Mom’s Deep Love

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At 36 years old Stacey was in the prime of her life. She was healthy, happy and very successful. Standing at 5′ 8″ and weighing 130 pounds she was a modelesque figure of a woman. She was toned and trim and her 36C breasts showed no hint of age or droop. Her tummy was flat and her legs were long and muscular. Her shoulder length auburn hair was full and framed gorgeous green eyes that were surrounded by unblemished and silky smooth skin. Her facial features were chiseled but in a soft and feminine way. But her most striking feature was her radiant smile showing the whitest teeth one could ever imagine. Her full lips were almost always curled in the most captivating smile.

She had grown up on her family ranch in Wyoming and was in no way impoverished. After attending university, she immediately entered law school and graduated with honors. Mostly unremarkable excepting that by the age of eighteen she had already become the mother of two. She had managed to accomplish so much without compromising her motherhood. But the most remarkable thing was that she had never married. Her daughter had been born when Stacey was only 15 and she had her son, Sean, on her 18th birthday. Tabatha, her loving mother, had stuck by her and guided her throughout her life despite having lost her own husband to a tragic accident when Stacey was just 14.

Stacey now lived in Jackson Hole along side some of the country’s wealthiest. She had recently started a real estate law firm that, within a short year, had grown to encompass thirty-plus employees. But her pride, her joy, was Sean. They had just celebrated their 36th and 18th joint birthdays. She had given her young son a Porsche Cayenne. Sean had graduated mid-semester after an accelerated high school run. He had dual enrolled and had been accepted to the same university which she had attended and would start in the fall as already a sophomore. So the birthday/graduation present was indeed well deserved.

Sean was a truly remarkable young man. At 6’2 he was the epitome of masculinity. He was a fitness fanatic; something they both shared. Without a single ounce of fat, his ripped physique was the envy of all of his male friends and the object of the lust of female students and high school staff. He had dated a little and was social but no one girl held his fancy for long. He wore his coal-black hair in a shorter cut avoiding the trends of the man bun, long locks, or any other extreme style. His eyes were steel gray and he had inherited his mother’s teeth and signature smile.

Despite her success, both lived in a modest home on a few acres in the all-to-common “Ranch” communities on the outskirts of the city and its suburbs. The home was a log cabin design with a tremendous great room and kitchen that covered the entire bottom floor. On the upstairs was a balconied hall that overlooked the lower floor. There were four modest bedrooms that were all the same size with no distinction of a master bedroom. There was a bath at each end of the balcony and one downstairs. Cozy but not cheap. Even the most modest of homes in this area sold for over one million.

Having celebrated their birthdays at the beginning of December, Stacey was back hard at work for the next couple of weeks until the Christmas and New Year’s holidays arrived. It was well into the evening when she pulled her Land Rover Defender into the garage. Shutting off the diesel engine, she sat in the seat for a bit before collecting herself to go inside. She was tired and needed to relax with a glass of wine. As she turned to get out of the SUV, she felt a slight tug in her neck as if a muscle had almost pulled. Maybe a little flexaril washed down with a good red would help. She slid out of the seat her short skirt riding up she did revealing her luscious thighs and just a peek of her white thong. Stacey never wore anything but thongs. She hated panty lines and with an ass like hers, who could begrudge that. Her breasts, barely contained in the thin lacey bra, jiggled as she walked past her car. The warmth of the hood did little to stop the chill that made her nipples perk out and jut through the thin bra and silk blouse she wore. As she walked up the short stairs to the door of the house. She hung her car keys on the rack by the door next to those of her son. She smiled. Her gift had made him so happy.

Theirs was a wonderful relationship. They were the best of mother and son and perfect in that role. She had not tried to play his best friend as he had grown remaining an all-encompassing parent. It had paid off. Now he had developed into a responsible and successful young man. His emotional and mental maturity was well beyond his years; as had hers been as she had grown up. And as had her daughter’s. She missed her. Her smile faded. Maybe she’d come up for the holidays. The door opened and Sean peered out. His face lit up at the sight of his mom.

“What kept you?” he asked through his loving smile. He took her valise and sat it on the bench in the mud room as she stepped inside.

“I sat in the car for a sec, I think I pulled ataköy anal yapan escort a muscle in my neck”

“Well come in I have dinner ready for you and a fire going.”

Stacey looked across the room and there was a wonderful blaze alight in the fireplace at the end of the table that was set for two with covers over the dishes.

“You are the sweetest! You take such good care of me hon.”

“No mom, you have taken such GREAT care of me forever. The things I do for you pale in comparison to the sacrifices and care you have given me.”

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek giving him a hug. As they hugged Sean glanced down noticing that the second and third buttons were open on her blouse. He could see her cleavage and the thin lace of her bra as the blouse puckered open when he squeezed her back. He felt a stir in his groin. When he looked up he noticed that this mom had seen where he had placed his gaze. Walking inside, he kept his arm around her waist.

“Would you like to dine while it’s hot or shower first?”

“Let’s eat, I’m starved and you have worked hard to make this fine meal” she said as she lifted the cover. Salmon, French green beans and potatoes au gratin. This was her favorite. Sean pulled out her chair and watched as she sat looking again at her ample breasts now more visible from his vantage. Barely taking his eyes off of his mother’s breasts,he poured a white wine for her and seated at the corner next to her where his plate sat. They dined and chatted about their respective days. Since it was Friday Stacey had no qualms about drinking a little more than just a glass or two of wine at diner. Moreover, she consumed almost a full bottle and a half on her own with Sean finishing the remainder of the second bottle. As they finished Stacey stood and reached for her plate. Sean patted her hand gently and picked the plate up.

“You go get a shower and get comfortable. I’ve got this.” He said as he picked up both plates. She smiled at him and stood, a little unsteady, kissing him on the cheek again lingering for a bit smelling his cologne. ‘Hmmm’ she thought ‘He’s been home all day and he still wore cologne’. She looked at him and saw his glance once again come up from her breasts. Now it was her turn to feel a bit of tingle in her groin.

She walked up the stairs toward her room reveling in the sensation; small as it was. She hadn’t been romantic for many years as her focus was on her career and her family. Moreover, no one seemed to be able to light her fire. None could compare to her first, Sabrina’s father to whom she willingly gave herself at the tender age of 14. She had never forgotten him. Stacey had always been far more mature than her age; both emotionally and physically. She felt such a loving connection with the man that fathered her beloved daughter. No one could ever take his place. She turned to open her door and was reminded of the ache in her neck. It jolted her from the memories and the feeling she briefly held from her hug with Sean. She stepped in and stripped off her clothes placing them in her hamper. It was empty. Had Sean done the laundry as well? How sweet. She laid her silk blouse in the hamper set aside for her dry cleaning and it too was empty. Hmmmm he was really laying t on thick after getting the Porsche. She made a mental note to thank him. She stepped through the door into the bath and turned on the shower. As she brushed her teeth in front of the mirror she watched her breasts jiggle. She stopped and looked for a moment admiring herself. Leaving the toothbrush in her mouth, she cupped her breasts with both hands. ‘So he likes these, huh?’ maybe I’ll thank him with a little more reward. She smiled and then snickered at what she’d thought. She looked at her perfectly trimmed pussy. It was gorgeous, as pussies go. Her legs did not come together there she had a gap about three fingers wide between her legs. Her lips were not visible and her mound was round and smooth. There was a patch of hair just above the crease of her pussy that served as only a ‘dressing’. She looked for a bit too long. Her nipples stiffened. Maybe the shower would help that. Maybe it would help her neck as well. She stepped inside the shower and adjusted the temperature of the water. It felt so good. She let it cascade over her neck from behind and watched as it made its way down between and over her breasts. Her nipples stiffened again. She reached up and touched them with both hands feeling their hardness grow between her fingers. She closed her eyes letting her right hand slide down her belly to her pussy. She gently rubbed the mound relishing the feel of its smoothness under her fingers and the soft hair under her palm. She parted her lips with her index and ring finger slipping her middle finger between the folds. She was wet. There it was, her sweet clit. She loved the way it felt growing harder under the tender touch of her finger. “Mmmmmmm”, she uttered. She turned and moved to let the water from the shower head run onto her slit. ataköy bdsm escort “Feels so good” she said aloud. She began to massage the little bud. Moving her finger in circles over it feeling it stiffen even more and grow more pleasurable. Leaving her lips spread, she inserted her finger into her pussy. God it’s tight. One finger sliding easily against the entire sides of her hole. Just a little at first. Then out again to her clit bringing with it the moisture fro within. Back inside, now getting so wet so gooey. She loved her body. “Mmmmmmm” she moaned again. Her eyes closed in pleasure.then a flash; Sean looking at her eyes as she saw him looking down her blouse. Then he looked back at her tits. Then to her eyes again. She moaned. She started squeezing her tits full on feeling her nipples in her palms. She rubbed her clit more frantically. Sean looked in her eyes again. Those deep steel gray eyes. Now it was, not hers but, his hands on her breasts squeezing playing caressing gently but with passion. In a flash she felt it wash over her. She came, almost collapsing onto the floor. She had masturbated in the shower as well as many other places quite often but had never come like this. “Oh my God.” She cried aloud. “Where did that come from? ” She stood for a moment relishing the orgasm. “WOW”.

She finished her shower, stepped out, toweled off and walked back into her room. Putting on her shorty sleep pants and t-shirt she looked in the mirror again. She couldn’t shake the image of Sean looking at her tits then into her eyes. She sat on the bed. Where did this all come from? He’s her son, her pride and joy. But, she thought, he’s a man too. She stood up and pulled off the shirt and sleep shorts. She remembered that she had a pull in her neck. The shirt would get in the way if she asked Sean to massage her neck. Then she replaced the shorts with a pair of sheer white thongs. She slipped on her robe and looked in the mirror. “Yes” this was what she needed. Maybe this was what he needed too; a little ‘thanks’ for all he’d done today. She tightly tied the sash out of habit. Turning to go, she stopped and then faced the mirror once again. She undid and retied the sash a little looser. Then she smiled. Turning back, she headed downstairs.

Sean had finished the dishes and was seated on the sofa watching television. He did not notice his mother approaching. Stacey walked around behind him and seated herself on the opposite end of the couch quarter facing her son. He remained focused on the TV. She took the opportunity to evaluate and adjust her position. She tugged at the top of her robe until it was a little off of her shoulders. She pulled her right leg under her and let the left leg dangle off the couch. This movement caught Sean’s eye and he turned and looked at his mother. She smiled as she noticed a visible drop in his jaw. His eyes went from the ample flesh of her legs and thighs to her shoulders and the ample cleavage of her breasts.

Try as he may he could not stop staring at the beautiful woman at the other end of this couch. He gazed up and down at the mother that he had seen so many times in various states of dress. He’d seen her in the tiniest of bikinis on vacations and evening wear both of which left little to the imagination. He’d seen her in her in her night clothes many times. He’d seen glimpses of her panties, up her skirt, and cleavage down her blouse. He had even seen a flash of areola on occasion. All of which he had committed to the memory album in his head that served as fuel for his routine masturbations. He had often thought of his mother when he masturbated. What young man wouldn’t given her beauty. Even when he had occasional sex with girls from school he had often envisioned himself fucking his mother. He had dreamed of her naked. But never had he seen or dreamed anything such as this. Maybe it was the way she smiled at him. Maybe it was the manner in which she flagrantly put herself on this new level of display. Mostly it was likely that it was a beautiful woman, this close, this openly on display coupled with the fact that she was his mother. He, however, processed none of this. His only conscious thought was how incredibly hot she was and the vague awareness that his cock had grown stiff. Bent inside his trousers, it was becoming increasingly painful. And now he was faced with a rising dilemma of how to manipulate his crotch to alleviate the mounting discomfort behind his zipper. His gaze remained unbroken. It could have been minutes or seconds. He was fascinated by the vision before him. Stacey moved slightly fluffing her robe in a half-hearted attempt to cover her open legs. She cleared her throat as she did so and Sean looked to her face but not before seeing a flash of sheer, almost transparent, white panties that barely hid her pussy. And was it his imagination or did he see a glisten of moisture as the light hit the sweet triangle between her legs.

“Are you OK?” She asked.

“Yeah mom, I just uh…… was uh…. Startled like…. Uh you know….. ataköy elit escort you snuck up on me.”

“I can see why. Looks like you were very interested in something on TV.” She said jutting her chin towards his crotch.”

“MOM!!!” he said grabbing a pillow to cover his now overwhelmingly painful bent dick. In the process he scooched a bit rearranging his cock to a more comfortable position.. He stood with the pillow over his crotch. “I gotta go get a shower.” He said handing her the remote with his free hand. He turned to go.

“Wait, honey, would you please do me one more favor before you go?” she said, disappointed that he was leaving.

“Sure mom, anything.” He said renewing his gaze at her while still clutching the pillow.

“I have a pull in my neck and you always give such great massages. Would you rub me here?” she said putting her left hand to her left neck. As she did her robe parted revealing a little more of her cleavage than usual. In fact, the gap in her robe revealed the entire valley between her breasts and so much of her tits that it barely covered her nipples. The opening continued all the way to her navel just above the sash, which was so loose now that it was in danger of coming entirely undone. This time his jaw fell completely open. He was seeing more of those luscious orbs than he had ever seen before. They were magnificent. He had often wanted to see them in their entirety, hold them kiss them suck them. And now he had the ecstasy of seeing so much of them and in real life, not in his fantasy-ridden imagination. It was all that he could do to stand still and not run. He wanted to run to her, pull open the robe and put his hands lovingly on those wonderful mounds of flesh from which he had nourished some 16 years ago. But, he also wanted to run for the hills. He had a raging boner that would not relent and now his mom was making it worse by flashing the most magnificent tit exposure that he had ever seen. And to top it off she wanted him to massage her soft beautiful skin inches from these trophies.

Feeling the cool air on her tits had two effects. She instantly realized that just how much was exposed and she was aware that her nipples had become rock hard. Was it the air or the fact that her son stood right in front of her feasting his eyes on her gorgeous cleavage that aroused her this way? Either way, she too was faced with a dilemma. Should she cover up and risk his embarrassment or leave them exposed as he made his decision. Her mind told her to turn away and hide the view by feigning a turn to get her massage. Her body was telling her to drop the robe off her shoulders completely exposing her beautiful chest to his appreciative gaze. She compromised and turning she lowered her robe even more from her shoulders as she pulled the front closed tying the sash a little tighter.

This gave Sean a moment to collect himself, reposition his painful dick and move to the couch. He sat and quickly placing the pillow between his legs. This would look like he was placing something there on which she could rest her head; instead of hiding his rock hard cock. He looked at his crotch noticing the wet spot of precum. She moved between his open legs and sat on the floor before him with her back against the couch as she had done so many times. But tonight it was different. Tonight she was aroused and she knew he was as well. This was so wrong of her to tease her son. It was so wrong to feel the dampness between her legs and see the same effect on him by the presence of his prominent erection.

Stacey sat cross-legged, pulled her hair to the side and leaned forward to receive her rub. Sean placed his hands on her neck and began to rub it gently. She leaned her head a little more to the right to give him a better angle at the spot. Between her sitting, crossing her legs and the movement of her head to the side the effect was that her robe had opened once again; this time a little more. As Sean looked down he could see that the sash was dangerously loose once again. How could he work it loose more? What could he use as a ruse to encourage her to open it more. How could he see more of her? And most of all, why was he thinking all of this? Was it the wine or was it just years of fantasy about sex with his mom flooding forth into his consciousness? He physically shook his head to try and clear the lustful thoughts from his mind.

Stacey felt the movement. “What was that?” she asked,, thinking it was a shiver, “Are you chilled?” Knowing full well that it was not that indeed, unknown to him, she smiled.

“What?” he asked once again in fear of belying his lust.

“I felt you shiver.” She replied.

Seeing a great opportunity to deflect it all he replied, “Oh ……. Yeah, it is a bit cool in here. I’ll throw another log onto the fireplace before I go shower. ‘Shower, just what I need right now! A nice cold shower.’ He thought. ‘Or better still a dash to my room and a good cranking of my rod to bring these thoughts into perspective. That’s what I really need.’ But the situation only got worse. Thoughts of his mom again turned lustful as he pictured her reaching over her head and removing the pillow then leaning back onto his crotch pushing her head into his cock. He envisioned himself fondling those beautiful orbs before him. Unconsciously he pushed forward into the pillow a little feeling the pressure on his manhood.

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