Mom’s Glasses

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Mom was so tired of the ordinary sex she had with dad, a long distance trucker who would be away for a week or two, come home for a few days, get laid, eat and head out on the road again.

I heard her talk to her friend Lois on the phone, saying “It’s the same old thing, don’t see him for a week or two and for a while I could not wait for him to get back home, but now it’s we do it and he rolls over and snores like a drunken sailor for eight hours then it’s another tank of diesel fuel and he’s back on the road again.”

“It Makes me want to have an affair with a young guy full of piss and vinegar, a guy who would want to spend hours touching, kissing and licking me and after he gave me the hard and fast fuck I crave, to want to stay with me and fondle my tits and whisper sweet nothings, to want to talk to me and maybe after a few hours, do it again, a guy whose idea of sleep is ten miles away.”

I could not believe what I just heard Mom say, for a nineteen year old guy who is a biker, I have heard some wild things but they sound strange hearing it from Mom.

Mom is a hot looking woman in her early forties who works as a librarian for a local college and keeping up with tradition she wears the Librarian’s style of glasses, oval in black; brown or silver. Lately I pay more attention to Mom as she wears her glasses for reading the stock market reports, phone books and paperback novels.

I’m in the last semester of my senior year in High School and averaging an A in my studies, Mom is very pleased about that and would tell her friends about me on the phone.

One day while doing laundry she asked, “Have you been sleeping in the nude?”

“Yeah Mom, weather’s been getting warmer.”

“That makes sense.” she said, smiling.

I just came back from a hundred and twenty mile ride on my old Harley sporty and Mom’s on the sofa reading ‘The life and times of Dorothy Parker.

“Oh hi Kirk, how was your ride?”

“Pretty good Mom, bike ran like a charm, I’m getting forty eight miles to the gallon, I wish I could get half that in my pick-up truck.

I looked at her, there was something that I really liked about the glow of a lamp seen in her ovals and not for the first time did I get hard.

A few weeks later I heard Mom talking to Lois again.

“Every time I am wearing my glasses, it seems Kirk looks at me longer, why do you think that is? likes the look of a serious lady? never gave it a thought, but it seems he really likes that look. Oh really, might even be aroused by the look of a woman in glasses? That’s funny as Dorothy Parker said, “Men never make passes at women who wear glasses.”

I am sure Dorothy Parker was a very smart woman but back then, glasses were pretty much the same style for men and women. Thank science for plastic as it opened a whole new world of possibilities, like in eyeglasses, nice sexy frames.

Another week and I’d be graduating High School with honors and I have a good job lined up as an electrician’s apprentice. Mom is very pleased. Dad, yeah he was out sending freight across the country and so often he is not around when it came to anything big in my life, but he’s making a damn good buck and we have a nice home so I can’t complain. I do wish though that he could make Mom happier and being honest about it, in my own way I guess I want her.

Mom takes me out for a nice graduation dinner at a well known steak joint. I look at her with real feelings as she checks out the menu. I see a hot woman sitting across from me, the way the light sparkles in her black ovals puts a nice knot in my pants, but it is all her fault, I mean a black skirt and patent black three inch heels, a white blouse with a ruffle v neck, and her black ovals, oh yeah, I am so hard.

“Mom you look so sexy, I could imagine those glasses hanging across your breasts by a fancy neck chain of small pearls or glass purple beads.”

“You sound so serious Kirk and a bit romantic, who have you been hanging out with lately?”

“No one really, the librarian at school wears her glasses like that and even though she is close to sixty, I have to say that her black oval glasses on a white or off white blouse, filled with an ample bosom is quite hot.”

“Did you sneak in a course on women’s fashion by any chance, Kirk?”

“I think I just dig the ‘serious look’ Mom.

I was working like a dog rewiring an old triple decker in Fall River and getting an even better grasp of the national electrical code. My boss JD was pleased with my work and I was earning a decent salary.

I came home from work and Mom was reading the paper, but this time she has a nice pearl beaded chain hanging from them and when she is not reading, her glasses hang across her ample bosoms by said chain.

“Hi Kirk, how was work?” she asked with a smile.

“Good Mom, very good.” I stood there looking at her and getting hard.

“Mom, those beads look so nice, very feminine.

Mom got up and walked over and hugged me. Believe me ataköy escort I so wanted to feel her sexy bum and pull her onto me but I knew that would be crossing the line. If she wanted anything more than what was proper she would have to cross that line and I would have no problems about that.

“You don’t know what that means to me to hear you say that. It’s like your father forgot how to be romantic, or to just say nice things at times. You love serious older ladies who look good, don’t you?”

“Yes Mom, I do, I don’t know if it is me but the girls at school were always talking about the latest hot song on the radio or what guy looks so hot. I have spent a fair amount of time talking to the librarian and though others were courteous to her, no one ever really talked to her but I did, about many subjects and I always enjoyed her company.”

I begin to enjoy having coffee with Mom in the mornings, a special togetherness we have and I never have a problem telling Mom how good she looks. One Saturday morning she comes into my room with a cup of coffee and a few doughnuts. She’s wearing a mauve colored nightie and her black ovals hang across her ample bosoms and sparkle as she walks towards me.

“Good morning Kirk.”

“Good morning Mom, you look so nice in that nightie with your glasses hanging from the neck chain.”

Mom is sitting on the bed. “You find my glasses sexy, don’t you?”

“Yes Mom, very sexy.”


“I think it is the way the light sparkles in them and how your eyes look so blue.”

“Does anything else happen?” Mom asked as she she stares at my mid section.

As much as I love the looks of Mom in her sexy black ovals, I never thought she would come right out and ask me more personal things about how I feel when I see her in glasses.

“Kirk, you can talk to me about anything, you finished school with honors, you are a man and working like a man, making a good buck, in short Kirk, you are not a kid. You can tell me anything, as long as it’s said in a respectable way and I will always be honest with you.”

I am sitting here in bed, so turned on by the looks of Mom.

“Tell me if I am wrong. You have erotic thoughts and get hard when you see me wearing glasses. . .right?”

“Yes Mom and I have really enjoyed those feelings.”

“Have you done anything with those feelings?” Mom asks and I know what she is asking me and with her sitting there wearing her black oval glasses somehow the scene is erotic and yet worrisome.

“Actually I have and it was quite nice, you were out with your friends playing Bingo and I did some things with your black and silver pair.”

“You will enjoy this even better.” She takes back the covers. I am in the nude and Mom takes out her silver and brown ovals from inside her bra, these also have a glass beaded chain. Wearing her black ovals she wraps the chains from her brown and silver ovals around my cock and strokes my cock and balls with them. I could not believe how nice it feels to have a woman I love do this, she likes my fetish and smiles as she touches me all over down there.

Mom kept rubbing her Librarian style glasses all over me as she talked.

“Kirk, as a woman and a Mom, I want you to know that romance in a marriage should never end. You will meet a woman that you have real feelings for. Always be loving and tell her how good she looks and what a great job she did with the meatloaf or Sunday dinner, it never hurts to say something nice but not saying something nice when it is due is not nice either. Do pay attention to the way she looks, her hair style or dress or whatever.”

All the while Mom is stroking my cock and balls with the glasses I have come to love seeing her in and I know she will want to do more of what she is doing now.

I started to thrust myself as she stroked me and that turned her on.

“Oh Yes Kirk, do that.”The way she said it, told me she wanted to see that cock do its thing.

The happiness I see in her eyes as she goes faster is great, feeling her glasses down there and seeing her hand as a blur as she is jerking me off is so nice and the feeling of her glasses against my balls makes me blow a few ropes of cum all over her beaded chain and brown ovals. she lowers her head to lick the stuff off the lens of her glasses.

“Oh Kirk, that was so nice.” And till the day I croak, I won’t forget how good Mom looked when she got her son off.

“So what are you doing today Kirk?”Mom asked.

“I’m going to change the Sporty’s engine oil, primary chain fluid and save forty dollars.”

The rest of the day my mind is reliving what Mom did for me. I could not believe it, it was that good. I know Dad would never find out and that Mom is tired of the screw and sleep deal. She knows she deserves better, that she is a hot looking woman and I am starting to realize that making love to Mom is not such a far out possibility.

I’m thinking that morning would happen much more often ataköy eve gelen escort but that did not happen. I wondered if it was a ‘two ships passing in the night’ sort of thing and hoped Mom would want to do this more often. But three weeks later on a Saturday morning, she comes into my room with a cup of coffee and a few jelly crullers from a good bakery. She’s wearing a faded purple nightie with her silver ovals hanging across her lovely breasts by chain of purple beads and tiny glass diamonds.

“Morning Kirk.”

“Morning Mom.”

“Like my silver ovals?”

“Oh yes Mom, I love them all.”

“I know that Kirk and I am flattered. One would think my husband would notice and say something nice about them at times. Perhaps you really have a ‘thing for my glasses, do you or would you like to have a thing for my librarian style glasses?”

“Yes to both Mom.”

“Then tell me so.”

“Mom, I would love to have a ‘thing for your sexy Librarian style glasses.”

She takes her black and brown ovals and hands them to me.

“I want to see you lick and kiss them. Kirk, since you so love seeing me in them, I will do something for you.”

I take her glasses and put the beaded chains over my neck and begin to kiss and lick them as Mom placed her lovely lips over my knob and sucks me as she swirls her tongue over the top of my cock. I love seeing her head bobbing up and down as the light from the bedside lamp shines in them.

“Kiss my glasses, smooch them for Mom, Your father never even told me how good I look in them. I could get you a few pair of these Kirk, would you like that?”

“With beaded chains,Mom?”

“So you really like these, do you? Imagine five pair of my sexy ovals down there, would that blow your mind?” black brown and silver, those nice cool smooth glasses down there against your balls and Mom telling you to cover them with your thick warm man sauce?

“Yes Mom, I do.”

“Then tell me so.”

“Mom I would love to have a few pair of your glasses with the sexy beaded chains, the whole idea gets me so hard.

She licks her lips and goes back to sucking me off and I came in ropes, how she does not choke on the stuff is totally amazing.

Again, I spend days playing back the erotic scene that took place in my bedroom, my hot sexy Mom wearing her glasses and telling me to kiss and lick her other two pair as she sucked me off. I am so pleased with the way she loved me I begin to help her with the housework, dust furniture, no dishes in the sink, laundry.

“Kirk, the house looks good, would you like me to do some things?”

“Actually I have a few things in mind.”

“Like what, dear?”

“Rubbing your sexy ovals over your nipples and dragging your beaded chain against them, also rubbing your chain and glasses over your labia.”

Mom looks at me in either shock, awe or total disbelief about what I just said and she has to be thinking, ‘Damn he is learning the right things.’

“Come in my room this time Kirk, something good might as well happen here and we won’t have to worry about falling out of bed.”

So I follow her and in a few minutes we are both nude. Mom has her glasses on a night table and I took my under shirt and cleaned all three pair for her and told her to wear the black pair.

She is sitting up and I sit in front of her and start to rub her glasses over her sexy nipples which are becoming hard and red rather quickly, then I start to run her beaded chain back and forth against her nipples and she started to breathe harder and faster.

“Oh Kirk where did you learn this?”

“Do you like it?”

“Oh Kirk, Mom loves it. She says with a lusty voice, one I had not heard before, but hope I would.

“Kirk, kiss my brown ovals as you rub my nipples with the silver pair.”

The light from her dainty bedside lamp shone in her sparkling black ovals and I love that sexy look, it seems I am most horny when I see Mom or any good looking woman in a sexy pair of glasses.

I do as she tells me, I like it that she wants me to love her things, hell Dad never cared enough to say, “Dear, you look so good” I am not saying Dad should have an interest in Mom’s things but he could at least say something like, Those reading glasses make you look so hot and serious.”

The way I see it is ‘If loving her stuff makes her happy and makes her want me, well I think that is fine.

By now I decided to really do something over the top. Mom had lovingly got me off a few times now, and it is time to return the favor.

“Close your eyes mom and keep them closed, for a few minutes anyways.

She does so and I put a bit of her hand lotion on my fingers and start to finger her warm;tight and lovely pussy. I know I am going over the line and I don’t care.

“Oh Kirk, what are you doing to your Mom?”she didn’t tell me to take my fingers out either. She starts to squirm around a bit, I know she is getting ataköy grup yapan escort off and I love doing that for her. She made me feel great a few times already.

I keep plunging my fingers into Mom’s hot loving pussy and Mom is so loving it, she is really having a frigging good orgasm, the way her love juices go swoosh swoosh as I finger her is exciting me as well and she has no fear of me falling asleep after.

That event went through my head countless times over the next few weeks and I could only wonder how far it would go.

Work is going well, the old house has a whole new wiring job, gone are the knobs and tubes as well as a sixty amp service, replaced by a larger panel that would be more than adequate for today’s needs. We were now wiring a large supermarket. Through all this work, a corner of my mind is filled with memories of Mom and I.

Another Saturday morning Mom comes to my room wearing a sexy pink lace bra over which hang her black ovals by a purple beaded chain. She’s also wearing a pair of patent black pumps which sparkle as she walks. In her hand are a few other pair of her glasses and Mom puts them on the night stand.

“Kirk, I have given this much thought and I want you, I need you, you and yes your hardness and strength. Then I am going to want you by my side for a good long time, lying beside me and talking about anything or feeling me all over, running your hands all over my sexy ass and hips, and tits. You would like that. . . right?

“Damn straight up I would, Mom. That has always been my thing, that if I was lucky to get it on with a hot woman, stay as long as possible after, or through the night.”

“O.K. Kirk, I want you on top.”

I got out so my sexy Mom could get in my bed then I start to lick and kiss her ears and neck working over to her mouth and down to her boobs. Oh what those breasts are getting, kissed and licked, every part of her bosom is touched and I loved it. Mom is breathing heavy with sexual desire in her mind as I work my way down to her inner thighs.

“What a lover, damn where’d you learn this?”

“I read a lot Mom.”

“Do you wear your Mom’s glasses?”

“When I can find them.”

“Well you’re reading the right stuff, and I’ll get more of them too.”

I keep licking and kissing Mom and working my way over to her labia with both short quick licks or long slow licks and using two fingers I spread her lips and go in with my tongue and licked her clitoris, she is so wet and horny it is beautiful, She’s going out of her mind with orgasms. Her love juices are all over the sheets, sweet and feminine.


That comes through loud an clear and believe me,I want it too and as mom lays there with the light sparkling in her black ovals, I mount her and gawd she is so tight and warm and loving. I figured she would want it nice and slow. Something this good should not be hurried as Dad would do only so he could roll over and sleep

I am in and is it ever nice, my hands by her side I start going in nice and slow and Mom is loving it.

“Oh you’re so big Kirk” she said with great pleasure, the scent of sex filled the room like lavender lilacs on a spring day.

“A bit faster Kirk!” says Mom as she licks her sexy lips.

I roll on the throttle a bit more and her pleasures increase to the point of hearing different noises I take as being sexually pleased and she tightens a few more times with muscles that clamp down on my cock like vice grips. It is great, feeling her pussy juices slapping at my cock like an angry ocean on a sea wall and then I cum.

These last few months of stored up sexual energy is so released as I blow rope after rope of love sauce deep into my mother, she trembles at the same time I see lightning on the other side of her sparkling black ovals.

Mom stiffens up again, how many orgasms did she have? does it matter? I was spent. Now comes what might be the afterglow, we hold each other and fit like a couple of spoons. I love the feel of Mom’s warm breath on my face as she speaks.

“Oh Kirk, if I ever knew how good a lover you are, I would have had you in the sack a while ago. The way you started, kissing and licking. I knew you wanted me and I so much love how it all started, with my black ovals.”

“You’re right Mom, I did love every minute of it and I want to stay with you all day, right here just talking and feeling and loving each other, maybe rubbing your luscious boobs with those sexy glasses, running the beaded chain against your hard red nipples.”

“I could get you off all over my glasses as I wear the black ones, when I get more, what color do you want them in?”

“There’s something about the black ovals I really like,maybe the contrast as they lie against a well filled white blouse with a ruffled v neck. and of course there is something to be said for the brown and silver ovals as well.”

Mom never gets out of bed and I throw on some shorts when the pizza delivery guy shows up. We enjoy a nice hot pizza and some cold beers. A few hours later Mom wants to get up and take a shower. I notice her three pair of glasses on the night stand.

As my sexy hot mother is almost to the hallway I say,

“Mom, your three pair of glasses are here.”

She throws me a kiss and says “They’re yours now sweetie!”

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