Mom’s Biggest Fan Ch. 03

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Author’s note: Hey readers, this chapter ended up longer than I thought so I split it into two instead. I started this series as a sort of dumb, fun sexual romp story but now I feel pulled into another direction. I just wanted to take a poll and see who liked the first chapter more and who liked the second and third more. Let me know in the comments or send a message! Thanks.


Olivia woke up bright and early the next day. After Justine had fallen asleep, she had removed the strap on and cleaned it. She has a feeling it would be requested again, and soon.

All the days of waking up before the crack of dawn to get to Hair and Makeup had made it impossible for her to sleep in. She glanced at Justine fondly before she left the bedroom.

She headed down to the gym room to work on some cardio. Now that her film was over, it was time to get back into her regular shape. She normally kept herself lean but would put on weight or lose some depending on the director’s requirements. Her latest movie, Dark Horizons, had her lose ten pounds and she was eager to start eating more again to put back on some weight.

Oof. She massaged her back as she walked. She was not used to the vigorous fucking that she and Justine had got into yesterday. She was sore all in her back and her glutes. Still, it was a good soreness, and the reminder of how she got it made her smile. It had been fun. Very fun.

She turned on the tv and got on the treadmill, picking a challenge pace. A half hour later she went over to the weights and used them. Back in her twenties she was often requested for action movies to play the confident, sexy partner to the male action star lead. That had been a lot of fun and she had put on more muscle for those films. Those roles were few and far between for a woman in her forties, however. Nowadays she was always someone’s mom or a side character. She finished with the weights and went to the kitchen. It was still early in the day, far too early for Justine to be awake, so she made food for herself. If Justine was up later, she could cook again.

As she fried up some sausages, she let her mind wander. Last night had been a lot of fun. She wondered what else Justine would be up for. She knew she was a fan of Marcus, but she had a lot more surprises in that chest…she couldn’t wait to show her.

She turned off the heat before she burned the sausages. She sat at the kitchen island by herself and ate. She had some errands to run now that she was back in the city, so she was planning on getting them done before Justine was awake. She would need to get her a new phone too.

She drove downtown and went to the post office. She needed to send some headshots and her resume out. It was early in the morning but the post office was already busy. The city of Princepond never really slept, it was like it was constantly trying to prove it was better than its unfortunate name.

Afterwards she headed to the cell phone store and got a new phone for Justine. After talking to the employee, she decided a waterproof phone wasn’t a bad idea, though with Justine’s track record, she would probably lose it again very soon.

As she headed back to the car, she thought of the days when she was recognized everywhere she went. The popularity had been overwhelming back then, the constant scrutiny into her life exhausting. She did not miss that. Still, it was nice to be noticed once in a while. aksaray escort She thought of the way Justine had looked at her last night, so full of yearning. She hadn’t looked at her like she was seeing a woman past her prime. In fact, in that moment, Olivia felt like the most desirable woman in the world. Her lower regions tingled as she remembered the moment. She couldn’t wait to get home again.


When Olivia got home, Justine was still sleeping. She opened up the phone box and started to go through the phone settings and set up the new sim card. The doorbell rang. Who could it be? She went to the door and looked through the peephole. Of course. It was Carl. She unlocked the door.


“Hello, Mrs.A.” Carl said sheepishly as he ran a hand through his messy curly hair. He was thankfully clothed this time, in a white t-shirt with red sleeves and blue jeans. He looked embarrassed.

“Is Justine around? She doesn’t have a new phone yet and she hasn’t been answering her email.”

“She’s still sleeping.” Olivia said. “I’ll go get her.”

“Okay, great!” Carl said, relieved.

Olivia closed the door and went upstairs.


Justine woke to her mom shaking her. “Mmph?” She looked over at her and smiled sleepily. “Hey.”

Olivia didn’t return the smile, in fact she looked annoyed.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, sitting up. The blanket fell off her chest. Olivia looked away. “Your boyfriend is here.”

“Carl?” Oh shit.

“Better get dressed.” Olivia started to leave.

“Wait, Mom! I can’t see him.” Justine said as she scrambled to get dressed. “Please, can you just tell him I’m sick or something?”

“Alright.” Olivia sighed.

“Thanks, Mom.” Justine sighed in relief. She watched as her mom left and went back downstairs. Holy fuck. She was going to have to break up with him soon. What the hell was she supposed to say?

She tried to think of something as she looked for clothes. Sorry Carl, I don’t really feel like being in a relationship with you after my mom just fucked my brains out. or how about, so guess what, it turns out my mom wants to fuck me just as much as I do her and I’ve had a hard-on for her for god knows how many years. Nope, that wasn’t any good either. Oh yeah, she remembered she came upstairs in a towel. She stayed in the room for another ten minutes as she tried to figure out what to say. Then she left her mom’s bedroom and went back to her room to get dressed.


“He put his number in your new phone.” Olivia said once she got downstairs. She was sitting at the kitchen island drinking coffee from a small cup.

“Wow, thanks Mom!” Justine said, picking up the new phone. She looked over at Olivia who was staring out the window. Justine’s smile faded. Her mom was furious, she could tell by the hard set of her jaw, her fixed gaze out the window.

“I’m going to break up with him.” Justine said.

“What you do with your relationships is none of my business.” Olivia said coolly. She took a sip of her coffee, not making eye contact.

No, no, no… Justine moved over to where her mom was sitting, standing in front of her until Olivia finally looked at her. Her brow was furrowed and her green eyes were dark, almost black.

” I don’t want anyone else.” Justine said. Part of her wondered if they were going to be over before they really even began. anal yapan escort There was no dropping the towel this time, she was going to have to be honest.

Please, mom… She leaned in to kiss her. Olivia didn’t return the kiss, but she didn’t pull away, either. Justine caressed her face while she kissed her tense jawline in an attempt to get her to relax.

“I just want you.” She said. God, please don’t let this be the last time- her heart stopped for a second when Olivia put her hand on the hand resting on her cheek. Olivia kissed it gently and it felt like the air rushed back into the room again. When she looked into her mom’s eyes again they were green again.

“Justine, if we’re going to be together, we’re going to set some ground rules.” She said sternly. “I’m strictly monogamous, and if you’re with me, you’re going to be too. I’m not going to play games with you. You want to do this, we’re doing this seriously, understand?”

Justine nodded, but inside she was dancing for joy. “Okay.”

“Alright then.”

Oliva sat back in the stool and she too, let out a breath. Justine let her have a moment before she parted her legs, getting between them so she could kiss her on the lips again. Olivia let out a small growl. Justine felt her legs tighten around her waist. Her mom tasted dark and smoky from the coffee. She pressed her tongue against her lips and was awarded access.

Oh my goodness…it felt so good to kiss her, to smell her perfume. Her lips felt magical, soft in all the right ways. She broke away for a moment. “When you said you don’t play games, you meant outside the bedroom, right?”

Olivia chuckled heartily. “Of course, honey. We’ve only just begun…”.

Justine would have kept kissing her but then she remembered she had to work today. She checked the time. “Oh shoot, I have to get to work.” She extracted herself from between Olivia’s legs.

Her mom looked disappointed. “Wait, you work?”

“Yeah, as a barista at Atom.” Justine said as she scooped up her new phone and shoved it in her pocket. “Started two weeks ago.”

Olivia sighed. “Justine, I don’t work my hours so you would have to work at a coffee shop.” She said as she stood up and followed Justine. Justine grabbed her bag from the closet beside the front door.

“I know, Mom. But it’s good experience for my resume and I get to meet people.” She said.

“What time are you done? Want to grab dinner together when you get back?”

“At five, and I’d love to.” Justine said, kissing Olivia on the cheek.

“See you in a few hours!”



Well, she had not been expecting that Justine would have to go to work. Her lips still tingled from the kiss. She had wanted much more than that.

She went back to the counter to finish her coffee. The thought of her daughter working when she was supposed to be enjoying her summer upset her. She didn’t pull in as much money as she used to, but there was enough to keep them both living comfortably. Hmph…she didn’t even know about the part time job. They hadn’t been doing much talking lately, she supposed.

She touched her lip idly as she looked out the window at the perfectly green lawn, the pale blue water of the swimming pool. When she and Gerald had bought this place, they had been planning for a much larger family. At least three kids, maybe more. When he was killed atakent escort in a car accident the life insurance paid off most of it, and her earnings from her blockbuster movies eventually paid the rest. She had planned on remarrying after a few years but the right guy had never come along.

She was glad Justine had gone to university nearby, so she could see her as often as she could. It was probably good they were going out for dinner, then they could actually talk. She doubted they could keep their hands off each other if they were alone in the house together.

She set her cup down. Wow, it was so quiet in this house. She decided to go shopping.



“Oh nice, new phone?” Her co-worker and friend, Kelly remarked as they put their bags in the small lockers in the tiny staff area.

“Yeah, I accidentally dropped my old one in the lake when I was wakeboarding.”

“Girl.” The taller, brown haired girl rolled her eyes at her. Justine chuckled. The phone dinged, showing that she had a new text message.

Mom: Your service working yet?

She typed back a message.

Justine: Yep! What are you thinking for dinner tonight?

The indicator showed Mom was typing so Justine leaned against the wall and waited for the response.

Olivia sent back an eggplant emoji, water splashes and a donut.

Mom: Also how does sushi sound?

Justine let out a girly laugh and covered her mouth. She never knew her mom had a dirty, playful side.

Justine: Sounds great mom! See you soon. ¦?

“Is that Carl?” Kelly asked with a grin. ” Y’all are so cute. You’re practically glowing today.”

“Yeah.” Justine lied. She put her phone away carefully, treasuring the gift.

“Wings after work?” Kelly asked as she put on a black apron.

“Gonna have to take a pass on that, I’m having dinner with my mom tonight.”

“Boo…” Kelly said.


The day was incredibly hot, and the small coffee shop could barely contain the large amount of people that streamed to buy all manner of cold beverages. The By the end of the shift both Kelly and Justine were exhausted. The girls from the next shift arrived and Justine let them take over.

“See ya next week.” Kelly said, waving goodbye. Justine could see Kelly’s boyfriend’s car already illegally parked outside.


She headed to her car and drove home.


“Mom?” Justine called as she got into the house. There was no reply. Where did she go? Mystery. She went upstairs to take a quick shower. When she was done she went into the living room and turned on the A.C. She watched a show until she heard the door to the living room open.

“Hey mom.” She said with a grin. “Where’d you go?”

“You’ll know soon enough, get dressed, I’ll have Jonathan drive us to the sushi place.”

Justine hopped off the couch and followed her mom out.


Forty minutes later, Justine was dressed in a blue and white sundress. She walked into Olivia’s room.

“Mom are you ready yet? Jonathan’s waiting.”

“How do I look?” Olivia walked out of her walk-in closet.

“Oh mom…damn!”

Olivia was wearing a red, strapless dress that showed off her slim waist and shoulders.

“Thank you, honey.” Her mom looked over. “Oh, that’s an adorable sundress.” She said.

Olivia walked over and kissed her daughter on the lips.

“Oh mom, I’ve been waiting all day to do that again.” She leaned in but Olivia pulled away.

“We better get going if Jonathan’s waiting.” She said.

Justine bit her lip reluctantly but nodded. She turned to leave the room.

“Oh and Justine? Your panties. Give them to me.”

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