced my fingertips around her aureole she picked up the tempo. As I pulled her nipples she moaned loudly and hit high gear.

Gasping, “Unh. Unh. Unh.” She shook violently and fell forward on my chest, with her hips still moving her pussy forward and back. I was now holding Moms ass as she rose up and took my face in her hands and kissed me.

“Ooooh, you’re still hard,” Mom purred.

Looking over at Dad, Mom motioned him over. He was all too happy to obey. As he stepped up beside us Mom hugged him to her face. She left one hand on his ass and took his dick in the other, jacking slowly.

Looking down at me Mom said, “Keep fucking, Tiger.” and popped Dads cum covered dick in her mouth.

Mom was tickling Dads balls with her fingertips as I softly played with her tits. She again picked up the tempo as I tickled her aureole. I kept working on her aureole and Mom was in a trot. Finally, I pinched her nipples and she broke into a gallop. Then as I saw Dads dick pulsate, I pulled hard on Moms nipples. She started shaking and holding onto his legs as he shot off in her mouth. She was cuming too and sucking hard. And, Damn, if I didn’t cum too. As our shaking subsided, Mom lowered her head and caught her breath. Then she said, “Jesus Christ, we all came at the same time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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