Mom Will Never Know

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story and my entry in the April Fool’s Day contest entry. This is a simple and fun piece I wrote awhile back and thought it would fit the theme nicely. I Hope you enjoy it. LC68


I looked up from my Criminal Investigation manual and rubbed at my tired eyes. It was only one in the afternoon, but with mid terms next week I’d had my head in the books since early this morning. I had purposely set myself up to study in the dining room so I wouldn’t be tempted to web surf or fool around with anything on the computer.

I closed the book and frowned at the three notebooks next to it, debating which one to start looking through next.

“Wow, you’re hitting it hard, aren’t you, Mike?”

I turned around in the chair to see mom standing behind me.

“I guess so, I didn’t even hear you come in the house.” If I had the book would have no longer been the object of my focus.

“I know, I’ve been watching you for a couple of minutes.” She smiled and leaning down, kissed my cheek, “Good to see you take school so seriously.”

“Hey, if I want to be the best private investigator in the state I have to work hard, right?”

“True.” Mom nodded, “Anything you want is worth going after.” She looked more closely at me, “Your eyes are red, honey, why don’t you take a break, maybe go upstairs and take a nap?”

“Nah, it’s early and I have a lot to go through.”

“Oh, well you’re a better person than me then,” Mom laughed, “Because I’m going to go take a nice hot shower and take a nap before your dad comes home.”

A shower and a nap? That meant….show time! Nowhere near as hot as the nightly shows involving her and my father, but it would be a few cheap thrills seeing my mother naked.

Mom had turned away from me and walked over to the window to adjust the curtains and like I always did lately, I took the opportunity to check her out. She had just come home from the gym and the yoga pants she had on were like a second skin.

They showed off every curve of her well shaped legs and even better, hugged her sweet ass perfectly. I could see the lines of her underwear and grinned that she was wearing ‘sensible’ panties as opposed to what I knew she normally wore, lacy, slinky thongs.

Her tight sleeveless t-shirt had ridden up in the back and showed off the sheen of sweat on her lower back. I licked my lips, imagining my tongue following that trail of moisture down her back, over the swelling of her firm ass cheeks, before slipping though the smooth lips of her shaved pussy and sucking her clit.

I shifted in my seat as my now hard cock bent awkwardly in my pants. Mom turned away from the window and standing in front of it, reached up to remove her hair from the pony tail she had it pulled back in.

That move showed off her large breasts that were threatening to burst through the flimsy shirt and her flat stomach, that like her back, had a glistening of sweat that once again had my tongue eager to help her clean it off.

Mom shook her head, letting her long dark hair fall down her bare shoulders and seeing me looking, her full soft lips, curled into a smile, showing off her perfect teeth; everything about my mother was perfect, hell, even her damn, feet were sexy!

“What is it?” She asked

“Huh?” I blinked as I realized I had been staring.

“You’re staring.” She confirmed my point, while looking down at herself, “I have a hole somewhere or something?”

“Oh. no, I just,” I decided to go with a little bit of truth. “You look really good, mom.”

“Thank you!” She beamed at me, her big brown eyes sparkling, “It’s not as easy as it used to be to stay in shape.”

“You’re doing a good job.” I told her, thinking of how when my mother would jog down the street, any guy outside would stare at her as she went past. I winked at her, “Tough for me, though. You know having a cougar mom gets my balls busted.”

“Isn’t it Milf?” Mom asked, “Because I’m a mom? Cougars are usually single.”

“Wow, didn’t know you knew your porn, mom.” I laughed.

“Your dad tells me all about it. He says I’m his hot little milf.”

“Now Dad doesn’t surprise me.” I told her leaving out I knew for a fact just how hot dad thought mom was because the two of them fucked like damned porn stars.

I had to suppress a smile at that last thought because in a sense my parents were porn stars, they just didn’t know it, but it was only for a limited audience, an audience of one, their son.

“Yeah, your father’s a horn dog that’s for sure.” She sighed, “Usually it’s the guy who can’t keep up.”

“TMI!” I pretended to be offended.

“Sorry, Mike” Mom shrugged, causing her large breasts to bounce in the tight shirt. “But you’re twenty and so mature, sometimes I forget you’re still my son and I can’t talk to you like I can other adults.”

“You can talk to me about anything.” I told her wishing I didn’t have to pretend her talking about sex was a turn off.

“That’s my line.” She told ataköy türbanlı escort me. “Well, anyway, I’m heading upstairs to shower and lie down for a little while.”

“Okay, old lady, get your rest.” I yelped at the playful punch in the arm she gave me before she left the room to head upstairs.

I spun in my chair and watched her ass while she walked up the staircase then turning back to the table scooped up my books to take them upstairs. Suddenly laying down for awhile didn’t sound bad at all.


I walked past the bathroom door and paused, listening to the hot water running and picturing my mother’s magnificent body in the shower. Her skin wet, her long hair plastered to her back and the soapy water running down her tits, stomach and between her thighs.

It would look like a nice big load of cum, like some of the loads I’d seen her take from dad, like the kind of load I wish she could take from her lust crazed son.

I hurried away from the door when I heard the water stop and went into my room. I locked the door just in case dad happened to come home early for some reason or mom popped in before she went into her room.

I opened my top desk drawer and removed the monitor of the wireless Lorax surveillance camera system mom and dad had bought me for finishing my freshmen year at PC with a 4.0 GPA.

The system was perfect for home security, but also would work when following someone if you could find a way to plant a camera inside or just outside their place.

My parents figured it would be a great tool for me going into my second year of Criminal investigation and it was. But I was pretty sure they had no idea what I was currently using it for and that was to spy on their nightly sexcapades as well as any occasion like this when I could catch mom undressing.

Compared to watching their torrid sex, seeing my mother walking around her room in various stages of undress wasn’t much more than a tease, but it was still fun.

It had dawned on me I had an obvious voyeur streak and looking at my career choice I could just imagine watching other people having sex while following around cheating spouses.

Then again, would anything be as hot as watching my own parents? The normal answer would be for people to ask what was wrong with me, they were my parents, and this was my mother I was watching.But most guys my age didn’t have a mom this hot, and not only in her appearance, but Christ she loved to fuck and suck!

I went over to my bed and stretching out, undid my jeans and pushed them and my underwear down, releasing my fully erect cock in preparation for yet another masturbation session with my mother as inspiration.

This would be the first of two as I was sure mom and dad would be going at it tonight, after all it was a day that ended in Y. I lay back against the pillows, turned the monitor on and holding it with my free hand; watched as the screen came on split into three sections.

Each section of the screen represented a different camera hidden in my parent’s room. The best one was in the heating vent and faced their bed and with its wide angled lens and zoom feature I could catch all the action that took place there.

Another was masterfully hidden in the drop ceiling, the lens next to the base of the ceiling fan and provided a great angle over the bed to see straight down.

I frowned when I saw there was no signal from the last camera. That one was wedged behind the base board and tilted up to catch action from that side of the bed.

It was a tough angle and small space and I wondered if the lens had dropped and was now seeing just the darkness inside baseboard. I’d have to check the next time no one was home, but for now, the two main ones were working just fine.

I played with the small remote in my hand, making each camera take up the entire screen to pan around the room, before settling on the one facing her bureau where I knew she would sit after coming in from the shower.

While I waited for her to come in, my free hand idly stroking my aching dick, I thought back to a couple months ago when I’d first watched my parents go at it.

The first time had been an accident. My parents had just given me the Lorax set up and wanting to test it out, I slipped one of the camera’s between a couple of books on the shelf in my father’s small TV room where he would watch football when mom wanted to watch her shows.

Considering the amount of dust on the books I doubted he would see the camera and even if he did, what was the big deal? All I was going to do was watch him read, watch TV or sleep. But it would be a good test of the camera’s audio to see if I could hear the TV and play around with the zoom and other features.

The camera worked like a charm! I could zoom in tight on just dad’s face as he sat in the chair or expand it to take in just about the entire room opposite the camera.

The sound was pretty clear as well, dad never ataköy ucuz escort had the TV on loud, but I could still make out the voices if I maxed the volume.

I’d sat there at my desk, smiling away, imagining when I would be doing this for a living, snooping on people to get evidence that would help whoever they were wronging.

I was getting ready to shut it off, not feeling any great urge to keep watching dad while he flipped channels during halftime, when Mom knocked then entered. I left the monitor on, eager to hear how clear their conversation was.

It was summer and mom was wearing a cute little white sundress that even I realized she looked good in, especially with her tan, and standing in front of dad, picked up his remote and shut the TV off.

“Hey, baby, how about a better half time show?”

Without another word she reach up, untied the dress from around her neck and let it hit the floor.

“Holy shit!” I’d said aloud at the fact my mother was naked beneath the dress.

It wasn’t like I hadn’t known she was attractive and built like a porn star, I’d been hearing since I was about thirteen how much of a cougar my mother was, but seeing her like this still caught me by surprise.

I was aware my mother wasn’t small on top, but was amazed at how big they really were. Not just big, but considering she was forty three they were defying gravity pretty damn well and were perfectly round.

Her tan lines revealed she wore something pretty revealing by the pool when I wasn’t home and the contrast of that white skin against her dark tan of the outer halves was hot. Hot? That had surprised me, this was my damn mother after all.

But mother or not, what a fucking body! Her big beautiful breasts were adorned with dark rose colored nipples that were erect and turned slightly upward. Her hard flat stomach looked as good as that of any of the girls my age I’d fooled around with and beneath that stomach I was shocked to see not a single hair.

Mom was completely smooth and her pussy lips, visible between her tanned. Toned thighs, were the same rosy red as her nipples. She put her arms up and after letting her long dark hair down, turned around and shook her ass playfully at dad.

Her ass was as fine as the rest of her. Like her stomach and thighs, it was tight and firm, but still had a delicious curve to it. I became aware of my heart beating faster and my cock was growing in my pants as she turned back around and once again raising her arms up began to do a sexy little shimmy for my father.

“Now this is a show!” Dad whistled as he pulled his t-shirt off and stood up in front of her.

“Uh-huh.” Mom pushed him back in the chair, “You just sit back and let your own naughty little cheerleader take care of you.”

“I do love that outfit.” Dad laughed, “Remember when Mike found the pompoms and you made up the story you kept them from high school?”

“Hey.” I had whispered, but forgot all about the pompoms when mom had begun fondling her tits.

Her long nails teased her nipples and lifting her left breast; she lowered her head and sucked her nipple. My eyes widened as I’d never seen that before even in the porn I’d watched. Mom sucked her other tit, then running her hands down her stomach, opened her legs then spread her pussy open.

“That looks good enough to eat.” Dad said and mom laughed, “Well what’s football without a snack.” She’d then run her tongue over her lips and sinking to her knees between dad’s legs said, “Speaking of.”

I told myself to shut it off, but continued to watch as my mother expertly undid my father’s belt, and unzipped his jeans. He raised his hips and mom pulled his jeans and underwear down past his knees.

His cock sprang into sight and recalling how every girl I’d slept with had said I was pretty well hung, I now saw where I got it from. Dad’s cock was long and thick and seeing my mother wrap her slender fingers around it and slowly pump him had my own cock throbbing.

Instead of doing what I should, which was shut the monitor off and not be a sick pervert watching his parents fool around, I fiddled with the control on the monitor and zoomed in on my mother with her head in my father’s lap.

She was teasing her tongue around the purple head of his cock and as he moved her hair away from her face, a move that made it even better for their unknown audience, she smiled up at him.

“Tell me what you want your naughty wife to do.”

“I want my nasty little wife to suck my cock.” Dad didn’t hesitate, “Show me how much you love being my dirty little slut.”

Hearing dad talk to mom like that both surprised me and turned me on. What turned me on more was her reaction. Opening wide, she took my father’s sizable cock deep into her mouth. Dad moaned softly, but the audio picked it up perfectly, as mom opened wider and managed to work her lips all the way down her shaft.

“Damn, mom.” I had whispered, my hand straying between my legs to rub ataköy üniversiteli escort my cock through my pants.

Mom shook her head rapidly back and forth, then bobbed it up and down, sliding her lips along my father’s cock. Dad moaned and wrapping his fist in mom’s hair pushed and pulled on it. Even with her mouth stuffed, I could hear her moan as dad used her hair to work her mouth along his now wet shaft.

The camera was so good I could make out mom’s lipstick smeared on his shaft as well as the look of absolute lust in her dark eyes as she stared up at dad. She released his cock and the camera caught the long trail of precum and spit flying from her lips and hanging down her chin.

She shocked me by spitting on his dick, then slurping his cock back into her mouth. Dad held her head still and stood up and I sat there now watching my mother, naked, on her knees, blowing my father.

He put both hands on her head and she stopped moving as he thrust his hips, fucking her mouth. Mom’s gagging noises and sloppy sucking sounds filled my room and unable to stop myself, I unsnapped my pants, pulled my cock out and stroked it.

Mom reached around and grabbing dad’s ass; pulled him even deeper into her mouth as he continued to fuck her face. Mom’s eyes were watering and there were strands of drool dripping from her chin to onto her tits.

The entire time her eyes never left his face and I couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying it. Dad pulled his cock from her mouth and grabbing her shoulders, pulled her up to her feet. He put his arms around her and grabbing her by her ass lifted her off her feet.

Mom squealed delightedly as dad sucked her nipple into his mouth as he held her up. Using her hands on his shoulders, mom pushed herself higher up, then let her weight go, impaling herself on my father’s cock.

She cried out and wrapped her arms around his neck as he not only continued to suck her nipple, but thrust his hips, fucking her in a standing position.

“You go dad.” I’d said while stroking my cock, “Fuck her good!”

My words surprised me, but not as much as what I was watching did. I was aware my parents were both in good shape and attractive and knew they were very much in love with each other, but I had no idea they fucked like this!

Dad bent over and letting mom go, dropped her into his chair. Mom swung her legs over the arms and dropping to his knees, Dad buried his face between her thighs causing her to cry out. I stroked my cock while mom let her head fall back on the chair as she grabbed dad’s hair and worked her hips, grinding her pussy in his face.

Mom closed her eyes and moaned through her parted lips and my cock twitched in my hand as I watched her take her nipples between her fingers and tease them. Dad’s hand was between her legs, his arm moving back and forth as he finger fucked her.

After several minutes of mom moaning and squirming she released a loud squeal that caused me to jump, then moan myself as I stroked faster while watching her come. Mom wrapped her lags around dad’s head and bucked her hips wildly as her mouth shaped into an O and her big brown eyes rolled back in her head.

Her legs went limp and standing; dad lifted her legs by her ankles and drove his cock into her.

‘Oh my God.” I murmured while watching my father repeatedly slam into my mother’s pussy.

I used the zoom and was amazed at the porn like quality of the scene before me, my father’s cock, now glistening from her juices, sliding in and out of her. Mom was yelping with each of her thrusts then said something I didn’t hear.

Dad stepped back and mom stood up, turned around and kneeling on the chair, rested her arms on the top of it and putting her chin on them, pointed her ass in the air at dad. He grabbed her hips and she squealed as he slammed into her.

I was moaning softly as I watched my mother get pounded doggy style. My eyes kept going from my father’s cock plundering her pussy from behind and the look of pleasure on her face each time he thrust into her.

Dad was breathing hard and mom moaned, “Cum for me, baby! Give it to me, you know where I want it!”

Dad gave her several more hard thrusts and whipping his cock out, held it. Mom turned around in the chair and grabbing his cock opened her mouth and jerked him off into it. My cock exploded in my hand while I watched a long spurt of my father’s cum spray into her mouth.

Mom pushed it out with her tongue, sending it dripping down her chin before catching the next spurt in her mouth, this time she left it there and taking him in her mouth, bobbed her head as he continued to jerk himself off.

Mom moaned and gurgled and my father was gasping and moaning as well. He stopped moving his hand, but mom kept sucking and I kept jerking, blowing a huge load all over my stomach as I watched my father empty his balls into my mother’s eager mouth.

With a sigh, dad slid his cock from her mouth and opening it, mom showed off the puddle of cum on her tongue, then swallowed and showed her now clean tongue.

“Good halftime show?” She asked.

“Karen, you’re the hottest wife a guy could have.” He laughed, “Not every man is lucky enough to have a wife who likes being a slut.”

“Your slut, baby.” She told him as he grabbed some tissues from the table and wiped her tits off.

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