Mom’s Boy Ch. 01

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Ana Dearmond

This is a story that works into the son and mother becoming intimate. It isn’t an abrupt fuck story, although it is filled with erotica.

I was home from college during the winter. My dad goes on a lot of business trips so it was just my mom and me.

I got home and went out with some friends for a few drinks and to catch up. After pouring a few pints of beer down my throat I got a ride home and booted up my computer to drunkenly stroke my cock to MILF porn since i struck out that night. I figured my mom was already asleep since she had been working all day.

Watching the older women on my screen ride those large cocks I vigorously slid my hand up and down my seven inch shaft, getting lost in the feeling.

I didn’t hear my mom wake up and nudge my door open, but when I looked up she was still standing there looking at my naked body and what was on my computer; with a look of not shock, but temptation.

I freaked out and tried to run to my bed but drunkenly fell over my unpacked suitcase. My mom, still there, helped me up and into my bed. She acted like nothing had happened, or at least she didn’t mind what she had seen…

“J, (my names Jordan), I see you’ve enjoyed yourself tonight,” she said as she put me under the covers and leaned over to give me a goodnight kiss. “I hope you’re not too old to kiss your mother.” I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra under her loosely tied nightie and that her nipples were rock hard. Did I do that…?

“No mom, I’m never too old for that. Sorry for waking you up, I’m so embarrassed.”

“I’ve been your age too Jordan, just get some sleep and I’ll see you in the morning. I love you.”

In the AM, I wasn’t drunk enough to forget what happened that night and it seemed my mom hadn’t either.

She is a yoga instructor and works random hours, but she always wears her yoga clothes weather she’s working up a sweat or not. I could see her nipples through her tank top, as hard as they were last night. And was it just my imagination or did she spend extra time bending over to get the OJ out of the fridge? But I definitely did not imagine my cock stiffening at the sight of her tight ass as she bent over.

I tried to act normal, “When is dad going to be home from his trip mom?”

“He’ll be gone for just over a month, something to do with a big issue with management at work so he has to fix it before he can come home.” Oh great I thought. Another awkward month alone with my mom after he walking in on me masturbating last night…

After breakfast I got into the shower, but I forgot to unpack my shower gear. I called for my mom to see if she could pass me my shampoo and body wash.

She opened the door and handed me my shower supplies through the curtain. “Do you need help washing your back J? You always used to like it when I did it before.” I hesitated answering but she took the initiative, “turn around sweetie and I’ll do it.”

She pulled back the curtain and squirted body wash onto the washcloth. My cock rose as her hands moved around my exposed back, my ass in full view for my mother’s eyes. She was washing my back and accidentally dropped the washcloth. Before I could act quick enough she bent down to pick it up and noticed that i was rock hard. Her face was six inches from my erect cock. I covered up quick and she grabbed the cloth, looked up at me and just smiled at me, pretending again that she didn’t notice anything.

“Mom I can finish myself off from here I think.”

“Are you sure sweetie? I wouldn’t mind helping you finish if you wanted me to.”

I must be going crazy today because I thought I caught a subtle sexual undertone in my mom’s statement.

I couldn’t help myself and masturbated in the shower to the thought of my mom’s ataköy anal yapan escort full breasts and her face coming so close to my penis.

After I had finished myself off in the shower, in more ways than one, I dried off and got changed. When I finally went downstairs my mom left a note saying she went in for a yoga class and would be back after.

I invited some friends over for some drinks but they had to leave to run some errands or whatever. Sitting at home alone pretty buzzed my mom gets back from work.

“How was your class mom?”

“It was great. I love working up a sweat. Yoga is a great release and lord knows I need a release. I’m going up to shower, do you think you could return the favor and wash my back as well?”

I didn’t want to be rude, “Yeah mom, whatever you need.”

“Great, just come in in about 5 minutes, I’ll be ready for you.”

I went upstairs and knocked on her bathroom door. “Come in,” she called from the shower.

My mom is facing me, wet from the shower and lathering up her natural C cup breasts. I can’t help but glance down and notice she is completely shaved. She catches my glance and smiles seductively at me.

“Hold out your hands J,” she squeezes soap on them. When she does this, she squeezes her tits together, and I immediately begin to get hard.

Only wearing gym shorts, I catch her eyes drifting down to where there is a noticeable bulge growing in my pants.

She giggles and turns around so I can get her back. Instead of standing straight up, she bends slightly and puts her hands against the back wall. She can’t see me stare at her pussy lips and ass poking out from behind but I have a feeling she knows.

I am fully erect at this point and almost bulging through my shorts.

She says I’m missing spots up by her shoulder but I can’t reach them without getting in and wet. “Mom, I’ll get wet if I reach all the way up there,” I tell her.

“Please J. You’re really good at hitting the right spots. Just take off your clothes, I won’t look.

I relent, stripping myself of my shirt, shorts and briefs, my cock still throbbing. I paused for a minute wondering what it would feel like to just slam my cock into my mom’s pussy as she bent over for me in the shower.

Coming back to reality I partially stepped into the shower with my mom to finish washing her back. I have to lean over her to get to her shoulders and when I do I accidentally rub my erect cock onto her exposed ass.

She lets out a soft moan, barely loud enough for me to hear. “Right there J, that’s the spot.”

“S-s-sorry?” I stammer, freaking out about my cock rubbing against my mom’s wet ass.

“My shoulders honey, you’re getting the spot.” she answers.

“Oh right… well I think I’m done mom, is that all you need?” I ask, wildly hoping she would ask for something more.

“That’s it sweetie, thanks for helping your old raggy mother out.”

“Mom, you’re an awful liar. You’re the sexiest mom I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of sexy moms,” I blurt out.

She turns around. “Like the ones on your computer J?”

“Oh shit… I’m sorry you saw that mom. I’m so embarrassed. But yes, you’re hotter than all of them too.”

“Is that why you’re hard right now J?” My mom asked with a smile and a long glance at my hard cock.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry again. This is fucked-” I turn and leave the bathroom, feeling once again embarrassed that my mom has seen me naked.

I walk right to my bedroom and fall onto my bed, groaning. Sharing a wall with my mom’s bathroom I can hear her moaning in the shower. It seems she was finishing herself off just as I had that morning.

I sat on my bed listening to my mom moan and ataköy bdsm escort imagining her fingering herself in the shower. I started jerking off while picturing my moms fingers sliding in and out of her tight pussy while hot water poured down on her, soap still clinging to her perfect tits. I came harder than I ever had jerking off before, my sperm shooting all over my chest.

I left the house to meet up with friends at the bar again. We were having a good time, but my mind was still on my mom and her naked, wet body.

Still early into the night I got a text from my mom, “Jordan I’m so sorry, your bed’s ruined… I’ll explain when you’re home…”

Pretty curious so I told my friends I was heading home early because my mom needed something.

My friends, always joking about how hot my mom is gave me shit as usual: “Yeah I’d like to help your mom out with something too.” “Dude, your mom has the best body, you’re so lucky, if I lived in the same house as her I wouldn’t be able to help myself.” I flipped them all off as I walked out of the bar and waited for my mom to come grab me.

She was wearing nothing but her see through nightie and a thong when she arrived.

Aroused by what I saw, but more curious I asked, “What happened mom?”

“I’m so sorry J. I was cleaning up your room and I accidentally ran the vacuum into the corner of your bed frame and broke it.” She sounded sincere so I didn’t get upset. “We don’t have another bed in the house, so you can take my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch until it’s fixed.”

I placed a hand on my moms leg, noticing how smooth her toned skin was, “No mom it’s fine, I’ll take the couch.”

“J, you’re way to big now to sleep on the couch, you’ve grown so much since being away at school. How about we just share my bed for now? It’s more than big enough for us both.”

“Yeah I can do that until my bed is fixed.” I did know that nothing was wrong with my mattress and I could’ve slept on it still, but I let it go, feeling that this is what she wanted… and possibly what I want as well.

I stayed up having some drinks with my mom, her breasts completely visible through her shear nightie, and my erection also visible through my pants. After both putting down quite a few drinks she said she was tired. “Are you going to stay up much longer J? I’m heading up to bed now.”

“Yeah, I’ll be in soon mom.”

When she went to her room I went to mine and changed into just a pair of briefs. I sat on my computer chair and pulled out my throbbing cock. I had to take care of this now.

Halfway into pumping away at my cock, my mom started calling my name. Perfect timing i grudgingly thought.

I walked over to her room and asked what she wanted. “J, come to bed now otherwise you’ll wake me up if you come in later.” So I did as she asked and got into my mom’s bed with her.

I was facing her back, still hard from earlier and when she moved to get comfy her ass brushed up against my erection through my briefs. I could tell she had taken off her nightie and just left the thong on. My cock twitched at the touch of my mom’s ass.

She moved again and nudged my cock a second time. I was so hard and precum was beginning to soak through my briefs.

A third time and she let out another small moan like she had done in the shower. I was determined to neither be the one to stop this or take this game further. I let her make the decisions, so I continued to lay there, my cock getting slick with precum.

And that’s when I felt her hand on my thigh. Slowly working its way up.

“Mom, what are you-”

“shh Jordan, I know you’ve been thinking about me as well.”

“Mom are you sure? I mean, you’re my mother. This is wrong, ataköy elit escort despite the thoughts I’ve been having about you.”

“J, I love you, and I don’t care. I just want you. I want your cock in every hole I have to offer. Your father may be on a business trip, but he’s seeing to more than just work while away. I need you, your cock, your cum. Please baby, give mommy your cock.”

So I gave in and let her hand rise to my aching cock. She grabbed it through my briefs and told me how big I felt, bigger than my cheating father even. That made me feel great and more precum crept out of my head.

She turned around and hooked her fingers under my briefs and pulled them off. She grabbed my hand and placed my fingers into her mouth, in and out. Then taking my hand and placing it on her breast. Her hard nipple getting slick with her spit as i began working my fingers around them.

She grabbed my cock again. “I’ve wanted this since I saw you playing with yourself the other night. I wanted you to shove your thick cock into my tight, wet pussy while I was in the shower earlier. I fingered myself to that image you know.”

“I did the same thing thinking about you mom.”

And with that she moved down and wrapped her lips around my throbbing shaft. Taking me deep and fast. I had my hands in my moms hair. Pushing her further down. Each bob of her head she took another inch until all seven inches of my erect cock disappeared into her mouth and down her throat.

I wasn’t going to last long and told my mom. “I’m going to cum soon mom, your mouth feels so good.”

She came up for air and said, “I want to taste your cum J, cum for mommy, fill mommy’s mouth with your cum.”

She went back down and licked me from my balls to the tip of my cock, swirling her tongue around the tip before sucking my dick again. She grabbed my balls as she continued to work up and down my shaft, taking every inch of it.

I came quick, shooting hot cum down my moms throat. “Oh fuckk mommmmm.” She smiled up at me, licking up what was left on my cock.

“You taste so good J. Now it’s my turn sweetie.”

“But mom, I need a while to recover before I can get hard again…”

She giggled, “That’s not true my sexy boy.”

She reached over me, brushing her tits into my face, and opened my dad’s bedside table drawer. She took out a pill and sexily removed her thong, which was already soaked through.

She placed the pill on her soaking clit. It was a Viagra. Without hesitation I moved down and licked up the pill and continued to work my tongue around her clit and her soaking pussy lips.

She was moaning and pulling my hair as she gushed juices into my mouth. “Oh J, your tongue feels amazing. I’m going to cum, I’m-I’m-I’m coming.” Her legs began to shake around my head and she lifted her pussy up as my tongue flicked back and forth, making her cum.

I felt myself getting hard again quick and she noticed. She pulled me up, “Fuck me honey, fuck your mom with your big dick.”

So I slid into her wet, tight pussy and moved in and out pumping away. My mom felt amazing. Her lips gripping my fat cock as i fucked my mom. I was about to cum again and started pulling out but she grabbed my ass and pulled my cock back deep into her.

“No sweetie, fill me up, I want your cum inside me.”

I shot my sperm into her pussy as my mom orgasmed again with me.

We went another round, my cock staying hard from the pill, so she could ride me as I slapped my mom’s ass while she bounced up and down on my hard cock. When we both came again we laid down and I spooned her, my Viagra enhanced cock still hard against her exhausted ass.

“J, that was the best sex I’ve had. I’m glad we didn’t wait any longer to do this. I still have so much to do with you while you’re home. Mommy’s going to take care of you.

We went to sleep like that with my cum dripping out of my mom’s sore but satisfied pussy.

I guess she got really lonely when my dad was away tending to his work and extracurricular activities… And hopefully she’s lonely even when he’s here too.

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